Getting the Tummy Tuck for my 60th Birthday on February 6th - Orange County CA

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Hi, wonderful Ladies. I've been reading your...

Hi, wonderful Ladies. I've been reading your journals and learned so much from it. So I've decided to start documenting my journey and hopefuly it will be helpful to others as well to me.
In the last several years my weight fluctuated between 128 lb to 154 lb, my stomach protruding due to loss of muscle elasticity. I'm 5'4 and my current weight is 145 lb. In two weeks I'll have full tummy tuck with liposuction of the lovehandles, hips, flanks and the upper inner thighs. I'd been thinking about to have a TT awhile and suddenly I'd decided to go for it. My hubby is wonderful, supporting me 100%. I had my pre-op consultation and lab tests last Tuesday. Find it out I have bladder infection. My doctor put me on antibiotics. Based on your posts I'm putting together my shopping list and start my “nesting”. I'll post "before" pictures soon.

Information about my Pre-op visit

My list of questions to my doctor included the list of my current medications, post op treatment, care of surgical sites etc. He told me to stop taking mutlivitamins, ibuprofen, vitamin E, antibiotic, etc.... Prescribed pain killer, medication for nausea, sleeping pill and anxiety medication. Suggested to by colace stool softener and start taking it every night after the surgery. Take the anxiety med the night before and the morning (with little water) of my surgery. One day before my surgery I need to go on liquid diet and middle of the day I need to drink magnesium citrate. Do not eat and drink after midnight. Told me that its imperitive after the surgery to get up in every hours and walk at least 5minutes. Eat lots of protein (protein powder), fruits with vitamin C. They will provide the post op garment. When I was asking about what supply he is recommend to by for care for my surgical site he said that they will provide me with everything. I only need to by 4x4 gauze. He gave me the long list to do/not to do and eat/not to eat before/after surgery. They did blood work, urine test and EKG. Find it out I have bladder infection. Great... So they strarted my on antibiotics. I hope this list was helpful. Please let me know if you have any other questions and if you need more detail.
I also started my journey in the review section under Getting the Tummy Tuck for my 60th Birthday on February 6th - Orange County CA.

Another day past by....

I went shopping yesterday with my hubby to buy supplies for my post op days. Today I was organizing my bathroom drawers, got rid of many things. Tomorrow I'll by a walker. I'm not sure if I'll need it, but many of you suggesting to use it. I'm a little worry about the lipo on my inner thighs because I was told that I can't remove the compression garment for 3 days. I know it's silly but I'm worry about how will I use the bathroom. They said the garment will have an opening... Well I will have to shoot straight I guess. Just in case I ordered P-ez from Amazon. Any tought, suggestion about it?

How much pain should I expect after Tummy Tuck?

Many years ago I'd a face lift. The surgery took about 4-5 hours. At home when the anastesia and the pain killer worn off I did not know what to expect so I took the prescription pain killer. When I got nauseated I took med for nausia, drank ginger ale and eat animal crackers and that was it. After that I was ok without medication. But this time is different, TT is a major surgery. I asked my doctor about Esparel shot but unfortunately he is not using it. He prescribed percocet. I'm sure I will take it. Many of you commenting positively on percocet, now I have high hope that it will work just fine. Can you give me advice how to reduce pain without to much medication? Can you tell me about your experience with pain and how did you dealt with it?

Coughing, sneezing after Tummy Tuck?

I'm concerned about coughing and sneezing after surgery and I find this website about how to stop the cough. Please ask your doctor's opinion about it
I know i'd posted this but I want to update my journey with it also.

Supplies I'd purchased so far

I'd posted this list before I'm just updating my journey with it. I'd purchased baby wipes, femine towels, antibacterial soap, natrium citrate, juices, q tips, “sit up in bed” pillow, spanx, zippered robe, botton down night gown, waterless foam hair shampoo, p-ez., protein powder and bars and 4x4 gauze, straw, bromelian and arnica.

Family and Friends

We should let our spouses, family and friends know how much we are appreciating their help, support and understanding during our journey.... Tell them, text them and hug them and let them know how much their help means to you.

Some tips on getting rid of hiccups

Breath in and hold your breath for about ten seconds, then breathe out slowly. Repeat three or four times. Then do it again twenty minutes later.
Breathe into a paper bag (do not cover your head with the bag)
Bring your knees to your chest and hug them for a couple of minutes
Gargle with iced water
Drink from the far side of the glass - stand up, bend over and put your mouth on the opposite side of the glass. As you bend, tilt the glass away from you and drink
Gently compress your chest, this can be achieved by leaning forward
Place a couple of drops of vinegar in your mouth
Place gentle pressure on your nose while you swallow
Place granulated sugar in your mouth. When it melts, swallow it
Press your diaphragm gently
Sip very cold water slowly
Drink a glass of warm water very slowly, all the way down without breathing
Take a thin slice of lemon, place it on your tongue and suck it like a sweet
Burping - some people find that if they consume a fizzy drink and burp, their hiccups go away. However, some doctors warn that sodas may trigger hiccups.
Waiting - in the vast majority of cases, hiccups go away on their own. Some say that by simply waiting and not worrying about them, the problem is likely to resolve more quickly
Pull your tongue - hold the end of your tongue with your fingers and tug. This stimulates the vagus nerve and eases diaphragm spasms, which may sometimes stop hiccups (this often does not work)
stick out your tongue. This rude-looking exercise is done by singers and actors because it stimulates the opening between the vocal cords (the glottis). You breathe more smoothly, quelling the spasms that cause hiccups.

What to pack for the hospital stay after surgery

After my surgery I will spend one night at the after care nurse home. This morning I asked her what to pack. She said I don't need a nightgown because I'll leave with the hospital's night gown. She recommended wearing flip flop or some slip-on flat what will be secure for walking. I'll have to walk the same night. She recommended wearing dark loose fitting pull up pants and zippered or buttomed top. She recommend to wear something I don't mind to get stained. So I'll wear an old sweat suit on the day of my surgery and the same the day after surgery. Bra has to be the one u can put on easily, maybe one with the zipper. I also take a west because I'm always cold. I've found it out that I'll have a catheter in me for the first night. Great... Beside all above I just pack toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush and my cell phone. Nothing else.

Two more days until surgery.....

It's time for an update. I'm having a TT in two days from today on Friday. I don't know where the time flew. I still have to pickup colace and a walker. I have all the prescription filled. Xanax for anxiety, ambien for sleeping, ondansetron (zofran) for nausea, dicloxacillin antibiotics, percocet for pain, and I have cyclobenzaprine for muscle spasm. Those are powerful medication and I hope I don't need to take it long. I also purchased Arnica30C. Today I start usin Dial antibacterial soap. No more body lotion.
On Sunday I've got a massage. Felt very good. Tomorrow I will have my hair done and also do mani, pedi. Per my doctor's advise I'll be on liquid diet on Thursday. At noon I will drink the magnesium citrate and stay close to the bathroom. Somebody suggested a liquid diet two days before surgery. I might do that.
Yesterday I made lots of breaded, deep fried pork chops (I think its called winnersnichel). It's not a healthy food but we like it very much. This morning I cooked and I will freeze the meat portioned out. My hubby just need to cook pasta and warm up the meat. Thursday I'll make chicken soup. It will be nice to have it when I come home on Saturday. I'll post “before” picture tonight or tomorrow morning.
I dont know when should I start taking the Arnica. Any advise on it?

