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I'm writing this as the Septoplasty needs more...

I'm writing this as the Septoplasty needs more positivity! Many of the online reviews I've read (not necessarily on here) are pretty horrific and because of this I nearly didn't go ahead with surgery. So I'm going to give my completely honest, positive review on this which will hopefully encourage others that septoplasty surgery is not all that bad.

So I had this done about 6 weeks ago and I'm soooooo glad I did especially after coming so close to cancelling. Before the surgery I was TERRIFIED of the blocked nose and having to breathe through my mouth for weeks.

I had my surgery due to a deviated septum narrowing the airway on one side. I found it difficult to get to sleep and stay asleep and would regularly wake up with a sore neck from only being able to sleep in one position. I became pretty much addicted to decongestant nasal sprays and made the decision to have the surgery when I realised I was totally dependant on the stuff.

Being in the UK I got this done on the NHS so it didn't cost me but it meant there would be no cosmetic work done either, no rhinoplasty bone breaking or reshaping, just simply a septoplasty to open the airway and improve breathing. Although I do have to add that I think my nose has changed shape very slightly, there is more of an upwards angle to the tip which I am happy with. I was also lucky to get a surgeon who uses DISSOLVEABLE packing which I highly recommend as it doesn't require any removal.

Surgery was done under general anaesthetic and took half an hour. When I woke up I felt a slight burning feeling (nothing a couple of paracetamols couldn't fix) and couldn't breath through my nose as expected. It is inevitable that you will get a blocked nose after this surgery as the packing completely blocks the airways and even after the packing is gone the airways are swollen. Although my nose was blocked, my sinuses were clear so I didn't get that horrid, congested, headachey feeling you get when you have a cold and found that I actually felt quite good. Also to my relief I found that constant mouth breathing was not as bad as I thought it would be.

I went home the same day but barely slept the first night as my nose ached and I was propped upright on a pillow because of the bleeding. Its quite funny but whenever I did nod off I would let out a huge snore and wake myself (and my hubby) up!! Luckily this stopped after the first night and the mouth breathing didn't really bother me although I would recommend keeping your lips topped up with balm and always have a glass of water to hand for the dryness. Balm was my saviour!!

The first day was pretty lousy, mainly due to lack of sleep and barely eating the previous day, once I'd stuffed myself with sugar and caffeine I started to feel much better. I had a dressing under my nose which I had to change every time it needed it. The first 48 hours it just seems to drip constantly and the dressings needed a regular change. By the third day it had stopped dripping and pink stained 'snot' was coming out mixed with chunks of the dissolving packing - gross but so worth not having to have packing pulled out. I didn't have any stitches either so it was a matter of just waiting for all the goo to come out and clear up. I was instructed to use a salt water rinse 3 times a day which was soothing and helped to get some of the mess out when it got stuck.

After 5 days I stopped using the dressings. I still didn't dare blow my nose or sneeze so I would just gently dab with tissue when I felt it running.

After only 10 days I started to get an airway back and it felt like heaven!! My nose was still stuffy but the stuffiness was equal on both sides which was already an improvement to having one side totally blocked all the time. My nose was still sore to the touch and looked very swollen and red inside but I could still breathe better than before the surgery.

After about 3 weeks I ran out of the salt water spray and had a total meltdown when I kept waking up in the night all blocked up. I thought the surgery had failed but it turned out it was just dry and full of gunk from not using the spray. Once I brought some more it eased again - another tip - keep using the sprays/rinses, they really make a difference.

Now 6 weeks later my nose is getting better and better. The airflow feels the same on both sides and I'm constantly high on air!! Its such an amazing feeling, I can't get enough of it. I can touch my nose now and blow it gently as it still gets clogged up, they say this can take up to 3 months to clear but even now I am ecstatic and can honestly say this was one of the best decisions I have ever made. To think I nearly cancelled because of online reviews is disturbing and would encourage anyone who is unsure about this surgery to go for it as it is totally worth it :-)
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