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I am very excited and nervous about my upcoming TT...

I am very excited and nervous about my upcoming TT revision. I am hoping that my recovery will be smooth and what seems like common around here because my recovery from my TT was anything but that! Click here to read my Tummy Tuck review. lol Lord knows that myself and my family have been through hell and back with the rollercoaster ride that was my recovery from my TT so smooth sailing is what I'm hoping for after this revision.

I have many events coming up so I'm hoping that they will help to pass the time. Tomorrow (10/7) I will be going in for a 1 month check up with the wound care clinic. I hope that they tell me that my hole (aka Clyde) is completely healed / closed so that I can go swimming this weekend at my sons cub scout family camp weekend.

I also have an appointment on Wednesday (10/8) for a doctor to check out the lump on my left thigh. If he suggests surgery to remove it, I'm pretty sure we'll have to wait until after my revision.

Then this weekend is family camp weekend with my sons cub scout pack. I'm putting together the dessert for the contest. It's Brownie a la mode. I will be baking the brownies at home (adding in extra dark chocolate chips) poking holes in the brownies, mixing in cherries to softened vanilla ice cream, pouring it over the brownies and freezing it. The rest of the den will bring rediwhip, cherries, hot fudge and nuts to top is however you please. :) I'm excited... can you tell! lol I haven't been baking yummy desserts because I've been trying to lose as much as possible before my revision. But I'm down about 35 pounds since my TT, so hopefully that will be enough but I am hoping for about 5 more lbs.

Then next week I'm getting my hair and nails done so I'm ready to go! Looking forward to getting a list of whats needed for before & after surgery. I'm taking Skin, Hair & Nails plus I'm drinking my Orac -Energy greens daily. I was hoping to get a wedge pillow for under my knees and one for my back but hubby has been laid off again so I will try to make due with the pillows we have at home.

Just over 3 weeks away... woooo whoooo! :)

Wound care clinic appointment

Went to the wound care clinic today. My appointment was at 11 am but check in was at 10:30 so I had to leave work early, at 10 instead of my regular time, 11:30. Turns out I could have just worked my regular hours because they didn't even take me back until after 12! A couple of people looked at my wound (one was the nice lady from my last appointment and she actually remembered me!) and said that they believe it's healed. They got a swab to see if it was tunneling but said that it looks fine and the color is great. The lady asked if I had any drainage with it, which I don't and she said that I don't need to dress it any more, just put moisturizer on it! YAY! The guy left and came back with the camera to get pics. I cracked a couple of jokes and he said that the doc would be in shortly. I ended up leaving at 12:45 without seeing the doctor. That was the latest that I could stay and still be able to eat lunch before picking up my son from school. I told them that I had to go and they said they would call if there was a need. Not how I ideally would have liked for it to have gone down, but what can you do... right.

Not sure how comfortable I am with swimming in the pool at the cub scout family camp weekend in a few days. Would hate to possibly jeopardize my health so close to my revision.

Also... looks like my dessert is out. :( The den leader is now going and he decided to do a dessert in his dutch oven. Guess I'll have to save my yummy brownie a la mode for after surgery / healing. :)

I'm going to put up a pic of my terrible results from my TT for those that haven't seen them in my original TT review. These are just my results... if you want all the gory details and the bloody graphic pics of how I ended up like this check out my TT review . (can you tell Halloween is coming and it's my favorite holiday! lol)

Just got word...

My pre-op appointment is Tuesday 10/14/14... very excited! :)

Pre-op went well!

Had my pre-op appointment yesterday. Everything went well, he seemed fairly confident that he would be able to give me a belly button. He said that my Ken doll FUPA area was a complete mess. lol But that he was definitely going to be able to fix that as well. He's going to get rid of my back fat flaps as much as possible but doesn't want to eliminate too much blood flow. I asked him if I was going to have a vertical incision under my belly button and he said that I might but he wouldn't know until he opened me up. At first he said that my surgery would be about 2 hours but then when he saw the extent of my back fat flaps he said he would need to do an extended TT and that it would be more like 4 hours. I'm good with whatever, as long as I turn out better than I am now. lol He said that my labs came back that my white blood count was high so he sent me to get a CBC stat. Hope it comes back normal this time. I asked why my white blood count might be high and he said that I might have been battling an infection while my body was trying to close my wound.

I also asked him about the weird bumps under my skin at my incision line and he assured me that those would be gone as well. Kind of excited to see what it is that's under my skin.

