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I have always been insecure about my butt. I have...

I have always been insecure about my butt. I have been considering a BBL for a while now. I have seen a lot of reviews on here, and it seems most people have gone with Dr.Campos in Mexico. Although I like the results that I have seen, I am kind of scared to be traveling alone to Mexico =/. I just contacted Dr.Campos office and sent in some pics of myself to get a quote. I am so excited, and can't wait to get this done. Pregnancy really took a toll on my body. I was about 115 lbs before I got pregnant, and went up to 213 by the time I was 9 months pregnant! It was due to depression, not exercising and not watching what I ate, etc. But I worked my butt off to get to the weight I am at today, Which is about 131 lbs. But I cannot seem to loose the extra belly fat and my butt is now flat and I hate it. I hope to get this procedure done ASAP so that I can start feeling better about myself!

I've been doing some research and looking up...

I've been doing some research and looking up different doctors and getting quotes. This procedure seems to be alot more expensive than I thought, but it looks like its well worth it. Most people seem happy with their results.

But since I am so new to this, I would appreciate any advice or suggestions from anyone who has gone through the procedure or is about to go through it.

So I've been getting a lot of quotes from...

So I've been getting a lot of quotes from different doctors. One in Miami who I am considering. Not a bad price, but then I have to consider air fare, hotel costs, ect. So that all comes into play. Some prices I've gotten are outrageous! I got one for $21,000! I almost fell out of my chair. $21,000 to fix my butt? That's like a down payment on a house lol. I'm still waiting on Dr.Campos to send me a quote. One doctor did give me some good advice though. He said to gain about 10 lbs at least so I will have enough fat to transfer to my butt and he also said I will probably need a mini tummy tuck because of the extra skin on my belly from pregnancy. So everything should cost around $7,100 if I decide to go with that doctor. =/

I have a questions for everyone, how long does recovery take?? I am starting school on feb 14th, and if I get my procedure done in march/April, I'm going to have to miss class all week. And then I'm wondering if I will be okay to go back after a week. How did everyone feel after a week? And what about people who work? And are sitting all day? How did you deal with it?

I have decided that its going to be too much to go...

I have decided that its going to be too much to go to Mexico. I will be going to Miami, FL in about 2 weeks to get my surgery done. I am sooo excited! The only thing I am worried about is, I hope the Doctor is good at what he does! I havent heard of any of the other girls using him. He works in the same facility as Dr.Salama though, who Ive heard is great! I hope Dr. Careaga is just as good :) Btw, each doctor is suggesting I also get a tummy tuck. I would love to, but that will just cost soooo much more money that I dont have! So for now, I am just going with the BBL :) Wish me luck! And I hope it looks good, even with my extra skin still there from pregnancy =/ what do you girls think???

Alright, so after weighing all of my options, I...

Alright, so after weighing all of my options, I have decided to go with Dr.Campos afterall. I dont want to waste my money on some doctor that I havent heard of. I know Dr.Campos has great results, and I only wanna get this done once. So once I get my money together, I will be booking my surgery :)...Still a little scared about traveling alone to mexico tho:( Is anyone planning on going to Dr.Campos in the beginning/middle of July?? I'd like to be able to meet up with someone!

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