TT with medial thigh lift - Newport Beach, CA

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I went to many consultations but choice Dr Cruise...

I went to many consultations but choice Dr Cruise for pictures of his work & attention to my lifestyle & my needs. He was very professional & was there to help me with any concerns. The staff was very attentive pre & post op. I am 5 days post op now & overall I am where I am suppose to be recovery wise. They are quick to help me out & I had an amazing nurse. I wanted to get my arms & breast done but he advised me with all my responsibilities (having a toddler) that I shouldnt exert my body with so much trauma. (Which no other Dr was concerned with) So the care & honesty wone over.

24 hours after surgery

Only pain I have is in my crotch drains, the leg incisions are very uncomfortable. With my nurse by my side, so far so good.

3 days in, Holy Swelling Batman!

Kinda gross but here it is... thigh incisions still hurt & having hip pain. This whole experience is pain actually. "But its, worth it!" That's what we're suppose to tell ourselves right?? Like childbirth I guess it's true.

a bump in the road

Ouchie! No clue what it is but Dr Cruise is on it. My realization of having a T type of incision on my thigh to my butt is crazy! I have been urinating standing & going into a cup works because I don't need to work around urinating on my wound. So I'm out for another 2 weeks from work until this thing can be controlled. It's so sensitive & painful.
I been caring for this wounder round the clock. Everything I do is about my butt, per se lol. I clean, dry, Neosporin, cover sit w legs apart & elevated. Just all day with no underpants ... so far so good. I actually ate today too which has been a huge improvement! I haven't been eating the past week due to the pain so having a slice of pizza & eating cake was like a buffet lol

They opened buy at least no pain

These bad boys opened up & drained. It looks gross but it's no longer red and painful. The nurse in his office cleaned all of my incisions & taped me up. She hooked me up with these awesome antibacterial gauze. I just stuffed it into the incision, covered it up and go.
It's still a very strange place to get issues. Dr ensured me if there's any scar he will do a scar revision because hes a complete perfection like that lol
Wish me luck but im.going to go back to work on Monday :D

Oh the picture

Disgusting Wound and Care Instructions by Me :)

So I went to the Dr 3 days ago. Had my drains in the knees removed with terrible saddening pain in my right leg. I cried like a baby & screamed. I have an opening on the left inner thigh which seems to be healing. The opening on the right thigh is remarkably large, I can fit 2 jumbo cotton balls inside.
I have been taking great care of it because 1) I need to go back to work rather than take STD since my daughter's father is unable to help me out financially at all (jerk off) 2) I'm taking back my life. I rule my life not this stupid gaping wound.
I spend all day in maxi dresses with my legs open so I do not cut off circulation to the leg wounds. Dr. Cruise & his beautiful nurses said im doing a great job of taking care of this wound. They hooked me up with a stockpile of ABD pads and some antibacterial gauze called Repara.
Here is my ritual and it's been working.

Note: I had to do this on my bed so I lined my comforter with a towel over a trash bag and sat my happy ass on that. I used the flashlight on my cell phone and a dual-sided mirror to view my inner thigh.
1 ) Wash the wound out with SALINE WOUND WASH (This is why you needed that trash bag under your towel)
2) Pad dry with cotton balls and detail clean with Q-tips
3) Air it out a little bit (Play some Candy Crush lol)
4) Apply a nice layer of Triple Ointment with Pain Relief. To get inside the hole, I used a Q-Tip.
5) Apply the REPARA gauze inside the wound.
6) Cover with ABD pad and tape down with Micropore tape VERY snug & securely.

Then that's it!

I am pretty happy I wrote this out for anyone having this issue because it's friggin scary as hell with you can't find any helpful resources.

The wound wash & ointment I got from Walgreens. I heard about the wound wash from my little sister who I ended up buying her a bottle for her newly pierced nipple. She was flying back to Jersey & a little light bulb went off "maybe I SHOULD USE IT" LOL
I am super grateful that Dr Cruises staff seriously hook me up with tons of supplies... especially the Icy Hot patches.

I also advise to not have pressure on the sitting directly on it for too long of a time. I think this cut off the circulation to the wound & gave me pain & bleeding yesterday. I kept off it today & the wound looked good (if that makes any sense lol)

I attached pictures of the stuff... hopes it helps someone out :)

Tada! Before and Now

Still very swollen but I'm gettin there.

