Brrrrr Cold Feet !! Am I Doing the Right Thing? - Nicaragua

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I am a 38 yr old mother of 3 breast fed for 7 yrs...

I am a 38 yr old mother of 3 breast fed for 7 yrs all together so I'm pretty empty !
Having my surgery in one week ahhhh cold feet !!
250 cc HP silicone unders
I hope this will fill me and give me the fuller look
I'm super sporty so I def don't want jugs !
What do you think ?
This morning I woke up kind of liking my noobs but ... They are not very cute !
I'm tired of wearing training bras :( but do I want to be boobalicious ? Really ??

Ok people spending my last night with no boobs

So tomo is the day !!
Wait why am I doing this ?
I like my no boobs!!
Well maybe not ? Ugh
This is it my husband will take me tomo morning and and bestie will be there at the hosp for support
Actually I'm really quite surprised at how much support I have gotten per my decision to have boobs and not noobs...
I'm pretty relaxed but that MIGHT have something to do with that horse pill I was prescribed to take tonight lol!
I have also realized how horrible my boobs really are it's really depressing I mean really how many boobs can a girl look at !!! God
And really after seeing all the boobs mine are gross ... Oh well they will be much better this time tomo ;)
I hope !? Ahhhhhh
I am 5'3" 106 lbs going with 250 HP mentor silicone unders AND a nipple reduction !
Too many babies sucking the life out of me !
Kind of embarrassed to post these before photos BUT so many others have and I thank them for all the info and help that it has given me !
Wish me luck !!!!

It's over :) owwwww

Hi guys well it's done NOT as bad as I thought although my noobs feel like I am engorged with milk and because I had a nipple tuck ;) it feels like I was nursing a very very hungry baby !!! Owwww
So I look huge but I know this is normal BUT my left is a bit more swollen :( I'm sure it's fine as I have read that bit still makes one nervous!
Surgery took 1 hr 50 mins
Thanks for the support will keep you posted

Owwwww day 2 post

Hello all well I am day 2 post op and feeling the pain wow I think yesterday was much better although I did stay in the hosp for the first night nothing beats I drugs I guess ....
I feel so right and sore and almost a burn under one of my arms
I still feel like I bench pressed 150 lbs for 3 sets haha
And I'm feeling kind of sad today
My band doesn't fit as I am so small they didn't have a band that fit me so my friend will go to the office today to pick up a tighter one .... Good ?? Or not hmmmmm....
Anyway just a little update - morning boob sucks !
It's like when your breast feeding and the baby over sleeps and you need relief ASAP then you realize there's no baby !
Good luck to all of you I know I won't regret I can't wait to see my final results !!

Good bye day 3 good morning day 4

Well this sucks ! I'm not gonna candy coat it I really can't understand how some woman say oh I didn't feel any pain ! That's BS !! Anyway I'm not in as strong drugs as in the U.S. They don't give you drugs like Vicodin or percaset so I'm just on reg mostly over the counter prob why it has been so painful
After my last update the dr called me in to the office as I had that burning under my arm he took out the drains! Thank god ! And I think I felt a little better but dam
Anyway moving along yesterday I made the 3 hr trip home that sucked and supposed to get stitches out on Friday the 27 th I believe...... I am quite unhappy with how high my boobs are I love the size even though I know they will go down a bit but my muscles are so tight and strong they don't want to let go
Please please please tell me this is going to ease off !!!!!!! I don't want to look like this for the rest of my life ! And I'm hating how they look and it makes me super nervous
Anyway thanks for the feedback any comments are super appreciated !!

Strap from hell

I hate this strap but I'm staring to fall in love with my boobs :)
4 days post op and my dr says wait till 4 months :))
Omg!! When can I burn this strap ?

One week yay .... And counting ..... And waiting

Hi people
I don't even know if anyone is even reading this or if it is some type of weird therapy that I make up in my head ? Oh well it helps me !
I have reached week 1 yay! I'm so happy but dammm this is taking so loonnngggg ok it's only been a week I know I know they will drop and fluff blah blah I'm sooooo annoyed I can't workout at least I got my period on time today they say that the surgery can mess up your cycle and I have a wedding in 5 weeks that I carefully planed so that I could go after my aug. Anyway I'm still with the devil strap I can't see my dr saying ohhhh don't worry you never have to wear that thing again!!!! But ya I don't think that will happen he just better not say Well you have to keep it on FOREVER! haha ok not funny
I have gas stuck undertaken ribs in my upper back this happened to me last time I had surgery for something else so ... At least I know I'm not dying or anything and well here are the pics ugh as much as it hurts to keep putting them up but I hope I can help SOMEONE. Bye girls healthy healing :)
Ps does anyone see a difference ?

Stitches out yay... Are these things gonna stay this big ?

Hi all
Well yesterday was day ten and I got my stitches out :) that was easy the nipple reduction that I got well that was not easy as I guess nipples heal fast and so the skin was a bit grown over the stitches and well yeah that hurt but !!! I've had 3 wanted births in someone's house with obviously no drugs so ... Not really that bad ;)
Dr said 11 more days for the devil strap I can handle that almost done ! But I feel like I may not be saying good bye as soon as I would like to ? Are these things even going down !? Dammm well here are a couple update pics and please be honest with your comments ... Don't worry I can handle it ;)

Ha ! I meant 3 water! Births ... well and wanted

Oops guess I should proof read !!

Day 19 coming along

Hi all so just had another post op on Friday today is Sunday was told I have to wear the devil band for 2 more weeks but that that would be it
I notice much swelling has gone down and I'm more comfortable with the size etc ... Getting used to them they are not like that VOOM anymore or maybe I'm used to it although here are some progress pics and I'm super happy with my size !
As they are dropping slightly they seem a bit bigger but not in a out way just a round way if that makes sense .... Happy healing it takes a while !

5 week update

Hello everyone
Totally in love with my boobs
Feeling better have most movement back just the pulling as in like pulling a drawer out or twisting off a really right cover is still a little difficult for me
We swimming :)! That was kind of weird freestyle was fine but breast stroke not so much !
Great to start working out again !!! Was getting pretty depressed about that ! Still don't have the clear to do everything but anything is better than nothing your body tells you if your ready anyway

Went to my check up and I don't HAVE to wear the band anymore THANK GOD. so I will now gladly burn it
Good luck girls !!! Here are some photos
Dr Brockmann

Very informative Spent many years in Brazil Has been practicing in nicaraguan for the last 11 years Answered ALL my many many questions and made the right decision for me not for him ! Went with what I wanted and helped me with my choices Great doctor

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