Very large 600cc implants must go !!! I'm 40 had implants for 18yrs

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I always felt like I had a little girl's body I...

i always felt like I had a little girl's body I was always very small and petite I'm 5'6"and I 100 pounds ... My original breast size Was a 34 B .. Oh I would give anything to be back to my original size I really wish that I knew now what I didn't know back then ! But I was young and felt that this was the right choice for me so I started looking for plastic surgeons to give me more of a busty look so I can look more like a woman ! Looking back on it now I feel very silly ! So my first breast job I had done when I was 22 years old they were saline filled implants and they were filled to 470 cc that brought me to a very large C to a double D depending on if I was a 32 or 34 around , I never liked my first breast job they always felt like I had water balloons very uncomfortable they were very high up on my chest they never settled into place and they rotated and I had a lot of rippling and had a very fake look! So in December 2009 I decided that I either wanted to remove these implants altogether or go ahead and get a new set of the new cohesive gel implants because they were supposed to feel more natural and not have any Rippling .. I met with a fantastic plastic surgeon and he talk to me and explained that if I was to remove my implants that I currently had which were 470cc that I would have to have a breast lift well I didn't want any scars from the left .. so I opt to go ahead and get 600 cc cohesive gel implants put in . I absolutely love them right away I thought they were going to be way bigger which I'm glad they weren't I was able to fit my same bras and clothes ' I'm still not too sure why when my first breast implants were 470 and these were 600 maybe because my first set was a high-profile , and the set that I have now is a moderate profile because I explained my doctor that I want to have a natural look ! At first I thought they going to be way big , which I'm glad they weren't I was able to fit my same bras I'm still not too sure why when my first breast implants were 470cc and these were 600 maybe because my first set was a high-profile in the set that I have now is a moderate profile because I explained my doctor that I want to be very natural look. I absolutely love my second breast job they look very natural and they feel very nice. But I'm getting a lot of back pain chest pain , and other health issues have came up , I am not saying there from the implant it just seems weird after I got the silicone gel implants things started happening not to the point where I need to be on medicine or anything like that it's just I'm starting to put the two together and thinking maybe it's time to remove these ! I know these implants are way too heavy for my small frame as well , so it looks like the best decision for me is to have these breast implants removed ! I am extremely nervous I found a fantastic plastic surgeon in Newport Beach and I'm very excited nervous scared on having this done because , I'm going to have them removed without a lift right now to see exactly what my body is going to look like, I'm going to give it about six months to a year and if I don't get any shrinking of the skin which I'm praying that it actually goes back into place a little bit , i'm also praying that I get the fluff back in my breasts to at least my original size . I truly want to thank everybody on this website you have given me the courage and the strength to move forward reading your stories and seeing your pictures has been so amazing to me !

I'm ready !!

I seen my doctor my doctor for a second consultation on Saturday September 12th I was very pleased to hear that he said he felt I was they have great results and to give it time for my skin to retract back . He told me he could take up to six to nine months for me to see my final results, my doctor told me to hydrate with a lot of water and use lotion such as coconut oil for my skin and a very supportive sports bra for at least six weeks plus . I am very nervous on my results! I see so many amazing results on here . That's what's giving me the courage and the strength to move forward to have these huge bags off my chest . I can't wait to feel the relief that all the you Beautiful brave women on here describe after their surgery .
He also said that he's not going to use drains unless he feels it's necessary while he's in doing surgery.
I am having my procedure done under local . He said it's pretty straightforward as I don't have any cc to worry about . He said I should be in and out in about 45 minutes to an hour . I am very nervous because I will be awake through the procedure, but he says he does this quite often under local and there's nothing to worry about . Has anyone else had their breast implants removed that are local ?

Having my explant done under local

The closer my surgery date gets the more nervous I'm getting about going under local instead of General , I just hate the feeling of coming out of general anesthesia , it makes me groggy and nauseous, and sometimes I get sick to my stomach which is usually not fun right after surgery ... few other perks of going local That its $1800 cheaper because I don't have to pay for the surgery center and anesthesiologist and on top of that I've seen a lot of women who say that they just walked right out felt great some of them even went shopping and I seen one story one here that one Woman even drove herself home .
I have been following lots of explant reviews on this wonderful website with all you lovely ladies sharing your stories . Some have said local was wonderful and it was like a spa experience other women explained that it was a little painful others explain it was a little scary . I have a high tolerance of pain. I had both my kids all natural and both were 8 pounds . But I guessing i'm a bit more scared as I'm having my breast implants cut out of me and stitched up with me fully awake . I just felt I needed to vent a little bit. If anybody had any type of experiences that they like to share with me I'd really appreciate it . Everyone's advice and support is more than appreciated, I couldn't do this without all of you wonderful women and your stories! I would've never had the strength or the courage !
Thank you :-)

The big day is in 3 more days !!