Wound is Getting Better woohoo

So to my surprise the wound is getting better! I'm so happy!! Its starting to close up. I do my cleaning route 3 times a day and obviously it's helping.
I have no pain and hardly any bleeding.
Patience patience patience. I'm so happy :D

does this sagging become tighter?

I'm a little shy of 3 weeks post op & it looks like my thighs are sagging... bummer :(

Weird things your body does...

So totally freaky thing ... I started wearing maximum compression pants from Fabletics (totally LOVE their stuff) and I noticed for the second time a little water bubble on my upper thigh. So I immediately thought edema but it didn't feel like it (had it when I was pregnant) ... so maybe, all this compression is pushing the liquid outta me? Not sure.
I'm wearing a compression thing around my waist, the compression garment from the PS then these pants. I swear I feel so gross after this surgery. Maybe one day I'll feel skinny again...

the water bubble

Ok I wake up at 6am, the drains under my compreason pants are hurting my I remove my pants & as I lay back in bed, this little bubble guy reappears. Any suggestions?

the incision update

This guy is closing up fast now. I really haven't done much for my diet... no loading myself w protein & whatever else. I think maybe having lupus is working to my advantage & it's using my ultra active immune system & closing up. Woohoo.
Im standing up straighter too. I have been babying myself so my TT incision is looking good. It's been 21 days post-op and I'm still WITH drains & not standing up right. I'm not fighting Dr Cruise on the drains because I spent too much on this to f**k it up. They are annoying & irritating, probably preventing me from standing up, but I rather have all that fluid out of me. Im an associate director, I have a 2 year old, and getting my MBA so setbacks are unacceptable.
I would love to just be able to sleep through the night. Im so itchy on my flanks, I been using an ice pack until the benadryl kicks in... ugh can't wait for it to stop. I started taking a vicodin a day, I just been uncomfortable with the drains. It's sometimes so unbearable & frustrating... at least I stopped crying. Guess it's a good thing. Let's hope I drain less so I can get these motherf***ers out of me.
I need to get pics of me & not my incision huh .... maybe tomorrow I'll post something. I'm still "boxy" and those drains... oy vey!

3 weeks Post Op Confessional

Ok so I been updating on the T incision opening but I don't talk much about the TT. That is actually going well despite that I still have 2 drains & can't stand up straight.
When I took these pictures I had this moment thinking back to the purpose I needed the surgery. I worked so hard to lose this weight then having a baby & having acute kidney failure made me gain half of the weight back. I tried so hard to lose the weight afterward. I felt trapped in this body. I just wanted to be that pretty girl I was 3 years ago. It was depressing, I didn't want to be intimate with my husband or show any skin. I've never own a pair of shorts or wear a mini skirt. I've never been to the beach in a bathing suit. I live in a beach & I take my daughter in a long dress.
I'm not saying "poor me" but I was desperate. I'm 33 yrs old hiding myself. When I was my thinnest I still had this sagging skin that still prevented me from wearing certain things (especially where no bra was possible) and I still never looked right.
So when I look at these pictures & with all of the swelling... I look the same. I know I need to be patient & heal but a part of me cries thinking "what did I do go myself"
No going back so only time will tell & I must be happy with what I got. I can't afford to do this again.

Nearly 4 weeks Post TT - Incision Update

It's closing!! Woohoo!! I just need to work on standing straight.
To care for the incision opening, we want it to dry out. I put a small amount of Neosporin & cover it with gauze. Then tape it down. I now clean it out 2 times a day. Unfortunately the drains are still doing HAM. One drain is 30CC of that lovely serous fluid with a lil blood whilst the other is still making wine (as I call it) at 20CC. It's frustrating... I feel like I can never get a break here, but then I feel it could be worse so why bother complaining.
The TT incision is great. The incisions down my inner thighs are pretty good too.
I been taking muscle relaxers & vicodin still as needed due to the pain of 1 drain when it's in a compromising position.
Man, we're brave souls for doing this lol
So here is the opening picture ...

