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Hi everyone! After spending a decent amount of my...

Hi everyone! After spending a decent amount of my time stalking this website and your experiences, I finally decided to jump in and get this vaser liposuction procedure done.

So a little bit of background information about me. As long as I can remember, I've always had a "gut," even when I was at my ideal weight back when I was 15 (lol) 5'3" @ 130lbs, I still had a stomach and large breasts. Over time I gained weight in all areas of my body, worked it off, had it come back, etc, and in all of those experiences my stomach stayed pretty much the same. All the while, it kept me from doing certain things in my life and took a pretty good chunk out of my confidence. I know to some in the grand scheme of things there are bigger fish to fry, but for me, this was it. Having a gut has made me completely self-conscious about what I "can" and "can't" wear, summer time and being in a bathing suit.... sitting down in that bathing suit, were just things I dreaded and avoided for such a long time. It has also affected my relationships, while my bf tries to reassure me he loves me as is, I can't help but still me extremely aware of my bulging stomach when we're intimate, even if it's just laying down in bed I try to lay in certain positions to hide it! Needless to say this has caused extreme insecurities for me for a long time now, and has prevented me from being fully confident in myself. I feel like I'm young and should be 100% confident in myself at this time in my life, but I'm not. After trying dieting and exercising and still not seeing the results I want, I've decided to try the other option, surgery.

While I definitely have an ideal look I'm going for, my main hope is that this procedure can springboard me into staying committed to a healthy lifestyle. I want to achieve a better contoured body, and then work my butt off to get every other body part in order! This is really a way for me to get started. I'm currently 5'3" and weigh around 168lbs. I hope to lose at least 5 lbs before the procedure.

Finding a Doctor

As I mentioned before, for quite some time I have wanted to get this procedure done, but never took the time to research it in-depth. I was working full-time as a manager, and also finishing up two BA degrees, so on my list of priorities I knew this could wait. While I wasn't doing full research like I now have, I was consistently looking up doctors, their credibility, location, and of course price played a part too. I'd probably scanned through about 30 different surgeons somewhat in my area. At some point I came across Dr. Bryant, looked at his work and automatically thought, "with results like that, there's no way he will be in my price range," but I bookmarked his page anyway, in hopes to look more into his practice at a later date.

Fast forward a year I went through several doctors located in my area and they were either completely out of my price range, or I just was not too impressed with their work. I eventually decided to reach out to Dr. Bryant's practice through Facebook on March 14th asking for a quick estimate on what he thought the price would be based on some photos. The only reason I did this was because he's an hour & a half away from me, and I didn't want to waste either of our time if he ended up being completely out of my price range, which I thought he would be.

Long story short, I was quoted by his secretary $3,900, on March 16th, VERY DOABLE! Excited, I set up my consultation for a March 24th. *Sidenote* Throughout this whole process, his secretary Dalia had excellent communication with me, and answered all questions I had beforehand. We spoke through text, not sure how typical that is, but I didn't mind too much, because for me it can sometimes be easier and faster.

My consultation went smoothly, I was there for about an hour and was taken back in a timely manner. Dr. Bryant explained to me the procedure, how it works, what he specifically does, and showed me the tube that is inserted to get the fat. He then told me his credentials and showed me before and after pictures. I brought a printed out list of questions which he was more than happy to answer, he had me change into the robe and checked out my stomach area and explained what could be expected. He then showed me pictures of what results could be expected based on my body type.

My procedure will consist of: upper & lower abs, bra line-anterior, and waist line. I was again quoted the $3,900 price.

After some time I spoke with Dalia again about Credit Care options if necessary. We found a date available for me, and I put down a 20% deposit to secure my date. I will also have to spend an additional $400 for 2 body suits and a foam. Dalia sent me an email that consists of a consent document and a "tumescent liposuction information booklet," all giving thorough info on what to do, not do, eat, dress, warnings, etc.

At this point I am SUPER EXCITED!! Any recommendations on what I can do to prepare?

Day of Operation!

