My Twins Weighed 8 Lbs Each, my Waist Was 64 Inches Full Term -Newton, MA

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Hi everyone. After reading several positive...

Hi everyone. After reading several positive reviews (I refuse to read the negative ones), I thought it was time to begin to document my journey into something that both excites and terrifies me at the same time. I gave birth to my twin boys, both weighing 8 lbs EACH, naturally with no epidural. That was 18 years ago and my body has never been the same. People would stare at me when I was pregnant as I waddled by and I'd yell to them "Whats the matter, you never seen a pregnant lady before??". Well, now I look at pics of me when I was pregnant and fully understand why people stared at me. I was ginormous! I gave birth to a daughter 4 years ago, which only stretched my poor belly even more. I have stretch marks like you've never seen, all the way up to my breasts. I have been going to the gym and lost a few inches off my waste and that is when I realized I have an umbilical hernia. So my husband suggested that I get a TT since I will need surgery to repair the hernia anyway. I felt guilty spending the money and the time I will need for recovery, but this will be the first time in a loooong time I've done something for myself. I am tough...I can handle the pain (with the help of pills) but constantly worry that something will happen to me during surgery, or after (blood clot) or that I wont be happy with the results. I don't expect to ever wear a bikini, but would like to wear short and a tshirt and not look 6 months pregnant. My husband is taking a week off to help me recover and then my twin boys will be done with school (freshmen in college) and will be here to help care for their 4 year old sister. I have a weak stomach for medical procedures, and I will have drains so I am terrified. Any advice, encouragement would be greatly appreciated. I cant sleep and my surgery is still 3 weeks away. I'll post pics soon, just not too keen on posting pics of my body for everyone to see. I have very low self-esteem, which is the main reason my wonderful husband suggested the TT. But I will, I promise! Thanking you in advance for your support.

2 1/2 weeks pre op

So I received my pre-op paperwork in the mail today. What I should not take 2 weeks prior to surgery -no red wine :(- Also, the list of what could go wrong...stroke, including death. And they let me know that I may not be happy with the results and may need further surgery. After paying $8100 I would hope I wont die or be dissatisfied with the results! But I know that the surgeon is only human and anything can happen. I'm feeling selfish and guilty for going through with this. I have 3 children who need me. I'm feeling unsure about this whole thing. But then I read other reviews who say it's all worth it. It's a gamble I have to take, just wish it wasn't a gamble with my life.

Surgery is 2 weeks from today

I cannot believe that my surgery is 2 weeks from today. I'm psyching myself up, ready to deal with the pain, not so sure about dealing with the drains! I've gold stool softeners, Milk of Magnesia, a recliner and a very supportive husband who is taking the first week of my recovery off from work. What else do I need? My surgeon didn't advise me on this, although he did send me a list of things I shouldn't take 2 weeks prior to surgery (fish oil, red wine, herbal supplements). What else will I need for my recovery?/ Thank you in advance. I am so glad I found this website!

12 Days Pre-op

I feel like I'm "nesting"...running around like a mad woman trying to get everything in order, before I'm out of order! Dropped of my prescriptions to be filled (4 different meds). Feeling positive and pumped! got my stool softeners and milk of magnesia!

Surgery is 1 week from today...Getting everything in order before I'm out of order!

I cannot believe my surgery is one week from today. I worry about everything. What if I get sick and have to postpone the surgery? How will I even get myself up the morning of surgery, get in the shower and make my way to the hospital? Hopefully, they can give me something the moment I get there to calm my nerves. My surgery isn't until 1pm, so I will have all morning to worry! It will be alright, right??

I can't believe I'm doing this!

Ok so I finally got up enough nerve to post some before pictures. I've been going to the gym 4 days a week and have love 25 lbs. I know I have a long way to go but not having to lug this tummy around is really going to free me up and let me intensify my workouts. If I hadn't lost a little weight I never would have been able to feel the hernia in my belly button which is what started the whole process of a hernia repair and full TT with muscle repair.

6 days preop

Bring it on!!! I just want to wake up from surgery and begin my recovery!

