The Vi Peel: Crème De La Crème of Chemical Peels!? - Newport Beach, CA

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Some backstory on my skin... For starters I've...

Some backstory on my skin... For starters I've kind of had a tumultuous last two years with my skincare regime.. I have normal-to-dry skin, slight sun damage and slight scarring due to hormonal cystic-acne from over the years. Nothing too terrible, but I'm aiming for greatness! With that said, I've tried it all. I started with Retin-A and much to my disconcert it was all downhill from there. I think Retin-A should be the last result , unless struggling with severe acne related issues.. It completely threw my face into a red, dry, itchy, painful mess. I quit the cream after 4 months and kept doing normal microdermabrasion/facials and dermaplaning.. With no real results. I started Obagi skin plan and still just noticed firmer skin but no help with the spots. My new doctor recommended the Vi peel while I was inquiring about lasering the spots.
I was hesitant about the downtime, but after googling info on this apparent cure-all peel I had to try! Here is my Vi- journey thus far:
Day 1: I went in on Tuesday morning for my Vi Peel expecting to leave looking like a burn victim. I brought a hat/big sunnies. It was virtually seamless. Took about 30 minutes total and honestly the only discomfort derived from the intense-chemically -smell of the acetone/peel. Left with a reddish-orange face. Not too bad. Went home (aiming to stay out of the sun completely!) you are ok to leave the peel on as long as you wish after four hours so I kept it on until bed. I rinsed with cool water and applied my night one towelette. No discomfort yet.
Day 2: Skin was a little tight and still reddish/orange. I've decided not to apply any makeup for the duration of my peel just incase. And I've had no irritations thus far. Applied my second towelette at bedtime as advised.
Day 3: The game-changer. I woke up with my same reddish -hue and was actually becoming worried that I was still only red and not peeling. Directly went into panic mode googling for advice. Decided to wait it out. Around noon my chin started to crack and peel. For the next 8 hours I spent the day peeling from my chin, outward. You are advised NOT to peel off any of the skin so I just applied a cool wash cloth to my face to help. Applied a very small amount of the vi healing cream but have tried not to add anything at all. It's really not that irritating other than the appearance of it all. Rinsed with cool water at bedtime.
Day 4: Woke up still peeling, and still feeling pain-free. My only issue now stems from the milia (kind of small white bumps in my hair follicles on my face) I read this is a normal side-effect and have been reading forums on how soon to get microderm after the vi peel. I want to do it as soon as possible to avoid picking at the milia and to enjoy my peel fully. I am seeing mixed reviews on the wait time to start. Would love any advice regarding facials/regimes that aid in helping the peel.
I'm excited for the last two/three days but now I am curious - for $200 is this peel as amazing as I've read? It seems too good to be true, but thus far it's been a breeze! Im very antsy for results. Will post photos after day 6! :)
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