35 Yrs-Finally Doing the Mommy Makeover!!! (TT, Lipo, BL and Implants) - Newport News, VA

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I have just discovered this site a week ago and...

I have just discovered this site a week ago and after stalking everything, I am feeling so tremendously overwhelmed!!! If only I knew this site existed months ago, I would not feel as if I am not at all prepared for my surgery next week!!! The reason I am even writing this blog (or whatever this is :-) is because I have yet to come across anyone with my body shape, height, weight, etc. Its so hard to imagine what my possible outcomes are with so many other women that are not in my category! I hope that this will help someone like me imagine what their future look may possibly be. So here goes....My history:
I am 35 years old with 3 beautiful little girls (13, 11 and 7). I have never really been a thin girl, but once upon a time I carried a physically fit physic (just thick boned....Think...softball player). I have always been active, even through pregnancies and post pregnancy. I am currently 165 lbs and 5' 8". I am terrified that I have not lost enough weight prior to this surgery (from what I have read so far on all these other reviews). With my last pregnancy (7 yrs ago), I went from 200 (pregnancy weight) to a comfortable 150 where I maintained (150-160) for 5.5 yrs. I was comfortable in that weight range and looked good in clothes. I went down as far as 138 lbs after my 2nd child and looking back at pictures-I now realize that I actually did look sickly (as everyone would always tell me and I just couldn't see it). I was very comfortable with my weight at 150-155. We moved about 2.5 years ago to a new state, away from family, away from my gym that was less than a mile from my work (I used to work out during my lunch hour every day and was able to maintain my weight with that). At our current home, I am having to now fit in "Work out" time after work with 3 kids busy schedules. Needless to say, it hasn't work. Thus the weight gain (of course the office donuts and constant eating out for lunch certainly didn't help either!!!). I was a whooping 188.9 lbs the first week of January 2015 (the heaviest I ever allowed myself to get while not being pregnant!!). I knew something had to give...I joined weight watchers on Jan 5 and began eating much healthier and began running again (which I LOVE) and working out. The weight started dropping (not with much veracity, but consistently.... I would drop 1-2 lbs a week..Which was good for me in maintaining and encouraging to continue to loose). Nonetheless, we are to today at 165 lbs. I of course have tons of loose skin around my abdomen and my boobs are flat and lifeless (one thing I can say about the weight gain ... was that I had some boobs!!! I would tease my hubby and asked how he let me get that big and he would say that the boobs were clouding his vision! :-) I have stepped my work out up ridiculously this week due to these reviews cause I am now so worried that my extra 10 lbs will ruin the outcome of my tummy tuck. I am hoping to loose at least 5 lbs before May 7. I am also very worried that I did not go big enough on the CCs for my implants. I am currently a B cup (according to VS bras) but no where near a full B (more like a limp deflated skin B). I am going with the textured Mentor Gummy Bear implant at 400 CCs (which I believe my PS said was the highest CCs they go in that brand-I would have to change brands and/or style). I do not want Porn big boobs, but I certainly want to look like I had something done (its a lot of money!!). I want to be a Full DD. Well Hopefully this review will help someone else. I have not bought a damn thing, I have already been to my pre op appt (and they will provide the binder-they said I didnt need to purchase anything else. I have a recliner, lots of pillows, kids and hubby at my beckon call, a week off from work, etc. Besides, I don't believe I would have a clue as to what brands or where to look for anything!) and have not even filled my prescriptions yet. I am still in shock I guess that its next week and haven't found the motivation to act like its next week. In my head, I think I believe I am still weeks out!!! I have attached some before pics (that I honestly cannot believe I am doing) But hey, I have relied so much on you brave women for your pics and love the fact that this is a place where you won't be snickered at...We are all here for a common purpose...to get to the flat side (and of course big boob side for some of us!) ;-)

Getting Soooo Close!

