45 Yr Old Mother and Wife Moving FWD #NewLife - Newport News, VA

First, I'm so thankful to God for this website! I...

First, I'm so thankful to God for this website! I have gotten so much information from here that it's priceless.

I go for my post op appointment in the morning and will post pictures and more about me and my journey and how blessed I am to have Dr. T. Randall Blanchard as my PS.

Dr. Blanchard's team is excellent as is the entire practice. Very attentive and clear communication. He focused more on the procedure process and best options for my current health and weight. Less concerned about trying to squeeze money out of me. Spent all the time I needed with me to assure I was okay with all we had discussed. I was even a bit Leary because I'm a African American female that comes from a long line of thick & curvy women, and my experience with some doctors were immediately to tell me to lose more weight. I am best and a size 10 at 189lbs. To date, I am 208, 5'5 and 45 yrs old.

Dr. B worked closely with his team and myself to go through my insurance who turned me down four times. And even with that, when I asked him to call and have a Peer to Peer Appeal call, he did so effortlessly. Never once did I feel like just a possible new client, I felt like a old friend and new client from the very first moment I meant this gentle man.

5 Days Away

I can't explain the excitement and nervousness I'm feeling in the final count down to leaving all this excess skin behind! I know the road to recovery is nearing and that will be much different than the road to surgery.

I'm making my list and I'm checking two thousand times...lol! I have so much to do...

Anyone go upstairs after surgery? My bedrooms are all up a flight of stairs and most post say don't go up for a couple of days. It's freezing downstairs in my house.
Newport News Plastic Surgeon

I really first need to thank Dr. Blinski from FL who called me on a Sunday afternoon after sending him an email to request a consultation. He encourage me to stay in the US, and not to travel outside to have my surgery. He even offered to help me to find a PS in my area. He was so authentic and caring. I started looking and thank God I found Dr. Blanchard. My experience with him was nothing short of a R.I.S.E. Respect, Integrity, Selfless, and Excellence!

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