Surgery is day after Tomorrow.....

Time is passing real fast. I'm I ready? Yes, I'm ready. I have all supplies I need except the toilette riser. I don't know why but I have the urge to clean my house real well....I know its normal, but to clean the kitchen cabinets? I doing the laundry and I even wash the “garage towels”...crazy. Had my lunch and from now I will consume nothing but liquid. Tomorrow I'll change the bed sheets. Put away the “nice” duvet and change it to the simple white cover. Hubby volunteered to take the bed frame apart and vacuum the carpet under the bed, than put the bed back together. Now I have to sign off and go to the store to buy the riser.

Tomorrow is THE DAY

I could hardly wait for tomorrow. I'm so ready. Still surprisingly calm. What is wrong with me????....I hope I'll feel the same way later on also, but I'know it will not happen. Sooner or later the anxiety and stress will kick in. I'm on my cleansing liquid diet today. Drinking juice, water, tea, chicken stock, decaf coffee with milk. This last one is the most filling. Pulled the barcart by my recliner and setting up my “station” . I have a cooling unit I might have to use. I forgot to ask my surgeon if I have to ice myself. The animal crackers has never been as tempting as today since I can't eat it neather today or tomorrow. My overnight bag is packed, ready to go. Last night I was cuddling with hubby and he was touching, stroking my tummy. He was saying goodbye to it. Yeah, I keep touching it also and its so hard to imagine that from tomorrow it will be flat again. I've called Dr.'s office and find it out that they will use steri strip on me and next morning before the nurse takes me back to the dr's office she will give me a pain shot. Also got a phone call from the surgery center. We went through about my med history and the medication I've been taken. My girlfriend stopped by to hug me and wish me good luck. She gave me beautiful card. I had a hard time to hold my tears back. I'm so blessed to have such a wonderful supporting system including my hubby, family and friends.

The dreaded pre-op pictures

It's time to post my pre-op pictures. The next set will be much better. I'll have full TT, lipo on the flank, lovehandles and upper inner thighs. So here you go....

TODAY IS THE DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

First of all to all of you who scheduled for Today......When I woke up this morning you were in my toughts. By this time I'm writing this some of you are done with the “procedure” I wish you well and wish speedy painless recovery.
And for you who already had the surgery I'm wishing faster painless,confortable recovery
We all will be sexyer than we were before. My hubby was joking “You will go in one door and Barbie will come out on the other”.
Last night my anastesiologist called me. He told me because I'll have a 1pm surgery I can drink water up to 6:30 this morning. He doesn't want me to be dehydrated and have headaches. So I set up the alarm for 5am and drink, and drink again at 6:15. He also told me to take xanax before I leave my house. Since the butterflies start rock and rolling in my stomach I taught.... what the heck I'll take it now. Went for a walk with hubby. Not for long because I still had the urge for BM. Took my long hot shower using the antibacterial soap, washed my hair and I'm so ready to go. We'll leave the hous 1.5hours from now.. My Hubby was telling me “you will go in one door and Barbie will walk out on the other”.
Keep up the positive attitude. No regrets....

THANK YOU for you kindness

I would like to say THANKS for everybody's support, well wishes, comments and great advises. It help me a great deal to prepare physically and emotionaly. Without you it would have been much tougher to get here. Unfortunately I don't have time to reply to each one of you because pretty soon we are heading to the surgery center and my girlfriend coming to my house to give me a hug. I will keep you updated about the sx and the way I'll feel.


So let it start. Yesterday I'd checked in the hospital, talk to the nurses, doctor, and anastesiologist. Everybody was very nice to me. Dr marked me and later hubby took a picture. Just now I asked hubby to show my marking. Turned out he mad post op pictures of me. I look like a cacoon and I'm smiling on one. This is my hubby. My surgery lasted 30 minutes less as scheduled...its good. They asked me to smile. I would like to apologize for my typo, somehow I have to keep correcting it a lot. Maybe the drub makes me. So the IV was put in my hubby kissed me and I was rolled out of the room. Next thing I remember waking up in and took me away to my my nurse's house. My nurses were awsome. They took care of me very well making me comfortable. I slept about 5 hours. After that they gave me ambinen, I slept maybe on other 5 hours, then it was time to get up and go back to my dr office.before we left Igot more pain med, took out the catherer. Walked to the car, seems to me it was a long walk. My nurses told me that I did very well. I was a good patient. Amanda my nurse talked to them, they checked my BP, showed me how to empty the drainage and I'll need to go back on Monday to see the dr. I'd my firs visit to the bathroom to pee. I tell you.....this walker with the wheel is god sent. I could run a marathon with it. This morning when my hubby picked me up he was smiling and pulled out a plastic cup with the bottom cut off. Needless to say he couldn't find it when I really really needed it. Now he has many of them prepared and stocked by the toilett. And now here comes what you are waiting for. Pain is not bed. I feel the burning sensation only. Its much less pain than a headaches. I dounderstrand it might change, but I will keep taking my painkiller as prescribed. I'll not be tough it out. I'm hopping that this post will make you better.. This morning I had a hickup. Its funy that I made a post about how to stop it and I did not remember any of them. But I rememeberd RealityNuts comment to put a teaspoon full of sugar in the mout and let it melt. I was an isntant releif....thank you realityNuts.
I'm starving but I'm eating very slow and very little at the time. Do the same thing with water. Hopefully this way I'll not get nousiated. Probably I will have much to say but so far this is what I remember. Pretty soon I will go to sleep land. And again thank you for your well wishes, advices an prayes. It helped me alot

2nd day after surgery

Sorry I did not checked back sooner. I had a good night sleep. Last nite another girlfriend dropped by and she commented on how well I look. Now swelling on my face etc. This morning I've got up, peed, walked and eat. I took a painmed. Sof far so good. Its not a picknick but pretty much tolarebo. Hubby is emptying the drainages This morning it was 25 and I think 20 on the other side. Apetite is good. No BM yet. Its to early This morning I had tuna salad sandwich, smoothie with pienapple, berries and protein powder. Now I'm sitting in the computer chair instead of the recliner. Its a little harder on my litle butt, but atleast I can get in and out easier. Using the restroom is comical. I can't even imaginde doing it on my own. I'm icing my feels so good. We forgot to ask him if we should do it. Nurse told me to ice my thights if it hurts. Its not. Hubby told me that I had a hard time to wake me up. Oxygen was pushed down on my throat. One more thing I'll have to pass and it BM. Hopefully it will be not to bad. Talked to my mom yesterday and today. She is 90 years old. She was worried about me but now she said its unbeleivable how well I'm doing. In her time people with tonsilectomy had to stay in the hospital for 7 days. I wish all of you good luck and speedy recovery

