Considering an Upper Eyelid Surgery - Niagara Falls, ON

I am currently researching and trying to find the...

I am currently researching and trying to find the best Doctor out there for an upper eyelid surgery. My upper lids are resting on my eyelashes now and I am starting to have vision issues. Can anyone make any suggestions? I am good with traveling to the US or Canada.
Thanks for any help in advance! I don't want to change my look entirely, just lift my lids.

Booked my appointment!

I have booked now!!!! So I am the worst procrastinator. I have decided and undecided, but the fact is that my upper lids are so heavy that it is causing vision issues now. I am 50 in October 2017 and what better thing to do, but treat myself right? When I am tired or when it's really cold, my upper lids press so heavily on my eyes and they look swollen!
I will be travelling to the clinic from Canada so any suggestions from those who have had the surgery with Dr. Harley would be greatly appreciated!
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