Ideal Implants: 270cc; 37 Years Old, No Kids, 5'2, 108 Lbs. Very Small Frame

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Ideal Implants! I decided to create this to help...

Ideal Implants! I decided to create this to help others with making a decision regarding Ideal Implants. Since they just started using them in 2015 (after years of testing and trial) I feel this is the way I want to go. It's the best of both worlds - the look and feel of silicone but filled with saline! There's not much out there for before and after pics of Ideal Implants so really hoping this helps others.

I'm 5'2 about 108 lbs. with a very small frame. I lift weights 4-5 days/week and do cardio 3-4 days/week. I've wanted bOObs for as long as I can remember - just hoping one day they would grow... Hasn't happened and I'm tired of waiting! Surgery is scheduled for 8/04/16. Seriously would have scheduled it for sooner if I could have. Dr. Z said the max he can go with me is 270cc - I'm hoping this is not going to be too small, but trust his clinical expertise. They will be under the muscle and Ideal Implants only come in mid plus profile. I'll keep everyone updated as the date gets closer - I'm SOOO very excited!

IDEAL Implants

IDEAL Implants - wish boob pics

IDEAL Implants - more wish boob pics

Countdown is on! 4 more days!!!

I'm nervous and really excited. Also, I thought I might have to push my surgery back due to a breast biopsy that was needed prior to surgery. Biopsy was about a week ago and is benign, so I am good to go. I do recommend if anyone has a fibroadenoma like myself, to please get a biopsy to confirm benign. I was very thankful that Dr. Z. wanted this done before the surgery. This weekend I plan to clean, clean, clean and to make sure I'm prepared for post op. My husband is taking off work for 3 days after my surgery so he will be able to help me when needed.

IDEAL Implants: 300cc

I'm officially in the other side! Yay for boobies finally! It really has not been bad so far - just pressure and swelling. Will get to take a shower tomorrow and see the results.

My before little boobie pictures.

Day 1 post op

They are high, swollen, tight, painful and there is a big gap. They look huge to me, but I don't think they look that big in the pics. I think I'm going to love them!

5 weeks post op

Hey everyone! Everything is going good so far, but it has not been as easy for me as it seems to be for others. It seems as though those who have been pregnant and have kids do not have as much pain as those of us that haven't been pregnant. The pain and tightness is starting to go away and they are getting softer. My right breast is taking longer to feel like it is a 'part' of me and it is making a squeaky sound (which is crazy weird) and still has some fluid build up. Dr Z says everything is healing great and no need to worry. I also had terrible knife like pains on the lower middle part of my left breast all last week. Dr said that is normal also. That pain is starting to go away. My nipples have been extremely sensitive, and really hurt the entire process so far and they are also very swollen and puffy. Dr says since I had very little breast tissue - this is causing my nipples to swell more and with time they should go back to normal. He cleared me last week to start lifting and running (cannot do push-ups or chest for another 3 weeks). I'm taking it easy and love that I can start getting back into my routine.

4 weeks post op pic

5 weeks post op pic

A little over 2 months post op and loving my IDEAL implants!

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