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Hi guys. just starting this journey. Had my son...

Hi guys. just starting this journey. Had my son June 2015 & want to finally start the process of getting the boobies done. I've wanted to get them done since high school but just as I was seriously interviewing doctors last year surprise, surprise- I found out I was expecting.
I've always had a small Asymmetry, one used to be a small C and the other an average B. Now that I've had my son, mind you I really only breast fed for a couple months, they're definitely a little more saggy. My nipples have always been pretty low but doing research on here I think I can get away with not having to get a lift. Currently wearing a 36B but the upper fullness is definitely lacking and when i lay down I don't fill the bras at all. I'm hoping to be a 36D/DD by the end of this but will trust my doctor to see what fits me best. Just by my research on here I'd like to have Silicone, beneath the muscle, round, but still not sure of having smooth or textured & getting HP or Mod Plus, I want upper fullness so I'm probably going to need my doctors opinion on it.
So for all my Moms who have gone through this, how is it dealing with recovery and having a little one to care for. My hubby definitely helps but I'm dreading when he gets exhausted with having to wake up with him at night and I'll be helpless. When were you able to pick up your kids? My son is a BIG boy, 21 lbs & 7 months old. I have my consultation this Friday with the doctor I've really beed looking forward to meeting. Hopefully he's the one! I'll post some before pictures & some Wish Tits of someone from this site, because her BEFORE picture seems relative to what my breast situation is now.

Consultation today

Consult with Dr. Z, seems to really know what he's talking about. He told me all my options but I was already set with Silicone, 450-475cc round under the muscle. He said I do have done asymmetry between them so he will most likely do 475 in one & 450 in the other or do one HP & the other Mod Plus.
He did tell me I SHOULD get a lift with the implants:( but I'm honestly just not ready for that type of scarring right now or the price to add that. I've also seen some before & afters of women on here that look similar to mine that didn't get the lift & it turns out fine. I'll post some photos later of my situation lol
Has anyone gotten textured under the muscle? He said it's not really a difference if it's under the muscle. We set the pre op appt for March 1st & the actual surgery for March 17th(: I can't wait but also pretty nervous.


Pretty sure no one is following this but I'm still going to update lol So Hubby has spring break from college a different week then when I was planning to get surgery, so if I had gone with the original date he would have to leave me alone with the baby like the day after surgery and that made me nervous as I know I'll be in pain and probably on medicine.
So, I called and asked to reschedule to March 10, 1 week prior to what I had originally. Pre-op also got pushed up to Feb 28th. It's coming up so fast now! :)

Sad girls. Before pictures.

Just got up the guts to show you guys the sad pair of girls I have now. Like I said they've deflated a lot since having my son even though I only pumped for about 3 months. My left is a little bigger than the right but I'm wearing a 36B with a lot of missing upper pole fullness. Also feel like my nipples have gotten bigger/darker but there's nothing I can do about that without considering a lift which I don't want to do:/ hope the implants will help balance out the size so they don't look so big for my boobs. Hopefully I'll be posting an amazing upgrade of these in a few weeks! :)

Pre-Op done, 15 days left till surgery day !! :)

So I got my pre-op appointment out of the way today. Met with a nurse to go over paperwork and sign a bunch of documents (kinda scary seeing all the risks in writing & knowingly signing off that they're not liable if something goes wrong) Took the before photos, got post op prescriptions, and paid my bill in full:)
So excited AND nervous! I think I'm more scared of the healing process since I'll have my baby boy to take care of.. I don't want to hinder it healing correctly by lifting him too much or doing too much but if my hubby is at school I really don't have a choice.
Was told I'd talk more to my PS on the day of surgery when he marks me up. Wanted to get some finalization to amount of CC, profile, and if he thought I should do sub muscular or dual plane. Guess I'll get a chance to ask him the day of, I'll have to make a list and try not to forget anything.
Countdown begins!