I'm feeling so anxious, excited and scared all the same time ! I'm having my explant done under local anesthesia this Saturday!! I'm scheduled for 12:30 pm I really just wanted to be scheduled for surgery first thing in the morning when I wake up ! I didn't want to be on pins and needles until surgery time... But that is the only time frame he had so I took it ! My doctor usually doesn't use anything to calm you down before your local surgery he has you come in and uses the local anesthesia! I wish I was brave enough not to need something to calm me down ! So I asked him since I'm a bit nervous for him to call something in the the pharmacy to calm me down before hand and during the procedure he gave me Diazepam and some antibiotics to start . I have never been on anything so I am a little apprehensive on how that's going to make me feel taking Diazepam! Thank you to everyone on RS that has shared their journey , it has allowed me to understand the roller coaster ride that I'm going to be going through . xoxo :-)

Tomorrow's the big day !!!

I'm trying not to be too nervous, but I do have butterflies in my tummy ! The doctors office called to confirm my surgery for tomorrow at 12:30 PM . She told me to wear comfy clothes . I'm just praying that I won't feel any pain of course besides the local numbing shots , she did tell me that those initial shots are very uncomfortable which kind a has me a little nervous ! I'm going to see if my doctor will snap a photo right after he removes my breast implants tomorrow, so I can upload it on here right after my surgery ! Keeping my fingers crossed that I don't look too bad after stretching my breast out for 18 years and Praying the surgery will be fast with no pain !

They are out!!

Surgery went well ! I decided not to take my Diazepam after all . I think the shots and the doctor putting pressure on my top part of my breast to push my 600 cc implant out of a little tiny incision was one of the worst parts . I'm a bit freaked out on how wrinkled I look right afterwards! I had my doctor take a picture ! Holy cow, I guess I don't know what I was expecting after stretching my skin that far with that large of an implant ! Now I'm just praying that my skin will bounce back enough so I will not need a lift !
Thank you for all the support from all you wonderful women !

Picture time

Okay , it hasn't been 24 hours yet , but I wanted to post some pictures . I am feeling okay , still a little sore .. I took my shower and wrapped myself back up with ace bandage .

Feeling really sad

I was very hopeful in the beginning the plastic surgeon told me that I should be about a size B cup after he pulled the implant out ! Sadly every day they seem to be shrinking more , of course except for my left side which when I went back to the doctors on Monday for recheck for my Saturday surgery he told me I had fluid gathered in my breast he said he wasn't worried at the time he's going to see if my body is going to reabsorb it so I go back and see the doctor again on October 12 and at that point he'll determine if he needs to aspirate the fluid out , which at this point I'm praying my body will reabsorb the fluid because I heard that it's not fun having fluid aspirated out . My rights my incision, I think looks pretty good is not giving me any pain my left side incision seems a little bit irritated and swollen, it seems like I'm having problems with my left side altogether . I am so freaked out right now because, I feel like I'm going to be smaller then my breast originally were 18 years ago . At this point they're just saggy flapjacks feelings so sorry for myself . I know I should feel blessed because there are other women who are going through a lot worse out there . I am just praying that I get some sort of fluffing back in my breast and then my skin continues to shrink back , I really do not want to have to do a breast lift with no breast tissue its almost pointless ! I wish I would've never have touched my breast in the first place ! Does anybody have any recommendations on what I should put on my incision sites. I'm going to contact the doctor tomorrow and see if he has any suggestions. He has me on pretty strong anabiotic so I couldn't imagine why I would have infection started on my left side , it just seems a little sore and swollen more than it should. Thank you for all the support and understanding that you wonderful women have been giving me through my journey! I truly appreciate everyone of you !

