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I'm 4 days away from surgery and I'm so excited I...

I'm 4 days away from surgery and I'm so excited I can't believe this is happening! Hoping to document the process. I've found this site very helpful. I'll post some pre op pics. There are a few worries I have because I am a smoker and have cut down and stopped but sometimes break down and take a drag because I'm constantly around other cigarette smokers but I've taken time off of work (I'm a server, all severs do is drink coffee, smoke, and talk shit on their breaks) so I won't be around and nicotine products. The other concern I have is my chest piece. It's beautiful and I don't want my new implants to alter the look too drastically. Any thoughts on any of the above? I'd love any type of feed back. Regardless still extremely excited and can't wait! 4 days!

3 days and I can't waitttt

So I haven't been smoking or drinking or taking any blood thinners in fact. Very proud if myself. I just ordered my Carole Martin full freedom breast augmentation bra on amazon, filled all my percsriptions. I have been taking valium percribed by my doc for my smoking habits and it does help a lot. Even with work, I'm able to tolerate so much lately. Maybe it's the meds or maybe it's the excitement and just knowing I'll have new breast soon :). My grandma is my biggest supporter. She has had 2 augs since she had breast cancer. I'm worried for the pain but she said it's nothing compared to having all the breast tissue removed, stretched, and then implanted. She said her second aug wasn't painful at all and she only took painkillers for the first day. I'm planning on taking 5 days off of work. Im hoping that's enough time to recover. I'm young, healthy, and enthusiastic about the whole experience so I feel 5 days might be good enough. Any thoughts? I'm posting some wish pics. Ugh. Also a pic of my wearing sizers at my pre op. Can't wait!

One day post op

Feeling good everything is sore especially my back. I don't really like taking the oxy so I take tylonol and muscle relaxer but other the. That I'm super happy. We ended up going with 525 HP mentor. I'll post more when I can take the wrap off. I can't wait to be able to shower on Monday. Ugh

2 days post op

I know I'm just 2 days post op but they're sitting so high and they're so swollen. Is this normal? I've been icing them to relieve the pain. I don't really like taking the oxy.

I took my first shower today!

And omg it was amazing. I feel great. Taking the compression wrap off felt amazing. My breast are sitting high but they don't hurt. And I'm just so excited to see them drop. They make me look so hour glass I'm loving it. I lost some weight since surgery and I'm now 120lbs 5'4" 525 HP mentor. And I'm just extremely happy right now. Can't wait till next month ahhhh also my inscicion line is so small I'm very pleased.

Granny bra

So I'm wearing my full freedom Carole Martin bra which feels amazing compared to the compression wrap. It opens in the front and it's pretty easy to put on. Glad I got an extra size larger because it's actually quit snug. I went poop today for the first time after surgery because I haven't been eating too much and it went well(too much info? Well that's what we are here for right?) just glad to have to support of others and be able to dork the rest who don't believe in me. So pleased with my body. So happy I did this and I just can't wait till they drop and fluff

5 days

Not much has changed except I don't really have any pain anymore besides waking up in the morning. Mornings are the toughest but still I'm so excited for them to drop. I have to go back to work as a server next week and my boss is really a giant dick and wants me to carry ice buckets and mop which is a little ridiculous. My doc is writing me a not for restrictions but I hope my manager doesn't cut me shifts if this happens..has anyone of you girls filed for temporary disability during this time of recovery? Any thoughts or advice?

One week update!

Post op this Monday and I'm excited because my mom is having a consultation the same day. So pleased with my new look and things are finally starting to settle down and hurt less. I'll be going back to work next week only taking a couple shifts with was okay with my manager :) I just wanna thank all you ladies for your support and just really appreciate this site. Love you all~

First post op

Had my first post op and everything is healing perfect and I get to start my boob massages and finally got a look at my stitches. There's still smoke marker and tape of them but they look pretty good to me :) just counting the days till they drop. My doc said because I started out with basically nothing it's gonna take a while for my skin to stretch since I never had any underboob and very little breast tissue to begin with. At least they're starting to look nicer and I got measured and I'm a D! Yay~ hopefully when they drop they'll be bigger because my muscles are holding down my implants so much. I starting seeing a chiropractor, which is the best idea I've had so far. It really does help. I need to be more conscious of my posture while healing but I'll be seeing my chiropractor every week and my next post op is in 2 weeks and then I can start the scar treatment :) everything is going so well. Today is my first day back at work and not looking forward to it since a server. Although my doc did wrte me a note so I won't have to strain. Just worried about being taken off the schedule. :T wish me luck ladies.

Bra shopping

I went bra shopping and it's just too much fun now. Everything looks amazing ;) I might have bought too many but I know I'll wear them all. my nipples are still extremely sensitive almost to everything but my doc says it's normal and should calm down. I bought a bunch of size mediums at vs pink store. Another update, my first day back at work was actually pretty chill. I was worried my manager would be tough on me but he was surprisingly nice and understanding with the doctors note. I just hope I don't taken off the schedule because I can't do things like mop, carry ice buckets or take out the trash yet. Scars are coming along quite well and I do my massages almost constantly. They are still sitting high but my doc says it's because I didn't have much existing breast tissue and because I'm athletic my muscles are holding on to my implants and my skin needs time to stretch to form a lower boob. Anyways I'll be posting pics of I took yesterday


So my manager decided to not really fire me but told me I'm not allowed to go back to work because "I'm unable to preform my duties" the only thing I'm restricted with is moping and taking out the trash...so it's kinda of bs. Then I was told to file for disability and if I'm lucky I'll get my shifts back in a month. Do you think it's even worth it?! I'm
Kind of insulted. Tuesday I was told there was no problem with my performance and now I'm basically jobless and on the hunt. Anyways. Here's some updated photos.

Almost a month

Everything has been going a lot better. My nipples are starting to point up and not down haha I'm having little to no pain. Back at work (new job since my last let go of me) doing light cardio (can't stand them bouncing all around though) my scars are comin along nicely but my left nipple is still very sensitive. I also feel like my areola has gotten stretched out. In addition I have quite a few stretch marks now so I've been rubbing vitamin e oil on them religiously. Started using scar away for my scars too.

Mentor card

So I just got my mentor card and realized I actually have 535UHP NOT 525HP so I'm pretty stoked honestly, I just can't wait till they drop aghhh! Wearing this compression band above my boobs till my apt on nov 5 but I don't wear it constantly like to work and such. Def an around the house type thing haha.

32D too small

My friend left her bra over and I decided to try it on and I can barely fit into it :) this makes me so happy. When is it okay to go swimming? I'm dying over hereeee


So I was diagnosed with shingles a couple days ago. Got the rash and I've been battling it. Luckily my ps and primary doctor says it won't affect my implants since I'm 5 weeks post. I'm in a lot of pain and on antiviral treatments and pain killers and anti inflammatory haha. Just my luck :( boobs are doing great though. Nice and squishy and don't bother me at all. Still have to get used to them being there when I sleep on my side though haha

They're too amazing for words

They have healed so perfectly. Rounded out. Nice underboob. And they're a lot closer together too. Selfie game On point. I love love love love them so much and they don't even hurt when I work out. I'm back to my normal spin barre and yoga routine and just loving them. Ladies. It's so worth it.
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