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Hi all fellow tummy tuckers :) Firstly I'd like to...

Hi all fellow tummy tuckers :) Firstly I'd like to say how helpful everyones experiences have been in finding out information. I'm a 30 yr old mother of 6 and I've finally finished populating Ireland lol so I'm booked in for full tt on the 4th Sept 13 in Ballykelly Independent hospital Northern Ireland :D omg I cannot wait literally I am on this site day and night looking for as much knowledge as I an get.Hubbys treating me to an iphone for my anniversary this week so I'll up load some before photos then .

Stopping smoking!!!!!!

I'm from Ireland and the price is in pounds sterling.So today I stop smoking that gives me 5 weeks before surgery,did anyone else smoke before surgery? Any tips?

my pre-op and surgery on the same day????

Well I thought id be getting a pre-op app at least a day before surgery but it turns out its on the same day I have to be there for 08:30 am and when tests are all finished I'll have surgery that day.Has anyone else had their pre-op and surgery on the same day????

little bit about myself

I'm all topsy turvy at the moment and its reflecting in my updates lol well I'm 116lbs 4 ' 10" I've had 6 children they range in age from 2 to 13 my husband had a vasectomy in january so our family is now complete. Now its my turn to feelhuman again and gain back a bit of what I lost through pregnancies. I've never been heavy and I never over ate through the 6 pregnancies but being so small just means you cant stretch a lot :/ I am really scaref at the mo as I'm going through every emotion from elated to guilt but I'm sure this is normal. Cant wait to get my new phone so I can upload some before pics and see what you all think oooooo 34 days and counting!!!!!!!!!

Got my new phone love my hubby soooo much x here's the dreaded before pics

A few more before pics so I can look back :)

30 days and counting :D

Well today is the start of my 30 day countdown!!!!!! Eeeeeeeek nervous cant even come close lol has anyone any advice on vitamins and anything I can do on the run up to surgery that will benefit my recovery????? Any advice at this stage would be great :)

Just over 2 weeks to go!!!!

Well I've got just over 2 weeks to go before my surgery morning and all sorts have been running through my head. I haven't been sleeping at all I keep picturing the surgery going wrong,the scar too high,the bellybutton off centre and the scar openning up. When I sleep I dream that I already had surgery or that It all falls through and i dont get it done! My mind is doing overtime I hope this is normal but at the minute I am going out of my mind with worry :( My lovely hubby is trying to keep me upbeat he really has been my rock I'd be lost without him xx well I have a 30th bday party and my sisters christening to attend over the next 2 weeks and I also have 4 of our 6 children to get ready to go back to school.So hopefully this will give me something to do to take up the time til surgery :)

More ugly pics lol

I am stressing out because its getting nearer to d day so I'm just gona add a few more pics that I can look back on :)

Thanks everyone :)

I just wanna say THANKYOU to everyone who've answered my questions and listened to me going on a bit lol I'm really looking forward to tomarrow but also a little scared. I've gained 7-8lbs this month from quitting smoking and I'm feeling very down because of it :( just worried that il look silly after as I'm not having lipo and I feel my love handles are going to stick out after the tuck :/ I have so many little niggles floating round my head but I really can do no more I quit smoking when I was asked I've saved up all the money I'm as healthy as I can be (except a few lbs heavier than I would like) so whatever tomarrow brings is out of my hands. I will update as soon as up to it sooooo yayyyy go me!!!!! Lol

The time has come................

Il be leaving home in the next half hr and hopefully il get to update a little later :) wooooooooo wish me luck............................

Well I survived!!!!!!!

Well here I am on the flat sed :) will post pics tomarrow when I get to see my tummy and when my drain is removed only have one in and it's draining only a small amount :) no T scar which I am ecstatic about and had my mons pubis lipoed and hiked up and he also said he gavel a lovely little heart shaped bellybutton :) here's a few preop and with garment on :)

More pics I pushed upload button by mistake lol

More pics.....