3 days postop

Its time again for an update. Last night was a little tough on me. Nothing to worry about but I just felt more swollen. I've get up about 7times to pee and walk. As weird as it sounds walking feels so good. I have good appetite, so no problem there. Still no BM. This morning we are going to see my ps. I'm just taking my colace and when we are coming home I need to do something more radical. I will stop taking the percocet and start taking tylenol. I'm afraid of the ride to ps office. Its about 40 minutes without trafic. Its president's day so hopefully trafic wont be bad. I haven't picked yet so I don't have a clue how am I look like. I'm iching a lot. Still using ice it feels good. Oterwise I think im doing ok. Pain isn't as bad at all. It just hard not to be able to do anything. My hubby helps me in the bathroom too. Ha ha ha he said he'll wipe my butt. Told him no way I have to save my dignity How straight are you standing? Dr told me I'll be standing straight from day 4. This morning I stood up but hubby scrolled at me. He is protecting his investment.. I'm sure binder will come off today even if for a little time. I'll take some pictures and post it. You all are in mine mind and every day wishing you speedy recovery. And for those of you who did not have it done yet.....its not as bad as it sound. You not gotta do the cha cha, but you will be able to manage. Having a good support system is a must.

Second Doctor's visit after surgery

We just came home from the doctor's office. The nurse said I'm doing great. Took pictures of my new tummy. Hubby said that it will look like 30 years ago. I'm looking forward to it. I'll post it as soon we figure it out how to do it from cell phone and how to cover my private. I was afraid of the ride to the dr, but it was traffic. I'll go back again on Thursday and will hear about the detail. For BM I was recommended SMOOTH MOVE TEA. GNC has it. The little gas people are having a huge party in my stomach but still no BM. I could take a shower from tonight. Everybody says it feels good, but I'm afraid of it. When did you take your first shower? I'm looking forward to hear from you. I will keep posting.


The weight on the scale doesn't means anything now, but I remembered I have a body fat % indicator on it. I have 10% LESS bodyfat compared to preop. My weight is up. Of course because I'm swollen. What an inspiration!!!!

4 days post op

Last night was the first night for my husband to take care of my surgical site using alcohol and antibacterial ointment. My Dr. gave me the supplies. So last nite we went to the bathroom, hubby emptyed and register the volume of the discharge. He folded down the garment which is super tight and started his “nursing” job. He would make a very good nurse. It wasn't painful but I'd this weird feeling when he touched. I could'nt even looked at it. Suddently the heat rushed through me. Iwas so tensed that you would say Frankestein had smoother movement than me. So he put the “bandage” over me and put the garment back. I seat dow and I felt something is pushing my back. Hubby had to redo it because the welcro closer was on the middle of the back and also we taught it was a little tight and little low. So he had to start over. By the time he finished I was exhausted. Maybe its explain it why am I so nervous about taking shower. And who knows me, know I'm not a wuss. Maybe.... a little.....I think....My Sweethart commented on my swelling. I told him it will take awhile for the swelling go down. I'm not sweat it. So far I'm happy. Looking at the big picture
Last night I drank the smoothe move tea but I see no result, NO BM I dont understand why can't I go. Drinking, eating, walking a lot, taking solace. I need something more drastic. I'm thinking about to eat a tablespoon full of olive oil. It should give a nice slide don't you think? I can feel the stomach movements, sometimes its uncomfortable. I feel bad to talk about this but unfortunately I'm not alone. I'm also having headaches. Any suggestions?

BM Today

Finally, after so many false alarm I had BM. It wasn't painful at all. This morning I had a tablespoon full of oilve oil, prune juice, smooth move tea, colace, coffee with lots of milk and little whip cream. You would think it would be enough for a horse to go....but not me. I was very upset, but miracle has happened about 30 minutes later WITHOUT PAIN. Thank you for your advises

Another day in recovery

Wow.. this is day 5 post op. As of last night I suppose to be walking straight. After each walk I was able to stand up straight (not 100% but close enough), but wasn't able to maintain it. I stood by the wall a little bit and strech. This morning I was up at 3 am. Even with ambien I can't sleep. I have to pee in every 1.5-2hours. It's good for walking. every time i get up i walk at least 10 minutes. Last night while hubby were taking care of the incision I was thinking OMG i'll faint. I didn't but emotionally drained me. I hope it will be better today.

Is it in my head?

since the surgery I smell like i was dipped in chemical. I past lots of fluid, had BM and I'm still smelling it on me. Hubby said I don't smell like chemical, I smell just fine. Is it possible that my body chemistry has changed? Or my senses are changed? I can't stand it and its nauseates me. Hubby washed me with unscented soap, it's still there.

Is it normal or my muscles are extremely week?

5 days post op. I keep walking more and more each day. Try to be as straight as I can. When I sit on the regular chair I do notice it I can't hold myself in the upright position long enough (eg. Eating my lunch). Is it normal?


I did so well in preparation of the surgery. I was scared from the recovery process, pain etc. but I was ok to handle it. I did not stressed over it. The nurse showed us how to take care of my surgical site 2x per day I now I get anxiety attack. It's not painful, don't get me wrong, my husband is very gentle but just to know that the binder should come off and go back scares me a lot. I'm not even talking about to know that the wound will be touched by alcohol and ointment. Its not painful I keep telling you. But... I start go get heat wave, hyperventillation and just general weakness and shakiness and exhaustion. I'm even more afraid to take a shower for the same reason. I see almost all of you have some sort of a tape over yours but I'm not. I'm thinking to start taking xanax couple of hours before treatment. We couldn't take a decent after picture because the way I feel. I saw the incision and it looks very nice but it gives me a creepy feeling. Do you have any experience or advice to my problem. Tomorrow I will see my surgeon and I'm so scared for above reason.

6 days post-op

Tonight I'd slept 1 hour, went to the bathroom and slept another 5 hours, Woke up with headaches and my incision burning. Now the burning is gone but headaches still lingering I beleive its because of inactivity and sitting/reclining alot. Lately I'm getting the tickles and cough in my throat from swallowing. I keep a little pillow by me and press it to my stomach and try to control my cough. No fun. Today I'll see my surgeon. I have many questions to ask. I'll post when I get home. 3 days in a row I have BM. Since the plug were open I truly believe that the olive oil, prune juice and colace helping me. Of course I eat well also. From day one I had healthy appetite. I have gummi bear vitamins and vitamin c. I'm taking them when I crave for sweet. Every day is getting better and better. It's amazes me how fast our body heals. Yesterday my friends came to visit and we had wonderful time. With a good support system the recovery is much easier.

