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I am 61, British, and had my first implants in...

I am 61, British, and had my first implants in 1985 (140cc saline under muscle) a year after my husband died. I was a 32AA before having 2 children in the late 70's and was always niggled about being flat chested especially after breastfeeding. I hated the feel straight afterwards and went back suggesting I have them removed after a month but the doc persuaded me not to saying "you have very small breasts and now they are stretched". They must have gone hard very quick and I thought that was what they must be like for everyone who has them - sincerely wondered why all these other implanted women weren't complaining!

The doc use to try and crack them "closed capsulotomy" never worked and painful. Sadly I had some sort of block regarding relationships due to the tennis ball feeling and had no boyfriend for the next 13 years. I'd had them replaced 1997 with the textured type (didn't dare go without as I'd had no luck with men - dumb reasoning I know), but again didn't like the feel and they went hard-ish Baker grade ll.

I finally found love with a wonderful French guy in 2000 and he has been very supportive with my removal decision as over the last few months they have been "active" and getting very hard LH side is now Baker grade IV. I had one removal consultation in London UK (Transform's Dr Khan, who use to work with my original doc who's retired now), he said I would most certainly get the capsule problem again, as it had occured twice and they will look ugly after removal "not a sight for men" or words to that effect!

Since that consultation I was like a headless chicken checking out internal lift, fat transfer, Breform and USA docs etc - the works! However then I thought about everything and I discovered its not a quick in out job, there's follow ups etc, it made sense I use a local doc as I live in Nice France right now. I found Dr Modschiedler and he said the same thing re no lift, although he was keen to replace as again he said they would look awful, but I put my foot down. He was very negative about fat transfer idea and reiterated I do not have enough fat plus the proceedure is fairly new and there are no long term cases to proove there is no link to cancer.

Now I am happy and clear in my mind as I realise I'm not nearly as vain as I was (!) and my partner just wants me recovered, not taking on additional problems for vanity reasons. I'm all set for May 28 at the lovely modern hospital overlooking the sea where Angelina Joli had her twins.

The cost is €3640 in London £3600 so comparable

10 days to go - so happy with my Doc!

Had the most wonderful second meeting today with the doc & staff. He was SO supportive and said things like "you need to be in tune with your body" "you are going to have a new life after 30 years of implants that you never liked in the first place" "It's quite astonishing how the breasts go back to normal, even with large impants" (mine apparently are considered small 140cc). I asked him about drains - probably not needed or 24 hours. He said I can wear the compression bra I bought over the bandage, but that might even be removed before I leave hospital. I decided to stay overnight as its only €100 more (I had previously booked as a day patient) but the thought of a private room with dinner and breakfast overlooking the sea was my treat! I only have to take EXTRANASE CPS a week before and after - some natural pineapple extract. (They didn't know bromelain so maybe its that) Anti-biotics will be in the anesthetic. He will take photos of the removed implants (I can post them here). I can shower after 2 days - I thought it was 10! I will be able to ride my bike after 2 weeks. I return 3 days after the op and then 7 days after that (can't remember which one will be fore the removal of the stitches) All sounds pretty straighforward.

Anesthetist visit

All pretty straightforward, and he seemed calm and laid back. He spoke some English but my French partner was with me for any translation. I get a chill out pill. Then oxygen mask. Then knock out jab. He'll put a tube down my throat, which is required by law, but that's when I'm out (luckily as I always gag). He told me there would be no after effects of the anesetic (we'll see!) I defo stressed that I get nauseous and fainted 2 years ago, but he convinced me the cocktail would be fine. He'll give me some sleep pills forb the night in hospital as he said nurses pop in and out testing my pulse etc. Glad I decided to stay the night. I bought the surgical stockings to wear that prevent blood clots. I sneaked in the ward and yes the rooms do overlook the sea - but not as glamorous and cosy as I had imagined for a private room - can't see that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were hanging out in a room like that when she had her twins! My partner is in the US this weekend and arrives back once I come round on tuesday lunchtime, so having a peaceful weekend cleaning the flat and getting shopping in.

My health issues

Thought I would write them all down and see if any symtoms clear post explant. 1) Low thyroid - taking levothroxine since 2005. 2) Dry eyes - maybe due to computer or laser surgery 2004. 3) Arthritis in jaw, neck, thumbs, & stiffness in lower back. Often my knees play up too. 4) Heart flutterings, had it all checked out and decided not to worry about it. 5) Gastric problems for last 5 years. Had every test going and also done a variety of diets to no avail: anti-fungi / anti - parasite / gluten-wheat-dairy free / now doing Fodmap. Docs say IBS, but my bowels seem ok, its higher up where I have the problem. Small intestine. Every morning it wakes me up. I go all hot then get this uncomfortable feeling like its blocked. From just below my breastbone to around my tummy button area my digestive tubes are rock hard. I can feel my heartbeat when I press on them. Once I get up its ok, just some spasms once I have eaten. I think its the function of the digestion and the bile/gastric juices that are not in harmony. My skin is good and don't seem to get tired or brain fog, sometimes forgetful but I am getting older! Anyway lets see if any of this clears up once my body realises I've got the 2 foreign bodies out!

