Getting a Much Needed Lift! - Newport Coast, CA

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I'm super exited and nervous about this, in...

I'm super exited and nervous about this, in getting a full lift with replacement of my now 425cc saline implants for 550/600cc silicon uhp implants :) .. After two kids and breastfeeding well my boobs are too low /: and saggy ....but now I'm 5 days from surgery hopping to end up with a Full DD size .. I'm not sure if to get 550 or 600cc ?? Any opinions ??

It's almost time!!!

3 days until the big day :) I'm exited and worried I might not get the results I want or that I didn't choose the right size of implant , I really don't want that natural look I've had " natural look " for many years lol I need a change .. Hoping I can end up with a FULL 34 DD

Super nervous and exited !!!

I can't believe time is almost here !! I'm happy cuz I now me breast are getting a much needed help but I'm also scared cuz I know the scars will be there forever :/ but I'm hoping it will be worth it :) .... I'm still undecided on the Breast size .. I guess I'll leave it up to my ps at the time of the surgery ..

550cc or 600cc ??? Help! Ladies give me your opinion

My surgery is tomorrow and I'm still frustrated cuz I cat decide on the size !!! What do you guys think I should go for? Looking at me actual breast now what would you ladies go for ??? Pls opinions :)

Quick update !! Girls are home 600cc :)

Hi ladies ! Just a quick update ... I'm home safe and sound thank god and surgery went pretty well, I ended up with 600cc silicone uhp under the muscle ... I feel a lil bit of pain , my PS did some stitching on the inside to help my implant stay in place and don't sagg again :) so far I'm happy .. Can't wait to see the girls on my pre op on Tuesday :) hope you all are doing good and thanx for your support .

2 daya post-op No pain but A LOT of bruising

I'm 2 days post op and I'm feeling a lot better :) I stopped taking the pain medication cuz it gives me an itching feeling plus its not that bad at this point , as you can see I have a lot of bruising going on , but I expected it cuz I bruise easily ... I'm happy with the result so far , I know the girls are still High high and they need to drop , can't wait to see how they change every day :)
Hope everyone is doing good !

Already falling in love !!

Hi ladies hope everyone is doing well :) ... I'm 5 days post op almost a week !! I'm feeling a lot better , I just want the bruising to go away cuz my boobs look like they been in a big fight ! I'm happy about he size ...right now I think one breast looks a lil higher and bigger than the other one I believe it's just more swelling on one side ( but it's not that much of a difference ) i know it's still to early to talk about results I have to wait at least 3 months but I think I will love my new girls !

Feeling a lil upset about results ...

I know it's still to early to tell the final results but I'm staring to have the fear that my left breast won't change in appearance .. I see it's a lil bit bigger and has more side boob ( have to mention that left breast has been always bigger ) but I thought the lift would help ... I hope it's just swelling , Ps said that it's more swollen because he did more work on that breast , Idk I'm just feeling upset :/ ...

Oh no hope this changes with time !

What i was scared of... It happened

Ok well it's been 2w 5d since I had my BL/BA on oct 25th, everything was going good until my "T" junction under my right breast decided to open :/ , and I know it's very common to happen but the bigger the wound the bigger the scar /: , I just hope it doesn't get worse.
I went to my PS cause I was concerned about it and he was very nice he took care of the wound clean it up and everything , he said there is nothing to worry about , no infection just and open wound that will heal with time , he recommended to keep it clean and put on just a lil bit of noesporin just once a day ..
I guess it's the price of having some real nice girls down the road , so for now I just feel a lil upset ..... Hope everyone is doing good and heling great :)
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