6 days post-op visit.....happy, happy

I had my post op visit with my surgeon. He was pleased with my progress. I'm healing nicely and fast. I have to keep up the walking in every1-1.5 hours for at least 5 minutes and keep “icing” my abdomen. I have to reduce my water intake because I'm drinking way too much water. He remembered before the surgery I told him about being scared of the incision's pain. He told me...the incision site won't hurt me, the lipo site will. The lipo site doesnt' hurt only when I have to take off/roll down my cg. I took hydrocodone as prescribed until yesterday morning and than stopped. He is planning to remove my drainages on Monday and this will change a lots of things and inconvenience for better. My doctor told me that I can drive myself to the appointment butI'm not feeling comfortable with it yet, hubby will take off from work to take me. I have to keep my incision dry so its ok to keep taking sponge baths. After the visit we had to go to another appointment what was unplanned. I was away from home today from 11:30 to 4:30pm. When we came home I crashed, hubby made dinner and we watched tv. Now I have a little pain. I know I over did it, but I'm happy. I was able to walk straight, except I still have difficulty to retract my shoulder blades for a good posture....I need to work on that. Today was a good day.

So far so good

Yesterday I was on my feet waaay to much. I was sore, I wasn' t going to but finally I took tylenol and ended up taking ½ percocet before sleep. I've slept over 6 hours. This was the first normal sleep time since surgery. When I got up I had a hard time to walk, I couldn't even stand up straight. Great.....I taugh....back to square one. When I cleaned up myself I noticed it... I was standing up straight. Woah...surprise. I'm still hunched over from my upper spine, but this is something I have to concentrate. I helped hubby to straighten up the room using a “pickup” stick, dusted some of the furniture, than I remembered....I don't want to do much at once. It will be so nice again to get up and do things. “icing” doesn't feel as good as it did in the first few days. I have and icing unit with a pad and even when I put 2 towels underneath I feel that the cold goes in my stomach through my right tube. Weird feeling. It will be better after the tubes will come out on Monday and I'm scared from the pain. Dr. told me if lipo did not gave me pain than it will be no problem. I beleive him but still scared because accidentally I pulled on my tubes before.

Happy Valentines Day

I wish I could do something special for my Hubby Today. I remember many years ago I'd asked him “Honey what should we be doing for Valentines Day? He turned to me and said “For Valentines Day?....Every Day is Valentine's day for us.” And he did not only say it, he act it every single day. I'm so lucky to have him in my life. Yesterday he brought me chocolate covered strawberries and he even sliced it for me.
Yesterday I did not do so well. I had a headaches, I did not get up as often as I suppose to. I'll have to make it up Today. Icing did not felt good at all. I have good appetite since day one. I'm paying attention what and how much do I eat. I took ambien last night. 2 hours after I fall to sleep I woke up and walked to the bathroom. Hubby get up with me, than he had me situated in my recliner I slept another 2 hours. I try to be as quiet as a mouse so I'll not wake him. I wish my recliner would be electric. I have three pillow stock up on the legrest. It shouldn't be a biggy to pop my feet on it if I wouldn't have tt. O boy....Its a project now to get in and out and I can't even find comfortable position. Try not to use my stomach musles only my arms. During the night I cough and sneezed.. few times. Woah.. It was terrible. I learned it that you should not open your mouth while you are couging and you should cough through your nose. I'm hopping Today we'll be better and more active day.

First good night sleep

Yesterday was lovely. Nice and sunny outside, Hubby brought me my favorite flowers..tulips. My friends came over last nite. There was lots of laughter, my little pillow worked over time on my tummy. We had champain, I also had few sips. Atfter they left we watched a movie and a I fall asleep. I did not wake up until 6:40 this morning. I walked to the bathroom like a rusty wheel, few minutes later stand up straight. Everyday is better and better. Today I'll go outside to walk. This morning while my husband treated the surgical area I did NOT had an anxiety attack. I still not looking at my surgical site, but that's fine. I'm getting better getting in and out of the recliner. I do everything very slowly. I have BM since day four and I'm doing everything in my power to keep it that way. I'm happy I had it done, have an amazing Doctor, happy with the result, happy with my recovery progress and happy to have a great support system which includes all of you on RS.

To All Pre op Ladies and Gentleman - list of supplies and words of advise

I'm posting the list of supplies and some words of advise helped me through recovery.
Recliner – electric if you can or if you rent it get one what will lift also
“sit up” bed pillow available at bad bath and beyond
lots of additional pillows
travel neck rest – preferably what you can snap close at the front
Walker with wheels - some said the walker with the seat is a must but I did not have the need for it
toilette seat riser
red solo cup with bottom cut off for pee
baby wipes
lots of wash cloths and hand towels
cotton panties – many suggesting “granny panties” but I was ok with my bikinies
cooling unit I think its better than ice pack or frozen peas
pick up stick – you dont really need it but its nice to have to pick up stuff
colace, prune juice, smoothe move tea, olive oil for good bowel moovement
prepare and stock up on low sodium food – keep bowel movement in your mind. It will be an issue so be prepared
need a side table or bar cart by the recliner so you have everything within reach.
Arrange your charger the way you don't need to bend preferebly have an extension cord with several outlets, because you will be on your, computer, kindle, phone etc. so you will constantly charging something.
Always have water, medication, cough drop, klenex, hand lotion, note book with pen, hairbrush by your side. Also at the beginning keep a plastic container by you just in case you might need to vomit. It did not happened to me.
I use a small basket for my medications and note book because you don't want them to be fall down because you have to pick it up
ease to slip on sliper what gives you good support

take your medication as prescribed in a following order but check it with your pharmacyst or doctor
First eat, than take your medication for nausea, wait about 15 minutes and take your prescribed pain killer percocet, etc.. You have to plan everything in advance. Set your alarm if you have to. In a first few days you will be on heavy medication. After the 3rd or 4th you will not needed it. Tylenol should be enough or maybe you don't even need that.
I always did it in this order and I did not vomit or I don't even remember being nauseated.
My doctor wanted me to get up in every hour and walk at least 5 min. You might think it will be very painful, at least this is what I was thinking. It wasn't a picknick but believe me it made me feel better. I drank lots of water about 64 oz or more per day (I never discuss this with my dr before surgery). When I had my preop my surgeon told me to cut back on drinking to 4-5 glass of water per day. So this is something you definetely want to discuss with your doctor.
We all have some stress and anxiety before hand because we don't know what can be expect. We also have our ups and downs during recovery but it's normal. Its not as bad as you anticipate. Its a major surgery, you have to take it easy and you will be amazed how fast your body heals. You are more than welcome to read my previous reviews. I'm glad you made your decision or I hope I helped you to make a decision. Good luck to all of you and keep us updated xoxo

