Horrible experience with Dr. Hasan

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Ive always wanted to get this procedure done as...

Ive always wanted to get this procedure done as soon as I heard about it. In the beginning the surgeons mostly did implants and I heard alot of horror stories, so decided not to get this done......

Then I was informed some women would inject their behinds with something, which allowed their butts to expand.... but heard this was mostly done in different countries, illegally, so I never got this done....

But now I feel like im ready to have this procedure done. I have been unhappy all my life about my behind. My butt is not too flat, but it lacks roundness, and perky-ness.... So now im researching all over to see who can give me the results im looking for... Ive already scheduled one consultation, but I didn't want to go with this doctor, because I felt like he wasn't as confident in his work, besides it was really cheap, and I can only immagine, " you get what you pay for".

I am seriously thinking of getting this done as soon as possible. I am willing to fly out to FL to get this done, and save a couple of thousands.....but I would much rather have it in NJ, incase I have to go back to the Doctor, for a check up, follow up, or any complications, but NJ doctors are expensive, and I feel like theyre not as experienced with this procedure, like the FLorida surgeon's are.....

Anyone has any sugestions, comments, or recommendations as to where I should have it done. I would like to get really good results, firm, round, big butt, not too big... because I dont want the wrong attention from men, but just nice, so I can better fit my jeans, and feel confident with my body.......

I finally decided to go with a different doctor...

I finally decided to go with a different doctor after extensive research, reviews, and consultation.
I decided to have Dr. T do this BBL. I saw some of his results, and they weren't really much difference. But I hope to get better results from the ones posted on his website. Perhaps if i bring in a picture that may help. I really loved some of the other pictures I saw with Dr. M.S in Miami, but he lack experience, and I had a hard time finding positive reviews on him

So my BBL is scheduled for June 28, 2011. Im so scared, anxious, excited, and nervous... I really cant believe everything is set for this... I hope to get great results.... and be happy with my new Booty

I had my brazilian butt lift completed by Dr. P...

I had my brazilian butt lift completed by Dr. P last year, on July 1, 2011. Since I was unhappy with my results i decided to have this surgery done again by the same doctor.

My surgery is scheduled for June 27, 2012 in Miami.

It's been three years!

So it's been three years since I had this procedure done. I first had it done in 2012 and again in 2012'. Both times I did it in Miami with Dr Pazmino.

I'm thinking of doing it a third time because my butt is not as full or perky like it was after surgery. However I'm thinking of going to DR.
I'm trying to go to Dr yily or Duran. Seems difficult getting in contact with them , but I will keep trying.

Need a good surgeon

Anyone know of a good surgeon for bbl. I was thinking Dr yily or Duran but I don't want to risk anything bad happening to me. I saw a few negative reviews on yily and I'm scared now.

Any suggestions

Going for a third time, BBL

So after three years my butt has gone down. I still have a nice shape, but I really Want that nice full look.

The first time I got the surgery done, I woke up with the same exact butt. It was little to no difference in my shape. So I went the following year to the same doctor to see if I can get better results. The second round I looked much better. My waist was tiny, and my butt was big. However, over the last few years, my butt has gotten much smaller. I still Have a nice shape, but I feel like I need to get this done again to get where I want to be.

I love the small waist, big hips, full butt look, but it seems hard to get. I provided several wish pics to Dr Pazmino prior to Surgery, but my results were no were near what I was looking for. But I did look really nice. I'll upload pics.

Now I'm thinking of going to Dr Fisher or Hasan in Miami, but I heard of all the complaints against vanity. Also I'm afraid that if I don't get the results I want I may be upset, because I had this done twice already. I'm like a Bbl spokesperson by now, lol.

So wish Me luck on finding a doctor that can provide me with what I'm looking for.

Why can't I look like that forever

That's me right after surgery three years ago.

Anyone wants a later date with dr hasan

So I'm thinking of getting surgery with dr hasan, but he's all booked until the end of January. I am trying to get a earlier date in January, would anyone want to switch surgery dates, hasan has availability Jan 26 2015. I would be so thankful to change dates.

Finally booked with Hasan

After thinking about this for over a year, I finally decided to book with vanity aka eres plastic surgery. I'm scheduled for 2.2.17.

I'm looking for recovery home options and a buddy. If anyone is booked around the same time, please send me a message.

If you have any tips on which recovery houses are the best, let me know.

Horrible Experience with Dr. Hasan

I recently had the BBL.procedure with Dr Hassan at Eres plastic surgery. After the surgery I suffered massive blood loss. I was in the hospital for over 3 months, and my liver was lacerated. Not only that, my stomach was burned badly by Dr Hasan. I had several procedures following the bbl with Dr.hassan. I actually almost died after the procedure. I spent 6 days in ICU, and had several blood transfusions.
Jolie plastic surgery, showed little concern for my health complications. They continuously said this was due to my last surgeries. I was completely honest regarding my previous procedures and Dr Hassan evaluated me prior to surgery.
I'm thankful to be alive today, since I almost died from this procedure. Dr Hasan showed concern at first, but then blamed me for the incident. I had a horrible experience with this facility. I would not recommend this to anyone, due to all the complications I went through.

Almost died after BBL with Dr. Hasan

I had a bbl with Dr Hasan in Miami, and immediately after the surgery I was in ICU. It was a horrible experience and I thank God I'm alive everyday. My liver was lacerated, I lost a large volume of blood, I had an infection for 3+ months, and I had several procedures to fix the complications after the bbl. As of today, I continue to deal with several medical issues. I'm in and out of the hospital, and I'm constantly in pain. My medical debt is over 250k. This has been one of the worst situations. I hope and pray that I get better.
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