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My story is pretty much like everyone else. Back...

My story is pretty much like everyone else. Back and shoulder aches. I am done having kids. Had a hysterectomy in sep of 2013. Still have one ovary so have not gone through menopause. Not sure what my boobs will do then. I went in December for my consultation. Dr was very nice. I felt he knew what he was doing. He said he could get me approved. And then 3 days later I was approved. Yay me! Had to push my surgery out to March as I am heading to the Bahamas for the week. So when I come back I have one week to get everything done. I am so excited that I have not had time for nerves. I am excited to be staying overnight. Hoping for better pain medicine. I live an hour and 20 mins from the hospital. So we shall see. My before pics are posted so hoping to look way different after!!

More pics with clothes

Some ore pics of my fav dress. And a bathing suit top I am wearing on vacation this week.

Almost there. Tomorrow is the big day.

Freaking out a little I woke up this am with a sore throat. Ugh. Drinking tea with honey. Hoping that is all it is. Can't wait to see my new boobs.

Made it!! Yes!!

Very tired

Final result.

After the healing process they will look awesome. He did a great job.

More pics

this was today right before my first shower.

the whole story

So Tuesday morning I got to the hospital at about 11:30 am and was upstairs by 11:50. They had me get into a gown and started getting things ready. I had my hysterectomy there so I knew what to ask for. So asked for the anesthesiologist to put my iv in. They were super nice. They gave me a little numbing shot first so I wouldn't feel it. Then the doctor came and did my markings and let me take before pictures. He was very nice and professional. Then it was time for me to say bye to my husband. I went in at 1pm . I don't remember the recovery room. I only remember trying so hard to wake up in my room. I had a very hard time trying to wake up. Surgery was 2.5 hours long. Then recovery. It was not till 7 pm I started to really wake up. I had a little to eat. Felt nauseous so they gave me zofran. I was very sleepy so I just slept off and on. Had not seen my boobs yet. Am came slowly as they wake u up every 4 hours. The doctor showed up bright and early to check on me and said I was doing good. He removed my drains and send me home. Upon getting home I was very tired and sore. That was the hardest night. I really don't like pain meds so just took Tylenol and the pain. Thursday rolled around and I was pretty uncomfortable. I was wrapped gauze and an ace bandage and it hurting me pretty bad. Called the docs office and she told me to take a shower. I felt much better after. Friday today. I went to the doc. He said things were looking good. He said I could toss the gauze. I was so happy. I was much more comfortable. He taped my boobs up with paper tape at the bottom to shape them. And I go back on the 17th for my next check. He let me see them in the hospital and I was a bit freaked. He was like remember it takes time for them to get into the final shape. After he put the tape on they looked much better like boobs. They are perfect. I love them so much. I was also given permission to use Motrin and my arnica gel. I was very very sore. Much better today. Recovery is a little everyday. Feel free to ask questions.

Taping pic

looking better

2 week pic

Still feeling pretty swollen. Hoping that gets better with time. Doing ok. Here some updated pics. Went to my spot. All is going well. Doc removed all dressings. Still have bruising from the lipo. Using compression so hopefully by next week the swelling will be down.

Finding Recovery Hard..............But making it through!!

So I figured I would update everyone and let them know what has been going on. I am definitely feeling like this is such a touch recovery. For me it has been underarm area where the lipo was done and the tenderness of my nipples. Every shirt hurts and rubs. I cannot find a comfy bra. I have probably tried on 30 at this point and returned all of them. I finally went to a bra place and got a really good bra. (Anita Care 5322X Mastectomy/Post Surgical Bra) It is very soft. But I am still so tender that I have to wear it over my tank top. Not a really cool look but who cares at this point. I have been very frustrated that the recovery is taking so long. Also like some of women I read even crying at times. Well today is exactly 3 weeks. I cannot believe I made it this far. My boobs are coming along. I feel much better than last week and I am thankful that I finally seem to be going in the right direction. Swelling seems to be going down. I try and wear my bra for as long as I can, but it is hard. I don't sleep with anything on yet. It still hurts. I will be so happy when I can just wear my dang bra without pain or irritation. Scars are looking really good. One boob is still bigger then the other, but I am really hoping they even out. Started using the New Gel + Scar silicone gel. So hopefully that helps with the scarring. Looking to go back to work next weekend. I work at Sephora so lots of standing. Want to make sure I am good enough to go back.

So that is my currentl update. will post pictures tomorrow.

Three Week Pictures as promised

Getting more round

4 week pics and update. Doing much better!!

I am doing much better can wear a bra for only 3 to four hours on top of a shirt. So still have healing to do. Incisions are healing well. Using new gel +. Going back to work this weekend. I am so glad to be at this point. I don't miss week 2. Lol. I am still in the healing stages and was told not to expect my results till 3 months. So I am really not freaking out about how they look. I tried some shirts and dresses that I had and they fit sooooooo much better. Could not be happier. One shirt I had kept it for years thinking I would fit into it. Guess what?? It fits. So excited. Cannot wait till Florida in a few weeks. Hope everyone is finding there journey worth it.

