I'm40yrs Young,I HaveChildren,I Use toBe EnergeticUntil I GainedThis 312pounds,hopefullymy WeightWill Be inthePast! New York, NY

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I use to love to dance and play sports, I was the...

I use to love to dance and play sports, I was the biggest kid in the park, I'm a child at heart,I was always average weight until about 30yrs old,but now,being g 312pounds, I'm lazy and it doesn't help my either!Can someone please answer me these 2 questions,I've been smoking about 3 cigarettes a day(my doctor doesnt know this)will this jeperdize my surgery and will the surgery help my sleep apnea? (Breathing and snoring )

Confused and Concerned

Well,hello again community, here I am with a decision to make and I need Your help!This is where I'm at now,I could postpone the surgery for another 30 days and try again not to smoke or I can give them this last 7 day's clean and do the surgery without saying anything?All thoughts and suggestions are appreciated. .

2 days until the Big Day!!!

I stopped smoking cigarettes a week ago,also,I use a c-pap machine and nebulizer machine to clean my lungs every day!Now I can't eat food,I'm open to ideas what I can sip on for the next 2weeks, (soups,drinks,jellos etc)Also,will I have a bad scar,will I be in alot of pain and is there anything to really worry about or am I nervous for nothing? Thanks Friends


Quick question friends, my doctor told me not to eat 48 hours before the sleeve surgery but I know these are the people who did the same surgery the doctor says 24 hours will it be a big difference if I ate 24 hrs before surgery instead of 48 hrs?

Finally, rolled up my sleeves!

Hello,I'd just like to update the community, I got my gastric sleeve on 6/24/16 and thank God, im.still here,,well let's get straight to the point, I was super nervous, I told my doc this and he said hocus pocus and I was knocked out,I woke up nervous and in pain but the meds eased the pain and I slept till 3am,next day,not so much pain cause of meds,and I was walking,talking and home the next day!Now I'm home and the hardest part is my family cooking meals and all these food commercials,I never knew every 5minutes I would be so hungry,everyday I'm hungry,it's hard but I tried to eat a creamy soup and I had the only pain,so I won't try that again,,ohh and the gas pains are annoying but breath in and out and they go away,depending on the way you lay or sit!I honestly haven't weighed my self yet,I'm waiting for my 1st week visit,but I feel it's around 15 pounds in 7days,I'm guessing but I'll let yall know at my next doc visit.Any questions feel free to ask and thanks to the friends who helped me as they told their story's and gave me advice!

Rolled Up Sleeve

Ohh,Also,they gave me 5 incisions around the stomach, their very small and the stitches dissolve on they own,I don't think they will leave a bad scar!! Good Luck..

I did the sleeve now I believe!

Hey friends, I just wanted to give yall an update on my status,I'm going on 4 weeks on Friday, I've lost a total of 40 pounds so far,now I eat basically anything I want but I can only eat about 3to4 spoon fulls before I get nausea or bad gas in my chest,my stomach tells me no more,especially if I try to eat and drink! I exercise in a gym now and trying to eat the same,like protein shakes,soups and tuna fish.if anyone has a question please feel free to just ask, I'll keep it real and answer honestly! Good luck and God bless!

Feeling good and blessed

I just had to give an honest update because if can help someone else,I'm glad to do so!Well,basically I got the sleeve done June 24th,2016,at that time I was 312pounds and un-healthy and today 3 1/2 months later I weigh 240 and I'm very healthy, the surgery was a blessing,now I eat to live and excercise,and my stamina:)and energy is at its fullest..I just take it one day at a time and keep my faith in God..Any questions just feel free to ask and good luck to all of you!!

Clean bill of health:)

Just wanted to say good luck and God bless those doing good surgerys,I've lost exactly 100pounds in 6 months and I'm very grateful..if there's any advice or encouragement I can give please feel free to just ask!!
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