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First, I'm so thankful to God for this website! I...

First, I'm so thankful to God for this website! I have gotten so much information from here that it's priceless.

I go for my post op appointment in the morning and will post pictures and more about me and my journey and how blessed I am to have Dr. T. Randall Blanchard as my PS.

Dr. Blanchard's team is excellent as is the entire practice. Very attentive and clear communication. He focused more on the procedure process and best options for my current health and weight. Less concerned about trying to squeeze money out of me. Spent all the time I needed with me to assure I was okay with all we had discussed. I was even a bit Leary because I'm a African American female that comes from a long line of thick & curvy women, and my experience with some doctors were immediately to tell me to lose more weight. I am best and a size 10 at 189lbs. To date, I am 208, 5'5 and 45 yrs old.

Dr. B worked closely with his team and myself to go through my insurance who turned me down four times. And even with that, when I asked him to call and have a Peer to Peer Appeal call, he did so effortlessly. Never once did I feel like just a possible new client, I felt like a old friend and new client from the very first moment I meant this gentle man.

5 Days Away

I can't explain the excitement and nervousness I'm feeling in the final count down to leaving all this excess skin behind! I know the road to recovery is nearing and that will be much different than the road to surgery.

I'm making my list and I'm checking two thousand! I have so much to do...

Anyone go upstairs after surgery? My bedrooms are all up a flight of stairs and most post say don't go up for a couple of days. It's freezing downstairs in my house.

Hello from The Other Side

Home and recovering. Surgery early this morning. Don't recall much but wanted to save some of you from forgetting one thing I did not see here... PLEASE get cough drops or something for a dry throat!

Right now just feeling a little uncomfortable, no real pain. Walking down my hall and around my better a little every 2hrs. Husband is by my side every step. Drains are a little uncomfortable and not as gross as I thought. But, this is day one and it all can change as the numbing meds where out.

Until tomorrow, BUY something for your throat so you can avoid dry mouth and end up coughing. Dear Lord this was exactly as painful as many have warned!!!!

Day Two

Started of well but after changing the dressings with the hubbys help it was draining and painful. I noticed that today I was extremely sore. However, I love my results. I don't believe that I would do anything more after this but I'm happy while healing.

Day 3

Backache and butt hurt terribly!!! It's awful. Can't get comfortable no matter what I do. Lastly, my drains, are just uncomfortable. The left one seems to be coming out more that the right. But, I'm still happy with my results!

Day 5 Welcome to Itchmageddon!!!

Well Day 5 has gone well this far. I slept a lot but walking around. Came downstairs, hubby got me set up on the sofa nice and comfy after I took a bird bath and changed out my dressing. All clean and feeling wonderful and then it happened! I started itching like crazy around my scar. OMG it's horrible. I don't know what to do. Out side of the itch, I'm good. Love love love how low my scar is. No real pain. Last night I didn't take the pain meds and I found out quickly ENT my PS said stay ahead of it! Man I am 100 miles ahead of it now!

Lastly, I am very swollen and that's ok because I feel so amazing about having this procedure. I was not looking for perfection, because this is just perfect for me. I can live without anymore surgery: )

Day 6

Starting off well. I've been walking every few hours since day one. I usually use pain meds and/or a muscle relaxer before I go to bed so I can rest through the night. Today I've been up do My small things like getting my protein shake and some fruit prepared by myself. I've not been eating a lot so not too worried about constipation. I'm going to take some MOM before bed tonight.

Overall, I feel great and the only pain I'm really having is the lower back and butt ache from being bent over for 6 days now. Looking forward to when I can stand up straight. I believe because I was 209 when I went in for surgery, it will take a little but more for me to recover. My drains are fine and getting one out this week and the other the following week. They are really not bothering me at all now. My doctor provided a neck band that holds them in place for me.

*one thing I did on day three I forgot, was to put a tank top on before putting the binder back on. Best thing I've done. Keeps the band from the sweats and uncomfortable itchy feeling a lot better. I was also asked where I got my binder and I am happy to say that following advice from here, I picked a surgeon who provides the best before and after care. Dr. Blanchard provides his patients with a very high quality binder with no additional cost. I've uploaded some pics and the binder info.