On the other side. 475CC HP with lollipop lift 1 day post op

Had my surgery Yesterday Morning. Sorry for the delay but been pretty tired and drained. Got there at about 0645 & did the pee test, IV, and talked to the anesthesiologist and Dr. Z did the markings on me and answered any questions I still had. Felt like a blur I remember the anesthesiologist telling me to think of a happy place to go and I said OK. He said where are you going? I said Fiji, he said oh thats nice I've always wanted to go there lol and the next thing I knew I was out and waking up in the recovery room.
I did feel a little nauseous when I woke up and the nurse gave me some ginger ale and a pain pill. I was drifting in and out of sleep so she kept telling me to take nice long breaths so she could take the IV and oxygen off of me.
Right before surgery he said he would see how 500cc looked but I guess he didn't think they suited me well so he stuck with 475cc for both even though one was slightly larger than the other. Maybe he took a little more tissue out from the bigger one so they're more symmetric? Haven't taken a super long look at them yet but did take a peak for a minute and i LOVE them. I know its too early to tell anything but I didn't see any bruising at all, i love the shape and projection, and my areola looks smaller and more suited to my breast now:) I can't wait to see what it looks like after the tape. I'm assuming he may take it off at my post op next Thursday the 17th. I thought it was weird that my post op is that far away, I thought they did one a day or two post op. But not complaining, don't really want to deal with the drive from VA Beach to Newport News too much anyway.
Dr. Z ended up putting in 475cc HP Mentor Silicone Gel in both sides, with a lollipop lift. I'll try to take some photos once I get out of the shower later tonight. So far the pain has been okay as long as I keep up with the medication. I've only been taking 1 Percocet every 6 hours and I've been good except at 4am when I woke up in a lot of pain, should've set an alarm to take another pill during the night. Hoping I can start just taking Tylenol soon so I don't have to worry about not being able to drive. TMI but still haven't had a BM yet, but taking stool softeners already, 1 a day.
Also on a weird note, I've had hiccups from hell for going on 15 hours. Called the office and they anesthesiologist said that happens sometimes so called in for prescription that I just got from farm fresh and so far so good. Don't think this is actually for hiccups but I guess its known to help that and nausea/vomiting. Curious to see if this happened to anyone else.
So, took a nice shower but feel weird even though PS said its fine to get wet and pat dry. Got back in the post op bra and now on my couch. Didn't sleep well at all last night. Tried the couch with lots of pillows and neck pillow then my bed with pillows, both sucked but hopefully tonight will be better since I put a sheet on the couch so it won't be so hot.
Attached some photos from right after shower today, 1 day post op.

More photos to get an idea of before and after.

Still really swollen as its only the end of 1 day post op, but just thought I'd do some side by sides of pre-op and today.
My stats:
170 (still working on toning and losing a few pounds after baby)
Pre op deflated 36B
Received 475cc HP Mentor Silicone Gel Implants with Lollipop lift.

Already settling and feeling much better:)

I can already tell they're settling more as each day passes. Finished off the antibiotics already and am down to 1 percocet right before bed so I can get some good sleep in. Otherwise during the day I take tylenol. I find that I feel the worst right in the morning or when I lay down for a long time. Anyway just wanted to post a few photos to show what I mean about them already going down:) hopefully the all the rest of the swelling subsides fast but I do have a little bruising appearing, not as bad as some that I've seen though so I'm thankful.
I've been using Arnica gel just at the tops of by breast no where near my incisions, its supposed to help with swelling and bruising so I don't know if this really has been lifesaver or I just heal well? Either way I'll continue to use it. I can tell my skin is pretty stretched in the cleavage area. Anyone further along have something they can recommend to help with that? I already use bio oil religiously on my tummy after having my son but honestly I guess I just don't have good genes or it doesnt work that great. Also what's the best scar treatment you guys would recommend? I'm looking into kelo-kote, biocorneum, and scar guard but I'll ask my PS at my post op what he recommends.. hopefully if he has something at the office its not too expensive or maybe he'll let me try a sample before I buy it.. anyone else did this for them? Well for the couple of ladies following thanks for keeping me in mind and I'm always following you ladies as well:)

Couldn't resist trying a bra on real quick:)

Just couldn't resist trying on a bra! I purchased this pre surgery just going on what other ladies starting with 36B and getting 475cc they usually end up a 36d-dd. So got a few of both but only tried this one on cause I'm still fresh and don't wanna put any stress on my babies! Lol it's a Victoria's Secret full coverage bra 36DD!! Fits so perfect. Don't know if your boobs get bigger or smaller when they drop and fluff? Wouldn't mind them getting bigger but sure hope they don't get smaller! Love the size! Also don't know if I mentioned my PS and staff sent me flowers a day or two after surgery wishing me happy healing. How sweet. He really knows how to show that he cares about his patients.