2nd pre op visit

This was my 2nd visit to my doctor after my surgery the first visit was last week on October 5th .. Everything went well , he told me I have some fluid buildup in my left breast but nothing to worry about, he just wants to keep a eye on it .. He said our bodies will absorb the fluid usually in 6 weeks .. I went back to see my doctor again yesterday , Monday October 12th told I was doing great , to continue wear some sort of compression , either a sports bra or wrap . No massaging, But he said to start putting Coconut oil or some kind of lotion on . He had mentioned a possible lift in the future if my skin and breast doesn't continue to retract back . It's only been 9 day yesterday.. 10 today so I'm going to try to hold out at least 6 months to see what my body is going to do on its own . I went to the mall with my daughter on Sunday and had some fun a Victoria secrets. It was fun bra shopping , it was nice to bring some sexy back into my life even if it was just for a hour of trying on bras with my daughter. I bought a few bras that I really liked my PS told me to wait until I see him again on October 24th before he gives me the okay for any type of regular bra . Oh I hope he gives me the go head in 2weeks !!! I want to feel like my self again !!

15 day update !

Today I feel good , not sore ! My incision site on my right breast is looking pretty good my incision site on my left breast is still having a little bit of a hard time healing still has a little bit of a scab. I'm still wearing my ace bandage at night to sleep and a sports bra during the day. I go and see my plastic surgeon this coming up Saturday and I'm hoping he'll give me the green light at that point to start wearing bras. So I can hopefully start feeling like me again ! My right breast underneath the nipple little bit of an indentation , I'm hoping that the fluff fairy is going to come visit me soon and that will fill out in time. I think the hardest part is being patient through the whole roller coaster ride ! There are some days that I wake up and I'm very upset I guess I just want to instant fluff and shrinkage and gratification and life doesn't work that way ! I have to remember that I am stretched my skin out really far and it takes time for my body to heal and I have to be good to my body so I'm putting in lots of good nutrition right now eating lots of organic veggies and fruits lots of water and Braggs organic vinegar and so on :-)

Health concerned over a few lumps !

I was real hesitant to say anything about what's going on with my swollen lymph nodes that I found in my armpit Back in April 2014 I went to my OB/GYN and she felt the lump and she sent me over to have a screening done to see what they were , I was extremely nervous because I have breast cancer on my mother side of the family. So I had a ultrasound done on my right breast April 29, 2014 and the test results said that they seen a lymph nodes in the right axillary and a second lymph node in the right axillary with no suspicious nodules or seen that are two benign appearing lymph nodes . At that point I was still nervous of what they were because nobody ever gave me a reason why they were swollen and so I just chalked it up to good I don't have cancer but deep down inside I always worried over the last year and a half because they never went away , in May of the year I had a lot of blood work done my WBC is always been a bit high for the last 5 years or so , once again my doctor was never worried about it. I ran a few blood test for non-Hodgkin's lymphoma and a few other things for leukemia because I was very worried about the lymph nodes in my right armpit . So this year about a month ago I noticed two more swollen lymph nodes I'm assuming they're swollen lymph nodes in my left armpit . The reason why am assuming they're swollen lymph nodes is because they feel the same consistency as my right lymph nodes . When I went to my OB/GYN doctor she told me that she was not concerned that she did not want to send me out for another scan because it was the same as my right side at this point I was getting very worried and concerned that it was lymphoma or something else in that nature . So she sent me over to have a mammogram done with a different doctor. I guess after you turn 40 you're supposed to get yearly mammograms . So the doctor I seen referred me out for a diagnostic mammogram , it is scheduled for this Thursday and I'm very scared and very nervous . I wasn't really too concerned about the whole thing until I spoke to lillboobs and seen that she had a very similar pattern to what I'm going through and that's when I really went into a tailspin of needing to get some sort of answer on what I have going on . She was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. So I'm praying to God that everything comes back normal and everything is going to be fine I'm gonna be pushing for an MRI and I'm also going to be pushing for them to do an actual biopsy on the lymph nodes . I just thought it was important for me to share this part of my journey with everyone on real self , it was important for me to share this part of my journey with everyone on real self just in case somebody else is dealing with this issue. I'm just hoping I'm going to be able to respond with good news ! I'm trying to stay positive and say lots of prayers . I love you women have been so amazing on real self and thank you for the support that you are continuously giving me ! I have always eaten pretty healthy my main problem is is I love to go out eat. So I've been really strict on myself and only eating nothing but organic veggies and fruits and eating at home . Lots of smoothies green juices probiotics and Braggs organic apple cider vinegar or in my water .

4 weeks today :-)

Today marks the four weeks , I have been without my toxic implants !! I feel a lot happier, I'm standing up straight , I have a lot more confidence when I walk . It's crazy after having implants in for 18 years, that I didn't really realize how embarrassed I was about them until I was all natural again. It never crossed my mind to ever have them removed because , I just didn't think that was an option nobody had ever said hey you want to go back to your natural breasts . Dr.keep saying that you need to just go up an implant size or have a lift with a little bit smaller of an implant put in , but never suggested hey.. how about remove them and see how you like yourself natural . I am so grateful every day that I found real self and all you wonderful women who were courageous enough to share your stories and your pictures and talking and being a real friend! I truly appreciate every single one of you !