Finding a little humor in my recovery!!! Meet my little friend.

So I coul help but think one boob looks like a doggie. Lol. So here it is. My boob dog.

5 week review. Pics.

So things are doing good. Swelling has gone down a lot. Finally back to my band size of 34.
Still have swelling. So hoping it all goes away. Still have one that looks bigger. Hoping it all works itself out.

Comparison pictures

The body is amazing. Healing!!!

9 weeks today I think.

Hi guys. I am feeling great. Thankful that this is behind me. So still have some zingers. And some hyperpigmentation on my left side due to the to the lipo. Small price to pay. They are very round and look great in a bra. One is still bigger than the other. So not really happy about that but I can feel that there is still swelling left so we shall see. Also trying to loose weight. The incision around my nipple is still very sore on top. Buy he said that would get better. As time goes on. Over all I am happy with these boobs. So much better than the other pair I had. Whoo whoo. I will post some pics later today.

New pics.

So I still have some swelling. I am wearing a 34c bra at the moment. Still have one bigger than the other. So I am really hoping it will go down. I still have soreness when I first get out of bed in the am. Hoping they go down to a small c instead of a full c. Scars are doing really good.

A little over three months.

I am doing pretty well. Swelling has gone down tons. My only problem now is the pain from the keloids around my nipple. Hoping it gets better. I had my three month check up. Doc says I look pretty good. But I am bothered about my one super galactic big boob. So I will be having another procedure to shrink both boobs. I am at a 34 D an was really hoping to be a C. He is also going to do some scar revision at the bottom to make the line more under the boob. After that I should be golden. Over all pretty happy. This pic was taken about 3 months give or take a week. I am feeling good. I still get some zingers everyone and then.

Updates and..............surgery on Friday

So things are good. Let's see where to start. I still get zingers every once in a while. My nipple scars have pretty bad keloids and they get sore when they rub against my bra. But still am glad I did it. So they are currently a size D. I really wanted to be a C and they are different sizes. One is about 50 ccs bigger. Also bottom scar should be u set the breast. So I be getting fixed up on Friday. So excited to finally get my little boobs. I am getting nervous but it is gonna be great in the end. So excited. I will update pics stay tuned.

Updated surgery pics. Love them. Look great.

Love them. Not sure of the final numbers on how much was removed from each. But I will let u guys know. Very perky.

Lots of scaring around the nipple from last time but I can deal with that.

Before and after

Sorry. One more pic. Victoria secret Lounge Bra

So comfy!!

Updated incision pics. Follow visit.

Saw my doc today. He said things are looking good. He removed the steri strips so I did not get a rash from them. Have a really hard time with tape. Very neat incisions. Just hope it heals this way and doesn't get keloids. Pain has been much better than the first time around.

Still at this!!! Pics will be posted soon.

This was one of the best decisions of my life. I love my smaller boobs. I have not written in a long time because it has been tough. Got the reoperated on as you know in September. Well my still is prone to keloids and hypertrophic scaring with has been really uncomfortable and painful everyday. I had 2 treatments of the fraxel lazer earlier this year. They were extremely painful and o feel they made things worse. My Dr. has stuck with me and used everything in his power to help me. Today I just had all my scars cut out (revised). And I am currently getting radiation treatment so that the scars don't come back. I am super pleased with his they look so far. Will post pics in the next few days. 6 months is gonna be hard not to wear a push up bra!!! Can't wait. So glad my doctor didn't give up one me.

Some after surgery pics

I am sure the right one will come down nicely. That one had some more fat tissue removed.
Hoping for flat scars.

Of course I forgot to take before and after pics.
I will try and get them from the Doc on Friday.

Coming along.

Hope the right boob straightens out. So far so good.

Coming along.

Hope the right boob straightens out. So far so good.

This was about 4 or 5 days after.

Took off my strips today.

They look so you'd when they are healing. The right one had lots of work so it is very swollen and bruised. I am super happy with the outcome so far.

So much better

My scars are super flat!!! A little sensitive but I am happy. Right one still has some swelling. Starting scar patches tomorrow so hopefully they will get even better.

Loving my boobs!!

Omg so excited!! Finally I got my boobs. My scars are completely flat. No pain. I can wear underwire. I got my first push up bra and I was looking like a vs model. Besides the fat stomach. Lol. Check these babies out.

More pics before and afters

Pics after in a bra.
Newton Plastic Surgeon

Everyone in the office is great. Dr Driscoll is the best. He is kind gentle and very knowledgeable. He knows what he is doing. You want beautiful work done ... Go see Dr Driscoll So I had some complications with scars from my surgery. He worked with me until we had a solid result. I finally have flat scars with no pain. No infections. I am super happy

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