The bra

I just bought one as I have a couple of sports bras to use later before I adventure into the padded ones. Renolife by Annette. Its black and what I liked is the actual tit bit is different mesh than the support around it. Front fastening /compression/post surgery.

24 hours post op and feeling fantastic!

All went really well I am glad to report. Wonderful room and staff - many speaking no english but I got by fine. The doc said the implants were not ruptured, so the inscision (scar) is no bigger than before (about 1 "each under the fold) and he did some internal stitches to help seal any cavity (the implants were below the muscle). I went in to the op around 12 and looked at my watch again at 2 when I was awake - both tits were really sore then, but it faded thoughout the next 4 hours. Doc made this real neat stick on bandage support bra - just round and over the tits. When I took a peep just a bit of the nipple was poking out a slit and looked grey - like a horrid old vagina!! In the morning they were pink again - phew - that was some sight for sore eyes! Even my face looked like an old hag 5 hours after op so I slapped some makeup on before my BF came at 6pm. The staff messed up - I asked for just a cup of tea, and got a full monty of fish spuds, yogurt. Then a chicken and rice dinner at 7pm so my BF wolfed that down!. I had a drip (containing painkillers and fluids) plus drains overnight and the doc came at 8am and they were removed along with the drip. He also took of that nice sticky bra. Alas I didn't have a camera then to take a snap. He and the nurse put on another compression bandage that went round my back, check the photos. I chucked on my loose yoga bra on top and took off the support stockings. Guess what I could even undo my gown behind my neck! I managed to dress myself ok and my BF collected me at 10 am and we walked back along the beach and I felt fine. Been online now for 4 hours catching up, but RH tit is getting a little sore, as I'm right handed, so now rest time. SO glad I decided not to be a day case! It was nice having the nurses popping in checking my blood pressure and I had 2 sleeping pillls handed me last night and 2 big pain killers with breakfast. Just my throat is a bit croaky and a little raw from the tube, but an excuse for ice cream! I can feel my breast muscles working now, before they were always stretched from the implant. Also the stiches are all self dissolving. Looks like there's not 2 fried eggs but 2 pubescent tits there! I go back to the clinic on friday - not to get stiches out as I had pressumed, maybe just to check and tighten the compression bandage? Certainly not opened the pain killers yet - already feel its the best £3500 I ever spent!

11am wednesday 29th

11am wednesday 29th

11am wednesday 29th

Docs bandage for going home 8am under 18 hours post op

3 days post op check up

All good. Doc took off the bandage, cleaned and replaced strips over the stitches. Then I put on my post surgery bra. I am feeling really good, not tired and more secure in the bra, even gently gigging around to Bob Marley. I saw the photos of the capsules = AWFUL. I didn't take a memory stick so will have to wait til next week before I post them here. The implants were not even ruptured like the doc thought - it was just the capsules calcifying and distorting them. My BF saw the pics of the capsules too and was so pleased I took them out my body. Doc told me to rub some organic almond oil mixed with some lavender drops to help nourish the skin. Only taken pain killers at bedtime for 2 nights, don't think I need them tonight (insert smiley) !

5 Days post op

Still feeling quite normal apart from a bit itchy where the scars are and the bra is tight. The LH looks fine (funny as that was the hardest - no 4 capsule) the RH looks a mess with that sunk area and the red graze from the band aid is slow to heal (in the photo it looks yellow from bruising but its that disinfectant I had left over - what you shower in before the op). I took the photos so I can compare further down the line, but do admit they are not a pretty sight...and hope they don't put others off having theirs explanted! Remember I am 61, so they would have looked a bit scrawny and droopy if I hadn't had the implants. But in the bra they look great! I will just not go topless on the beach and wear pretty bras to hide them. But now I am natural, and will soon be able to romp around with my grandson (and boyfriend! - but doubt I'll let him catch me naked up top for quite a while!). Sexy lingerie will be the answer. Looking forward to hunting for a new look to match my new "less matronly" & more modern shape.

Photos of the removed capsules and impants

Direct from the operating room!

Post op 10 day check up

All good. I have been strutting around town today feeling lighter and younger. All strapped in my compression bra, that the doc told me to continue wearing for a month. Fair enough its not too uncomfortable and looks good under a t-shirt and makes me feel less vulnerable. Doc removed my stitches and said the natural boobs are still shrinking (hummm not so good I had just got use to them this size) I got my 34 A M&S sports bra today and almost fill it, just for sleeping in. I was a 32 AA before, so perhaps the cavity where the impants were has widened them somehow. My BF has noticed I am standing better and not so hunched over the computer, so even subconsiously I must be reverting back to my natural pre-implant deportment, hoping this will help with my lower back stiffness. I can take off the steri-strips over the scars in 2 days then not need to replace them. Hey I can have a bath again! They told me to use "creme homeoplasmine" for the scars - I checked and its also sold in UK £5. I have another appointment in 2 weeks. Bruising just above scars is quite purple, but they are coming along nicely.