So yesterday I had my surgery done for Vaser liposuction! It was an hour & 45 mins away from my house, but my bf and I decided a hotel wouldn't really be necessary.

We get there at 9:30am the staff seemed a little flustered, I think because they were behind schedule with some other patients. While I waited to be taken back I finished signing some final paperwork, made my last payment, and took a pregnancy test. I was already pretty calm, bc they had me take my Ativan 15 minutes prior to arriving.

After a few minutes Tina brought me back had me change into the surgery garments: bra, socks, underwear, and robe. And took my temperature and blood pressure. Afterwards Dr Bryant came in and marked me up. We discussed my problem areas and how the procedure would go. I took my 2nd Ativan and was brought back to the surgery room.

As soon as I laid down, Tina who is so awesome, prepped the bedding for me so I'd be comfortable and arranged my headphones for me as well so I could listen to music on my phone. Procedure took about 2 hours. Overall the pain level during the surgery was about a 4-5. Since it was Vaser I didn't have anesthetic that put me to sleep, just a anesthetic/numbing solution. First he cleansed my skin then made 3 small incisions where he'd be working with the "probe" (idk if that's what it's called). After the incisions he took a probe with numbing solution and entered in through the incisions and worked his way around my entire abdomen, this was a little painful. After that came the "Vaser" where the fat is heated up to be liquidfy this was an uncomfortable feeling but not to horrible. Finally was the liposuction. He mentioned that my fatty areas were fibrous and therefore tougher to work through but we managed 2000 ccs to be removed. The fat that was there became tougher to take out and I was my body was getting irritated from it so we finished up.

Tina wrapped me up, gave me an aftercare pamphlet, & explained some details for me. & I was on my way. On the way home I slept the entire way just fine. 2 hours to being home I was fine and walking around like normal, but as the day went on I got more sore. I took 2 Extra Strength Tylenol to help the edge but i was still in pain as far as moving certain ways and sitting. Dalia told me that walking would make me feel better which it definitely did! I had a small meal around 7, which was no problem, & around 12am took another Ativan to help me sleep.
Getting comfortable in my bed felt next to impossible but at some point I fell asleep and woke up at 6am, not too bad!

First Day Post-Op

So today was my first day post-op and I had a follow-up appt back at the office. Moving around and walking isn't bad. It's sitting, getting out of cars, & laying in bed that seems to be uncomfortable.

Got to my appointment and Tina asked how I felt and began to unwrap me to clean off the area and change any dressings. There was obvious drainage on the dressings, but no severe enough that it leaked through my garment and binder. She got me all cleaned up, somewhat reopened one of the incision sites that had already started to close, and dressed me up again in a smaller size. I mentioned the clear difference I can see and she agreed and reminded me that I'm still swollen too!

Sidenote * while my abdomen area may be swelling to a lesser noticeable degree, my pubic area became very swollen last night, after the surgery. I read that this is common and also brought it up to her and Dr Bryant. They both agreed that this is normal and will subside, but I do have to say that part has been very painful & easily irritated.

I saw Dr Bryant after I was dressed, which surprised me a little, I thought he'd like to see the actual surgical area 1 day post-op. Afterwards, Tina gave me another little care package with things I might need and I was also written a prescription for pain, they recommended trying to just take Tylenol Extra Strength tho.

So first day post op I'm doing pretty well. Very happy with the results I see today, I will have to wait to see how much more swollen I get, because I know that is likely. I just hope as the swelling goes down it'll bring me back to this point and even smaller! Pain is a medium, more uncomfortable than anything else. Again, sitting and getting into my bed & cars is the worse right now. Walking helps with draining and also makes me feel comfortable doing so! At times I feel lightheaded not really sure as to why though will try to hydrate more & eat.

Sore & Swollen

Today's my 2nd day post-op & I feel okay. I slept on my reclining chair last night and still had a really difficult time getting comfortable, my back felt extremely sore no matter what position I was in. I think I'd wake up every 3 hours or so. Appetite is still pretty normal, although I definitely find myself getting fuller quicker, not complaining.

