33 Yr Old, UHP 400cc - New Hampshire

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Hello, I am 5'4" and 112-115lbs. I am a very...

I am 5'4" and 112-115lbs. I am a very small a cup looking to be a full C or D. I have always wanted a bigger chest I lead an active lifestyle jogging, workouts and taking care of 3 kids. I have thought about getting implants on and off for quite a few years, but never commited to it, my husband was against it. My mom has been toying on and off about getting a tummy tuck. We decided that this year we were going to do it. Our first visit to the ps went okay, we were totally nervous and freaking out after. He recommended that I go with 300cc saline under the muscle. We left there unsure of our next step. When we got home I researched a bit and found this website. I mentioned it to my mom and she checked out the tummy tuck reviews. She called me back an hour later and said "Hell no. tummy tuck sounds so painful and the scar is horrible." Well we decided to make another consultation with another ps. The day of our appt. we went in, he talked to me about my size goal. I said C to D I would rather be a little to big than to small. He said that he refused to do saline on me because I was so small and I would absolutely get some rippling. He said that silicone is superior and he will only do silicone if I end up going with him. He had a computer imaging system that took my measurements.
apparently I am super small around 10 or 11 (I cant remember) so I am very limited in my selection. 300 MPP, 350 HP, or 400UHP I went in thinking I didn't like the look of high profile, but ending up with 400 UHP. I am slightly nervous about UHP, but whatever, I trust that if he says they will work, they will.

Recovery with Advil

Well it is done. Surgery went well came out feeling good. 15 minutes later I started puking. I puked up the pain medicine in my IV. The car ride home was horrible without pain meds, every bump or turn was agony. the pharmacy did not carry my brand. I had to get a vicodin prescription called in, which I threw up 15 minutes after taking . After throwing up for the third time I turned a corner (painwise) and started to feel better. My husband came home with advil I took 2 and felt really good. I have only take advil and muscle relaxers since and that seems to do the trick.

Post op day 3

day 2 I felt little pain and day three there really isn't any pain at all. the most pain is sleeping and my congested head cold I developed. Sleeping suck, my back is sore and my boobs hurt when trying to sleep on my side. I also have quite a bit of bruising

13 days post op

The first week was the hardest. I was only in real pain for the 1st four hours then just soreness and trouble sleeping at 13 days post op. I am feeling great, picking up kids, working out, normal routine. They are still super high, but softening slightly and I am starting to love them. I just went to target and got some super cute swim pieces and don't mind the dirty steri strips I couldn't resist a spray tan.

Hopefully they dont stay so ball like

It has only been 13days, but I am hoping they drop and become a bit more natural. The pictures look super round, I don't want ball boobs, but I def still luv them.

1 month post op

1 month down and feeling great. I never got the morning boob. They don't hurt at all. They are finally starting to soften a bit. The right side has dropped a lot faster that the left, but overall they are great. Will post a picture soon.

new pics

I am 8 months out. I am very used to them now they feel normal except for maybe when I try to open a jar. I am really happy with them. sometimes I feel that my left boob is smaller and a bit higher, but it was smaller before so overall I am happy.
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