Dress Up & Rambling <3

Got bored while hubby was at school at my baby boy was put to sleep already so decided to play dress up. Side note: had to lift my son a few times today since my hubby is back to school from now on and in and out of his crib. Made me feel tighter and had a little burning sensation in my right breast for a bit:/ but I've been icing and they feel better now.
Anyway, the Nude with black dots is a 36DD from VS and the black lace is a 36B but I'm kinda top heavy in that one lol might have to sell that one on Ebay once I drop & fluff since I probably won't fit comfortably in it. If anyone is wondering why I have bras already I was a weirdo and looked up what girls here my size before (36B) wound up with after 475CC and its usually a 36D-DD so I went a little bra crazy pre-op haha
Also I think the arnica gel that I've been using has helped SO much to soothe my aching, bruising, and swelling. I'll take a picture of it for you guys, it was off amazon for really cheap. That and my ice packs have saved me.
Still sleeping on the couch cause I just can't get comfortable at an incline on my bed, not enough support. Think I'll stay on the couch till my first post op which is 4 days from now.

1 Week Post Op Appointment & loving how they're healing so far !!

So ladies I went to see Dr. Z ALL the way in Newport News today. Honestly worth it cause he's been so awesome during this process. Thought he was going to take the tape off but he said no we'll do it at 2 weeks post op. He said they look great so far and should drop a bit once the rest of the swelling is gone. Did anyone else have a TON of questions at their first post op? Cause I did and I made a note on my phone so I wouldn't forget to ask him anything lol I asked him these few questions I thought were important:

When can I resume sex life?
He proceeded to tell my a funny story about how a previous patient didn't take it easy and her significant other got a little to excited with the new boobs and ripped her stitches apart. Also to wait at least until my 2nd week post op to give me the okay and even then to try to take it easy and try to wear a bra to prevent any temptation of ruining my beautiful boobs lol

When can I start execrise?
Only lower body exercise for now i.e. elyptical or walking, nothing that will make me bounce and def no weights yet. Also asked about picking up my son since it kind of falls into lifting heavy objects category and he said to keep it as bare minimum as in in/out of crib.

When can I go braless or wear different bras instead of the surgical bra?
I can go braless as my own comfort permits as in lounging around the house for a few and he even said I could try sleeping but he found that most women were more comfortable sleeping with a bra for weeks if not months post op. I can wear the zip up sports bras or other unpadded unwired sports bras. Didn't say I could wear wired or lined padded bras yet obviously.

I have a tearing/ burning sensation under right nipple wear my vertical incision is, is this normal?
Normal to feel that when exerting your dominant arm during everyday activity. Your dominant arm uses that pec muscle more so he said to try using my left when I can. Also the numbness should start to go away so its normal to feel stickers or zings in breasts.

When can I start scar treatment?
He said after the 2 week post op appointment thats when he takes off the tape and my incisions should be plenty healed by then and to start scar treatment whenever I want after that! He recommended silicone tape at night and some type of scar gel/ lotion during the day.

So that's what I asked and also guilty of asking about Juvederm Ultra to get my lips plumped! Already set it up so that at my 3 week post op appointment he can just go ahead and do it then:) I guess I got a discount for being his established patient so I'll end up paying $500. I've researched other places in the area and thats actually the best I've seen. Can't wait to see how they look, they're already a good size but I want them a little poutier if thats a word and my lips don't look great when I wear lipstick because they have so many wrinkles so hopefully this will improve the smoothness so I can wear lipstick when I want to. It typically lasts 6-12 months and the more you do it the less you need supposedly. I paid for 1 full syringe so I'm gonna get that and see if it achieves the look I want or if I want one more syringe, hopefully its the same price. I know this is now breast related but just thought I'd tell you guys in case someone else was considering it:)

Anyway I'm feeling good just still a bit swollen and gotten sore under the armpit area, I don't know why it's started to be more sore but maybe because I've lifted my son a few times or because the numbness is going away.

2 Weeks Post Op Appt- Tape is off finally!

So, got the tape off finally and was honestly scared to see how my incisions looked. I think both my areolas look pretty good- I like the size but not sure if one looks a little smaller than the other? I'm pretty sure they used a cookie cutter thing so they should be the same size.. Might just be too hard on myself. For only being 2 weeks post op I think I look great so far- there's a couple spots that I think the stitches are spitting or something? When the nurse took off the tape she tweezed and snipped a couple. There's some spots where my incisions don't even look visible and I'm pretty excited to start doing the scar treatment already. I'm pretty sure Dr. Z told me I could start now but I'm going to wait till those few spots where my stitches came up to heal completely- I don't want to start doing it with any unhealed skin. Heard that was bad to do.
I feel like since the swelling has gone down they look much smaller but maybe I'm just getting used to them? I'm allowed to sleep on my side now but it's still pretty uncomfortable. Totally forgot to ask about massaging. I was never advised to do any massages and I thought it prevents CC. Think I'm going to call the office tomorrow and ask if I'm supposed to be doing so.
Overall I think they're healing great, my incisions look really clean and well done:) Just getting impatient about the dropping and fluffing thing. My left dropping faster I'm assuming since I'm right handed. Well, take care ladies:)