I started to attempt my first shower since the surgery but I was honestly too nervous to take everything off. Instead I unzipped my garment, changed the dressing, and got right back in it.

Again the hardest part is sitting and laying down, my stomach feels stiff, kinda like when you get a scab and don't move that area for a while. Looks wise my stomach still feels smooth, it does look more swollen than yesterday, but still a dramatic difference from my before photos lol.

I feel like around 5 I noticed a tingling feeling in my leg, not sure exactly why, but I think it's because I stand most of the day since I'm more uncomfortable sitting down or laying. My right calf looks a little swollen and my left foot does as well. Put on some compression socks and decided to go for a 1 mile walk, not sure if that'll help or hurt me, but either way it was recommended to walk that much daily.

I have a 1 week post-op appt on the 8th!

Feeling a little better!

Last night I slept through the entire night in my bed instead of my reclining chair, woke up feeling pretty refreshed. I will admit I did take an Ativan before heading to bed, which I hadn't the previous nights, definitely had to have helped. Showered for the first time, wasn't bad at all, again my 3 dressings had very little leakage on them so the cleanup was simple. Getting back into my garment and binder required help, thankful for that lol! Can't wait to not have to wear these, but I know it's for my own good.

Before redressing I noticed the dreaded lumps under my skin. Not very noticeable to the eye, but I could feel them all over. Any tips on how to speed up the process of getting rid of them? I do have a small electronic massager I'm thinking about using while dressed?.

Sitting and getting back up is again the hardest part, I feel very stiff and sore in my entire abdomen but it's more uncomfortable than it is painful. Maybe a 2 on a 1-10 scale when trying to get up/sit down. Since the day after my surgery I've been sure to walk 1 mile a day as recommended. It's not too difficult, by then end of the mile I do feel more "stiff" in my stomach area.

Tomorrow I'm specifically allowed to stop using my binder, not sure why, but not complaining either. So now it'll just be my compression garment!

1 week post-op

So today makes it 1 week since my surgery. I was supposed to have my post op appointment this morning, but decided to reschedule given that the drive is so long and I'm still not comfortable in a rigid sitting position for that length of time (1hr 45mins). I rescheduled for Monday tho! Look wise, I think I've looked the same for the past couple of days, not much of a difference in swelling or shrinking. Hoping that sometime next week I'll start to go down some more! Despite that there's still a huge difference than what I started with :) so I'm happy with my results so far and just want to heal up. I keep my garment on 24/7 except to shower. My incisions are healing well from what I can tell, they've pretty much closed up except for the incision above my pubic area, that one still has some work to do. I've noticed the knots/lumps in my stomach. From what I can tell there are about 4, the only one being noticeable is below my belly button. Throughout the day I've been using that handheld electronic massager. The areas feel better while using it. I know they say not to weigh yourself but I did just out of curiousity and according to my scale I've lost 4lbs! Again no complaints here. Today has been the easiest day as far as getting around, sitting -> standing, laying, etc. still very sore and tender, but today was easier than the previous days. I've just been using Neosporin on my incision sites, no arnica gel or anything. Anyone else do this? Not sure I need arnica gel.

1 mos post op

Just wanted to give a quick pic update of my results! The after picture was taken last week, and as you can see there is a huge difference! I don't feel the swellings gone down much in comparison to the past two weeks and now. I will say the lumps have begun to reside a little, but are definitely still there - causing a curve on the outline of my lower abdomen I hope they continue to dissolve & slim me down even more. I stopped wearing my garment at 2 & a half weeks (he told me to do 2) & after that I decided on my own to wear spanx as a replacement.. I still find the support to be more comfortable than nothing.

The pain is very minimal, completely back to my everyday routine. The only time I'm in pain, is if I go from a lying down position to sitting/standing up. It's quiet uncomfortable & almost feels like a weight has been added to my lower abdomen with a burning sensation. It stops after about 15 seconds.

Anyone else have this issue?
Philadelphia Emergency Medicine Physician

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