2 days preop

What a roller coaster of emotions! One minute I'm so excited and the next I'm asking myself if I'm crazy! No backing out now! I hope it's all worth it! I've got all my meds in place and just had help here at home with completely and thoroughly cleaning the entire house. Next up changing everyone's linens and then to tackle the upstairs bathroom. Just trying to pass the time and keep busy!

Last sleep before I go to the Flat Side

I thought this day would never come. The last month went by so quickly but took forever! I've been incredibly calm today. I worked as usual and my coworkers all hugged me and wished me luck. Came home and took care of a few loose ends except there weren't many as I've been on full drove for the last 2 weeks. I'm exhausted . I want to remain calm tmrw as my surgery isn't until 1pm and I have to be there at 11:30 am. It's going to be a looooong morning. God speed to my TT Sisters I've met on this site. See you on the flat side!!!!

Today is THE DAY!

What a beautiful New England morning! The birds are chirping and the sun is shining down on the dewy grass. I actually slept pretty well last nite, slept from 10-4. Not bad. Took a nice looooong shower (as I wont be able to shower for 7-10 days while the drains are in. OUCH!). Shaved the legs and pits and just let the hot water run over my body. As I was hunched over shaving my legs, I thought to myself "This is the last time I'll have to reach over my pooch to shave my legs!" My surgery isn't until 1pm (OUCH again!) so I am allowed apple juice until 9am. I must say, this apple juice tastes insanely good! I'm going to keep busy until its time to leave at 10:30 am. Got to get my 4 year old daughter off to Pre-K, will wish my 18 year old twin sons good luck in their college finals for today, and have a few last things to do around of which is to take my measurements around my waste, just for the record. Good luck to my TT Sistah's I've met on this wonderful forum. As the saying goes, See You on the Flat Side!

Final photos.

One last look at the "old me". Look out "new me", here I come!!

One last BB pic

Day 1 PO

Well ladies, I did it!! Surgery took almost 3 hours. The pain has been manageable and I've taken 2 walks around hospital floor so far. Getting discharged later this morning so when I get home I can post a more detailed update. So far so good!????

Doing great!

I'm home sweet home! I took two Percocets followed by a 2 1/2 nap! Walked around for 15 mins then emptied the drains (well, hubby took care of that as I have a weak stomach when it comes to tugs type of stuff). Had done grilled chicken and salad and I am
Now having major gas pains! But if that's the worst pain I have to deal with, then I'll take it! I cannot believe that when I look down, I can see my pubic area!!! I have a follow up appt with my PS on May 13. Can't wait to take a peak.

One day po

Can't see much in the photo due to CG. The drains are a little uncomfortable but I really can't complain!

Help!! Major gas issue

I think the gas pain is the biggest issue for me right now. Taking stool softener but no BM yet. The gas pains are excruciating! What can I do about this? Anyone??!

healing, resting & walking

Now that I've cut back on the Percocet ( taking one pill every four hours instead of two pills) I'm coming out of the cloud I was in for the last three days. I am so grateful how well this whole process has gone this far. I was so afraid of not waking up from surgery but the anesthesiologists put me at ease. The surgery took three hours and PS removed five lbs of fat from my pooch and brought my abdominal muscles in five inches. I haven't taken the binder off yet cuz my PS wants me to keep it on for three days. I'll take it off this afternoon and take a sponge bath. I'll wash my hair in kitchen sink. Doing all of this with my hubbys help. My drains enter my body just under where my pubic area meets my torso. They are irritated and such a pain! I cant wait to get them removed. The cg is rubbing against one of the drains and now the drain is leaking a little. I called PS office and was told this is normal. PHEW!!! I can't shower while they are still in. I'm walking in 20 minute intervals 4-5 times a day and that feels so good. Also I noticed the drains fill more quickly when I'm walking. Walking prevents blood clots too. Walk walk walk!! I'm sleeping in a,recliner which isn't as,bad as I thought it would be. Still no BM yet but lots of painful gas. I'm finding I'm not hungry, basically eating to keep my strength up and when taking pain meds. Drinking tons of water and hubby put lemon and limes in it. Delish!! It's the little things! Lol. I cannot imagine going thru this without help. My husband has been much rock, taking care of the housr, our 4 year old daughter and me! He's empting my drains and will help me with washing myself yodat. He is so happy for me and he can wait to do tequila shots off my new BB once all healed! Lol. Also thank god for this pain pump they sent me home with. It's called a Pain Buster and it's inserted in my incision area in my hip. It lasts five days. I have e to carry it around like a purse, along with my drains. It's quite a sight . I'd be happy to answer as by questions the best I can. Happy healing from The Flat Side!!