Over 3 weeks/ 24 days Post Op Update/ Photos

Just updating, Had a couple spit stitches and my scar below left areola seems to be separating a bit.. It's healing over but I haven't started any scar treatment yet. I want to wait till everything is fully healed. Anyone further along have this happen and their scars are healing just fine now? I seen a nurse at my 2 post op because my PS wasn't there. So I havent seen him personally since 1 week post op. The nurse didn't seem concerned about how I'm healing but I guess I'm overanalyzing because I see horror stories on here. I know its not infected or anything but I don't want to end up with nasty scars.
I see my PS next tuesday, the 12th. So hopefully he'll think everything is fine and I'll get his opinion about starting scar treatment then.
Anyway, I think I'm dropping nicely although my left is dropping a little faster. Areola incisions seem fine and I'm hoping I don't get any more spitting stitches. Unfortunately I heard it can happen months after surgery. Tried on the polka dot bra 36DD I posted here previously and I don't like how it fits. Wondering if push ups just won't look good on me anymore. All the other 36DD I purchased still fits fine but those are all not padded. Still not wearing regular underwire bras anyway just tried them on quickly. Hoping my PS will say I can start wearing underwire bras soon cause I just feel they provide more support, I have a few underwire sports bras I got from VS that I'm dying to start wearing as they look really supportive. I don't have an anchor incision, just the vertical lollipop incision so I doubt an underwire will irritate me as I don't have an incision it would rub on.
I'm still sleeping on my back/ side ( at least trying to) but I somehow always wake up on my tummy no matter how hard I try not to. It isn't painful but its not comfortable either and I doubt its good for my implants or healing to do so. I'm a tummy sleeper so this has been really difficult. I heard its not good to sleep on your tummy since it pushes your boobs down and causes sagging, maybe thats another contribution to be previously saggy boobies lol
Both nipples are still numb and some parts of both breasts as well, but the left seems more numb. I hope I get feeling back as most of you seem to have it back by now:/ Still wake up a little tight in the morning but no real pain to complain about.
Happy Healing Ladies :)

Little over 4 weeks update.

Feel pretty much like myself at this point, trying to still limit myself to stay safe but everyday life seems pretty normal. Incisions are healing okay, still not perfect but I haven't been doing any scar treatment yet. Waiting to see my PS to tell my I'm fully healed. Seems like I am but theres a couple spots that I wasn't sure about since I spit a stitch. I'll be using Biocorneum & silicone tape once I do start, probably later this week after I see my PS tomorrow.
Left still seems to be dropped a little better than my right but it's catching up. They're getting softer and more jiggly as each day passes. Hubby was amazed that they've made such a drastic change. Since all the swelling seems to be gone they seem smaller to me:/ I'm still a 36DD but I guess on my body type they seem smaller? Hubby thinks I'm crazy, they're way bigger than what I started off with and he's right but I guess I wanted to seem like more of a difference when I have clothes on. Still happy with the outcome and happy that I don't have any major complications yet and hopefully I won't. Areola incisions seem to be healing better than the vertical ones. Both nipples and parts of the left breast are still numb:/ Hope feeling returns soon if at all. I also notice my left nipple is hard ALL the time and my right only gets hard if its stimulated or if its cold:/ Anyone else with that issue?


Just some photo updates. My left incisions have given me a little headache with the spit stitches but they're healing over now. I've been using Biocorneum on the completely healed parts and once everything is healed I'll start using Nexum tape. I think my areola incisions are pretty invisible, hopefully the vertical ones catch up.
Side note: I'm moving cross country in about a month, kind of nervous about lifting things but hopefully I'll be fine since I'll have movers to do the heavy stuff.

Dr. Z is great. He told me what I NEEDED right off the bat. Initially I didn't want the lift because I wasn't sure if I wanted to deal with the scars. But after really thinking about it I knew I should do it right the first time rather than getting just the implants now and having them sag soon down the road. He was great with answering all my questions both at my consultation & the day of surgery. I'm only 1 day post op and can already tell Dr. Z did an amazing job! His nurses and the recovery nurse were all very nice and accommodating, my husband got stuck in traffic on his way to pick me up but they were understanding about it. I can't wait to see the final results but know I'm in great hands! Would definitely recommend him to anyone in the hampton roads area considering cosmetic surgery. I live in Virginia Beach and he was worth the drive to his nearest office in Newport News. The office also sent me flowers today wishing me happy healing! His care and bedside manner are amazing. Thank you Dr. Z! :)

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