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I have been stalking this site daily and after...

I have been stalking this site daily and after reading reviewes and looking at pictures ... I think I have a doctor in mind dr Michael Gardner .... I'm really looking for pertrusion and I think and hope it can do it for me !!! I'm going email and set up and consultation asap ..... I would to get this surgery early 2015 if everything goes according to plan and God willing ... Wish me luck

Pics and stats !!

I'm 5'1 155 pounds ...jus turned 30 2 months ago no kids ..newly single in need of a (fatt butt ) lol

Hasan doll 2015 )) no date yet !!!

I made a down payment with vanity and its official bbl 2015 .... I'm anemic so I'm working on my hemoglobin before setting a date .... Couple of wish pics

Hasan doll in the making !!! April 24

Sooo I made a payment with vanity cosmetics earlier spoke with lia and she's always pleasant .... She sent the email obtaining new patient info ... I'm nervous and excited all at the same time my date is fastly approaching ... I should be summer time fine in no time ... oh .... And I'm paying 4500 cuz I added inner thighs ...it was 4000 withought

Countdown !!!!

New wish pics !! Weight update and measurements

Sooo I've been totally obsessing about me having a big booty .. Like every single moment I'm daydreaming lol reading real self reviews .. Looking at clothes ..body shapes ..making to buy list .. But anyway I have Good and annoying news !! Good news is I got some labs done jus to see where my numbers where and my iron is 12.5 and my ekg and urine is all good .which is great cuz I haven't hit my 1 month mark yet . So I've been taking pure absorb in the morning with oj .. Iron 65 mg .. A women's daily vitamin and vitamin c 500 mg .. I always been severely anemic cuz I had heavy periods .... But I had a dir scrape last year may .. And now my periods are 4 days long total ...with 2 days heavy and 2 days light a blessing .. But I recently started taking blood builder pills plus I'm juicing with kale spinach apples n bananas .. Jus to keep my iron as high as possible ..I'm just nervous reck like that ...I'll only take those every 2 days
The annoying news is I have a huge boil on my breast .. That's gonna leave a nasty scar smh and one under my bra line but that one is very small .. So annoyed gonna go to my Derm office Monday so she can drain them .. Then begin on working to clearing it up before summer smfh

In other news took my measurements
Hips : 40 in ....clearly I'm very wide
Waist :35 ......belly button area
Top waist :31 1/4
And I'm 154 Pnds

19 days left !!!!! To bootyland

Soooo I'm very excited but also nervous cuz I have to re do my u/a and iron over .. I have a slight Uti ..so I'm on antibiotics ..can't take the test over till all the pills are gone which is Monday .. And my iron dropped to 11.5 after my menustral.. So I've been doubling my iron intake .. Every thing else is all good .. I'm just annoyed icuz the date is so close and feel a little anxious ...... but I've also purchased supplies and still waiting for a little more to arrive .. Started packing my suite case and mentally preparing myself for this change ...I'm praying my labs are great .... I

5 days till I'm hassanafied!!!!! Measurements ,weight and packing list

So I've been reading countless reviews and purchased items based on what was mostly needed and what I thought made sense ... But first my measurements
Top waist :32 inch
Belly button :35 1/2
Hips: 42
154 pounds

My supply list : antibacterial soap
Cocoa butter
Arnica gel
Wet wipes
Gauze pads /tape
Gold bond lotion /itch lotion
Compression socks
Magesium citrate /helps with bm
Pez urinal
Body pillow
Scar away silicone sheets /helps with scars
Lips foams
Ab board
Lower back foam
Half foam roller
Buckwheat neck roll pillow /instead of bbl pillow
Steel bone corset
Make me heal vitamins

And I'm bringing blk tanks and 3 maxi dresses and couple of sweat suits and a robe and sports bras

I didn't order any faja cuz I didn't want chance getting the wrong size so I'll get it in Miami from Moni or that Columbiana store located near vanity when I arrived Thursday... So that's all for now my labs are fine so I'm excited .... Any questions HMU

Crossed over to the fat side !!