2 weeks post op - shrinking not fluffing

Like the doc said they are shrinking - no fluff just more rib cage sticking out! Will leave it another week so the bruising has completely gone then post pics. Getting a bit fed up strapped into the compression bra as its hot here now. BUT totally not depressed or anything, just not too proud of my body right now as did little excercise over the winter due to the implants hurting. I'm skinny but lots of flabby areas under my arms and back. I think post-60 this kicks in, batwing arms, crepey body skin blah blah but no excuses. I just see Mick Jagger's physique (sod Madonna's scrawny look) and think well he's almost 10 years older and if he can do it so can I ! Can't wait for autumn and doing a daily trot to the gym.

Zinc recommendation

My "zenman" recommended organic brewers yeast and Oligosol zinc ampules for tissue healing.

3 weeks post op Doc visit

All very positive. I showed him the scar I was worried about and he confirmed its not kelloid, just bumpy due to the self-dissolve line of stitches that are healing underneath - the scar below the outer skin from where the capsule was cut. Same goes for the weird looking RH side, the internal stitches are still pulling a bit to make it look distorted. Anyway not bothered now as feeling great - who cares what they look like as long as I wear my Dim bra I look fine! I go back August 1st, not really neccesary but we both like each other and I want him to take new photos to show any other women what they can end up looking like. Will post new photos of the rib cage with flaps tomorrow, I have to do it when my BF is not around - he was allowed to touch but not look!

My fav bra - and vest tops I recommend

This bra is amazing. It holds me as good as the compression bra but far less elastic that made me scratch. The cups are moulded the shape of breasts and really stop any wiggling - plus I felt very secure and its very comfortable to wear and great at night.. Like Queen Boadicea's breastplate 2013! Think they sell all over Europe - unsure re USA and are a decent price.,fr,pd.html&cgid=11100#!i%3D1%26color%3D0HZ%26sz%3D16%26start%3D16%26size%3D00C

Bamboo cotton vest tops

Love these now its gone up to 29 degress here - made by American Vintage. They are a delight to wear known as "second skin". Plus they are not so clingly as most vests yet are very flattering over the flabby areas.

Exercise from week 3

Doc said I can go swimming - starting with 10 minutes a day. Must shower well with plain water afterwards and make sure they are well dried. Aim to go this afternoon when the small gym pool is empty. I also found myself dancing today without remembering I had had the op! Also he said I can go on my bike (too windy for that today) and my inversion table.

Health issues week 3+ & positive male reaction

I started scratching like mad last week. First under my compression bra, then under my arms and stomach..finally the soles of my feet and palms of my hands are really going crazy. Doc said it could be post anesetic reaction as the body sometime goes acidic (NOT the stomach going acid) he advised getting some PH balancing suppliments. Fingers crossed that will kick in soon. Also my back was quite uncomfortable and visited my back lady yesterday. She said my spine had gone a bit "out" - and that could also be due to anesetic (total relaxation of the spine) and did some minor clicks then I felt great again. Now I am striding round town shoulders back head up and blokes are whistling me! God knows why we paid to get those stupid plastic balls inserted in our bodies thinking we'd get some male attention - when what they like best is a positive woman with a bit of joi- de-vivre!

Tooth ache post-op week 2 - 3

Forgot to mention quite a few of my teeth started playing up week 2 post op, was wondering what on earth the dental bill would be as I have to pay 100%. They felt sensative and wobbly - I have a lot of implants (LOL - dental ones this time) But good news this week they have stopped hurting, so could well be a post-op reaction.

3 week post photo (brace yourself) & scar pixs

God is that old woman really me?! If you are from the UK I liken myself to the granny from the TV series Benidorm! Oh well I'll just keep them covered up and for my eyes only - at least they aren't fake now! Doc said the weird LH that looks like a poached egg on top the fried egg flap is the internal stitches making it distorted - and it will eventually fill up - but I am not one bit convinced, how come the LH side is OK and where is this mythical fluffing fairy? I am getting use to ducking and diving when the BF is prowling round. With clothes on is great, but without - no thank you. Got ScarGuard today so see if that can calm down the LH. Doc said its the internal stitches under the scar line that is making it all bumpy still, its not kelloid.
Dr Thomas Modschiedler

I found him online. His clinic is in Nice, France. He is German and speaks good English and so does his assistant. He seems very knowledgable and competant and since my first consultation I discovered 3 local specialist doctors also have heard very good things about him. At my first visit he said he would have preferred to replace the implants and I had to insist I just want them removed. At my pre-op visit he was totally supportive and made me feel great and was in safe hands. The operations are done at the lovely modern blue L’hospice LENVAL.

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