Good days in recovery

My recovery is beyond expectation. One week ago from today I wouldn't think I would be doing what I'm doing with the energy I have. I walk a lot. Walking makes me feel good. I My doctor told me that he is expecting me from day one to get up in every hour and walk a little, stand straight on day 4-6 (nurse said day 4). I did not get up in every single hours because I was reading, forgot about the time, or someone was visiting, but most of the time I was up and walk. I did not go outside yet but Hubby is pushing (and I know he is right) the issue so Today I'll have no choice but comply. The weather is gorgeous. I walked straight not 100% but very close to it by the end of day 4. It takes awhile to accomplish it by each walk. I can't maintain that position for long but it makes me feel much better. Hubby had to go back to work, so today is the first day without him. I'm using 3 pillows under my leg and he secured it with a ribbon, this way when I'm getting in or out It will not fall. So far so good. I have no problem to get in and out using my arms and legs instead of my stomach. Takes awhile but that's ok. I have BM on the regular basis, and I make sure I'm eating plenty fruits, veggies and grains and of course protein. My appetite is great from day one, so no problem there. Unfortunately still get anxiety at the time of my daily treatments. I try to controll it with deep breathing but no luck. Hubby turning up the AC so the cool air circulation help a little. He is taking pictures of me so I can see it later. I definetely see positive changes, cute belly bottom. My incision healing very nicely, hubby see it from close range and he is very pleased with it. My drains will come out Today and I believe it will take my anxiety with it. Jumped on the scale, not like it means anything, but I was courious. I've lost about 5 lbs, right after the surgery my body fat % dropped 10%, now its adjusted back to 5%. I'm happy. I know this number will constantly change probably up and down but this is just a beginning. I'm looking at the big pictures.

PLEASE READ...ALL GOOD...drainage removal

Finally the day came for my drainage removal. I read someone referred to horror stories about the removal. I'd scrolled away very fast. I did not want to read any negative review about it. The nurse in my doctor's office told me that I don't need to take any pain med, it's painless and it will take about 30 seconds for each tube, but if I feel anxiety about that take a xanax 1 hour before my appointment. Since the butterflies in my stomach start opening their wings I decided to take the xanax. So we arrived to the doctors office, removed my garments Sandy came in and start giving me a treatment, cleaned my bb, showed hubby how to do it correctly, then I felt that she is starting to remove the stiches from my drainages. It did not hurt at all I just know she was working on that area. Needless to say I was nervous so my mouth did not shut up. Sandy told me take a deep breath. I complied and I knew this is when the drain will come out. It took a second, it wasn't painful, so I keep chit-chathing and told Sandy “I'm so glad that you have removed the right side first, because this side was bothering me and since it did not hurt I know the other side will be a piece cake”. She looked at me, my husband start laughing and they told me that the other already out. I did not feel a thing. So if you have any fear about it...please don't. The stiches from my bb was removed also and I felt nothing. Sandy put me in a binder, so I can take off my other garment and wash it. This binder gives me such a great support I love it. It has 3 velcro clousers I saw many of you wearing it. I feels so good. I love the way it gives support to the back. So we came home, I went to the bathroom and I enjoyed that I don't need to use a plastic cup. My garment is in the dryer (cold air) and I will put it back on and put this binder on top of it so I'll have to resume to use the plastic cup. I feel much better, I can wear regular close because I don't have the drainage in. I have to cut back on walking and I have to ice it. Tomorrow I'll go back to see my surgeon, because he want to see how much liquid my body still relases. So its all good. I hope my review will help you diminish your concerns about drainage removal. Hubby took some picturs of me in the binder and in my sweat suit front and back. I know having the binder on makes me much slimmer, but I love to look at the pictures. We stopped at starbucks they just start selling the tiramisu frappe and I love tiramisu in any form. I was so excited to ask them to make it fat free and decaf. Oh, well.

11 days post op visit with my Doctor

I had a visit to my surgeon. He was very pleased with my progress and told me I'm doing excellent. I was even cleared to walk around the block. He saw no fluid built up, and I still have to limit my water intake to 4-5 cups a day. Now I have to put on my cg first than the ace bangade to prevent wrinkling on my skin. I don't even need to wear the other compression garment what I just got yesterday. I had difficulty with it today. I felt its consricting in my movement, can't stand up straight, I walked extremly slowly and giving me discomfort. Now I have a choice and I think I'll wear it off and on preferebly on. When we came home I did not put it I back on and I still have the same problem. Maybe just a challenging day. Maybe the healing nerves are joking with me. I was wearing yoga pants today not my sweats. Hubby was complemented me the way I looked. But I'm going back to my sweats because its much more comfortable.
I need to keep icing my tummy and I have to start icing my thighs. I have to start massaging my inner thighs. He recommended arnica gel. I'll go back to see his assistant on Friday he said if I want it I can put silicon tape on my incision. Do you have any recommendation what silicon tape should I use?


Yesterday my doctor told me that I can walk around the block. This morning I had a determination to walk outside in my neighborhod twice. I was waiting for around 11 am when the temperature is the nicest. Than I got zillien phone calls so I decided to wait for my husband and we can walk together. I was walking slooooow and funny. I felt that my legs are working separate from my body. It was a strange experience. I focused on maintaining good posture. Our walk lasted about 20 minutes (forget the block) we walked 3 houses up and down twice. I had difficulty breathing. By the end of our walk I was ready to come in. It's so interesting that in the house I can walk longer without problem. I need to walk more often and slowly work myself up for a longer distance. Tomorrow will be better.

I'm asking for your advise

In the last couple of days I feel this ichy, scrachy sensation in my chest. I have the urge to cough. Its been very difficult to supress it. During the “attack” I'm not opening my mouth only when I sip my water very slowly. So far I was able to hold it back in the majority of the time, I'm just afraid that it will get worst. Reclining in the chair for 2 weeks hopefuly won't lead me to pneumonia. Do you have any advise for me?
Since my surgery I had only 1 good night sleep. I took an ambien last night, slept 3 hours, woke up went to the bathroom, slept another 3.5 hours, got up, hubby treated my surgical site, went back to sleep for about 2 more hours. When I got up felt fine. I consider last night I've got good sleep. was up for about 2 hours washed my hair and doing things. Before lunch I went outside and walked 50 minutes very slooooow. Every day is better and better. I wish I could sleep better on the daily basis without sleeping aid. My apetite still good (too good). Replacing sweets for fruits. When I will be completely healed I'm planning to cut back on fruit.

I suppose to post it yesterday

I'm sitting in the recliner in my panty and tshirt and enjoy it a lot. I took my shower, hubby hand washed my garment and now its in the dryer on cold setting. Its been two weeks that I'm in the binder 24/7 I took it off at the doctors, shower, and when my husband spot cleaned it. I spent a good amount of time front of the mirror admiring my incsision and BB. My incision is healing very nicely and its very low. BB is cute. The skin in my stomach nice and smooth but so far no major improvement as far seeing nice waistline. I know I'm swollen a lot and it will get much better in time, I've patience I'm so addicted to this website. I keep putting my laptop aside but shortly I open it again. I'm bored, recliner binded and limited to do things. I just imagine walking on the beach, do yoga, have lunch with my friends. Well, time will come.