I received my prescriptions the other day and I should be receiving my written instructions for pre-op.

I asked my doctor if he had heard of that Vita Medica Recovery Support but he hadn't. Since it's $100 and my hubby was laid off and won't be going back to work until 11/3, I think I might pass on it and just get Arnica, Juven, eat high protein and keep doing my Energy Greens and Skin, Hair, Nails vitamin.

Exciting times ahead ladies! :)

Loveknox again

Looks like I'm going to be put on those dreaded Loveknox injections again... booooo! but I think this time it's only for about 4 days... I can handle that! :)

I picked up some protein powder called Juven, over the weekend. It's supposed to help build tissue after surgery. I read about it on somebody's review.

Still need to get some supplies:
Magnesium citrate
Arnica (should I take Arnica & Bromelain?)
Syntrax Nectar protein powder

I'm still drinking my greens every day, taking hair skin & nails and working out. Just counting down the days! :)

Counting down the days...

I am really counting down the days!

I only have possibly 5 more days to workout before my surgery (wed, thur, sat, sun, mon. Friday is probably going to be too busy and monday may be as well) eek!
Today is my last time taking my son to taekwondo before surgery and tomorrow is the last soccer practice I will be able to run (I'm the coach) before the surgery.

And tomorrow is my last day of work! :)

This saturday we have my sons soccer game and then I'm planning to hit the gym and the vitamin shop and possibly take my son to a park for a halloween event they're having. Sunday I'll go to the gym again. I'm hoping that my daughter will be able to come up on Monday and stay until my birthday Saturday (11-1).

Exciting times!

Surgery day is here!

My surgery should be at 1 pm today and should last about 4 hours. Hoping some of this anxiety subsides while I'm waiting to go in.

I wonder if I'll wake up with a belly button and if my Ken doll fupa and back fat flaps will be gone.

Nervously excited! :)

Surgery is doneI'm out

I made it ladies! So much better of an experience than last time. And no coughing up blood coming out surgery. Yay! I have my 1 day check in tomorrow. Hoping to get to see it. :) And hoping that there's no signs of necrosis. Crossing fingers. :)

Sorry if it's incoherent, I have a pain pump this time. Lol

What a difference!

What a difference a surgeon can make! My experience from my first tummy tuck and my revision are like night and day!

I just had my first drain removed at day 6, with my original tummy tuck that didn't happen until I was 4 and a half weeks out!

Then my second drain was removed at day 8, whereas with my original tummy tuck my second drain wasn't removed until 6 weeks post op and even then it was only removed because it was exposed in one of my holes!

I took my first real shower at day 7 and had no problem with my energy level. I washed and conditioned my hair, shaved my armpits and legs as well as washing my entire body. I wasn't allowed to shower until over 52 days post op from my original surgery and I remember being absolutely exhausted and wishing I had a chair to sit down on in my shower.

I'm driving (and my car is a stick / manual), going grocery shopping, cooking, doing laundry and back to coaching my son's last soccer practices and commissioners cup game.

So obviously everything is going great and even better than I'd hoped for!

Great recovery

I can't believe that less than two weeks ago I had reconstructive surgery on my tummy tuck. Today is my first day back at work but honestly I think I could have come back sooner if it wasn't for scheduling conflicts. I coached 4 soccer games (playoffs) over the weekend and played in a friendly poker tournament (although I must admit that I almost skipped the poker since I knew it would end late and I had to be at the field by 7:30 am the next day).

I've taken a few 1-2 mile walks around my neighborhood but didn't want to push it too much and have my body stop healing and feeling as well as it has. I'm fairly certain that I will get in a hike this weekend and get to test out my new birthday present, a camel pack for hiking.

I've been switching up my sleeping routine between the recliner and the bed. My first time sleeping in bed woke up sleeping completely on my side and my incision was sore on that side. Last night I propped pillows all around me so that couldn't happen again but I woke up with my back so sore! I tried to sleep on my tummy but it felt strange so I flipped back over.

Since we don't have TV / cable I spent a lot of time watching stuff on the Roku / You tube. I also paid for the reunion shows of Botched. Did anybody else watch those? I was kind of surprised that they spent so much time with the people that the doctors didn't even work on and that some of the patients weren't even there. Like the blonde that stayed awake during her TT revision wasn't on there, "grandma boobs" wasn't on there, the guy whose nose was on the other side of his face wasn't on there, Saphire with the revised boob job and TT wasn't on there and a couple of girls with revised nose jobs weren't on there. Anybody else notice that? What did you think of it?

