26, 2 kiddos, mini TT and subtle BBL

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I've utilized realself for a few years now but...

I've utilized realself for a few years now but this is my first review. I was very close to booking a BBL and TT with a well known surgeon in Boston who specializes in BBLs, but was discouraged and alarmed by the disorganization of the virtual consult experience. I ended up finding Dr. Volpe by chance here on this website. His Tummy Tucks are beautiful! Some of the best I've ever seen. I requested a consultation and Dr. Volpe emailed me himself, and took the time to answer some questions I had about the procedures. I then called to book an in-person consultation (he was booking 3 months out), and the woman on the phone was pleasant and helpful. My consult is scheduled for June 15th! I'll update my review after, as well as add some photos:)

Surgery scheduled

I had my consult with Dr. V and I'd like to simply echo what those have said before me. He is such a strong, calm force. He is confident yet humble and immediately put my husband and I at complete ease. He spent well over an hour with us, answering every single question I had and ensuring me that he would always be accessible by email. Yes--he even made standing there naked, exposing all of my insecurities easy. He was honest, genuine and made me laugh throughout the entire consult. I went in hoping for a full tummy tuck, but since I have almost no loose skin above the belly button he reccomended a mini tummy tuck instead. As for the BBL he said I won't get Kardashian results (which I am perfectly with) but that he could give me more projection and better shape. So all in all, I'll be having lipo to my back, upper abdominals, flanks, and a modest BBL.

Quick edit

Apologies, I meant to say that all in all, I will be having a mini TT with lower MR, lipo to the back, flanks and upper abdomen, and FT to the butt. Not going for a Kardashian look at all! Hoping for more proportionate curves and some projection. :) :)


Here are some before pictures. Im 5'5, 158lbs, and 6 months postpartum. I'm most excited for the mini TT and flank/back lipo. The FT to the bum will be an added bonus. Again, not looking for hugely dramatic results. Just hoping to look less like sponge bob square pants.

Night before

Surgery is tomorrow at 1030. Im so nervous. The anxiety finally hit me and I'm feeling like a very selfish mother. I'm worried about my kids, and how they will fare while I'm incapacitated for the next few days. :(

Some things I did to prepare: groceries to last about 10 days, increased my water intake a week ago, also started taking Arnica tablets, an iron supplement, a high quality multivitamin and a stool softener. I have a recliner and a boppy.

I'll update after surgery! :)

Pre op measurements

36" 29" 31"

On my way to Mass

Omg I'm so nervous! Driving to Mass now. Here are some last minute before pics I took this morning.

I made it

Thank you everyone for the encouraging comments. I'm so glad it's over with, and now I focus on recovery which btw is NOT to be underestimated. I have a very high pain tolerance. I delivered both my babies with the assistance of a midwife, with absolutely no pain meds. The midwives joke that I make childbirth look easy. This mini TT and bbl recovery is NO joke! I have never felt pain like this. It hurts to breathe. I am taking my Percocet around the clock but it is just barely taking the edge off. I'm forcing myself to get up every 2 hours and walk a couple laps around the first floor of my house. I'm drinking lots of water, Powerade, and green smoothies. I'm also eating watermelon. The garment is SO tight. I need assistance getting out of the recliner and on and off the toliet. Surgery itself, took a couple more hours than expected. Dr V said he was just trying to make things perfect. Like others have said, he has wonderful bedside manner and made me feel so comfortable. The biggest issue I had yesterday besides the obvious pain, was the anesthesia--it made me so sick. I vomited 3 times, which has never happened to me before.

Did anyone else feel like their butt was really high and wide post op? I'm hoping it settles, drops and fluffs. It seems like all the fat is literally at the tops of my but cheeks. I can tell my waist is tiny, but the butt looks so square and high right now ...????


Lol quick correction : I'm eating pineapple not watermelon. It's supposed to hell with bruising or something like that ????

1 day post op

3 days PO

Both Dr V and his nurse called me yesterday to check in. I really appreciated that. I got the ok from them to take off my garment today and shower. Don't try this alone! Once the garment was off I immediately got dizzy and started vomitting. Not fun. I showered quickly and got back into the garment so I didn't have a chance to take pictures. My mini TT looks great. The scar is so low and the bruising isn't as bad as I expected. My butt looks huge. Huge and wide. Not what I wanted or was expecting but I know the majority of it is swelling and I need to be patient. Still quite a bit of discomfort and stiffness. I have my post op appointment Monday morning. Hopefully I'm feeling a bit better by then, and hopefully my butt/hips start
shrinking! I feel huge!

4 days post op

Still feel like death lol. At least the nausea is gone. I'm up and moving around but it isn't easy. I'm beginning to worry about the lack of fluid drainage--I haven't had any drainage whatsoever, but I'm 10 lbs heavier than my pre-op weight. There's so much trapped fluid and it doesn't seem to be going anywhere. My extremities aren't even swollen. The fluid is just sitting in my back, stomach and flanks. So uncomfortable! Hoping this doesn't develop into seroma....

