22yo, 5'7, 150lbs, 34G - Newton, MA

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Less than a month until my procedure and I'm...

Less than a month until my procedure and I'm excited!! Like many of you I have been plagued by large breasts since I was very young. I work very hard to hide them and wear sports bras often, which has only intensified the neck/back/shoulder pain. I have been contemplating this surgery for a few years and the time is finally right. Almost everyone who knows I am doing this (including my PCP) has said, "but do you really need it?" That has filled my head with doubt and confusion - I can't help but think I'm being dramatic. But then I think about every moment spent in front of the mirror crying and the hours and hours of bra shopping only to leave empty handed... this is the right choice for me. These forums and reviews have been extremely helpful and I decided to join in now that I have a surgery date set!
I'd like to share my negative experience so far with my surgeon - no one else seems to understand my frustration. I first met with her on 6/2/16 and she felt very optimistic that my insurance would approve the surgery. They said it would take a few weeks to get everything together, mail it out, and hear back from insurance. Well... I spent all of June and then July thinking "today is the day the letter comes". I should've called sooner, but I thought I was just a bit eager. It turned out that the surgeon's office had forgotten about my paperwork and they never sent it out! Ugh! They finally did so mid-August and I heard back very quickly. The receptionist called to tell me it had been approved and would next Friday work for the surgery? In that wasted time I had accepted 1 full time job and a second nearly full time and it took a couple weeks for me to work out sick leave within my approved time slot. Very frustrating. Today I went for a pre-op appointment and waited an hour past my appointment time to see the surgeon - exactly what happened during my first appointment 3 months ago. When I finally got into an exam room the nurse asked if I had ever been there before... I found it odd that she didn't have my record. It very very impersonal, which is really the opposite of the perception the practice gives off. It was very rushed and questions weren't encouraged, just signing the paperwork and taking official "before" pictures. I have confidence in her as a surgeon, but I wish I had a better experience. I would shop around for other doctors but so much time has already been wasted.
Anyway, this website has been such a wonderful resource and I have many questions and concerns, so I will stay in touch!

What to do about recovery bras?

Looking for some guidance on bras to buy! I will likely just order a few on amazon, but I would love some suggestions! I've always been weary of ordering bras online so this is new territory. I'm currently a 34G, and expect to be about half the size (C or small D) after surgery. It's so strange to just order a medium or a large bra knowing how it will fit. I'll believe it when I try it on. Anyway, I'm wondering about bra sizing right after. I'm thinking a large to start and then maybe a medium. I still can't believe I may fit into a medium sized sports bra!! Well, 3 weeks from today and I couldn't be more excited. Starting to really think about direct aftercare. Thanks everyone!!

1 Day Post-Op

Ok folks! Surgery was yesterday, and honestly, I never once felt nervous - just excitement. I thought that was a good sign that I never had a bad feeling.

So my time at the hospital was a little bit of a mess. I got there a little before 12pm for a 1pm surgery time and I was HANGRY. The OR was backed up and I didn't go in until after 3pm. Finally into recovery around 7:30pm, and home around 10:30pm. I woke up very hungry (it had been about 24 hours since I had eaten) and that definitely worsened the nausea. Threw up quickly a couple times, I felt a little dizzy, a little pain, and a little hungry, but it felt so good to come home and go right to bed!

I woke up early this morning feeling GOOD. Again, some discomfort but my prescription pain killer is taking care of that. I feel like my head is much clearer and I've had a decent appetite. I feel extra lucky and happy because I do not have drains and all but a few stitches are under my skin. I've gotten some mixed messages about when to shower, but I will probably wait until tomorrow to shower and change my gauze. I snuck a peek earlier and I am so pleased. I will post some picture updates later today.

Very happy!!!
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