Well I finally filled my prescriptions and I actually purchased an Anti Gravity Chair due to so many recommendations (and because we were already shopping for outdoor furniture-so might as well buy this brand!) What I need help on ladies is what brands and/or styles do you recommend for spanks, CGs, sports bra and scar treatment?!?!?! My PS will provide a binder, but I hear it isn't comfortable at all. I want something I can fall back on.

I am stalking this site more than ever now that its so close! Good luck to all the ladies getting their surgeries this week and those recovering!!! I'm getting excited! :)

Nerves kicking in!!

Getting worried now that I will be completely disappointed with my results! I managed to only lose 4 more lbs and my surgery is tomorrow. I am ok with that, the problem is that I lost more weight in my boobs (if that was even possible!) and now I am certain I am an A cup instead of a B cup like I was in my consultation. I weighed 168.8 during my consultation and now weigh 161.6. I am having the gummy bear implants that r already prefilled and worried as hell that I am not going to even make a full C cup... Ughhhhh!!! All I know, is they better figure out how to transfer my lipo fat to my breasts somehow for $15,000!!! I was very adamant that I wanted full Ds to DD breasts during my consultation and pre op appts! Lol

Today is the day!!!

I am about 15 minutes away from the surgical center... Almost time!!! So excited, nervous and ready to get this over with so I can begin the healing process! My hubby has been great even though I have only said about 10 words this whole 2 hour trip... Lol... I may be a little more nervous than I am letting on! ;-) well here goes... Next time I update, I will be on the flatter side!!!

Soooo uncomfortable!

Well I made it out of the surgery yesterday and oh the pain!!!! Lol... We didn't think over the car choice too good as my husband's truck is way hard to get into when ur drugged and can't bend!!! Last night was definitely rough! Not pain level so much but the fullness, not being able to use ur stomach muscles, my boobs feeling like they r totally engorged, etc!!! My hubby is an awesome helper!! He set the alarms to go off every 3 hours so he could walk me around, has no issue draining my bulbs, sticking the blood thinner needle in my leg or taking me to the bathroom! He is awesome and I'm loving him for it! ????. Also, ladies be prepared for flying emotions! Lol I think I have cried 3 times already! Lol

I have not seen any results yet as I'm so bandaged up. I go back this morning to the PS to get checked up on... Maybe I can sneak some pics then! :-)

Pain not bad!

Seen the PS this morning. He said everything looks like it should! I am having a lot of back pain but that's from the hunching over. He ended up putting 425 cc in one breast and 450cc in the other. My hubby said it looks great. He also said that my waist is tiny too and incision line is very low! I'm ready to get this healing over already! I was nauseated coming out of the OR and then again last night. When they took the binder off this Morning, I also experienced the nausea again. I now see why everyone refers to their binders as their friends! I haven't thrown up yet thank God!

Took a shower! Yea!

I'm 2 days post op and feeling a little better than yesterday. Still have a ton of swelling everywhere, especially in my breasts. They are rock hard (feels like they are engorged with milk)! Pain is being controlled with the medicine, but I have cut back to just 1 every six hours instead of 1-2 every 4 hours. I can't get myself up from the recliner yet, so my kids and hubby have been wonderful with that. I get up and walk about 5 minutes every 3 hours. My girls slept on the couch last night with me and they each took turns helping me last night. They were definitely great little helpers. I have only eaten 1 egg with a piece of toast, ritz crackers and pineapples with cottage cheese. Not all at once! Lol... I get full pretty darn quick. I am liking the results from what I can see. I took a quick shower this afternoon (with everyone's help of course). I was able to glance in the mirror and have my hubby take some pics before I got dressed. The only thing that slightly concerns me is my belly button. I can't seem to stand up straight because of how tight it is. I'm hoping this is normal!!!!


finally had a BM last night and for those of you who have struggled with the same, I know u understand my relief! It took some effort! I was so full feeling and anything I would put in my mouth would feel like I compressed inside the intestines of my stomach! I couldn't eat a thing and thinking about eating was making me nauseous. I did not have one of my better days yesterday! I haven't even bothered looking at my body again (although I did sneak another peak the other night). I get to take another shower later today, so I'm excited about feeling refreshed again. I'm still taking the narcotic and Motrin for the back pain, but I have cut it back to every 6 hours and only 1 pill. Today is the first day I will do this alone....my hubby returns to work this morning and my girls go to school. It will be a bit difficult without their help, but I'm just going to take it easy anyways.... Hope everyone is healing well!!!