First glimpse of my new tummy

I just took my first sponge bath since Tuesday morning. They wiped me out!! It was the first time I took off my cg and get a look at my new BB and stomach. Now, I am fully aware of my stretch NSTHS but putting that aside I cannot believe that my stomsch is flat!!! Now when I get back to the gym I can concentrate on the other areas of my body that need attention. Check it out

3 days po

I didn't attach pic to my last update so here it is

Finally....I had a BM!!!

So when I first joined this forum about a month ago, I was wondering what all the hoopla was about having their first BM po. Well, now I know. I was having terrible gas pains and my stomach was gurgling and it almost felt like I had a baby in there kicking me! I had been taking stool softeners since 2 days before the surgery, prunes, prune juice, MOM and nothing was helping. Thanks to the suggestions of folks on this forum, I got a suppository last nite and drank a few teaspoon fulls of olive oil. VOILA!!!!!!! Everything just fell out of me, lost of gas and poo. I didn't have to push!!!! I fell LIKE A MILLION BUCKS!!!!! Just need these drains out so I can shower and I will feel like TWO MILLION BUCKS!!!

4 days po

I was sent home from hospital with a Pain Buster, it was inserted into my hip and ran along the length of my incision. It only last 5 days, and when I woke up this morning, it was all gone. I almost cried. My husband slowly removed it from my hip and we covered it with a gauze pad. I'm getting used to the drains, but when my pain meds wear off, they are irritated and I can feel my body resisting the foreign object that is intruding upon me. I cannot believe the amount of fluid they are putting out, so at least they are doing their job. Don't forget to purge the lines by running your fingers down the length of the tubes to clear out any blood clots. Gross bust must be done. I must say this whole experience has been easier than I thought (knock on wood) and even though there is nothing I can do with the stretch marks that my twin pregnancy caused, I will at least have a flat stomach and the start of some hips. I cant wait to get back to the gym to work on the rest of my body. I am so motivated now its not funny. My appetite is slowly coming back today. I think being not able to poo was the main reason for my poor appetite (not that I was complaining!). Lots of walking, TONS of water, lost of rest and patience is key. I am so happy I did this and when I think about what actually happened to me on that operating table, I cannot believe I had enough guts to go thru with it. But that just shows how fed up I was with lugging that belly around and looking like I was 7 months pregnant. I wish all my TT Sistahs that I met on this forum Happy Healing! going off the Percocet land right now. nighty night!

These drains are a pain!

I want them out now!!!!!!

5 days po

Doing great so far! Can't believe it was a week ago I was running around like a crazy woman getting ready for surgery. This week took forever but flew by, if that makes sense. The pain is totally bearable and I'm hoping that the drains will come out of Tuesday but I don't think that will happen. I'm still putting out way too many cc's to take the drains out. Oh well at least the worst is over and it's all downhill from here. Is anyone purging their drains of the blood clots? I hope I'm doing it right. Still drinking plenty of water and getting tons of rest. A mere sponge bath totally drains me of all my energy. Happy Mother's Day to all!

What a difference a week makes

I'm 6 days po and doing great. I have first po appt tmrw. Hoping these drains can come out. One drain has totally ran dry and the other has significantly decreased it's output. Washed my hair fir the first time in 6 days. Hubby helped me wash it on kitchen sink. Aaahhhh felt sooooo goooood!!!! Exhausted though and going to take a nap!

Pity Party

I've tried to remain so positive thru this whole experience but today I'm not so strong. I'm an emotional mess and very weepy. Today is my 7 day po appt and I am sure my drains are not coming out today. I certainly don't mean to complain but I am so done with these drains. I'm not allowed to shower while they are in and I desperately need a good washing. Sponge baths just don't cut it (plus I had my period 3 days po which didn't help). I stink and need to shave my legs! Plus my husband gies back to work today and I scared to be without him. That's all.. Just needed to vent! Hope everyone is having a good day.

