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I've been thinking about breast augmentation for a...

I've been thinking about breast augmentation for a LONG time, finally paid in full for the surgery. Woke up today realizing surgery is in 10 days! Currently a small deflated B, (no children) wanting a lift and D cup. The goal is to feel more confident in certain tops and dresses...also to LOOK like my breasts are of a 30 year old.
Consultation was to the point, Dr Vonu discussed different types of implants, why 1 may be more beneficial in the long run, which one is less expensive, risks, etc.
I've chosen the new gel implants because I did not want to risk SEEING the saline implants on the sides near my ribs. Dr Vonu said if I had a little more meat on my bones I could've gone with the saline. Still he left the decision up to me.
I spoke with a few of the employees who've also had augmentations at that center, both saline and gel, got their post op stories which made me feel more at ease with the process.

Pics are coming!

soooooooooooooo many emotions!

It's hard for me to sleep....anxious, excited, nervous, impatient....
I've spoken to others who've had their augmentation by Dr Vonu and they've all said "oh you're going to look great when he's done"! Honestly, their breasts do look great standing up and laying down.
I was looking at breasts either in person or online, felt somewhat pervy so I'm only looking online hahaha Why?! Just be sure that I want to go with 450cc.
My weight has been within the same range +/-10lbs for over a year and I'm told that 450cc would fit just right. Noticeable yet not porn star
Not looking forward to the pain or the meds!
I would love to get the pics taken at the office....rambling I know....the countdown continues!

First Night Home

Omgoodness it's finally done, the first night at home! The process...arrived at 9a, pregnancy test, vitals and change into gown. Nurse started the necessary liquids, Dr Vonu came in about an hour later to make use the magic purple pen. I remember the anesthesiologist telling me I'm going to feel calm, she puts a lil cocktail in my IV. I'm wheeled into the operating room...I forgot to remove 2 piercings so I did that on the table...then I'm waking up in the recovery room! My friend told me we left the office about 2:30p.
I can only handle 1/2 percocet, a whole one comes up regardless of what I've eaten with it. The only feeling I have is sore towards the arm pit area and right underneath, where an underwire used to bother me haha!
I'm able to get off the couch (lots of pillows behind me) without assistance. Haven't tried to open anything, will try water bottles today. Making SLOW small circles (think wax on, wax off) with my arms so I don't get stiff. Later today I'll start raising my arms up for more range. I can flex/relax the muscles in my breasts without any pain.
Can't wait to eat something solid and for it to stay down in my belly!!!!! First shower in a couple of hours, oh boy....

24 hours after release

I'm very surprised of how LITTLE pain I am in/feeling. I feel sore underneath as if I've worn an underwire bra all day. I'm taking 1/2 percocet every 4 hours, tomorrow I'm switching to Tylenol. Lifting my arms a little higher today to stretch, sleeping comfortably on the couch slightly reclined. Tons of water, appetite is definitely back!

Another view

ready to go back to work

3 days post op
Today absolutely NO pain meds, applying ice pack to the top for swelling. Skin doesn't feel tight AT ALL, I'm able to pull at my skin...implants feel a little bit softer. Able to move them around in the bra to adjust (sides of the bra are annoying) nipple sensation yet, it's only been a few days :)
Finally went to the bathroom!! I only took the percocet for 2 days, took Tylenol for 1 day then made a special tea to make me go....I did NOT want to take another pill and have other side effects. Appetite is back, wanting spicy food again. Throat is better, I remember the anesthesiologist saying it might be a little sore because of a device (I was already high and don't recall anything during the actual surgery)
Post op appointment is scheduled in 5 days.

First Follow Up

All the tape is off!! When I got to the office they gave me the option for them to pull off the few pieces that were left or have me do it at home, I chose the at home shower removal! They gave me these little wipes to loosen the adhesive so it wouldn't hurt coming off, served its purpose. I've been applying coconut oil since the 3rd day so now that all the tape is gone I can really lather them up. I can feel the stiches underneath from the lift, the ones around the areola are much smoother.
Extremely happy I told them about the sports bra seriously irritating my sides, I just needed a bigger size.
Still no pain meds, went back to work 4 days after surgery (I have light duties, no lifting, pushing or pulling anything heavy)
Speaking of heavy, the damn car door...I have been using my hips to close it but the windy days make it a bit challenging. Also using my hips or the side of my arms to push a door open, IF I have to pull one open I do it SLOWLY!
I was told to start massaging the implants downward since they are still sitting high. The only thing I've done this past week was remove the bra to shower and ice packs for 5 days on top away from the nipples.
Have sharp tingles in majority of them, left nipple has feeling. The areola size is great, didn't want them too small and unnatural looking.
I am extremely happy so far!!

A Month Already!

Happy Boob-versary to me! It's been a month since surgery, feeling awesome!! Saw Dr Vonu last week and he said I'm healing great, using Vitamin E, Castor and Coconut oils on the scars about 3 times a day. Right breast has dropped faster than the left. Full sensation in the left breast, nipple and part of areola on the right still no feeling. He told me I can start exercising again, did TWO entire push-ups in a row ????! So it will be quite some time before I go back to pole exercise.
No more post op bra, switched to a soft sports bra with no padding or underwire. Still waiting before I go bra shopping.
It's wonderful to hear people's reaction when they see me for I didn't tell many before getting it done. So far they've agreed that the size is just right for me, compliments my hips.
Very soft for a month, I was told to massage the areolas more to prevent hard scar tissue from forming. Not painful to do so, still haven't taken any meds since 3rd day post op.
What IS painful is cold air, I try to keep them covered and get to heat quickly. Yet even a cold drink can cause chills which sends the nerves into rave mode.
Altogether I'm extremely happy with my new friends and looking forward to the summer!!!!!!



Almost 2 months

Happy 6 Months!

Time has really flown by, I've gotten so used to my new breasts I only realized the anniversary by the date. Still using coconut oil, castor oil and vitamin D on the incisions which are really smooth now. Lots of massaging and keeping them compressed reduces that lumpy scarring. Finally went to a boutique to get measured, G cup by European standards.
I LOVE putting on old clothes and have them looking brand new now that I'm able to fill out the tops.
ALL feeling came back within 4 months. Left nipple is more sensitive yet I'm happy to have feeling in both! I've received SO many compliments on my shape, that assures me that I did not go too big with the implants. Extremely Happy!
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