It's Really Happening...Tomorrow 33yrs old, 1 Child /Tummy Tuck with upper and lower liposuction. Newtown Square, PA

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I have been considering this surgery for a while. ...

I have been considering this surgery for a while. My daughter is going on 12 and I think it is finally time I did this for myself. I have spent many hours reviewing other patient stories and scoping the results. And I find it only fitting that I create a story of my own for someone else to benefit from in the future.

Day 1

I arrived at the hospital and was shortly taken back to change into my gown. The doctor drawing lines on me and I got extremely light headed and the staff was quick to help and lay me down. I had to get a motion sickness pass on the back on ear. Before I knew it I got drowsy and then woke up 5 hours later. There was discomfort under lower back. I had to urinate before I left and I felt lightheaded again. Dressing was easy because I wore a maxi dress and no bra. My mom drove me home and stayed late and eventually slept over.

When I arrived home I was still fuzzy. After a brief nap, I felt much more alert.

My bed is high so I need a step stool to get in and out. I don't feel any pain (yet) in my incision but plenty in my back. The most painful experience is when I need to sit up in bed to get out of bed. My back feels very stiff and sore and I got lighted again while n the toilet. Having my mom has been helpful because she was able to run and and get me things like extra bandages because the lower tape and pads keep coming off.

Deep breathing is sore. Feels like the same pain that comes with a broken rib.

Day 2

I am still struggling to get out of bed. It's actually the most painful thing right now. Since I am all covered in bandages I can't see what is wear and how my enhanced body looks. I took the stool softener last night and just saw an effect about 45 minutes ago.

My sight is blurry when looking at phone/computer, but walking about, everything seems fine, Except for the fact that I walk bent like I have a hump in my back and when I try to stay up straight, it's almost feels feels like my stomach is so tight that I will never be able to stand up straight without having my knees bent.

Pain in the rest of my body is light and very tolerable, again with the exception of getting out of bed or trying to sit up in bed.

I also have two drains near my incision or own I cant tell. The have to get emptied every once ina while. THey are only annoying when trying to go to bathroom or changing.

Still in a loose shirt and no pants yet.

Day 3

Last night things got tough, I was crying in bed from the pain of just sitting. Not only did my back feel uncomfortable, but the front finally did too. I ended up sleeping in my large computer chair surrounding by pillows and had my legs elevated on my step stool. Whenever I am sitting up straight, I feel comfortable.

On another note, I don.t feel in pain from constipation yet, but I did take a stool softener on Monday and last evening. I don't think there is much to push out since I have no appetite, but I am forcing something in each day. Day 1 I had PB&J, Day 2 I had yogurt and chicken/potatoes/green beans), and today I am starting off with yogurt.

This afternoon is the big reveal. I'm crossing my fingers that is will all feel worth it because trust me, when your in pain...your in PAIN.

Day 6

So apparently I thought I was super woman and was going to be able to update my progress daily, but who was I kidding?! This recovery thing is no joke. If I don't move, I'm pretty comfortable. But as of Day 3, I was feeling even more pain and couldn't make it two steps without whimpering from pain. The pain is mostly in my lower back and then i just feel the tightness in the front. I sleep often or have been watching my shows and try to avoid getting up.

I am used to being independant and not being able to even make a sandwich because I can't stand long enough without crying is something new.

I still have markers on me that I can't get off, and a little open wound from my incision that I have to keep bandaged and I still have both drains in. One is practically empty but the other keeps filling it up. I am also about to run out of the percocets so I have been trying to drag out when I take them so I can make it till Monday. Its hard to really say I can see the changes because of the swelling and bruising. But if you ask me today if I would do this again, I'd probably say no.

I have pictures but need to get them loaded to computer.

Day 7

I am uploading my pictures from Day 3 (don't know why they are upside down). As for last night, I barely slept and I think the pain is getting worse to handle. I will be spending the night at my mom's considering I can't make it to the kitchen and back to get a water. :(

Day 9

I expected to go to doctor's yesterday to have drains removed but he got stuck in OR. No extra pain medication for me but they did give me Tylenol with codine.

It just stinks that I can't do things and getting bored of sleeping and tv. Luckily, I found a bit of energy yesterday after noon and took a shower, folded some clothes, got some food. It felt great. then I was sore again haha. One step at a time. going to doc's this afternoon and hope to have i week pictures.

Day 9 Part 2

wow whata difference a day makes. I had a good day today getting around and feeling clearer. Just as I got used to the drains the doctor pulled them out today. No joke. Yanked them right out. A little something about drains... find a hoodie or a shirt that has a hoodie pocket and wear it. It helps keep the drains off your skin and from bulging out and is safe from falling out and pulling on the incision point which hurts. Secondly, wear underwear in the shower and use the underwear as a security piece for the drains. Frees up both hands for washing. then be prepared for them coming out. I was not and didn't realize how far up they were inside my body.