5 days PO

Pain is much less than previous days, however the stiffness and neuropathic tingling/burning sensations are very much present. Still incredibly swollen. I did lose almost 10 lbs of fluid in the past 24 hours, but I think thats only a fraction of the fluid I'm retaining because I still weigh more than my pre-op weight.

My mini tummy tuck looks awesome. I'm so happy with it. The incision is very low. Even with all the swelling my tummy is almost flat and tight. I love my waist too--Dr Volpe snatched it! My hips are huge--12inches wider than my pre-op measurements, and he didn't even inject any fat to my hips, so again, all swelling!! My butt looks pretty deformed right now. Not at all what I was expecting, but I'm trying to be patient and attribute it all to--you guessed it--swelling! Damn swell hell. I'm not expecting perfect bbl results due to having to sleep on my back, but I didn't expect it to look this scary either lol. My husband is getting a good laugh out of the shape of my butt though. Ugh.

Dr. Volpe was very kind to respond to my frantic emails this weekend regarding the size/shape of my butt. I even sent him pics and asked him why he made me look like Niki Minaj haha. He assured me he only injected 900cc to each butt cheek, and never injected anything to my hips. I think he's a great doc, and many people have had great results by him, so I know I just need to relax and be patient.

Day 6 PO

Had my post op appointment with Dr V today. He's great. I can't say that enough. He said everything looks good, and assured me that I'm going to love my results once the swelling goes away. I felt much better after taking to him. He gave me another garment which fits so much better and is so comfortable. I like the way I look in clothes at least. I'm supposed to go back to work next week. I just hope the results are less dramatic looking by then. Dr V did give me the okay to start sleeping on my side, so I'll try that tonight.

11 days PO

Beginning to feel a little better. Even though the bbl initially hurt more than the TT, I think the TT recovery is longer and more extensive. The biggest issue is still swelling and lower back pain from constantly being hunched over. the swelling is the worst in my back (from the lipo) and lower stomach/mons region. At the end of the day I look pregnant lol. Overall I am very happy with the lipo and TT. The bbl results are coming along nicely also. My butt is softening, dropping, and the swelling in my hips has decreased dramatically. I do love my new curves, but there was certainly an adjustment period. Still wearing the garment 24/7, and I plan to for at least 6 weeks. Dr Volpe did an excellent job. I can't wait to see what I look like 3 months from now.

15 days PO

I'm over 2 weeks post op and very happy with my results. My only regret--asking for a 'subtle' BBL. I really stressed to Dr V that I wanted a small, very natural looking bbl, and he delivered. Like everyone else, I caught a bit of the booty greed bug and wish I'd gone bigger. But I am still very, very happy, especially with the mini TT and aggressive lipo that he did. It was worth every penny. I still have swelling around the incision which will most likely will last for a couple months. I am using silicone gel sheets on my incision. Still tender and stiff, but improving every day. I'm 2lbs less than my pre-op weight and my new measurements are 36" 27" 44"

Things I'd suggest buying for TT&BBL:
Green and fruit smoothies
Arnica tablets
Arnica gel
Electric heating pad
Lots of extra, fluffy pillows or a long body pillow like a 'Snoogle' for when you get the OK to sleep on your side.
Boppy pillow
Dry shampoo
Big disposable pads to line your recliner/bed with in case you have a lot of drainage the first couple of days.
Red Solo cups (I bought a female urinal, but it was messy. Red solo cups are a perfect fit, don't make a mess and you can toss them after you're done).
I wished I had bought a shower chair, a walker, and one of those grabber things to pick stuff up off the floor but I survived without them :)

**if doing both procedures, make sure you have childcare and help around the house for at least the first week. This surgery combination is intense and more painful than childbirth! Also understand that since the recovery positions conflict each other, you must be willing to compromise your BBL results since you'll spend at least the first week on your back/butt.

Another pic

Not the best before pic but you can see how much my shape changed and I still have lots of swelling in my back and flanks.

Day 19

Feeling good! Weight is steadily decreasing every day. Still battling swelling and stiffness. Noticing lumps on my sides and back. Questioning seroma on my back also. Going to talk to Dr V about it Monday :)


Thank you Dr. Volpe!

7 months post op

7 months po and still so happy with my results. I'd recommend Dr Volpe to anyone looking for natural results. It's true what everyone says, you don't see your final results until about 6 months. But butt has dropped and soften a lot--it looks and feels so natural. My mini TT looks great too! My scar is thin and short, and belly is flat and tight. I haven't exercised at all, and on good days I can see my ab muscles which I never thought I'd see again after 2 pregnancies ;) Thanks Dr. V!
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