Drain out cannula out saw my lovely belly :) soooo happy :D

Welcome to the flat side :D

I couldn't resist lol

I've been feeling so good since I had my TT yesterday I can even sleep on my side :O so when the hubby was sleeping I snuck into the bathroom with my daughters bikini lol here are the results..............

Such a difference ;)

Woke up feeling completely flat......

Well I woke up this morning and felt so flat but my leg was killing me as my compression dock had rolled down :( I can't believe it's only been a few days because I feel really good I really thought I would have been in more pain than this. I'm sleeping in my own bed I don't have a recliner or a walker or anything I didn't have at home before the TT. Can't wait til this time next week as I'll get to meet my new bb and incision :D I took a few pics this morning when I woke but they don't show just how flat I felt lol

Few side by sides........

Nausea and constipation...............

Well everything was going great until I couldn't go lol aw I feel nauseous and sore and bloated :( these meds and inactivity really do a number on your digestive track so I thought I'd up my stool softener and then when that didn't work I took 2 laxative...............BIG mistake!!!! I ended up the complete other way and couldn't keep off the toilet!!!!!!! The moral of the story is........... Actually I still have no clue as how to stop me I had to take 2 Imodium which took me back to not going again!!!!!!! Could only happen to me :( lol

Got to meet my new tummy :)

Well I got all my dressing off yesterday I still have the strip over the incision and the belly uttom is still packed but that will come out when I shower. I am so happy my tummy is so flat I still have a few pesky stretch marks but from what I had I'll take this any day of the week :) it still looks a bit angry but as soon as the dressing comes away sure it'll look lovely lol here's a few wee pics.........

Pressed the wrong button lol here's more........

Shower me baby....

Well just had my first shower and can I say it was probably the best shower I've ever had :) I like looking at my belly I liked drying my belly in general I just liked having my new belly :D

More pics...........

Any ideas?????

I'm feeling a bit deflated tonight I know I'm not even 2 weeks po yet but because I didn't have lipo to the flanks I feel they're stick out more than before :( I know they were there before but because my belts been pulled so tight I now have a bigger muffin top. From tomorrow I'm gona start eating clean and as soon as I'm allowed I'll be back to exercising but has anyone had this too or has anyone any tips for me as there's no way I could afford lipo after this and I'd rather work at it to try do it myself :) any tips would be very helpful and make me feel a whole lot better xxx

2 week update.....

Well I've reached the 2 week mark,and apart from swelling and the steri tape still stuck to my incision I'm feeling really good and loving my decision to have went through this :) I think slowly but surely the swelling around my fat backs is going down too and my ass is starting to come back (my husband hated my ass disappearing lol) the steri tape has finally came away from my bellybutton too it's nice and dry and looking like its healing well but is it just me or does it look weird? Don't get me wrong anythings better than the sorry excuse of a cats anus I had there before but,I can't quite get my eyes to realise this is now my new bb!! A small bit of steri strip came away from my left side and the incision looks like its healing well too it's a wee bit lumpy and still going through the scanning stage but its looking like its going in the right direction as is the rest of the incision :D well a few pics now to see my progress.......

Tape is off!!!!!

Well all the steri strip tape is officially off and I get to see what I'm working with not really sure what to make off it. It's not too bad and looks like its healing great so any tips on what to do next will be greatly appreciated. I still have a bit of scabbing which I'm sure has to heal first before I start scar therapy but should I buy more tape and cover it til it heals or leave it uncovered? Not really sure but could anyone who's went through this stage let me know what they did to get the best scar results to keep it thin and get it flat?????????

