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I am 34 with 1 child and was originally looking...

I am 34 with 1 child and was originally looking into a BBL but now I also want a tummy tuck. Has anyone had both procedures at once? I would like to hear about the recovery. I have only met with one surgeon so far Dr Michael Gartner but I have a consultation with Dr Joseph Alkon in 2 weeks. I know that Dr Alkan has performed these 2 procedures together but I wanted to hear from actual patients.

Getting Ready to Set a Date

I met with Dr. Alkon and felt very comfortable with him. He was very informative and I liked that he did not seem to try and sell me on more procedures. In fact he made me feel like I was being a little harsh on myself and did not really need to do all that I wanted. With that said I of course want to have the TT and BBL that I went to him for. I will be calling to schedule my date sometime soon. I am just trying to figure out what month will work out best for me. I would like to have this done soon. I am a little nervous about the best ways to sleep/rest being that I am having both procedures at one time. If anyone can tell me useful tips I would really appreciate it. I do not want to compromise my results. I am not sure if using wedge pillows in my bed is best to elevate myself or if I should get a recliner chair and cut a hole. I have read that some do that. Any feedback would be great! Also, what is best for scar treatment?

Finally Set a Date!

After what feels like so long I finally scheduled my surgery. It will be on July 19th and I am very happy. I was hoping to have it sooner but Dr. Alkon is so scheduled I had to wait until July. I know it will be here in no time and I am beyond excited. I do plan to post some before pictures soon. I will be having a Tummy Tuck, Lipo, & Brazilian Butt Lift. I'm sure the closer the date comes the more anxious I will get, but reading all of Dr. Alkon's reviews and seeing all of the photos that are posted calm me down :)

On the flat side Day 3

I wanted to finally post some pictures. This site has been so helpful to me and hopefully my pictures and reviews can be of help to someone else. So one thing I did not know was not expecting was my surgeon asked that I get off my birth control 2 weeks before surgery. Apparently you have a greater risk of clotting if you are using bc. Just keep that in mind if you also are on bc. Of course I was nervous the night before and day of surgery. My BP was pretty high which is not normal for me. Thankfully after a little time I calmed down and my BP dropped. All of the staff at Trinitas Hospital were very nice. When I woke up after surgery my thighs hurt the most. I had a tummy tuck, full back lipo, lipo on back side of thigh directly beneath my cheeks, and a fat transfer. So my thighs hurt the most. I didn't even feel anything else. I was given pain medication which did help. By the time I was leaving thearly hospital my thighs were not as bad.
At home I was able to walk up all of my steps and get into the bed my husband and I made lol. I used a long outdoor lounge chair. Cut a hole in it and used a mattress cushion topper. I will take some pictures. Once I laid down I realized how intense my lower back pain was. Thighs were better but wow did my back hurt.
The painkillers really help though. As long as I take one every so often I can stay comfortable. I was peeing non stop on the first day but that is a good thing. I think nights are the hardest because I sometimes feel stiff. I do get up to walk around which helps. On Day 2 I went to see Dr Alkon. He helped change my binder. Even though I am extremely swollen I can absolutely see the change. I'm going to try and get some rest now. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

Day 3

It is easier to walk around. Stillet have a lot of swelling.

Day 5

It is getting easier to sleep at night. Had a lot of pain from my binder. Today after washing up I put my tank top on under the binder to help with the pain. Great idea. My right side is more swollen than my left but I can definitely see a change. I can't wait to get the drains out so that I can move easier.

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