That's all for now. Happy to be a Blanchard Doll : )


Not to bad today but there.

Day 8 Post TT, Muscle Repair & Smartlipo Flanks/Back

Well, I learned that just because your mind says you feel great, does not mean that your numb body agrees!

I had been moving around quiet a bit the last two days. Went up and down the stairs alone, made myself a tiny breakfast, walked around the house with my cane a few times, played with my granddaughter (singing and clapping only)... well, because I've pretty much tapered myself off pain meds, let me tell that I am staying ahead of the pin by taking one every 4-5hrs no matter what today! I have my first visit post op visit tomorrow. Getting one drain out. Anyway's ...

Here are a few pics of the belly button. I love it. It looks natural and healing well.

Lastly, I am still a fan of the panty liner belt! It stays in place and is easy to put on and take off. My hubby puts a small piece of sports tape on the sides to further secure.

Drains Gone!!!!!

So I'm on day 10 and my drains are gone. They didn't really bother me much, mostly uncomfortable and inconvenient. I stood up a little straighter today and feel good.

The back and butt pain is still horrible!!! I have back issues already and am pretty much prone to falling sontjyis is a very scary time for me. Almost fell several times. The cane I brought is ok but the best support is leaning on my

As for how I look, well you decide... still very swollen but here is what it looks like to be a Blanchard Doll

My Best Day is 11!

Today is the first day I feel someway normal. I took my first shower and washed my hair (all under the watchful eye of hubby).

An elderly lady told me that the road to recovery as far my different than the road to surgery. I understand one important thing from that and all the comments I read here... no matter how good you feel, take it slow and steady. Your body is not ready just because your mind is. With that said to all my flat sisters and brothers, smile and feel good while your taking it easy. Don't rush your recovery.

My hubby and I are going to the movies because it's his birthday today. Well, I'm so happy it's the Dine, Wine and watch a movie cinema because this Dr. B Doll will be sleep in the recliner 20 minutes

Lastly, I'm still very swollen but compared to where I've been this is cake!!!

All this good stuff is exhausting : )

Day 13

Today has been fairly good. I had some throbbing in my belly that I didn't expect but no pain. I am still not standing up straight. I don't know if it's me because I'm afraid I'm goIng to hurt myself or if it's just not time. I stood a little taller today so progress is happening.

Yesterday I had my first bm. I was surprised not to have any pain from it taking so long. I ate 3 very tiny dark chocolate Hershey bars and that worked like a laxative for me. Wound is healing and belly button looks great. Overall I'm very happy. I will say this surgery has me feeling like I won't be back for the thigh lipo and bbl for sure! I think I'm good. This was way more than I actually anticipated even with all the heads up on here.

Anyway Dolls, I hope you all are doing well and looking forward to the 2017 reveal!!!!

I think we should have a RS meet and greet Ball. It would be so much fun and one damn good looking group of people
: )

Day 13 & 14

Hi Dolls,

Little updates for today. Yesterday I felt very tired and still hunched over but progressing. My hubby has been with me for the full two weeks and has decided to stay five more days. I have a back issue so this hunched walk is making me easier with falling and we can't have that, ever!!!

One thing we did was trust my body completely. I stood a little taller and resisted my mind telling me to bend over and it was fine. I drove to the grocery market down the street. It took me forever, well it seemed to get in the store. I have a cane that I use. I will say after 10 mins I was exhausted. I had the clerk bag everything lightly so I didn't risk lifting 5lvs or more and got home and pretty much called it a night. That is a very good sign.