Update picture taken 11/14/15 6 wk mark

So far I'm pretty happy with my results. I meant to do this review last Saturday on November 14 . I went and seen my plastic surgeon for my six week check up on November 14 and he said that he was very pleased with the recoiling of my skin he said at this point he really doesn't feel that I need a breast lift and I agree with him. I am thinking about having fat transfer but he wants me to wait until I'm six months out. So he's thinking around April of next year . I asked my doctor about reabsorbing the fat after he harvest and transfers it to my breast , because I see that there is a lot of the problem with that transfer a lot of those 60% plus of the fat volume that is been transferred. But he explained to me that he only likes to do about 150 mL of fat transfer in each breast at a time as the fat needs live tissue to grow and thrive and when you transfer too much fat it doesn't have live tissue around it , and that's why so much that dies off and you lose the volume. That made perfect sense to me , so I feel very comfortable with going with Dr. Ip ! I absolutely love him and love his staff it is such an amazing environment very relaxed doesn't push you into doing anything easy-going and very knowledgeable . The Photos and posting below is from Saturday, November 14 six weeks out !

8 week review

Hello ladies !
I just wanted to stop in and give an update. I notice between the six week and seven weeks my breast tissue started firming up and not being so Jell-O like. My right breast still has a little bit of a concaved indentation right underneath my nipple , my biggest suspicion for the reason why it does that, is it's the scar tissue that built up underneath, because that's where I originally went to have my implants inserted . I think my right breast looks a bit sad. But it's my breast and I love them very much. I know a lot changes happens from the time that you remove your breast implants and a year out. I can't expect my body to bounce right back to the way it used to look before I decided to stick huge implants in my body and stretch my skin out for the last 18 years. I feel very blessed with the outcome that I already have after just eight weeks. My left breast is coming along very nicely I'm very happy. I'm hoping my right breast will fluff a little bit because I noticed that there's about half of a cup size difference but it was always like that pre-implant . My left side was always bigger . I'm gonna wait maybe about six months postop and see how my fluffing is at that point because I'm considering doing fat transfer! I'm still doing a lot of research on it.

More 8 week pictures

I wanted to up load a few more pictures , I wasn't really happy with the ones I put up yesterday ! I really like the VS bra I have on, it's very comfortable ! I bought it in a few colors . I'm still hoping for fluff ! But they are firming up ! Over all I'm very pleased so far !

22 months update

My apologies for not being on here sooner. Since I've had my implants removed under local I've learned the importance of having your capsule scar tissue removed at the same time as you're implants.. I actually am learning the hard way because I'm needing to go back in to have another surgery done I'm scheduled for that surgery for August 9, 2017 which is next Wednesday. I'm going in and having this doctor remove my scar tissue capsules that were left behind with both my previous implants and also perform a lift . I recently found out how important it is to have your scar tissue removed at the same time as your implant . My first set of implants were textured Saline mentor I had them in from 1997 to 2009 I had them removed and had smooth cohesive silicone gel mentor replaced.
The textured implants or associated with this quote on quote rare lymphoma that occurs in textured implants call BIA ALCL
A lot of the plastic surgeons play it down but I have seen a few women who have been diagnosed with this horrible cancer. So I want to have my scar tissue removed and sent off to pathology. I'm praying that it all comes back negative and that I am fine. My heart and prayers go out to the women who have been diagnosed with this horrible unnecessary cancer. And my hopes that more plastic surgeons are going to take this particular cancer more serious and stop playing it down .
There are a few wonderful support groups on Facebook that are there for women who have that particular cancer and women who have breast implant illness.
I'm going to insert a recent photo that I took. And I will be updating the site with my results from my lift as well .
Dr. T.Y Steven Ip

I am very pleased with the knowledge patients and how professional doctor Ip is ! His staff makes you feel very welcomed . If I ever had any questions or concerns Dr. Ip and his staff got back to me right away . I always feel like they had me in their best interest. It doesn't feel like he's out for a buck trying to sell you something or talk you into a procedure . I highly recommend Dr. Ip , One of the most caring plastic surgeons I've ever met! I will be going back to him for any future surgeries that I'm going to get . I'm very pleased with my outcome, and how well taken care of I felt through my whole process .

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