I bought some spanx, but not that brand because my compression garment is irritating when trying to put on pants and it comes down lower than the crotch of my pants but it just goes straight across. I'm going to ask my doctor if I can wear the spanx thing instead or maybe nothing. I feel fine with my cg off, which is completely different than the last time.

My incision actually looks like its healed together in some places! I can't believe it!


Never realized just how hard it is to get pics of yourself! Lol

Pre op we were told that the back fat flaps couldn't be removed because that is where the blood flow is coming from and if removed during the initial surgery my chances for necrosis would go up but that they would be worked on and revised as many times as needed. So in still hopeful that eventually they'll be gone.

Sorry for the dirty mirror. ;)

I <3 my doctor!

Went to a follow up appointment yesterday which he removed my stitches.

Can I just say that I think I have the cutest belly button ever!

I am so overwhelmed with happiness that my doctor layed out the plan for getting rid of my flaps! He said that at 6 weeks he'll be able to lop them off, just like that... no biggie! He'll numb the area, I'll be awake and turned on my side so that he can have me stretch upwards while he takes what he can. I'm ecstatic! I have a follow up appointment on Dec. 15th (I'll be 7 weeks post op) and then he'll schedule me in the OR within the next week or two to remove my flaps for good! He said that the recovery from this should be next to nothing because he's not moving anything around, just taking off some extra skin and sewing it shut, like when you go to the ER for stitches for a gash. My recovery from my TT has been amazing so I'm not worried about my recovery from the removal of my flaps. But I will get some Juven to help speed my recovery.

YAY! That means that if everything goes right, I should be starting the new year without these flaps!!! I'm so happy. The flaps are so embarrassing to have and the cg is pushing them up and out like a muffin top but higher than at my waistline.

My doctor is not just a great doctor but also an amazing person. He has fixed what the original doctor messed up and given me hope that not all doctors are uncaring and only out for themselves like my original surgeon. He has really gone above and beyond and I couldn't be happier.

Everything happens for a reason, so I think that even though I went through a year and a half of hell, it was what needed to happen in order to put me on the path that I'm on. And I am so glad to have the people around me that I do on this path!

6 weeks now and 6 weeks then

So I'm 6 weeks po today. Not only am I healed (except one small spot on my right which was caused by where my fat flap comes in to my front section) but I'm working out and I've been given the green light to ditch my compression garment! YAY! With my original TT at 6 weeks I was having my first drain removed and still not allowed to shower!

Can you believe the difference??? I know I can't!

I'm going to put up the pics that I just took and sent over to my doc. Sorry they're bathroom pics, that's where I have a full length mirror at my office.

Oh... and my revision just got scheduled for this THURSDAY 12/11/14... hasta la vista fat flaps!

Revisions revision

I had the revision to my revision yesterday to remove the fat flaps that couldn't be removed during the first revision because it would have affected my blood flow. It was the strangest experience I've ever had. I was awake for this so that I could lay on my side and switch to my other side when it was time to. So just local numbing was used but that made me uncontrollably shake from head to toe so i took a valium to try to counter act it. It seemed to help a little. Even though i went pee 4 times before surgery i still had to pee in between doing my right side and starting my left. Lol it was strange to be able to get up and walk in the middle of surgery. But it was great to be so coherent after surgery and not having that, in a fog of anesthesia feeling. At one point when he was removing the flap from the right side he actually tickled me from inside my body. Lol which is strange because I'm not ticklish. Lol This time I am actually feeling pain at the incision site (on both sides) but I have a bunch of left over drugs from my original revision so I'm taking half a pain pill every 6 hours.

I was starting to have a bit of pain yesterday evening so I was about to take a pain pill but I felt on the side where the pain was coming from and my hand came back covered in blood. So it had gone through the gauze, my compression garment (yah, I'm back in one of those, ugh! Lol), my legging pants and my thick sweater. Luckily I was staying the night at my parents house so I went in and layed on the bathroom floor to avoid passing out and smashing my head on a wall like I've done in the past. Lol My mom, dad and daughter took care of me so well, they were amazing and totally made up for my husband dave not being able to be there. If he hadn't just started a new job I know that he would have been there with me at every appointment, just like last time.

