Tummy Tuck AND BBL (Same Time) for Mother of 2! Advice from Anyone? Newport Beach, CA

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Hi I am a 42 year mother of 2 kids (both...

Hi I am a 42 year mother of 2 kids (both c-sections). I gained nearly 100 pounds with each pregnancy - yes you heard it right = 100 pounds! As you can see from my pic...I have the typical stomach pouch. The worst part is the flat butt :( I am very self conscious about my non-existent derriere. Before the kids I had very perky DD breasts - now they are a C-cup. I am okay with my natural breasts and think they still look and feel good. So I am letting them be....for now!
?I am worried about the recovery, "how will I sleep or sit without disturbing the fat transfer to my buttocks?"
?I am also a little concerned about scars, as I am Latina with tan skin and I am also prone to thick dark keloid scarring! But heck, I supposed it wont look worse than the ugly pancake pouch that I tuck into my underwear everyday.
?I am super excited and happy as I am scheduled for surgery on October 19th, 2015 with Dr. Sajjadian.
?The pantry is well stocked with food, the laundry is all done, outfits are layed out for the kids for the week, the house is clean and I have my electric-motorized lay-z-boy all ready to go in my bedroom! It's GO-TIME!!! (can you hear the Rocky theme song playing in the back?)
?Has anyone out there done these two procedures at the same time? If so, can you reply to these questions:
?Can you offer any advice on sitting, sleeping or make shift devices to aid during the healing time?
Where you happy with the results? On a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being extremely satisfied).
Would you do them together again or separate procedures?
Did your tt scar heal nicely? What did you use for scar minimizing?
Any other advice or tips you would like to share? (complications, unexpected benefits, things to request from your DR., must-have products)
I will post my final pictures and review after I have healed up! Thanks!

The Big Day! I had a TT and BBL - Oct 19th

(Sorry for the delay....I thought I was posting all along but I guess I was doing it wrong..so here is my post from October 19th.)

So on the way to the surgical center it felt surreal, like a dream and it really wasn't me and I was just going thru the motions. It felt this way for two reasons:
I have been wanting this for 5 years and the big day was finally here
The surgical center happens to be ridiculously close to my job!
On the way there I kept thinking that something would happen to make us postpone- flat tire, illness, etc...but nothing happened and it was not postponed- I HAD MY SURGERY!
The surgeon took one more good look at my body and brought out the marker to start drawing as he patiently answered my last couple of questions. Looking back I probably should have brought large printed photos of the look that I had in mind so he could use it as a point of reference or inspiration.
The most surprising thing about it was that there was like 7 people on staff for just my procedure! I expected 3: Dr. Sajjadian, an anesthesiologist and maybe a surgical assistant. I immediately felt like I was in safe hands because of their quantity and confidence as they prepared for the surgery. They were listening to energizing loud music and it has an upbeat, positive vibe. They seemed like a well trained team in perfect sync and I loved that!
The last thing I remember was being very cold in the room as the nurse applied betadine to my entire body with gauge as I stood in the room with my arms straight out. Then I layed down and I asked Dr. Sajjadian not to make my butt too big and dozed off to sleep.....next thing I know I woke up and my BFF was there. I think the surgery lasted about 6 hours.
She helped me get dressed and listened carefully to the discharged instructions. Being a nurse herself, she cheerfully talked shop. It was not too bad getting up - She drove me home and the rest of the day we talked and talked and talked! I don't remember a thing from our talking - but I know we had a lot of fun!

Tip of the day: if you are getting a tummy tuck - definitely buy an electric motorized lay-z-boy

Flowers, Bruises, Drains and Drugs Oct 20th

(Sorry for the delay....I thought I was posting all along but I guess I was doing it wrong..so here is my post from October 20th.)
It’s the day after surgery and I must admit, the pain is not that bad! I am on Vicodin.
Got lots of bruises, a couple of drains and received some flowers from an employee...I will be remembering that :)

TIp of the Day: Don’t be a hero, take the Vicodin.

I did not take any drugs with my two c-sections because I did not want to contaminate my breast milk during nursing. Maybe it’s too early to say this, but I think that the c-section operations felt a lot worse! My awesome husband is keeping the kids busy and distracted so I don’t have to worry about them at all.