Day 14
This day has started off scary... I had to go get a scan of my head and neck at 8am. I should have done this test before my Surgery, but it would have required me to push it back and that was NOT an option! I'm sure you Dolls understand : ) so, I tell the nurse who weighs about 90lbs right before the tell me I have to lay flat on my back that I just had surgery 14 days ago and I CANNOT lay flat. The nurse was a sweetheart but OMG! She says ok sweetie, let's get some pillows under your legs so your not uncomfortable but you have to lay back first. I was totally horrified. I said to her, how am I going to do that? She replies, take my hand and I will help you. Let's just leave the story there. It was like asking a toddler to give me support. I ended up falling back and using all of my abdominal muscles on the way down : (

The test was over in about 20 minutes but I felt like I was being pulled apart and my belly button felt so strange. Overall, it was very uncomfortable and she had another nurse come in and help me up. So, I am home now. Been sleep for he last few hours and will be taking it easy for the rest of the week. I have my third post op this Wednesday so I'm happy about that.

I am still swollen and have no pain. Still have my discomfort but overall this has been the best experience. Here are a few pics from just now. I just took the binder off so you can see that but I have no real scars or stretch marks.

Day 15, 16 & 17

Hello Dolls,

So the last three days has been all about the swelling! I had my second post op. Found out the I had 10lbs removed. Be been pretty exhausted after about 3900-4000 steps. I live by my Fitbit Charge 2. Prior to surgery my minimum daily steps were mostly at my goal of 10,000 steps. After, down to 124 an under. Now I'm working my way back slowly.

Today I drove an 1 1/2 away and spent time with work friends. My husband was a mess until I got home. He was afraid I was doing to much to soon. Yes, he was right. Had a slight separation in my stitch when I got home. Nothing bad but I won't be do My much but recovering until I return to work on Jan 3, 2017.

I don't really have any new and exciting news other than I've been thinking more about the bbl. I keep going back and fourth with I'm never doing unnecessary surgery. And here I am again stalking bbl post and thinking let's go thighs and new butt... ugghhhhh I hope this is not my new

Skin Separation

I was told about this but it's not happening to me : (

I started trying to get back into my normal routine keeping in mind my limitations and it still happened anyway. Still having swelling... but, I'm still feeling really great about me!!!!

A Few Pics

Hi Dolls,

So I will write an update when I hit my 2 months. With so many changes daily, I wold much rather get through the ups and downs to report back with my progress.

I feel great and look better! No regrets. I've been asked if I'm getting a breast lift/reduction. No! This was it for me.

My body changes daily. The swelling goes from bad to really uncomfortably bad most days. But, it's better than the apron.

7 Week Swell

I'm experiencing a lot of serious swelling and more so on my left side. This part is difficult but still very much worth It!

Quick 2 Month Update

Two months and still recovering. I'm very happy with my results but like so many others have written, the swelling is no joke! Some days are worse than others but all days there is swelling.

I wear my waist trainer that was approved by my plastic surgeon (ps) 8-12hrs a day. I have occasional pain now. My ps says tre nerves are waking up and it's normal. I find myself not being able to eat more than 5-8 ounces of food at a time. I need to drink my water but overall I'm still very happy. I think the hardest part for me is my back sometimes hurts like it did for the first three weeks for me and I still get exhausted by the afternoon!

I will upload a picture and hopefully be able to give a better update soon. First picture is with minimal swelling and the other two show my scar and what mild swelling looks like for me. When I'm really swollen, I look like I'm with child...still no regrets!

3 Months

It's been a long journey and still walking in it! First, best decision I've made! I am currently 43 1/2 busy, 32 waist and 45 1/2 hips. Curves, thick and bust all

I don't have much aches but I still get really fatigued, stomach muscle spasms, tight pull in the belly and an occasional pain. Everything is great. Working my way into a full workout routine. No ab work until I hit the six month mark. I wear a waist clincher at least 8 hrs a day every day. Very happy.

Sorry for the short update I am a size 10-12

I really first need to thank Dr. Blinski from FL who called me on a Sunday afternoon after sending him an email to request a consultation. He encourage me to stay in the US, and not to travel outside to have my surgery. He even offered to help me to find a PS in my area. He was so authentic and caring. I started looking and thank God I found Dr. Blanchard. My experience with him was nothing short of a R.I.S.E. Respect, Integrity, Selfless, and Excellence!

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