Tonight I was able to put my compression garment on. It is really really hard to get over my hips, painfully hard. But then once it was on it was fine. Tonight we will see how I sleep with it.

Day 10

So my days are better but as soon as I want to relax and lay in bed, my back and stomach act up with more pain. Standing up better but only when my garment is on.

Day 11

Today went by quick. I cut back on pain meds in preparation to start driving again. The pain is tolerable but still uncomfortable.

Don't forget to take the stool softeners with the pain meds. They are much needed!

My garment just feels too tight. I spent $35 on overnight shipping to obtain a larger size. I hope it is worth it.

I still have some oozing on the TT stitches but the lipo ones are closed but red. My drain holes haven't completely closed but look like they have slightly.

Staying positive and and having conversations make the days better. Everyday gets me closer to reaching the end goal!

Day 12- Wear something that makes you feel perfect

Today i suffered from a terrible headache but and layed down a lot. I am trying to sit up more straight. All my tape is still on my incision but the Doc says it will start to come off naturally. Just a simple shower makes me feel better.

A friend asked me how i like my new body and I told her that there really wasn't mucht o say. That I wasn't focused on it because of the swelling. I kind of felt bad for myself. Meaning, I choice this process to enhance my body and I am going through this recovery because I went through with it and I should start to feel like I am excited about these changes. So I put myself in a cotton dress that I purchased and never wore before because every time I put that dress on previously, that one area stuck out and ruined it for me. But today i look curvy and flat and I'm going to sleep in it as a reminder to where I came from.

Day 17

If you a couple days post surgery and think your never going to be able to walk or sleep again, just stay positive because everything change by the time you reach two weeks.

I am driving and moving around . I added my silicone tape today. I thought this was something disposable and that cut and applied but no, it's $100 piece that I have to reuse over and over. We will see how long it last before I order another.

I go back to work next week. I am glad I got this third week off. I needed it to get to a better sleep pattern, practice walking and standing up straighter and get my life back together since it was on hold for two weeks.

Brusing has showing som healing too.

Attaching some updates pictures.

Starting week 9

So I wanted to wait before posting again. It's been a couple weeks and I'm standing up straight, working, exercising, and doing all my normal tasks.

Though I was told I could stop wearing my compression garment, I still find it comforting. When I am not wearing it I feel the swelling, tingling and itchy.

When exercising, any hard impact shakes my lowers back and it's uncomfortable.

I use a silicone tape for scar healing which is quite annoying and I have to say I am a bit lazy with it. Your suppose to wash daily but I only wash it when I shower and then let it dry while I swap it out with a backup.

I have refrained from weighing myself, noting the the weight will fluctuate. My pants fit normal on the waist, but definitely loose in the belly. The shirts is where I see the most difference.

I kept going though my clothes wanting to wear something form fitting and was frustrated because I only had loose items because I was always trying to hide my tummy before.

I go back to the doctor at the 3 month mark. Seems so far away!

Week 10- doubt setting in

of course I know there is swelling and everyone says your shape and weight will fluctuate. But now that I have been out of the garment I feel sometimes feel like I did prior to surgery.

After surgery I saw significant results in my waist line which I feel now has gone away. Don't get me wrong, from the front my stomach looks flat but my hips are the same and from the side I can see a hill. This picture doesn't really show it like I see it.

I'm sure it will all turn out fine and I hope it's not anything I'm doing wrong to change the shape to something unwanted.

Scale is holding me back- 1/19/16

I have been weighing myself because of a program I am doing through work and I'm frustrated because I keep fluctuating in weight, more or about the weight I was at surgery.

I also get discouraged because my stomach has started it relax and it looks full and makes me feel like I gained weight since surgery vs swelling. It's still "flatter" then what I had before surgery but I just beat myself up that I am not doing enough to maintain the look that I was going for.

My scar is also not as light in color that I would like but I don't know what to expect in color at this point in my progress. It's probably normal healing but I again don't want to do something to prevent it from not healing properly.

8 month check in

So I decided to take a picture. I guess I forget that I had the surgery and just been living life and forgot about progress. I am happy with my scar healing and location. I am unhappy with the bump on the scar from my drain, my dog ears and my lipo scars on my back are dark. Also I had lipo on my back and I feel like you don't really see much change (no pic). But I do love myself ok my bikini. Just need to tone it up and get dog ears fixed when I have the money.
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So far, Dr. Bottger has been great in answering my questions and the office staff is extremely kind and welcoming.

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