27yrs One Child.. 5ft2.. 8 1/2 Stn.. 32b Dble Padded Bra, a Cup No Padding! - Manchester, GB

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Where do I start I've wanted a breast enlargement...

Where do I start I've wanted a breast enlargement for as long as I remember.. I live in the UK and my cost was £3275 with free consultation and transportation to and from clinic on day of surgery.. I had allergan natrelle silicone gel implants under the muscle.. I was going to go with 415cc as I didn't have much breast muscle but asked my surgeon if the bigger size he had fitted well ide be happy to go for those, they did a I have the 450cc implant size. . First night sleep was terrible getting comfy.. second night sleep was better.. a rip from me would be do not travel after your home from surgery I did once and cause me more discomfort.. today I'm 3 days post op.. I'm able to move about more my breast feel less swollen around my collar bones and near my armpits but obviously still quiet hard.. the tightening isn't ro much of a nice feeling but I'm more than happy with them I feel they already look great and can't wait to see the final result, should be a more than happy one.. well it's Tuesday and I'm due to have my wounds checked Thursday but all seems fine so far so fingers crossed.. I only have couple of photos so far but will upload more to show progress.. if it's something your looking to do to make you happy don't wait the long time I did get it done and be happy, dreams can come true. . Red rose desire..

day 5 post op

Had my dressing off today.. nurse really please no infection,perfect incisions her words.. and she's really satisfied with my surgery.. I have now full use of my arms get slight pressure in my cleavage and upper breast if I perhaps reach a little too far but feeling amazing.. over the moon so far with my surgery.. I asked the question does she think they will shrink much she's told me with the feel of how the swelling has gone down and the fullness it's not likely.. so looking forward to my drop and fluff.. take to take my first full body shower and blow dry my incisions on low hear I think eill be best.. will also say do get the slight cramp in by middle back between the shoulders so try to work on my posture for that.. I'm only now taking ibuprofen if needed for that little extra relaxation. . All in all so far so good and happy as he'll I have also uploaded more pictures.. also I still have quiet numbness but have quiet Abit of sensation and also warm nipples with no feeling as of yet but far to early for this...

9 day post op

So i can bath normal now on my had to since surgery as the first well I got stuck and had to have my partner get me out ha.. today no problem showers are good but nice to have a soak obviously not over soaking my incisions that yeah look fine.. so upper breast swelling has gone down more but still front bottom and side very full I may even be a little bigger than a big c cup once they've dropped which I'm extremely excited about.. seems ages yet until ile see the overall new boobs.. not really any pain apart from morning in the top of my breast pretty close to the cleavage a pulling sensation don't like it though.. able to do more round the house and finally can take my son school ect.. ile add a couple of photos for you ladies.. ile review again in a week or twos time depending on how much difference there is..

Help please ladies

Hi I'm 12 days post op.. since yesterday afternoon the top sodes of my new boobs are feeling really soon almosy like my bra has been squishing them numb and sore to touch..more so my left breast which after the surgery did have the most swelling.. I'm right handed.. it's just concerned me a little. . I know I'm gonna still have pains and stuff but is sore and a little red on my skin...

3 - 4 weeks post op

Well after the 3 week mark i noticed it looked though my stitches in my right incision were trying to poke out couldnt get in touch with my after care nurse so thought ide go see my own on the monday as it was a saturday afternoon.. i had to rush out sunday morning and thought ide take a shower once i got back and put on a fresh bra but by later sunday afternoon as i got undressed for my shower i noticed a hole the incision had split trip to the walk in inflammation i was told.. got in to see my surgeon the next day which was amazing georgina at red rose is truely a god send.. anyway everything was fine dr prasad assured me so i had the stiches that didnt dissolve cut out patched up and off i went home.. had to call the chemist to pick up some betadine dry powder spray five different pharmacy dont sell it so im using savlon antiseptic spray which was second choice on my prescription.. i feel well and seems to be healing nicely.. still loving my new boobs just be glad when there all healed and looking and moving as they should.. my right which will be your left on most of my pictures seems to be smaller now and my left is still more swollen not sure if this is the right boob dropping a little but only time will tell.. as i say im almost 4 weeks now and back in to see my surgeon in the next couple of weeks..

5 weeks post op 16/04/16

Loving my boobs theyve both now dropped.. my nurse thinks there amazing and said im getting used to them as i commemted i feel small lol

6 weeks today..

Just a few shots at differwnt angles.. i thought my breast had totally dripped but its obvious not in the pictures.. excited for when they do im a 34 -36 d at the momemt.. im jist inpatient on the drop and fluff i must admit

Just trying on!?

Just trying on ignore my bloated stomach ive put on 6lb since my surgey 6weeks prior... almost tome to check back in with my ps.. bra shopping, cant wait and info for my oncisions such as creams?!

Just over 7 weeks..

Can say im in love with them.. im wondering if they still look like there still riding a little high or is it just me.. love this bra! I have soft spots around my breast but far from feeling fully natural yet.. i was told to wear post op bra for 6 weeks i have but wondering if ide be better just in a non padded sports bra.. im a cleaner and last couple of days my boobs have felt heavy at times and rather uncomfortable some hardening goes on to hod knows if this is normal for 7 weeks most post o read have better outcomes for this time...
Dr prasad

Consultation and say of surgery.. also any question Dr prasad p/a had straight up contact with him to ensure I had all information needing and answered as soon as possible

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