5'5", 120lbs, 34a with 475cc and 500cc's!

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I'm so excited, but total nervous about FINALLY...

I'm so excited, but total nervous about FINALLY having this done! I was a small B cup before having my son 13 years ago. I'm lucky if I'm an A cup now (although Victoria's Secret swears I'm a 32D). I have gone back and forth over the years as to whether or not to have the surgery done. Turning 40 last month helped me to realize that you don't live forever and I've finally decided to pull the trigger. Eager. Super nervous!!!

Consultation tomorrow!

Big day tomorrow...meeting with Doc to firm up our plans, getting my history and physical done and then mammogram.

I'm lopsided!

I didn't realize how lopsided my breast are until taking my before photos to post. And my nipples seem really far off to the sides. I'm concerned that implants are going to make my nipples aim the wrong direction. Anyone have this concern?

Wish boobs

475cc left and 500cc right Mentor high profile

So today we decided on my implant size. These are a little larger than I selected, but I think they will look good. DH wanted me to go alot larger so we met in the middle. Surgeon gave input and made me feel confident. It will be noticeable which makes me nervous.

The photos below are with a 425cc on the left and a 450 cc on the right. Surgeon recommended going 25 - 50 cc larger than this with the real implant to achieve the same look. Husband encouraged me to go with the 50. I see so many people say they wish they would have gone a little bit larger so that swayed me. I hope I made the right choice!

I shared my choice with a couple of close friends and family and most were supportive, but one of my girlfriends (who has had implants) really seemed to try and discourage me from going so large. She says that for my frame I will look like a stripper! I am 5'5" and weigh 120. I have an athletic build with a small waist and hips. I am thin, but curvy. So frustrating to have someone suck the excitement out of me. I was feeling the most confident about my decision today until she came along.

Mammogram issue

They saw "something" on my mammogram Friday and need me to go to the Breast Center to have advanced imaging done today. I'm in total panic mode. PLEASE let me be fine.

One week to go!

This time next week I'll have rock hard boobies up to my chin! So excited!!!

What should I wear to the hospital?

Trying to determine what to wear to the hospital. Any suggestions? PS recommends button up shirt and loose clothing. It's super hot out so keeping that in mind.

3 days and I'm freaking out!!!

Got my prescriptions filled this morning and had all of my lab work completed. Now it's just waiting for Thursday morning - if I don't have a heart attack beforehand. Totally freaking out that my boobs are going to be way too big. I am a full 34a or super duper small 34b with a 13BWD. PS says that the bwd is super important to consider. I'm getting 475/500cc Mentor high profile under muscle. Hoping to b a full C, small D. Have a feeling I'm going to be a huge D and that my boobs will enter the room way before the rest of me. I told PS that I don't want to look like a porn star so I know I should trust him. It's just the last minute jitters that I guess we all go through.

It's soo important with my career that I be able to conceal them to be taken very seriously. I am in the field meeting with our clients on a regular basis so I think that's what has me the most nervous.

We leave for Negril on 7/5 so I hope they drop by then because I cannot wait to show them off in a bikini!

Can we just fast forward the clock?

SOOO thankful for this website and the support of this community!!!

BA day is tomorrow!!!

I'm so anxious I could explode!!!!

They're here!!

Im feeling better as the day goes on. Had a really hard time with vomiting after anesthesia which has never happened to me before. Pain was horrible, but has finally gotten better. I can move around fine and lift my arms over my head with no problem. Hands keep going numb, but I think that's from this enormous ace compression bandage squeezing under my arm pit. That should come off tomorrow as my post-op appointment. No regrets, so happy, from what I can see they look fantastic!!

Updated photos

Introducing Smittie's titties!

Got my bandages off today and am in a sports bra now. Lots of bruising in between my breasts is starting to appear. Pain is still at about a 4. Doc said I could increase my Percocet to 2 pills if I want. I have opted to take 1.5 at a time. Hopefully that helps. But, I can tell they are going to look great when they drop. They seem very large which makes me anxious, but I'm sure they'll be fine when they drop and the swelling goes down. Hubby is in heaven and keeps asking to "gently" rub them lol.

The twins

Day 3

Riding high with a lot of burning sensation on the right side of my right breast. Maybe bc we put a larger implant in that side bc it was smaller than my leftie. Took a walk around the block. It was nice to get outside, but they felt achy as we walked so I was glad to get back home.

Stabbing and burning

Day 5 and generally I'm feeling better with the exception of the HORRIBLE stabbing and burning pain that comes and goes under my right arm. I'm sure it's a muscle spasm or nerve thing, but holy cow is it miserable. It will start as quick stabbing pains and keep building until finally it feels like a horrible ongoing burn. It usually lasts for awhile and only stops if I can sit down and remain completely calm and still. It stops me dead in my tracks and I can't even pretend it's not happening. Very nervous to get in front of clients beginning in two days with this side effect. Ugh. PS office said I can try ice on it and switch from Tylenol to ibuprofen if I think that will help. No pain no gain right?!? Ugh.

8 days post op

They just keep looking bigger and bigger! Making me nervous. Hoping I'm more comfortable with them once they drop. The right side seems to be dropping slightly as the top has gotten somewhat softer. I'm still having that excruciating stabbing and burning pain under my right armpit around to my nipple which is a muscle spasm. Saw PS today and he said I can sleep on my side which is super comfy or on my belly - he said that's great for massage. I don't think I can bring myself to do that anytime soon. Started my "massage" tonight which isn't fun. Hubby is helping. It consists of putting both hands on the top portion of each breast and pushing straight back. I have to do this 20 times on each side morning and night. We did 10 tonight because I was nervous to get too sore doing it the first time. I had just had a muscle spasm right before we started. PS also said I can sleep without a bra tonight so I'm giving that a try. Praying that maybe tomorrow I'll magically wake without this terrible pain.

Turning a corner on day 10?

Today was a much better day and has me feeling optimistic about my decision and about returning to work tomorrow. I was able to go shopping and try on some bras and tops and then went for a walk around the block. Everytime I started to feel that horrible stabbing/burning pain begin I would put my right elbow back and puff my chest out to stretch that muscle that comes around from the back, under the arm and to the nipple. It worked every single time! I have given birth before so I know what real pain is. I rated this a 9! So glad to have found a way to work through it. They are starting to get a little softer and drop ever so slightly. I can now see that in the end I will be pleased!

Can't get cleavage!

I wonder if I'll be able to squeeze them together after they d & f?!?

2 weeks

They continue to drop a little tiny bit each day and soften ever so slightly. Some day the morning boob is out of control. I sympathize with men and their morning problems now! Ordered some string bikinis and hoping this tummy swelling goes away. My weight is at 120.4 which with the implants is exactly what I was prior to surgery (118.4) but that puffy tummy from fluids draining down isn't going away quickly. From what I've read that usually resolves itself in the 3-4 week range. Fingers crossed because I want to look fabulous in Negril!

5 weeks

My right implant is the one that gave me so much pain post-op, but she's settling quicker than lefty. Can't wait until the fully d & f, but I'm very pleased with how things are progressing. My hubby has nicknamed them Sweet Potatoes lol. They are a full D although they appear smaller in these photos, they are anything but!

Day 1 and day 39

Day 39

16 months later

I love the way they look! Debating about having laser scar removal for the surgery scars and also for a small burn that was done by my surgeon during the procedure.
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