Tired of this already!

6 days post op and I am driving myself crazy cooped up! I am still trying to find the positive on the whole tummy tuck portion of this mommy make over! The boobs are good to go, but the fact that I still can't stand straight, still having to sleep on the recliner at night and watching everyone around me go-go-go is absolutely killing me! Lol. You would think a week off to do nothing Is good, but I guess my personality of being able to get up and go is not jiving with the laid back part! I just wish this healing process was a bit quicker than it is becoming! I just figured In my head that it would fly by and quite frankly it's dragging! I just feaR that I will not ever be normal again to stand up straight again, to sleep on my back again, to run again, to work out again... I just don't see it with as much pain as im still in! Lol I'm just whining, forgive me! I'm just jealous of everyone else further along in their recovery and doing so much better than I am! Lol I did leave the house yesterday and went to Walmart with the hubby (although I had to use the cart as my walker)! It did feel good to get around a bit! I wish I could physically stand up straighter! I'm only taking Tylenol extra strength every 6 hrs for pain as the narcotics were kicking my butt with nausea! I guess in the grand scheme of things i am doing well. I shower by myself daily, have been doing light cleaning, walking around a bit during the day, just no where near 100%!! I do go to the PS tomorrow and hopefully will get these drains removed. I start back to work on Monday (desk job if needed) and dreading that! I just need to take things one day at a time... I know! :-) happy healing everyone!!!

Time to update review!