Nearly 4 weeks post op pictures

I'm getting a bit more curve in my sides but I'm very swollen still. I'm hunched over a bit less so standing up is in the near future. It's my goal this week actually, and getting these drains out.

The Down Day

It's been so busy at work & I've been exhausted. After another long day of a 5 hour meeting then answering emails & doing more work I trek through traffic at a glacial rate i finally arrive home w my daughter. I'm feeling sore, swollen & in need of a shower. (This is the best part of my day. Standing in the shower & letting the water offer me some comfort. And there's nothing like air drying. Feels so goooood! Lol)
I looked at myself in the mirror & I'm "boxy" looking. I turn to the side & the "boxiness" continues. I think to myself "I just wasn't meant to have a great body. My body isn't an hour glass and never will be.... maybe this is ME and not swelling. What did I do to myself? I'm so broke right now. I blew $18,000 of my retirement so I can feel like sh*t and look worse from the side" (I actually was very slim looking sideways)
I dont know... I'm not feeling to great.about myself. Doubting myself.
Well attached is a picture of my open incision.... it's getting way smaller now! Hooray!


Drains are still in... which is okay because it is what it is. I am having a "poor me" moment. I hate feeling sorry for myself but I just can't catch a break with my own body.
I get a cold, it ends up turning into a respiratory infestion, walking pnemonia or broncitis which last for a month.
I started working out hard again, i ended up getting weird inflammation in my ankle leading to me wearing a boot for a month. Then I started boxing then I got inflammation in my wrist so had to stop that as well. My body is my own worse enemy.
It just wants to be fat and diseased. Everything in my life is great otherwise.
You know how people complain about things but they are healthy... I wish I can trade. I wish I had my health again.
The only thing keeping me focused for improved health is my daughter because if it wasn't because I got pregnant my lupus wouldn't have came out of remission and have acute kidney failure... and I wouldn't have gained this weight. If I fail then having her would have been in vain... and I'm already vain enough by getting this surgery.

It's a sad day for me. Hope everyone else never has this issue... good luck.

5 weeks post op

I'm 5 weeks post op... drains have been out for 4 days. I'm feeling good.
Swelling still sucks but I can stand up straight.
I have been naughty & picking up my 2 yr old. (Into shopping carts, car seat etc) So I have been cautious though.
My thigh incision is getting so small now, it's totally awesome!

Dr Cruise did a great job! My belly button is awesome & my incisions are perfect, I dobut I'll have scarring. I bought this Contour Concentrate by Caudalie. .. itS suppose to moisturize, tighten, tone, stimulate drainage & circulation. It's worth a shot :)

Here are pics of how I look now... still a bit boxy but I'm hopeful.

getting fat?? I love you Halloween candy

I want to indulge!!! Staying away though, HA who am I kidding! I ate like 4 fun size Twix in one sitting... it's like sex! Lord knows I haven't had that in weeks & totally sucks... so chocolate, be my guilty pleasure lol
Here are my new pics from yesterday... im totally swollen

Itching HELL

Holy Itch Hell Batman!
I itch sooo much!! I have been putting ice on me so try to relieve the swelling & itching. It helps as long as I keep the ice on me.
I saw Dr Cruise on Saturday to see if I had a slight seroma... and am A OK :)
He's totally stoked with my results... I was having an emotional day that day too. I didn't want him to think I was ungrateful & his job was crappy but I had a hard week & I was just exhausted & swollen. You have good days, you have bad days... reminds me of chemo. Nonetheless, the motto is "This too shall pass". Amazing and powerful quote.

6 weeks post-op...I'm 50% there to better days

Nearly 7 weeks post op update

Hello all,
so the swelling has been less painful but still there. I been eating less & trying to be careful with what I eat. SWEETS ARE MY DEMISE. My incisions look great! I have some hyper pigment bit it'll go away. I've kept on the Caudalie Contour stuff and I love the smell & it's smoothing out some cellulite. No complaits.
have you even looked at your healing & thought of your NEXT SURGERY? Yep, that's me... now I can't wait to get my boobs & arms done.
So here are pics w out my tape... im.still swollen unfortunately.

8 weeks post op...

