66 Going on 67 - Looking Probably 15-20 Yrs Younger

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I'm about a month from mini-facelift procedure. It...

I'm about a month from mini-facelift procedure. It was such an ordeal. After surgery in morning, was sent home wrapped in compression bandages. All seemed fine and then the swelling and pain hit. Took the pain meds - no relief - more pain meds - no relief. Surgeon was wonderful about driving to our hospital emergency room, saw my condition and arranged a surgical team in 20 minutes. Had to re-open everything, clean it out, re-stitch, install a couple of drains in back of head, direct admit for overnight. Said it was a hematoma (sp?) and there was pressure on my brain. He kept checking on me, drove back up the next morning to check on me and release to go home. This was now Saturday - wrapped in the compression bandages and gauze. No pain; laid low. Felt good Sunday but Sunday night started feeling like there was a boa constrictor around my neck. Called the office in the morning and they said to come for a look-see. Said there appeared to be another blood clot and to come back at 1p.m. 

Relief surgeon was upset to have to come in (my surgeon was away on family emergency surgery out of state). He apparently was doing well on the golf course and didn't want to wait for the anesthesiologist so gave me one 'local' and re-opened one side and started gouging the old accumulated blood from under my chin -- pain was so intense the nurses holding my hand were crying. He installed a drain that went behind my ear to under my throat along with a little pouch to pin to my shirt to collect any blood and sent me home. My husband wanted to a have a little "chat" with him but he had already left the building! 

Wore the compression bandages for another couple of days and went back - told the staff not to let that surgeon near me so one of the nurses removed some stitches and the drain. It's been - like I said - about a month............ most of the swelling has gone down - still some lumpy areas, but I keep massaging them with oil. Still feels as though I have ear muffs on and no feeling on either side of my face. Spoke to one of the nurses there who had had one of these procedures done about 7 months ago and she said what I'm feeling is normal but if I have any pain or intense discomfort to come in and see them. She said the feeling started coming back about a month ago, so I felt better after talking to someone who's going through this and from the same office. 

My surgeon is back and so very apologetic about what happened while he was away taking care of his father. I'm somewhat pleased with the results - people look at me and can't quite figure out what's different. The comments range from - "Wow, you've lost a lot of weight and look great" and some add on "you look like you've gotten taller!" which makes me chuckle. My family all say that I look very well rested and thinner, and at least 20 years younger! My poor husband is just happy that I'm okay -- after what I put him through............ Would I do it again knowing what I know now? Probably not. Apparently, I'm a fast clotter and prone to blood clots. I had not been operated on for anything prior and no test were done to prove otherwise. Hope this helps to hear another person's story. I'll let you know when I get the feeling back on the sides of my face!

Grammy C

Looking and feeling better - still feel like I'm wearing ear muffs and still hard on the sides but definitely getting better - Doctor said it would be about six months total but that I'm doing very well.
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