One day at a time

So I had a really rough morning. I was scared that my husband (my rock) was going back to work today and I didn't think my drains would be removed at my first po appt today. Well one drain was removed which is a start. The other one can come out once it produces las than 30 cc in 24 hours. I felt much better after my appt. and I survived hubby's first day back to work. Also the positive and supportive messages I received from other members of this forum really lifted my spirits. Just knowing that my feelings were normal made me feel so much better. You ladies rock and I am truly grateful for you!!!!

My Drain, My Friend

I still have one drain in until Tuesday its still producing 60 cc's a day! But no matter what, it will come out Tuesday since it will be 14 days po and my PS says it cant stay in any longer. The drain is not bothering me anymore, I guess my body has adjusted to it. I do appreciate that its still draining this poison out of my body and think of it as a tiny weight loss with every cc it disposes of. the only time it bothers me is when I purge the line and it kind of pinches me, but the feeling goes away very quickly. Looking forward to having it removed Tuesday and feeling like a human again. I still have 3 weeks off from work, so it will be nice to have 2 1/2 weeks to enjoy my time off and be able to start walking again.

It's all Downhill from Here!

I'm 11 days po and the worst is over! No more worry and no more pain! Just some minor discomfort, but all well worth it. I cannot believe how flat my tummy is, my only issue is my bb. My ps told me it would be tough for it to heal due to blood flow, and each day there is puss on the gauze pad, but I'm cleaning it with hydrogen peroxide and drying it with the hair dryer. Looking forward to see my PS on Tuesday so he can check it out and see if I should be doing anything different to care for it. Its so nice to put on a tshirt and not look 7 months pregnant!!! My waist is 7 inches smaller! I am so proud of myself for going thru with this. Cant wait for the drain to be removed so I can really try on clothes and see what I'll look like! My husband is so excited for me (and for him when the Playground opens again!). My 18 year old twin boys cant believe how good I look too! All in all, I am so glad I did this....something for ME! All the worry about the surgery and the pain, ALL WORTH IT!! I haven't told anyone about his surgery (well, except for family and 2 very close friends). I'm wondering how I should approach it with coworkers. My husband says don't worry about what people think, but for some reason I do.. Wondering how you ladies handled this? Thanks and Happy Healing!

Drain-Free, Pain-Free but my poor girl parts are soooo swollen!

So, here I am 16 days po. I had my first drain removed 7 days po and the second drain removed 14 days po (which was 2 days ago). I am so happy those drains are gone! I feel human again!! Loved the shower after going without one for 15 days! However, today my pubic area and ALL girl parts are so swollen. I don't really have any swelling anywhere else but there. I assume that since the drains are gone, the fluid needs to settle somewhere. Just hoping I don't form a seroma.

All in all, I'm pretty much pain-free, but I get sore at the end of the day. I still have Vicodin left and take one at bedtime. They are almost gone, and when they are gone, that's that! I'm loving my CG and don't feel right when I don't have it on. PS says my bb is healing fine and not to use hydrogen peroxide on it anymore. Just soap and water and make sure its very dry before getting dressed.

So, the rest of my body needs some serious attention, as far as exercise goes. I can start walking today and PS says I can use my 8 lb hand weights, but to take it slow at first. I have a long way to go in regards to weight loss, but by losing that humungous belly, I can move around so much easier now. I am very motivated to get back to the gym!

I'm going to start shopping around for another compression garment (Spanx or something similar) so when I go back to work in 2 weeks, i'll have something to wear besides the bulky CG I came home from the hospital in. I'll prob wear it to bed and on days I don't have much to do. Was wondering about an ab board I've read about on this site too. Still a few more weeks away from weaning myself off my CG, which is my BFF right now!

I'm still sleeping in a recliner, although I cannot wait to be able to climb into my comfy bed! I'm afraid I will pull something trying to get up from bed (I had an umbilical hernia repaired too), which could cause a seroma. So, recliner is bed for me for now, prob for another week or so. I'm getting used to it and its nice to be able to get up by myself especially if no one else is around.

I tried on some clothes and it was nice not to look 7 months pregnant. Cant wait to go clothes shopping for back to work.!

I wish all you ladies out there happy healing or happy preparing for your big day! You'll be glad you did it!

Here's pic 16 days po

16 days po
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