Hello Hello... update, I get swollen... and uncomfortably still tight when I sit for too long. I had a flare from my lupus last week so it was a rough week. I am fitting into small size clothes unfortunately my breast are huge.
I honestly can't wait to workout!!! That'll be awesome! But no, not yet... d'oh! I'm going to do upper body this week. Lower body is ok but I want to look fierce up top... I wanna look good for my Christmas party. I bought a fab dress ... I'm so excited! Well here are pics w clothes on

9 weeks post-op Update

The swelling has finally come down some & the pain is lessening (Thank God) my hyper pigmentation is pretty bad. Last week a stitch popped out of my side incision... that was removed at the Dr's office with no pain. It was a big guy too lol.
I itch like hell some days... but seriously, I'm ready to get back to working out. I think I will tomorrow. 9 weeks is long enough... time to get the sexy back lol

13 weeks post-op update

Hello Hello
Well with the holidays and getting more energy, I haven' t been loafing around the computer.
Dr Cruise said I am now able to resume everything but listen to my body. I no longer have to wear that silicone tape, which caused hyper pigmentation on my skin. I also do not need to wear a CG. I have been working out 4 times a week, not hard as I usually did prior to my surgery because I am so swollen.
I have been wearing a waist trainer by Ann Cheri. I need real firm compression, if not I get so swollen. I am actually tired of being in pain still. I get slight surges of pain and the occasional suture erupting through my skin.
I ran 3.5 miles yesterday and today I am paying for it. I'm sitting on the couch and I can feel throbbing pain on my side. I am still very numb and my butt looks HUGE.
I'll upload pictures soon because I have started scar treatment. It's only been 1 week of scar treatment and its already gone away drastically.


the 14 weeks post-op pics

I swear I feel so fat not working out. I want to run... I want to do crossfit, I'm so swolKen and spitting out sutures that it's so uncomfortable.
I will abmit, my diet has been bad because I'll refuse to eat and when I fo it's like an oatmeal raisin cookie... how lame am i?!
I have also been laying off the alcohol bc for a few weeks, it's been an outlet for me to deal with this pain. .. not to say I have an addictive personality but I definately needed to cut the edge off this.
the scars on my thighs are gnarly. They also hurt like a bitch if I'm not wearing compression. This is still a daily battle. I hate myself some days for just having this body that's always against me & keeps me in this fat suit.
So here are my picture s, I'm still very very swollen...but I am getting smaller as time goes by.

Still painfully swollen

Hey Ladies

Hope all is well in internet land :D
So it's going on to the holidays and I must add that something really annoying happened. As I know, Dr removed 20 lbs... so I weighed myself and go figure I have slightly heavier than I was to being with... odd no?
Well, that's been depressing. I wish I can say "YES I can fit into my old clothes but, seriously I can't.
My butt and thighs are SO DAMN SWOLLEN. I get weird shooting pains on my hips/butt area. Spitting sutures pay a visit here and there.

It's been depressing to say the least. I see a lot of women on here all excited and jumping for joy... but here I am, god forbid I jump because I'll just cause more random pain. Now I am having these pinching pains in the center of my abs.
I really really want to start running again but my energy level has been moody to no end. Ever get the up & downs with the energy?? Work out then the next 2 days you're so swollen you're afraid to even sneeze? I still need to wear my compression garment because i hurt like HELL if I dont....Yep... the TT life right there :P
I'll be 4 months post op so the end is nigh! (hopefully)
I'm super happy for all of you doing excellent and healing well. Send me some of that positivity! :D

Happy Holidays Everyone!

Tomorrow is fitness Go-Time!

So I have been testing the gym waters & I'm getting good
It's been a week & I've already got more upper body strength. So... I'm going to go hard on this... I'm tired of feeling sick of my weiRd body. This tiny waist with giant hips & boobs... I look like a cartoon character.
so let's see... I'm hold myself accountable by telling you all...
Attached are some pictures on my surgery status


My tummy tuck came out quite awesome..
My thigh lift is a different story. My thighs are lumpy, sagging and uneven. Its a bit disappointing because its such a painful & expensive procedure. Dr Cruise said he'd help me out once I lost some more weight so I'm really trying to lose some weight so I can look at my legs without crying.
Newport Beach Plastic Surgeon

Detailed, thoughtful, professional. I felt very comfortable & reassured.

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