So I had my daughter send a pic to my doctor (he gives you his cell phone number and tells you to text for anything) to ask what we should do about the bleeding. He said to add gauze and to come into the office the following day to have the dressing changed. So I did that yesterday. Heidi removed the dressing on the left side (that's the side that leaked) and pushed on it to try to make sure that there wasn't any blood trapped in there. She said it may leak for 24-48 more hours but that everything looks fine.

I go back in Monday and hope to see what my shape is going to look like cause right now I'm packed with lots of gauze so my abdomen is like a square. Lol

For now they said no showers and no working out which is fine with me, I don't really feel up to it anyhow.

I'm taking antibiotics

Swelling & CG are back!

So I got about 4 days without my compression garment before I had the revision to my revision done and now I'm back in one. :P Hoping that the swelling goes down quickly and that I continue to heal well. Oh how the swelling ruins the look. :( I'm taking Bromelain, Arnica Montana, drinking lots of water, drinking my greens, taking hair skin & nails, a probiotic, one more day of Juven and eating pineapple.

My left side is really swollen and is yellow (although you can't see the discoloring much in the pics.) and red. That's also the side that I leaked from.

Fingers crossed for a speedy recovery.

I will put up pics but I really need to figure out how to do the side by sides so that it's easier to compare.


Ok so it wasn't just swelling in my sides, it was actually seromas.

My left side started leaking on Thursday and of course I was home alone and bleeding can cause me to faint. Eeek!
Dr. Dubrow was able to get me in to see him Friday morning and my hubby would be able to go because he had the day off due to him just getting back from his business trip to Chicago. Dr. Dubrow was able to physically push / squeeze out a bunch from my left side. My right side is closed so he took out one small and one huge syringe full.

Back to sponge baths for me.

I saw Dr. Dubrow again today. He got a little bit more out (it did leak out all weekend) abd he steri stripped my left side. That side may leak some more but he said if it's not closed by Wednesday then he's going to stitch it and my body should absorb the rest.

I've never had seromas before so this was a strange experience. At first I thought I was bleeding but my surgeon reassured me that this was old blood and sure enough it has that old blood smell (like when you're on your womanly cycle).

So still no showers for me and no gym but I'm hoping that my results will make this all worth it. :)

Correction... not seromas

So doc said they weren't seromas but they were hemotomas that needed to be drained. Right side is good but my left side is still open. Doc was going to close it when I saw him on Wednesday, Christmas Eve but decided not to, that it would close up on its own once it was done leaking. But if it wasn't closed by Monday 12/29 he would close it then. Boy do I wish he had closed it up on Christmas Eve because Christmas day I ended up with a terribly itchy rash. It itched so bad I had to take pain pills just to be able to fall asleep and then when I woke up in the middle of the night I had to take another. ugh! Nothing worse than having an itch that close to an open hole.

Doc said I could clean it with rubbing alcohol and put hydrocortisone cream on it. That really seemed to help.

Of course he wasn't able to close it on Monday because of the rash but he did clear me for showers and working out. :) We also ditched the CG and tried out an ace bandage. I went without the ace bandage after work and working out yesterday and last night while I slept. When I woke up this morning the rash seemed so much better! It did get inflamed a bit once I showered though.

Hoping this thing will close up and the rash will go away cause I'm tired of having some issue to have to deal with.

Forgot to mention

I forgot to mention that my doctor put me on antibiotics as a precaution but that the rash appears to just like a contact dermititis.

Also, my doctor has been so great. I sent him a text on Christmas day and he responded! I felt so bad for having to contact him and he reassured me that he is there for me no matter what day it is. I really do appreciate him!

Good news :)

My rash is clearing up (almost gone just a little discolored) and only itches when I wash it in the shower. Oh... and... my doctor stitched me up! So for now... I'm closed! Still no baths / jacuzzi or submerging myself in water though. But I do get to shower and I get to hit the gym today! YAY! :)

Couple of pic

Ok so I do most of my shopping at thrift stores... I just love them for so many reasons. 1. I'm not buying something that 20 other people are going to be wearing 2. all the different styles 3. the prices and 4. all the compliments that I get on my thrift store clothes! lol

I grew up in a middle class home with a working father and a stay at home mom. We all made sacrafices. Mine was hand me down clothes (I'm the youngest of all cousins on both sides of my family) and no name brands. So it's exciting to me to get name brand clothes... especially at thrift store prices. :) So I tried on, fit and bought a pair of jeans made by Lucky brand in a size 6! :) Then I went over to Ross where I found a pair of jeans that were cute... I couldn't find the size and then when I did I put them back. But they were so cute, so I picked them back up and tried them on. Levi's size 4 W27 L30! Now if more jeans would accomidate my thighs I could be wearing a size 4. Also, why can't we have sizing like men... it's so much easier because we all know that a size 6 in one brand is NOT equal to a size 6 in some other brand. ugh! lol

I'm working out pretty much every day. Stitches seem to be doing well. I forget they're even there until I stretch or twist and feel them pull. I think they should be coming out this Friday 1/16.