So if you can handle a c-section, and I mean: the healing wound, the lifting of a newborn, the sleep deprivation, the energy required to nurse and change diapers, etc,...then you can handle a tummy tuck with a bbl!

Who Can it Be Calling on My Phone? Oct 23rd

(Sorry for the delay....I thought I was posting all along but I guess I was doing it wrong..so here is my post from October 23rd)

It’s been 4 days since my tummy tuck and Brazilian butt lift and I am going to my first post-op check up. As you can see I have some serioius brusing going on down there. My buttock is kind of lumpy but I think it will all smooth and even out with time as the swelling goes down.

So excited to be getting out of the house! Yippy, with the help of my mom I put together a loose stylish outfit.

Tip for the day: if you get a phone call from an unlisted number and or "caller id blocked" answer it! It could be your surgeon calling to check up on you or to schedule an unexpected post -op visit for the morning!

Hello Tiny Waist - I have missed you! Oct 23rd

(Sorry for the delay....I thought I was posting all along but I guess I was doing it wrong..so here is my post from October 23rd)

So Dr. Sajjadian removed the girdle to check on the wounds and I took a few pics. WOW!!! If this is indicative of what my waist will look like after I heal...then I will be one HOT MAMA! I am starting to think I did made the right decision:
Incision line is even and low
The stitch work on the Incision is meticulously done, which I assume will result in a thin scar (I like to sew)
Waist looks super sexy
My natural boobs look better
There is no overhang of pouch over my lap when in the sitting position

So the tip of the day: Milk (or bleed) the pipes for your drainage.
Strip the tubing at least 3 times a day to remove blood clots- other wise they won't work and you won't drain out all that yucky stuff, which might slow down healing. I was a non-believer until Dr. Sajjadian talked about it- then he milked the line in front of me and out came a huge blood clot from the pipe, which had been partially clogging the flow. It was not even visible in the pipe and I did not believe that anything would come out as he talked about it, I thought he was just overly cautious - but then yuck..the clot slid into the bulb.. Here is a picture...gross!
Here is how I do it:
Grasp the tubing closest to your body (at the insertion site) with one hand and hold the tubing tightly. This hand will keep the tubing from pulling out of your body
Pinch the tubing tightly just below your first hand. Keeping the tubing pinched, slide the pinch down the tubing toward the collection bulb and away from your body.
You should notice any clots in the tube are forced down the tube and into the collection bulb. This is called “stripping” or “milking” the tube.

Beware the Stairs Oct 24th

(Sorry for the delay....I thought I was posting all along but I guess I was doing it wrong..so here is my post from October 24rd)

The drainage is starting too look yellowish/orange and a little milky. It has started to decrease to about 25CC every 6 hours per side.

I thought I was fine to walk downstairs by myself and then misjudged my step and fell on my tush! Fortunately I did tear anything open or hurt myself. I gave my husband and mom quite a fright and I learned my lesson- ask for help as the pain meds can impair your judgement. Right now a fall could cause lots of damage and it is not worth it - so ask for help!

Tip of the day: Ask for help when taking the stairs- even if you think you don't need it.

BM after 7 days

BM after 7 days! And Aunt Flow decided to drop in too, LOL...I had patiently been waiting to “go-number 2” and I finally went potty. Vicodin can cause constipation in some people and I am prone to constipation, so knowing this I started taking 50mg of colace which each vicodin. My BFF is a nurse and recommended taking this pill which is also known as "Docusate Sodium" as a stool softener - in anticipation of any problems.

As soon as I had my first BM I felt so much better and I stepped outside for a short walk and fresh air. We walked around the neighborhood in search of a lemon tree so I could pick a fresh lemon for my chicken soup.

Here is a pic of my rear end - keep in mind there is a girdle and drain bulbs under those clothe

Tip of the day: Stick to soft bland food or liquids the first couple days after a tummy tuck. Avoid having a heavy hearty meaty meal the day after surgery such as a big bleu cheeseburger- which is what I had with lots of fish crackers!
Orange County Plastic Surgeon

I will post my final pictures and review after I have healed up! So far, he has been very calm and a perfectionist! Thanks!

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