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Well, I can't believe it, but I'm going for my...

Well, I can't believe it, but I'm going for my pre-op on 5/6! I'm a natural health conscious gal with a slender body. At age 45, my chest is smaller with breast feeding and just getting older, but still a nice shape. I am in the best shape of my life... But I've really longed for a fuller -- but not big-- chest. With paddle boarding, surfing and running important in my life, I definitely don't want boobs getting away. I'm 5'6", 128lb, 34b. Goal is to be a nice full 34c. Maybe 250cc?

Mammogram, blood work, and pre-op... check! ...

Mammogram, blood work, and pre-op... check! Today, I stop supplements that could interfere with bleeding (Ginko Biloba, Tumeric, etc).. and I cut out Red Wine too! I'll be having surgery in 2 weeks and I just cannot believe it! I'm keeping this a secret from everyone except my husband (of course!!!)... and all of you on Real Self! We'll see how it unfolds after surgery. I'd love to be one of those women that people wonder, "did she or not?" Sort of a mystery... ha ha! It's more for me to feel my best - still very much me (as working out does wonders on everything but the boobs). And I'd love to have a little more umph up there naked too!

Super busy with work and life which is probably a...

Super busy with work and life which is probably a blessing, as my surgery is now coming up in one week. I barely have time to go on here... but now I'm eager to read lost of stories of final prep and surgery day. Just got a nice back lounge reader to keep me comfortably propped up after surgery, picked up my meds, and now I'm basically try to get everything ready. Feels like I'm preparing for a 1 week vacation which adds to the busyness.

All of a sudden.. I'm wondering what on earth I'm...

All of a sudden.. I'm wondering what on earth I'm doing. It's too late to turn back since I already paid in full. I suspect this is that phase where you realize you can never go back. Will it be worth it? My greatest fear is not feeling like I will be myself afterwards. Can I still feel "Natural"? Reading reviews has been useful for some good information, but coming across the BAD experience ones freaks me out... Especially when you hear of those who totally regret doing it. It's that time of the month so I'm a little hormonal, but I think I'm hypersensitive now knowing that the surgery is now less than a week away.

Pre-op Panic Subsides... I'm Ready To Do This!

Ok, back to normal today. Panic moment (and hormones) subsided. I'm now remembering all the reasons why I wanted to do this in first place. Now I just want this over with. Can't wait to be looking back instead of forward on the procedure.

Finally Recovering Rather Than Anticipating!