I was first in 530 a met Hasan he need me up and was given anesthesia woke up shivering and shaking like hell .... That first ride out was horrible I was dizzy as hell felt faint still feel faint lost a lot of blood but I'm regular the pain feel like tightness .. Stiffness and sore .. I've been taking percaset .. Drinking Gatorade and water even had soup ...

Update with pics

Ok so let me give u guys the honest truth .. THIS IS NOT EASY ....it's extremely hard and overwhelming... It feels like you did 2000 squats and 3000 crunches .. I would neverrrr do this again but I absolutely love my results Hasan hooked me up .... Ok so yesterday I had my first massage with Marian then went to clinic for my post op they say I'm doing really well and never saw anyone recover as fast as I am .. And I must thank the make me heal vitamins for that .. Ok so you must must drink Gatorade and water .. Take your iron pills to bring your iron back up .. Cuz u lose a lot of blood and walk .. It's very hard to do but I set my alarm and walk every 2 hours .. Cuz u get right back stiff .. I'm staying with Kayla and she's a angel I would recommend her for future dolls ... I don't see Hasan till Tuesday so I'll ask him how many ccs and all of that .. Ttyl

Pics that wouldn't load

Body on fleeekkk !!!

Jus some updated pics ..Hasan is the man

Recovery stay and much more !!!

Ok so I'm back in nyc .. .plane ride was horrible ...I ran out of pain pills so I was miserable the entire ride I kneeled for maybe 1 hour in my seat smh knees still hurt .....I sat on my neck roll still horrible ..went to the bathroom 3x still horrible ..glad that's over lol ...

So I stayed with Kayla ..she's awesome her home is lovely ..she makes great food and nurse assistant elsi is even sweeter ..elsi gives these deep tissue massages ..to die for .......

I had a package deal of 3 lymphatic massages from Marion .....she's a beast ...it s very painful but worth it ..she's has a attitude so beware lol ..she also sells faja 2 for 150 .......
I purchased my faja from Moni from new body recovery ...also sweet ... She met me up at vanity twice ....

Oh so the infamous BM ... It was very scary at first I got fully undressed and sat on my half foam roller and presto it wasn't to bad ..... My butt is huge so I couldn't reach around so I wrapped a baby wipe around a plastic butter knife and wala !! Fresh ass lol

I went to Casa de Munecas spa today .... I left feeling like a million bucks ...so very painful tho so be prepared ...I'm In love with my new booty ad can't wait to start shopping n turning heads .... Thanks hasan you over delivered !!!!!

Booty shrunk :-( with pics

So I always read about your booty getting smaller and thought I wouldn't feel away but I do ...I still have a nice ass shape and a bubble booty but it did go down significantly ...plus I'm losing weight grastically ..I went into surgery @ 154 I'm now 146 like wtf ...so I'm gonna start drinking ensures to hopefully gain back 4 pounds ...
Mornings are very rough ..I'm sooo swollen the pain is on 20 ..my back pains are horrible and sleeping is becoming a thing if the past ...so today I purchased arnica tablets to see if that would help

Oh and I have my period ughh .. I had my garment off for like 6 hours yesterday and went to sleep with it on ...now today is gonna be the same thing smfh these cramps ..bloating ..bleeding ..lipo to bbl jus feel all like too much freak that garment lol ...I wrapped my work out waist trainer around my ab board and that's it for now !!!
I had 5 massages in total so far and I'm getting 4 more .....my stomach is pretty flat ...ttyl any questions hmu

Update w pics

Ok so ...I absolutely hate wearing my gArment ....I go hours on my day off without it ...but I do wear it to work school and to bed ...this nasty Faja rash is finally clearing up but it's still very itchy n dark ...in going to Ditch my Faja for work n jus wear my corset come Monday .....

So very little itching ...butt still 40% firm ..my sides and stomach still sore n hard ...jus started getting those sharp pains this week .....my butt did lose some volume but I had lost 8 pounds right after surgery but since then I gained 4 back ..so I'm currently 151 .....measurements ...37 ..29 ..44

Going out for a bday brunch tomorrow for the first time ...still gonna bring my pillow ,.idc lol

Any questions hmu ttyl


Miami Physician

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