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My expectations is to have not hanging belly that...

My expectations is to have not hanging belly that hangs so far over my female parts! I have had 3 children (set of twins) and I just want to be somewhat like I use to be. I am very nervous, but I need this at the same time. As the day gets closer I think of everything under the sun going wrong... leaving my children just to feel better about myself physically ! I am scared of the surgery, scared of the recovery... lol Im afraid of the reaction I get from curtain family members about the money spent just to have a smaller waist. I have lost a lot of weight and it also comes with excess skin. This skin causes rashes, and, odors to say the least. I just would like people that have been through this to give me some support, and any information on recovery and anything you feel might be helpful about what you have done to ease some of your anxiety would be so so appreciated.

Okay.... almost there!

5 days out and Im starting to take the advice of all the so so kind real sellers that told me to relax and rest and breathe and don't feel so anxious about doing something for me! I have cleaning, meds, and home supplies to get... My mother is going to stay with me the first full week and there after my teenage daughter and pre teen son will look after me and she will come during the day while the are at school. I am just going to pay bills from my MAC... trying to service (cosmetologist) as many customers again. I will listen to my body to tell me when I can start working again. Im just ready to have that "old thing back" lol I see myself (after all healed up of course) feeing so good about myself and my body.... after 14 years and two pregnancies (I'm done tubes tied, clipped, and burnt after my son) I am finally going to be back to MY REAL-SELF!!!

Here are some pictures of me before... please hold your barfing until the end!!

The black clothes help not to sore your eyes too back :) I'll get the nerve post some more exposed photo's later....

Here are some pictures of me before... please hold your barfing until the end!!

The black clothes help not to sore your eyes too bad* :) I'll get the nerve post some more exposed photo's later....


when I don't have this CG on it feels like my entire body is going to fall apart! When i do have it on I feel lil I'm so tight that its unbearable that its so tight I cannot breathe and Im going to suffocate! :(

The experience...

Ok here I go. I'm 7 days out. One full week since my surgery. I have so many mixed feelings both good and not so good. First the surgery went well no complications while under, Thank God! All I remember of the whole entire experience was being woke up by my nurse. NOW the hard part.... Recovery! Once home I slept most of the day/night round the clock care by my mom and kids. I was given a compression machine to come home with for the first 48 hours to use to prevent blood clots and told after the first 24 hours this machine would not take the place of me walking I should wear it any time I wasn't walking around the house for circulation, therefore when I was in my recliner, or sitting, sleeping, not moving etc. I should have it on and using it. I (my mother did) returned it to the office Thursday evening. I think thats when the real hard part begin for me I had to walk more no and move and this was strenuous on my back... I then begin to feel the pains of my CG and the swelling just all the most unforgettable uncomfortable situations one could think of came about. Friday I felt like I was in hell my legs and feet and pubic area were all swollen... and tight as ever! I went to have the swelling in my legs examined to ensure no blood clots and was told nothing present just normal swelling from after surgery. Saturday and Sunday I did all that I could to remain calm, positive, and hopeful. When they say and tell you about emotional distress you will have after this procedure it is so underestimated (well at least by me it was) I thought nothing could have me depressed about having my large belly gone!!! But I was (and sometime do still get blue) I thought this is the worst thing I DID TO MYSELF!! I thought an Im not even flat, I still have the same size stomach all this for.... what!! I mean it I went through it all! Monday (yesterday) I had my first post op appointment after looking over my tracking of my drain tubes they were removed... I was told I could not shower I would still have some drain from the two spaces on my side but care fore them as I had been keep area clean with peroxide/water mixture and dry. my incision is fine no infection still has tape on it I could remove it when I felt comfortable with doing so just keep it clean and dry. Saline strips would come later. I came home an was exhausted! I slept the rest of the day to wake up to legs and feel the size of tree trunks!! I needed to elevate my legs more I guess because I liked sleeping in my chair sitting up
(crazy I know) but this made me feel most comfortable! So now its Tuesday and I will be going to take a shower in a little while and get into some fresh Pj's eat baked Tilapia and crab stuffing!! then watch TV and pray for a good night. I will say it is getting better. I am still walking slow and bent over... I can do more than I was able to do the second day tho :) I can sometime see an improvement in my tummy still not what I thought it would be an Im afraid my results probably won't be what I expected...everyone says that its swelling.. but Im like this is a lot of swelling whats going to happen to the skin when this goes down if thats the case will it not be tight anymore... I don't know, I"ll just have to wait it out an see. You know, I look forward however to at minimum the jump start to being able to workout to get results that I wouldn't have been able to achieve had I not had the surgery. I am over glad I went through with it. I go back for my next followup on the Monday the 20th. Sorry i don't update a lot more... sometimes IM in a funk and just trying to deal with the everyday simple things that I once took for granted, things like a stroll to the fridge or like trips to the bathroom, and even a task as simple as wiping myself after using it bathroom. Oh and let me tell you, that has been a whole mother journey of her own!!! This has totally been a humbling experience for me. Here are a few pics up until now... Hopefully they will get better! Happy Healing all :)

All I can do is cry...

Crying is all I can do I know my body is not going to look it best! I don't want to go trough this surgery again. I am so so so so sad with the results. If you as me I shove had much better results. I still look down and can't see my whoo shoo! All these years of waiting all these years of saving and now to have this... happen. I can only cry and pray this gets better. cause as of right now I just fee like what did I do waste of money. Somebody pray for me :(

Hello everyone!

Hello Everyone! I am just stopping in to let everyone know that I am well. I have been keeping to myself for a bit so that I could just wrap my mind around what the changes my body had/has to undergo. I did develop seroma that I have drained every week by my doc. Today I went to see him and he wasn't able to get any out!! So now he has said that I can go a month before my next visit! So Im ok.. thank you all for all your support here are some photos of me... I still have some edema he called it right above my incision and it is very very hard. Frankly I think its Fat neurosis ( I think thats what its called) but he said that it is swelling (edema) and it will go away on its own... all the nurses say it will be like a " sausage roll" down there below just above my pubic area and it will be the last to go... so we will see. Here are a few picture I took a week ago... just to update you guys! I hope everyone is doing well and again thanks for all your support.

Hey Everyone!

Things are getting better! :-)

getting better... working out now

getting better... working out now

Im feeling great about my decision!! :-)

Everything is going well!! I am overall happy that i had my surgery! I still have numbness and loss of sensation especially around my belly button area. I feel like I want to have Lipo now. But my doctor says I have to wait at minimum 9 months before I undergo anymore procedures. Okay I hope everyone is healing well!! I am going to post a few more picture!! :-)

Feeling good about having my surgery!

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