Oooooohhhh it will be so nice to soak in some water... jacuzzi, bath, pool (once it warms up) here I come!

Almost forgot

It snowed here so I have some pics of us hiking in the snow and some other pics. :)


I'm trying to do a side by side pic but my old pics are in drop box and the app just uses my gallery. What a pain. Well here are some new pics for now.

Hope everyone is healing nicely!

Side by sides

I think I may have figured out how to make some side by sides.

Oh, and I sent pics to my doctor and asked if it was swelling but he said that it needed a different operation. That doesn't sound hopeful. :(

End of April

So I asked if it was a different operation for my back or the uneveness or both and what operation that would be and how much it would cost. He said we can discuss it when I see him next in the end of April.

Hope I don't have to get into a bikini in public before then as now that I've seen the pics I'm feeling totally self conscious about it. :( I just need to remind myself of how far I've come and that it is so much better than it was. Oh, and most people I would see at a beach or public pool / water park, I'll never see again. :P

Ready for my close up!

So I am happy to be able to share with you all that I will be on Botched season 2 on E!

It has been such a long and trying journey but that path is what has lead me here and I don't regret any of it. Without my original surgeon botching me the way that she did, I might not have even found realself because it was my necrosis (even though she hadn't diagnosed me with it) that had me researching and eventually finding my home here! And to think that I was even going to allow her to do a revision on me... thank goodness that didn't happen, who knows how much worse it could have been.

Without being botched as bad as I was, I might not have made it on the show to get my scars, fupa, back fat flaps and lack of a belly button fixed by such a caring and wonderful person as Dr. Dubrow.

I was told that I would be in episode 3 of season 2 and that it should be in April 2015 but as soon as I know an actual date I will definitely let everyone know.

So happy that I've been able to share this whole / hole (tee hee) experience with you all! :)

Sneak peek

Has anybody caught the sneak peek of Botched season 2 that talks about cement & leeches? Hubby and I are in that! :)


Botched is baaaaaack!!!!

The first episode of botched is on tonight! Can't wait! How many of you are looking forward to it too?

I will be in episode #2 which will air on Tuesday the 21st. My husband and I are putting together an airing party at our local dive bar and would love to have any of you out to watch it with us! Alicia Jenkins (uniboob) and her husband from season 1 are hoping to make it out.

Send me a msg and I'll send you the address for the airing party!

Botched season 2 episode 2 preview

Hopefully I can share this video, if the code or link doesn't show below, just search Botched season 2 episode 2. :)

Doing great!

We had our botched airing party and it was so much fun! And I was on GMA last week! I swear Crazy Train has to be the theme song of my life! lol

I'm working out at the gym 5-6 times a week plus I have roller derby practices twice a week. I feel like I'm in really good shape. In order to pass derby 101 you have to be able to skate 27 laps in 5 minutes which I'm able to do. I ran 3 miles in 35 minutes and I'm sooooo not a runner! lol I'm a size 4 in jeans and shorts (as long as they accomidate for thighs and booty. lol) Dress sizes seem to be all over the place. I got one Calvin Klein dress in a 4 and one in an 8. lol Still can't wear juniors sizes cause I just can't get my thighs in them.

I am considering a back bra lift surgery to get rid of the remaining saggy skin on my back and a thigh lift (although I'm worried about that scar being visable down my inner thigh at my knee). So I may be going on consultations. I'll keep you updated! :)

So touched!

A little over a week ago I meet this super awesome lady that recognized me, not from botched but from here, realself! She was out with her friends and hubby and was going to be starting her TT recovery in just a few days. I hope that your surgery went smooth and that you're well on your way to a speedy recovery. Sorry it took me so long to post, we were celebrating our sons birthday at legoland. So glad you caught my episode of Botched. Please keep me updated. If love to see your results!
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Dr. Dubrow is such a great person! Not only is he a skilled surgeon but he absolutely cares about his patients. Not to mention that he's hilarious and puts you at ease. He has changed my life for the better and given me back my belly button that I was told was dead!

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