Vaser Lipo Breast Reduction in India

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All my life I've not really been a fan of my...

All my life I've not really been a fan of my big boobs! I've always felt they were a little to big for my body! Sometimes I've loved the edge they give me, truth is I'm tired of all the attention my boobs get, don't know if its just me but the 2wks when t?εrε is an increase in size due to ovulation I almost never want to leave the house, not just cos nothing fits but carrying all that weight around all day is such a big distress. I have tried searching for a surgeon in my country Nigeria, but Plastic surgery is really not big here so the search produced nothing. However my online search brought me here and this site is OMG!!! Amazing!

I sent some of my breast pictures to a medical tourism company and they helped match me with Dr. Amit Gupta in India, my only problem here is I've not found any client testimonial as to the abilities of Dr. Gupta with regards to breast reduction and its not really been encouraging, however I got to see some of the amazing results on a fellow member in this site check "Breast Lift and Reduction - Phuket, Thailand" reviews...I got in touch with the PIAC in Phuket, Thailand, and the Surgeon recommended a free nipple graft. Though I want to have my breast reduced, not being able to breast feed is not an option for me, I had planned to take a break from work in September to attend to my Breast Reduction Surgery

Now everything seems bleak and I'm trying not to despair but its very hard, as it seems like I'm back to ground zero. I'm currently a size F/G. They are not equal, though I'm overweight, I'd like to have the surgery before hitting the gym and I'm looking to be a size D after Reduction so that after weight loss, I'd be my perfect small D or even smaller. Plus to finally be rid of the under-arm breasts OMG! I would be very glad!

I will be leaving for Phuket on the 17th of Sept...

I will be leaving for Phuket on the 17th of Sept 2011, Please feel free to share any recovery tips and things to expect after the surgery, thank you.

I got my date:) Its on the 5th of Oct... Tot it'd...

I got my date:) Its on the 5th of Oct... Tot it'd be sooner:P but I'm glad its not later. So its finally gonna happen....OH GOD! THANK YOU!

Just had a breast reduction in India

Just had a breast reduction in India

Still fragile had my reduction on the 13th of...

Still fragile had my reduction on the 13th of March! I've been wondering how long till I start to see the reduction My PS a sweet motherly lady said to give the swelling 3wks at least...well I'm watching it with keen eyes the meantime anyone knows what I can use to help the my breast skin heal nicely firm up if possible, will post pictures soon.

Noticed a bit of hardness in both breasts close to...

Noticed a bit of hardness in both breasts close to my armpit and there is a bit of pain in my breasts as's the itchy kind of pain so I guess healing is going on inside. Though 2liters was taken from my right breasts and 1.5liters from the left, I don't think I see so much difference, my Ps says to give it time but if that much was taken shouldn't I see a change? Well I don't feel the burdensome heaviness anymore so I guess the swelling is all that is left. I'm keeping hope alive...

Any information from someone who has had breast reduction with vaser liposuction would be appreciated...

Today I changed my surgical bra from an XXL size...

Today I changed my surgical bra from an XXL size to an XLsize, the support was better and that is just wonderful, I'm actually going down in size, I am so happy, it's been 9 days since my surgery no scars and the breast is actually shrinking...oh Lord this is so good. I feel wonderful today.

This is a couple weeks after my surgery, I'm not...

This is a couple weeks after my surgery, I'm not at my final size yet and I'm still required to wear my compression garments (annoying) but everyday bring new joys as the reduction process is going on. I do not feel the neck pain anymore the heaviness is gone and the after surgery itchiness is sometimes a nuisance but it helps me know healing is taking place so I'd call it a pleasant nuisance. One thing I'm noting however is my breasts seem to be shrinking, I had thought it'd be flat because of the vaser lipo only procedure, but it isn't, the breast fold is getting firmer and the skin is tightening up, I'm very happy with this development, I guess my prayers are getting answered. Today is a good day.

2years after

Though I am really satisfied with my results, I had one boob significantly bigger than the other, I've just been content to live without the pain and weight on my chest but now I want it all, perky boobs and a banging body.
The last time I didn't upload pictures and now it's difficult to remember how I was, I don't keep pictures of myself from that time cos I hated the way I looked( I wish I had kept a few). So this time I'm uploading pictures of the entire process, I want to remember and maybe inspire someone, hopefully.
The process; breast reduction/lift, arm reduction with lipo(noticed I had really big arms after my Vaser lipo reduction, they didn't use to seem that big before) and lipo on the waist and abdomen.
I realize this May be too many to do at once so I'll just take them one by one if necessary.
I've been communicating with Dr. Hochstein's office, was inspired by ckmia's results.
Dr Vimla Raja

A very warm staff at Adiva aesthetics and Dr. Vimla Rajan was just really sweet. The only reason the after care follow up and time spent with me ranked low was because the hotel I stayed in was really far from the facility, but whenever I had any problems or appointment with my PS they sent a vehicle for me, Email responsiveness before getting to India wasn't fantastic but phone responsiveness in India was great, Adiva would meet you at the airport and help you plan your stay according to your budget, and at the end of your stay drop you off at the airport also, that I think is very good service.

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