Feeling like we're getting somewhere :D

We'll today I actually feel like progress is being made. I feel flatter and more in touch with my new tummy :) my scar is still ridged but is nice and thin and I think will definitely turn into a nice scar I'm taking advice and keeping it covered to try and flatten it and next weds when I'm 4 weeks po (cannot believe it the time is flying) il start using bio oil. I've been gently massaging the incision through the Cg just to get blood flowing better to the are and it seems to be working as one side is nearly flat and I'm not even 3 weeks out yet :) I am so happy I did this it's the best thing I could ask for for my birthday on Oct 1st :)

Dunno where my other pics went here we go

Feeling low.............:(

I'm feeling so low at the minute my healing couldn't be going any better I'm walking straight can do a my chores and my tummys flat but I
regretting not having any lipo to my love handles and they are really sticking out now I dunno what to do!!! Has anybody any tips on how to shift these I feel they are really hampering my overall recovery as they're the only thing I'm concentrating on!!! I've started eating really clean and walking more I dunno maybe rushing this whole recovery process I'm just stuck in a downer and can't seem to perk up :(

Feeling better, eating cleaner......

Well I've been eating cleaner and being more active the last few days and I'm feeling so much better for it :) this is not a diet but a way of life for me now I hope to never be on another diet ever again lol

Can anyone help?

Today my incision is really sore a little bit is weeping and another little bit has turned black and hurts has this happened to anyone else and should I be worried? I'm actually freaking out abit about it :(

Pics of area....

Well I removed half the tape and put on a less restrictive body because the Cg was feeling very tight so now I've just got padding against the area. I think the black area also looks bright green as of a stitch is working its way out its a shame because my incision was getting nice and thin. I took a few pics to see what anyone thinks but it actually a looks worse in the photos than it does in real life....,

O sweet sweet progress :D

And I'm feeling good...dah nah....dah nah sing it with me lol

Omg I had more to upload we here we go again........

And again.......

Anyone have little fashion parades by themselves???? Lol

Well I was going to bed to have an early night then somehow I ended up having a little cat walk in my bedroom now at 4 foot 10 I'm miles off being a model but for that half hour i could have been Giselle lol love love love my new belly :D xxx

Another few.........

Wee scar update.....

Just having a mess around with some pics....

I've started running and ab exercises now so hopefully I'll start to see progress in the coming weeks :) down to 117lbs now 7 more to go :D xxx

Few more.......xxxx

Loving me at the min....xxxx

10 weeks out......where did the time go?

Well I've been busy recently with normal day to day living taking over and Christmas coming up fast so I've sort of forgotten about my TT lol yes really life goes on and you just go with it. Had a weekend away with the hubby and friends at 8 weeks po and I just felt normal as if I'd never went through any surgery....weird I know but hey life goes on and so on and so forth :D few wee pics not all tummy related xxx

Scar revision

Well had a wee appointment with my ps tonight for my 3 mos po even though it was a bit earlier than 3 mos lol well I've just had 3 areas of my incision revised and I'm a bit tender now that the anesthetic is wearing off. Don't have to go back for 3 more months (unless I want to see him in the mean time) for any more revision I might need before he's happy to let me be on my merry way :) so happy I chose my ps he is the kindest man who isn't out for the money he's been making sure I'm happy every step if the way and that makes this journey all the more worthwhile :) I have to keep my incision under wraps again for a week and no water for a few days on it either so I'll upload pics in a few weeks when it's healed a bit :)

Bandaged up again.......

Life goes on....

I know I haven't updated in a while but life really does just go back to normal. It's so weird looking back on all my pics today it's like a different person......not the tummy just in hoe I feel about myself now :) I will upload some pics tonight just to let everyone see how I'm getting on :D

9 months since TT............

Well here's a few wee pics I've been working out for the last 5 weeks hard and I've 4 weeks to go til our first bikini holiday :D

Few wee pics to show close up of bb and sitting :)

9 months just flew by......

Well I'm 9 months po and getting bikini ready for our first family sun holiday :) I am beyond excited and have been working out hard for the last 6 weeks only 3 more to go til I can unveil myself lol well to anyone thinking about a TT I'm gona upload a before and after and you decide for yourself............:D

Over 2 yrs po and not a regret

Hey everyone I haven't been on here Ina while as they say life goes on and mine goes 100 miles a min with 6 children and a husband lol how is everyone and how's everyone doing? If anyone is reading this and is considering a TT don't be shy and give me a wee message or ask me anything I'm very honest about my experience :) #stilllovinglife
Dr.Abid Rashid

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