It's been 5 days since my surgery and I am feeling great! What a relief to be focusing on recovery rather than all the pre-op stuff! Here's my journey to share with you ladies...
I took a Valium the night before and slept pretty well. Surgery day went really well. Thankfully, I didn't have much of the day to dwell on it, having to be there at 7:30 a.m. I loved the fact that my PS does the surgery at her office, so I didn't have to go some unfamiliar place or surgery center. It felt very "friendly and cozy," almost like you were at a spa, but I could tell they had all the necessary gear for surgery. After vitals were taken, I was given a sedative and a dehydrating pill (to keep saliva from my throat during surgery). Then they walked with me to the surgery room, had me get into a comfortable position a warm bed. Next thing I know I'm waking up quite tired but in no pain. The only thing that was very bothersome was a very, very dry throat from the dehydration pill taken before surgery. I drank about 3 bottles of water right then and there after surgery! My dry throat bothered me for the rest of the day.
The drive home was not painful and I ended up resting in bed all afternoon. Those surgery painkillers must have been something strong as I had no pain! As day turned into evening, I did notice a bit more pain with the surgery meds wearing off. My sweet husband had a chart and he timed/recorded my taking Percocet and Valium alternating on a regular basis as prescribed. Unfortunately, it made me very nauseous at times, particularly after being on them for more than 24 hrs. The worst part was having to eat in the middle of the night so you can take pain meds. By the second night, I felt stopped up from the meds and constipation, and I just couldn't eat anything more to take meds. I threw up bad! I hated that nauseous, bloated, drugged out feeling!!!! So, I switched to extra strength Tylenol within 36 hrs of surgery. Once off the big drugs and past the first 2 days, things definitely got better and pain was tolerable. I used Miralax and tried to eat as much fiber as possible! No more bloating! Yay!
What perhaps surprised me most is how tired I've been the first 4 days. The pain has been totally bearable and I'm really able to get around well (especially starting Day 3), but I've been so tired! I've been sleeping through the night well, and then taking a couple naps during the day. I'm a side sleeper and expected lots of trouble sleeping after surgery, but that has not been the case. I bought a "bed wedge" that has truly saved me from sleepless nights. http://www.wayfair.com/Lumex-Bed-Wedge-(24x24x10). I put a small pillow on top of the wedge, big pillows on the side for arm rests, and I'm all tucked in snug and cozy. Sleeping has been great, and I have no bruising.
Oh, forgot to mention I went to my post op the day after surgery and my PS said everything looks great with no bruising, my incisions not bleeding, etc. but that my muscles are very tight right now. Over time, they would loosen up. I didn't want to look yet… since I was nauseous and concerned I might get my tummy upset. Well... when I finally had the courage to look at my girls after being less drugged out and nauseous (end of Day 2), I didn't expect them to be so high. In reading up on the site I now know this is common as many wait for our girls to "drop and fluff." I took my first shower on my own with no problem, just pondering how soon these girls will "D&F". Size wise, I think they will be what I wanted, when they settle a little more. PS said I can expect them to be no more than 3-5% smaller in the end (I'm not very swollen). Well, I ended up with 240 cc left/235 cc right, Saline Mod+. It's all such a personal preference, but I'm really glad with my choice. My PS really listened to my desires on preference.
Day 4, I decided to start my new workout regime, post BA. It's humorous! I wore a heart rate monitor to make sure I didn't go over 100 bpm. Ready, set go! I shuffled 1 mile in 25 minutes. Any runners out there will get the humor in this. :-)
Today is Day 5 and I feel every day is getting better! I'm so glad to be able to rest a few more days before heading back to work though.

Checking in at the "almost" 2 week mark

Generally everything seems to be progressing well. I've had some adjustment getting used to being bigger (mentally), and actually feel bigger than I probably look. However, I do notice that everyday they are becoming more my own. I started the massage techniques a few days ago, and that helps me "own" them more as I get to know them.
Prior to surgery, I ordered a sports bra that was a 34C, anticipating I'd be up one cup size up from 34B (modest 235/240 cc implant size). However, it just felt tight and not covering the girls enough on top, so I ended up wearing a stretchy cheap sports bra from Target till I had time to find a better bra. This weekend after surviving my first week back at work, I took the time to measure and realized I'm currently a 34D. No wonder! So... I spend several hours yesterday bra shopping and got the right size sports bra. 34D feels much better!! I should have taken some advice I read early to get 2 sizes when preparing for BA. And, while I don't want to get caught up on cup sizes, I didn't want to be a D cup. (I know, I'm not the norm here!). Anyone ever drop in bra sizes when their implants descended?
After 10 days post-op, I started to feel noticeably more energetic and now I have to force myself to not over do it. Going back to work and home routines, it's so easy to forget to be careful with lifting, etc.
Exercise has started up again. I'm able to power walk/hike 3 miles at a time, and I just started lower body exercises yesterday (thighs/glutes/abs) and some modified yoga poses for the core and lower body that don't involve the chest muscle area. At 2 1/2 weeks, I'll start kicking in cardio (Nordic track without using arms). This all seems a good pace for my body. I CAN'T WAIT TO RUN AND PADDLE BOARD AGAIN! I miss those exercise endorphins and being able to go in the ocean.
My "shelf" is still quite high and implants firm, however, I am starting to notice they are descending and soften a bit. Yay!

Week 3 = They are Fully Mine :)

It's been about 3 1/2 weeks and I can say that after 2 weeks, I have fully adapted to the change and feel like the new size is my own. As other gals have said, after a bit, you don't feel very big. I don't think they have gotten smaller, but they feel smaller to me. Actually, they feel just right! I'm very happy with the size choice. Phew!
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