Tomorrow marks 3 weeks post op and what a 3 weeks it's been! Here are some suggestions along the way:
1. Day of surgery: DON'T forget to bring a pillow in the vehicle for ur post op travels home! Needless to say, I did and the 2 hour drive home was a bit uncomfortable. Speaking of travel arrangements, think about the vehicle you will be using to go home in! My hubby has a F150 and didn't think about having to climb back into that bad boy after surgery! Also, as good as ur hubby or helper's intentions may be to make u comfortable in the vehicle... DO NOT and I repeat, DO NOT allow them to recline the seat for u after ur surgery! My hubby was trying to make the car ride to the hotel after my surgery comfortable, so he reclined the seat back quite a bit for me, well in my drugged up state and trying to hop my medicated butt up In The truck, I simply laid back in the seat not realizing it was reclined and (due to no use of my stomach muscles) I fell back into the seat and stretched the hell out of my stomach! The pain was horrendous and apparently I cried a bit afterwards! My hubby felt terrible!
2. Things I wasted money on and realize that I'm glad I am a cheap ass and didn't waste money on some suggested items: I bought the antigravity chair that did nothing for me! Even padded down with blankets and pillows I could never quite get it to recline in a comfy position! I stuck with my recliner that I slept in for 10 days! I did purchase a leg pillow wedge and a regular pillow wedge. Definitely a useful buy! Still use it and it helps in relieving back pain. I used my daughters animal neck pillow that I bought her from walmart for 5.88. It's bendable and it worked wonders for making my head comfy in the recliner. Other than already owned pillows and blankets... That is all I used for simple comforts. I didn't buy a walker- I hunched over and walked trying to stand straighter each day. I didn't buy a toilet seat.. I worked the hell out of my thighs 2 weeks before surgery and the muscle build up helped me those first few days. I didn't buy a shower chair because I had a pull down shower head and already have a bench in my shower. I could see a chair being useful though... Thanks goodness for my bench.
3. Those first 4 days post op: listen to everyone on here when they say that if u can pass those first 4 days you are good! Listen to people when they tell u that you will get depressed within those first 4 days cause it's true!!!! When I read reviews I was thinking nah, not me... I'm athletic and I will kick this recovery thing in the butt and move on! Ughhh No that was far from the truth! It kicked my ass!!!! I always felt that I was a mentally tough person but somehow being stuck on a couch watching life continue around u while u rely on others and u hurt and can't get up without assistance and u can't eat but are hungry and u can't poop or the meds are nauseating you... IT WILL PLAY MIND TRICKS WITH yOU!!!! I have never been in that state and can honestly say that I feel for everyone that has a medical debilitating issue that is chronic, etc... I couldn't get my parents out of my mind cause I watched them both wither away to cancer and to know that I felt only about 10% of what they must have felt those many dragging months of the fatal illness, killed me mentally. Believe us when we say it's a temporary feeling, but it really messes with you. It occurred for me during those first 4 days!!! It sucked!!! Not only that, I also kept thinking, why the hell did I do this to myself! I'm never going to get better... There is NO way I can work next week or even stand up straight ever again for that matter. Those first 4 days suck!!!
5. Once u get past those first 4 days: u really start to see the light at the end of the tunnel! U can walk a bit straighter, ur drains are coming out, u can get up from the couch alone! Ur doing simple tasks around the house. Ur able to get off the pain meds (which I suggest to try to do as soon as possible! ) They really messed me up... I stopped them after 3 days and stuck to Tylenol extra strength and Advil. Ur appetite begins to pick back up and u SLOWLY think ... Ok... I can do this...
6. Your changing body: u will also do an emotional roller coaster with this as well! U will think, what the hell did I do, they r never going to get smaller, what about The scar, etc! For me though... I can't stop touching my boobs! Lol... I love them and I love touching them! I think I may have a new obsession! I love where my incision was made and I am really liking the belly button. I am concerned that it's pulled in tightly! But hopefully it will loosen over time!
7. Going back to work: I went back to work on my 11th day post op. I was a bit hunched over (so of course people were concerned). I had told a few people what I was going for, so my close coworkers new. I had a very positive reaction from them and most were eager to hear the details-mainly cause they r interested in it for themselves! If they asked, I told them... I didn't shy from the truth too much. The only medicine I was and still am currently taking is over the counter Advil 3 times a day. My PS instructed me to do that to help with inflammation. I was sore and hunched but by the end of the week I was standing a bit taller. I would be hunch by the time I made it home. But for the most part, I rested when I needed, overdid it a few times and realized it and stayed at my desk quite a bit. I also had a bunch of people help me with things... So it wasn't a challenge to return to work so quickly. This week 18 days post op, I was cleared to fly to Atlanta from Maryland for work. The flight was uneventful (thank goodness) and work this week has been good to me (I'm currently laying down in my hotel bed).
8. Swelling, binders and spanx: I never really was super swollen. I swelled the first week in my breast (of which I never really had any pain. Maybe the tummy tuck trumped the breast pain! I dunno). I do have occasional swelling from the top of my pubic area to my incision (I will attach a pic). But for the most part- no major swelling concerns. I fit in all my pre surgery clothes- even with the binder so I have no issues there. I still wear my binder over asset branded spanx. I don't technically have to wear the binder as my PS released me from wearing it and only having to wear a spanx style undies. I prefer to wear it over my spanx though. I love the bra given to me by my PS but I did buy a couple more to rotate with. Did I mention I love my boobs! Lol
9. Sleeping: I sleep fully on my back now. I slept in the recliner for 10 days though! I do use the leg pillow wedge in bed. I don't move much while sleeping so I find myself having to get up a bit more cause I simply put strain on the same area throughout the night. I still use a bunch of pillows.
Well that's all I can think of at this moment. I am a bit tired and need to wake up early for work. I have attached some pics of the healing process this far...

More pics - recent

here are more recent pics of the healing transition.
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