14 days post op

Today I saw my dr's assistance. She told me I'm healing nicely, removed few stiches, listened to my lung, because I was worried about the tickling sensation in my chest what makes me cough. Lucilly my lungs are clear. They are checking me very closely. Its giving me so much security. After seeing her we went to Target to buy baby wipes. Since we were there I wanted to look around and we did it slooooooow. I have to work on my speed. Got kisses chocolate to make tumbprint cookies hopefully this weekend. I'm planning to freeze it in portions so we'll not eat it at once.

15 day post op - I should have post it yesterday

I slept about 5-6 hours going to the bathroom once. I took ambien and still not enough sleep. Hubby finally slept about 8 hours... thank God. I'm still battling with the ich in my chest. I think I'll buy allergy med and hopefully it will help with coughing. I'm afraid to talk because it makes it worse. I had my oatmeal at 8 am and 2 hours later I'm starving, my stomach growling like crazy. Before lunch hubby drove me to the park and we walked on the walk/bike trail. Can you imagine when Chitah and turtle go for a walk together. You've guessed it the Chitah wasn't me. He kept encouraging me to pickup the speed. We walked about 30 minutes, normally it would take 10 minutes. I was concentrating my posture. This was the hardest. After the walk I was tired but felt very good, mentally and physically.
The weather was absolutely beautiful. I wish I could send it to all of you. I think I walked about 2 blocks distance. Now after lunch I'm hanging out in my recliner. I will limit the reclining, be more active and spend more time in the chair, not in the regular but the computer chair. Hubby asked me if I would go to the store with him. I did and now I'm completely exhausted. We purchased benadril for my ichy throat/chest. Hopefully it will help with my coughing.
I had all of my binders on and I look slender. I hope I will look like this without binders.

I slept 7.5 hours straight

Finally.....I had a good night sleep. I feel good and I feel rested. I took benedril and I was out. I just took my 3rd dose of benadryl and I still get the cought. Today I walked in the park again than we went to Costco. I found a cute jacket and purchased a large and medium. Normally I would pick xlarge or large depense of the brand, very rarely medium. At home I tried it on ...large was to big, medium little big on my back. Hubby went back and purchased a SMALL. Now I have my binder on and I made an assumption that this will be my final outcome. Do I have high expectation? I don't know....maybe. I'm not taking off the tag on neither and will see....I'm still reclining more than I really want it, but I'm much more active. Good day.

Garments restricting me from walking and move around normal

Today started out to be good. Folded laundry, prepared dinner in a crockpot, and walked outside for 30 minutes. Kept dozing off while reclined. I got a real bad headaches and it wouldn't go away. I'm so boooored. I figured it out why I have such a difficulty to keep myself straight and walk normal. Today after shower I had no difficulty to walk straight. As soon the garment and binder was on I had problem again. This garments are restraining me a lot.

New chapter in recovery.....

It's good and bad. Bad because the compression garment and binder makes me itch and limits my activities. Good because numbness is gone and I'm more aware of the sensations, I have a desire to be more active. I loosened up my binder (thank you Imath) so I can walk easier, its better but not good. Mid mid section is swollen including my back. Swelling gettin better on my thighs, their are not rubbing together. I had dr.appointment today. Everything ok. I have to start massaging my thighs. I don't need to wear my ace bandage. I was cleared to sleep flat in my bed. Hubby is happy, but I don't feel comfortable. I can get out of the requliner easier when I have to use the bathroom at night. If I sleep in the bed I'll wake him up and he has to go to work early. I see if I can negotiate it with him.

My typical daily meal

BREAKFAST: smoothie with spinach, protein powder, frozen berries, banana, greek yougurt
from day4 alternating this with instant oatmeal
also for empty stomach a take 1 tbsp olive oil plus 1/2-1 glass of prune juice for good BM
decaffenated instant coffe desolved in 1 cup warm milk
LUNCH: animal protein or fish with salad, fruit-----add pasta or rice if the meat has sauce on it
DINNER: animal protein with salad, occasional tuna salad sandwich
SNACKS: fruits, cottage cheese, protein bar, almond, occasional animal cookies
I'm still eating lots of fruits but eventually I will decrease it because of the high sugar content.
From day one I had good appetite. At this point I'm feeding my body and my soul for recovery. I'm paying attention for portions. So far I have pretty good energy.

New milestone.....first night in bed

Last night hubby insisted I sleep in the bed. I was fighting against it but finally gave up. I was worry I'll wake him up, not be able to get in and out of the bed but he said he want to get up and help me, which he did during the night. After he left for work I moved back to the recliner.
Today I walked outside 30 minutes twice. The actual walk is ok, but maintaining a proper posture difficult. I cooked light dinner. I'm a little tired now. I try to do little more each day using common sense.

I need a little or lots of encouragement

Before and after my surgery I kept a very positive attitude. I knew it's a long recovery, I knew I will be swollen and I also knew it could take up to a year maybe more to see the final result. But unfortunately suddenly I had some doubt, why did I do that? I have mixed emotions, I'm having a headache, my butt hurt, I'm not comfortable sitting, standing, walking, I did not dare to drive yet, not interested watching movies, read and I'm bored. Every time when I'm getting up the discomfort of standing up and walk straight starts all over again and again.

2/26/15 (20 days post op) I suppose to post it yesterday

Thank you very much for the encouregements and kind words. By this morning I was able to shake last night blues. I slept ok (took ambien) and I did not get up when hubby left for work. This morning I was busy. Straightened up my house, Folded towels, went for a 30 minutes walk. In this 30minutes I walked more distance than yesterday. My friend came over we had a good time. Late afternoon we went to the park and walked another 30 minutes. My mood is much better than yesterday. Unfortunately I have headaches and iching bad.

It's my Birthday

Woke up this morning hubby was smiling at me wishing happy birthday. What a great start. It's early morning but I already received several phone calls and texts from friends and family. Couple of days ago my friends called me and told me that they will come today and will bring dinner of my choice. They are so sweet. Hubby wanted make me a birthday cake but my friend told me he shouldn't because another friend already ordered it. They make my day very special. These friends of mine know about my sx and are very supportive. I'm doing fine. Yesterday I was on my feet a lot, also walked in the park for 30 minutes. I'm looking forward for tonight's celebration.

