I'm 33 Mother of 4getting Bbl and Lypo 360

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I want fullbutt big small waist.i went to Dr...

I want fullbutt big small waist.i went to Dr bfixin because I seen him on snap chat and Dr miami recommended him.i go for my procedure soon I am very anxious.. I need to know how do I squat to poop!!???anyone know if we can't sit how to we use the bathroom for number 2 also what hurts the most what should I pack ???lypo and bbl what does it need ? Did anyone's ass shrink???


Hi ladys I was on here going insane when I tell u pain uncomfortable chills hot cold going crazy keeping it real and honest with u all I thought I was having a panic attack!my dr gave me and all his patients his cellphone number to call or text anytime when I say he was always there he answered in the crazy hrs of the morning I was going crazy i dont know how!!!these girls are up standing taking pics I was a mess..I've never let my hubby even see my pee he had to hold the female urinal for me everything I didn't even care i felt a mess u loose so much blood u can't stand.i jus began to cry at times I was so weak...anyway it's day5 I believe so im alot better I go for my post surgery I guess u call it tomro at Dr bfixin..in long Island so im gonna get my 1st massage tomro...

1week post op appt and lymphatic massage

Ladys appt went good with Dr scott blyer
Aka drbfixin..in long Island new York..stitches are desolvable but they too my back ones out and my ones under my butt cheeks..it hurt but I have no pain tolerance...did u guys stitches get removed??and did it hurt?... ok so after that I went for lymphatic massage LADYS IT HURTS!!!seriously then to top it off I while gettin my massage the massage lady seen I had fluid toomuch!!!. To massage my waist area rite where my public bone is so she went to get my dr and it got drained...I had so much fluid I didn't feel the i guess numbing needle but the after squeezing the fluid thru it went everywhere..my dr said it wasn't alot but it might glad it was taken out..I want more massages cause mentally im freaking out not knowing if I'm building fluid pockets again god willing im not!!so they said stay in my faja and even to compress it more to try n stop fluid from coming bk..well that was day 7 ladys
I will post a pic while gettin my massage

Seroma fluid swelling

Well ladys it has been he'll im swollen I got drained at my week 7day appt it's back..I got my first massage got drained day later i was full of fluid.im miserable I couldn't find a Surgeon to touch me i called a billion of them they all said where is ur dr get him it willl cost u alot for me to do it cause im not ur dr..so I called my surgery dr for my breast I haven't seen him since 2008 when he did them he is willing to see me and drain it let u lady know how it goes I kno it will hurt I don't care if want it out!!!I thought I thought was starting my massage this wk but I was too swollen anyone have these issues or can offer home remedy if it comes back

Tomrrow seroma drained

I never want this shit to come back im so uncomfortable annoyed the fluid part I somehow missed..people say faja stay on ur stomach nobody speaks of the most annoying parts..anyone have any tips on never gettin seroma...belly swellin???...also I'm like 11days post how long did it takes u ladys to get a softer butt and see its shape??

Burning under skin

I swore I read n watched every you tube review everything but once again jus like this seroma I have another issue what in God's name is this burning popping zinging feeling under my skin when I say hot at times I scream the shooting pain hurts to much it dont last a second either it's painn..anyone have this

It's been 2weeks

Ladys it's only been 2 weeks feels like longer already!!!...I put on a couple outfits but the swelling kinda made the look of hour glass shape a little different...after swelling and another seroma drainage il maybe play dress up. Not i see ladys using fluff put word did u butt fluff out or is that a saying like was ur butt hard stiff and then it fell into place???when it did did it look smaller ??which did u like better
I love my hump butt but it's hard n swollen still.

Almost 1month post op

Hey ladys im almost a month post op im tired of this faja but when I take it off I swell how long before u ladys stopped wearing ur faja????
Also did u wear a shaper with ur faja???or when did u start wearing or do u wear a shaper???
Anyone else not loose too much volume at month post op....my dr said I will contorted more....meaning what exactly...I dont kno


Ladys do u know of anyone who gives lympthatic massages in Philadelphia????the correct way

About week 6

Anyone know a massage person that does it correctly in Philadelphia or in the state of pa.
Nobody knows what they are doing unlike states where it's popular for lympthatic massage and skin tighting massage smh
Anyone out there!!???
I'm going to new York for Dr bfixxinn

He is awesome cool alot of energy lol he is in snap chat also Drbfixin

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