Post op pictures

Finally I updated my pictures. I'm still swollen as you can see, but I know it's normal. I'm happy with the healing of the of the incision. Love my bb, I think its cute. I'm walking every day, adding additional minutes each day. Today I went to the gym (first time after sx) and walked on the treadmill, slow and sturdy. I still having problem with my posture and planning to address it to my ps. I had my post op visit, everything looks fine, I can sleep any way I want to even on my stomach. The only position I like to sleep at that point is my back. I'm way to sensitive even to sleep on my side. I can do my every day thing. Only walking, stationary bike, elliptical for exercise. I don't have water build up....this is good. I'll have to go back for a check up in 3 weeks. Doctor said I have posture problem because I have tight muscles from sx and lipo. I can start taking aleve.
I'm having problems to post pictures, if I load two pictures the third comes up in landscape. I'll have to do it in two-s.

Healing process

I'm over 4 weeks post op and I'm doing better and better. I stay on my feet much longer, walking longer and faster. But I'm still very swollen and my tummy is hard as a rock. Are you massaging your stomach to make it softer or with time it gets softer? I'm still icing my stomach 2x per day per ps request. I'm able to pull my gridle which has 3 velcro strip tighter, but I don't know if I'm getting smaller or the griddle get streched out. I'm hoping for the first. I could shower by myself but I still have the strange feeling to touch my stomach and my incision so I opt for my hubby help me. He is massaging my tighs much stronger than I would, plus he is massaging my back also. I haven't seen my incision for over one week because it covered with silicon tape. The tape is so good, it doesn't peel so I've decided to take it off after 8 days and put on new tape tonight. This way I'll see if everything is ok with the scar. Last week I'd tried on bikinies and I'd decided that I'll put off the purchase because my private still swollen and I don't like my upper tighs yet. I also have some back fat what should go away hopefully soon. I was wearing my binder and cg while I was trying those on and it might pushed up my back fat made it look worst than it is. I might get a bikini top and wear it with my skirted bottom this year. Today I went to have my hair done, color, cut highlite. It's been one month and I was seriously do for one. My hair looks very nice. Happy with the color and the cut. I'm anxiously waiting for my 3 months post op because by that time 75% of the swelling should go down.

6 weeks post op pictures

I'm so frostrated about my swelling. If I'm comparing the before and after pictures I do see the difference, but not a TT difference. So far I did not have one single “flat day”, these are my “flattest” pictures. I know I'm at the beginning of the healing process and it should get better. Next thursday I'll see my ps and I hope he'll assure me of that. Today I went to the mall tried on few bathing suits and I decided (again) that I'll postpone the bathing suit purchase until next year. I can't wear bikinis now because I still have bra fat, my pubic area is swollen and my upper thighs also need improvement. This way I can save myself from disappointments. I hate my yoga pants and I want to be able to wear my jeans/pants. I'm able to fit into one of the capris but the zipper makes me uncomfortable. . My weight loss is about 8-9 lb and for some misterious way I'm not able to loose more. I eat well and healthy and I walk daily. Hopefully my ps will clear me for light weigh exercise and yoga. I'm still wearing my compression garment 24/7 and my binder with the 3 velcro 20/7-24/7 and I hope I can stop wearing the binder soon. Are you ladies wearing both?
For some reasons the pictures are coming up sideways. I hope it will post in portrait.

Silicon sheet

I was about 3 weeks post op when my ps approved the silicon tape. He did not have any recommendation, but referred me to the pharmacy. The pharmacy had the scar away silicon sheet cut to shorter strips. I checked into the embrace scar therapy. It's also shorter strips and have to apply about 3 each time. Since I don't like to much action on and around my incision I'd researched and ordered Mapitac silicone tape from Amazon. This is a long tape and you can cut it to the lenght you want. I like it because it stays on for a long time, bends beautifully with my skin color and somehow gives me security (if you read my post about anxiety you will see why) I leave it on for 7-8 days than put a new strip on the scar. The box of tape cost $20.00 and it last for 6-8 weeks depense how long is your scar and how long you have it on. I shower and exercise with it. My husband put it on me making sure not to wrinkle the skin. I do not reuse the tape. Please see below information about the tape.

Mepitac Silicone Tape
This product is often recommended by surgeons and dermatologists. The advantage of Mepitac silicone tape is that it stays on very well.
Contrary to many sheets this occlusive sticks to your scar until you peel it off.  It even stays on in the shower or during swimming. Like with sheets you can re-use pieces.
Because of its strong attachment it may not be that suitable for delicate scar tissue. For example if you are concerned you may re-open the just healed wound or when you have sensitive skin.
Here’s why you may want to use this brand:
For alleviating tension on the scar and its surrounding skin. Tension on a fresh wound and new scar is known to increase scar tissue formation.
Because of its adherance, this silicone tape reduces tension, e.g. tear and stretch along the incision line which is known to minimize the degree of scarring in terms of spreading or thickening.
This product basically combines two proven treatments, silicone and skin adhesive tape.
Study: “taping of scars is a safe, effective and well-tolerated intervention that may significantly improve scar appearance at six months”.
There’s also personal preference, some people will prefer silicone tape while others may opt for thicker silicone sheets that provide more of a barrier and buffer between the scar and clothing or other external elements such as zippers, seat belts.
Pros: reduces tension which prevents widening and thickening of scars, offers the benefits of silicones, easily cut to size, sticks very well even when wet, relatively affordable ($27,39)
Cons: different feel, doesn’t have the solid occlusion that silicone sheeting offers

Pictures of my "Flattest" day

The last couple of night I'm sleeping without my binder so I can sleep on my sides. Woke up this morning for extreme tightness around my midsection. This is good I tought and run to the mirror and liked what I saw. I'm still swollen but I looked the smallest since my sx. I also weighted myself, it is up, so as my body fat %. That's ok. Yesterday I had a big breakfast with my friends. I eat everything in my plate. I snacked during the day. It's a bad habbit what I have to break. I went to the gym yesterday but I had to cut it short. Today I did much better. Throughout the day I was active, went to Costco, did some house chore. Eat well and healthy but I wish I can get rid of the craving for sweets.

Craving for sweets and I find this healthy recipe. Easy and fast, you can make it with your children.

My biggest weakness are sweets. I'd find this healty recipe I want to share with you
2-3 shredded carrots
1 cup shreaded unsweatened coconut divided
dried fruit of your choice (I had golden raisins at home)
¾ cup of nuts of your choice
unsweetened cocoa powder or cinnamon (I used cocoa powder because I like the chocolate taste)
¼ cup honey (I used less)
put everything in the food processor
form little balls (I used very small ice cream scooper, or melon scooper) and roll it to the other half of the coconut.
Refrigerate it.
The balls will be soft. If you want harder balls mix grounded graham crackers in it before you roll it. But of course it won't be that healthy.

New bikinis at 9 weeks post op with pictures

On my 7 weeks post op visit (3/31/15) Dr. told me I should stop wearing my compression garment because the top makes identation in my body and he doesn't want to see that. It's not easy without it, I don't like the feeling my cloths rubbing my stomach. I still wore my cg at the gym but slowly I got rid of it. Ps said the swelling on my stomach is normal and it will subside in 6-8 months, same applies for my waist line.... I just have to be patient. It's very difficult to do as we all know... because we want to see the result NOW. I continue using the silicone tape for 3 months all together. My incision is very dry, so I'll have to moisturize it. I'm cleared for exercise except yoga, excercises for my stomach, weighted leg lifts etc. Since the visit I've purchased 2 BIKINI-s. They are conservative bikinis but still bikinis. At 9 weeks post op I look slender on the morning and swollen couple of hours later. I'm already swollen on these pictures. It is frostrating not only because I'm swollen but I'm very tight and I have this pulling sensation what makes me feel uncomfortable. I hope it won't last long. How are you doing with the swelling? Oh, I forgot to mention it that I'm massaging my stomach with circular motions, applying very little pressure. Do you have any recommendation?

Almost 10 weeks post op

Today is another day of swelling. Will it ever go away!? Anyway...This morning I woke up flat as usual. Got ready and hit the gym. I worked on the elliptical, then I did some weight for my upper back. It felt soooooo good. One of the personal trainer aproached to me. Told him I'd a tt and I have to take it easy until my ps cleares me for all exercise. The trainer was so nice he showed me several upper body excercises and point it out what I should pay attention because of my core. I also have back problem so he'll be good for me because he has good experience in physical therapy. I appreciated that he took his time with me knowing that I'll not hire him yet. When I walk on the street my shoulder start hurting almost immediately, I have burning, cramping pain. In the gym when I can hang onto something (rail, arm, etc.) I'm doing better. Still hurt a lot but I can tolerate it better. So of course after working out (or just being up) I was swollen. Interestingly I felt it on my right side only at this point. By afternoon my whole stomach (upper and lower) was swollen. Out of curiosity I measured my waist. I was 2 inches bigger then yesterday morning. It is so ANNOYING. I don't want this post be negative. I know its not good what I've shared but this time I don't let all this discourage me or let me down. I'm opening a new chapter in my recovery, I'll focus on diet and excercise and keeping up my good spirit. I want to lose 10 lb and inches from my waist. It might be a little to much but will see. I would like to thank all of you who are helping in the recovery process. Sometimes you don't even realize that your post/response/review gives encouragement and hope. I wish you happy recovery.


With big capitals. Normally I'm humble but in this site I write about my feelings as is.....bad and good. This time is all good. I LOVE what I see in the mirror. Even that I'm swollen almost constantly I do look good. When I go shopping trying on tops, dresses and pants everything fits me well, therefore I'm ended up purchasing a new wardrobe. Before my TT I went to the dressing room trying on a zillion things and came out empty handed and feeling discusted. Now it is the opposite. This sx made me look good and made me feel good...... and its not the final result yet. I watch what I eat and exercise. My goal is to loose about 10 lb but I will be happy if I just break #130. Unfortunately it is not easy because I have no willpower when it comes to sweets. I'm not posting pictures this time because nothing changed in my apperance.

“Almost” 14 weeks post op pictures.

I had an appoinment with my ps couple of days ago do to my constant swelling. I showed my pictures I took right after getting out of the bed so he can see the swelling. He told me that I might have blood collection and I need to put warm compression on it, take ibuprofen, sleep on my stomach and start using spanx again. He told me he tightened my muscles as much as he was able to. This sentence made me a little concerned. Why did he say that? Is it the best I will be? I hope not. He also said that I will be “shrinking” more but the swelling could last 8 months. For the blood collection he did not even mentioned the possibility of a surgery/procedure to remove it. He also told me that by the afternoon my muscles are fatique so its spasm (I don't remember the exact words he used) and it causes the pain. As far as exercise I could do anything except crunches. I need to listen to my body. The healing is a long process and sometimes I panic. I know I need to be patient (I am most of the times). I know I look better now... it's all good. I'm not happy with the inner tighs and honestly I didn't even bothered to take pictures of it. It's lumpy and wrinkly. I need to put warm compress on it also. I hope it will get better. This post is switching back and fort from negative to positive but this is how I feel now and I know you understand it. I'm attaching the pictures my ps took at the last can see my swollen tummy. Happy healing to all of you.

8 months and 1 week post op with pictures

Sorry about not posting in the last few months but unfortunately I had no improvement to report. My stomach is rock hard and bulging out. It's better on the morning and worst at night. I have constant discomfort and when I saw my ps in September he had no explanation about the bulging. He thinks that I have scar tissue built up in my stomach and this is the reason I have discomfort and pain. I have to pull my stomach in all the time to look flat. When I had my pre-op cosultation with him I wanted to make sure that after the sx I'll not need to pull in my stomach. He told me in two separate occassions that after the surgery I'll be super tight and I will not need to pull my stomach in. He demonstrated it also by pushing my stomach in with one hand and supporting me with his other preventing me to fall back. So I knew exactly what can I expect. I'm disappointed because I paid lots of money for the surgery and I was expecting better result. My ps suppose to take pictures the last time I saw him in September but I guess because of the bad result he did not take it. He told me to wait until the one year mark to see improvement. I have dog ears but he takes no responsibility for it. He thinks that the 12-14lb weight loss causing it. Every night I'm massaging my stomach hoping that I can break up the scar tissue. I lay on my stomach at night so my stomach is completely stretched.....It feels good, but no improvement. I lay on the carpet while I'm watching tv for the same reason. I'm excercising, focusing on my core. I like my belly button and my incision healing nicely. I'm still numb but I hope it will improve. Still craving for sweet and unfortunately I'm statisfiying my craving every day. I wish I would have more willpower. I'm checking my weight and use the tape measure every day. If I see the number increase than I resume to my diet. Hubby still supporting me 100%. I'm so glad to have him in my life. I wish I can post only positive things but if I want to be honest about my progress I have to post the positive and the negative. If you compare my before pictures with today's picture I look much better now, I'm carrying myself better and I make/try to make better choices in my life. I have dropped few dress sizes, my clothes fits me better and this summer I was able to wear cute dresses. For some reasons my pictures post side ways. I'm looking forward to your input and advise.
Orange County Plastic Surgeon

I got a referral from a friend to Dr. Ambe. When me and my husband had our first visit with Dr. Ambe we felt very comfortable with him. We felt no need to look anywhere else. He is very easy to talk to, listened to my needs, explained everything and answered to our questions and concerns. We both trust him. He encouraged me to call him any time I have questions. His team is very knowledgeable, professional, warm and helpful. I'm very happy with my choice. I'll post again after my surgery. On the day of surgery Dr. Ambe came and talked to me, “marked” me and he made sure I have no unanswered question left. He hugged me and went off to prepare for my surgery. He is very warm and approachable. On my post op visit he was as pleasant and patient as before. He did take his time, he did not tried to rush us out from the office. Since I'm not happy with the outcome of my TT and he recommended to wait one full year for possible improvement my statisfaction rated 2 stars. I'll change it if it improves with revision.

2 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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