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I am a mother of three, 34, 5'2, approximately 150...

I am a mother of three, 34, 5'2, approximately 150 pounds! I have wanted a tummy tuck after my first baby! My mom had one and 13 years later she still looks amazing. I would only do it with her surgeon. I am of course super anxious about the complications and something happening to me, even though the procedure is done so often and precautions are made. I recently went in for my first consultation, hoping he would tell me I'd be a candidate for a mini tummy tuck. Unfortunately my skin is really bad. With underwear you can't even tell! My stomach is basically flat, but if I sit down, or bend over, holy moly, skin! I am concerned about the recovery as I am single mom, widow, and will not have anyone here other than my mom for a few weeks. Even though my muscles probably need repairing, I do work out, not as much as I should, but I do. So I don't want them touched. Especially after seeing my mom hunched for a few months at least after. I do not have that luxury and will have to return to work soon after. I have a flexible schedule but I am a therapist and I wouldn't want to keep my clients more than two weeks without their appointment. My plastic surgeon has agreed to do a full tummy tuck, skin only with lipo to my hips. I am wondering if anyone has had a skin only tummy tuck and can share with me, results and recovery time. In my research thus far, I find that people state the recovery is faster and you are back to normal sooner than with a full tummy tuck. Any information, experiences, support, will be greatly appreciated. I'm looking at a November 1st date for my operation which gives me plenty of time to get into better shape, diet to lose ten pounds, and of course go crazy obsessing over the what ifs!

Before pics!! TT, skin only, lipo to hips

I have my second consult this Thursday. I'm not sure about what I should ask. I don't wanna sound pretentious but I wanna make sure he makes my incision as thin as possible, and I know it has to be hip to hip, but my hips are pretty fat and I don't want dog ears (which btw the office had never heard of) so I want the incision to end right before my hip bone. Is this asking to much. To request this from my doctor that knows what he's doing! I'm still so nervous and I am def obsessed, on this site every night researching and reading others stories, and I now feel a bit depressed! I'm sure others have felt this too! I will be setting my date for November 1st. Any recommendations on questions I should ask?!

2nd consult! skin only (says my muscles are tight) with lipo all around hips and flanks

OK, so I went in for my second consult, just to ease my mind about my obsession I've started since I decided I AM doing this. Not as soon as others, but in November, I will be on the flat side like some of you ladies on here. All of your journeys have helped me know what questions to ask, and what is to be expected. LIke everyone else, I will keep track of my journey, until my surgery and thereafter. I am so excited since I was concerned about where the scar would be, and he said he is able to pull in (a new way) from my hips allowing my scar to not reach all around to my hips, to elimanate any dog ears. He is such a great PS and I am excited to see his work. He is going to make me beautiful I just know it. He said I will need to bring in my most skimpest underwear and he will make the scar there and it will be completely hidden, so now I am a hunt for "the underwear". haha. Victoria secret, here I come! I think I'll buy a g-string.

Before pics! 150 pounds! Trying to lose 10 to 15 before surgery in November

Weight watchers

I just joined weight watchers so I can try and lose at least 10 pounds! Anyone else need to lose weight before going into surgery or recommended to?!


Anyone else feel depressed in the months before your surgery! It may be other contributing factors but I can't help but think the anticipation, worry, and excitement have contributes to feelings of depressed mood ;(

Full tummy tuck, lipo!

Ugh, so I've decided to trust my doctor and worry about it later, recovery wise! Even though my muscles have little separation, I'm estimating it at 1 cm, very little, I'm going to let him do his work and make me beautiful! If I'm sound this, I might as well go all the way! I'm still going to tell him to go easy on the tightening, hehe! Wish I didn't need it but thinking of not having to ever suck in again sounds too good to be true! Ha

Freaking out!

Okay ladies! I need some major positive reassurance! I'm not going to back out but I kinda feel like throwing my hands up and just accepting myself as I am! I am so worried about being our out! What if I don't wake up! What if there is a problem and I never see my kids again! Ugh, bad thoughts, please please go away! It probably doesn't help that my son is so scared something will happen to me! He is angry that I'm doing an elective surgery when I don't even have to! He doesn't understand! Am I teaching him to care about vanity and have low self esteem! I am showing him how to be so unhappy with your appearance and then how to fix it through elective surgery! He's 12 but remember he is the oldest and the man of the house since his dads passing in 2011. Help, am I doing the right thing! Why oh why do we have to take such a chance and why can't we know everything will be okay!
I'm hesitant and scared, yet I'm also excited about what could be, my new lease on life, my new happier sense of self! I just want a magic pill and make all the worry go away, and wake up with a flat belly and be healthy and alive! Please please and some positivity my way! I need it!


Went in for my last consult and booked my surgery! I'm a little excited today and my surgeon is really such a sweet man. He makes me so comfortable. Good thing, I'm putting my life in his hands! I've got about one month to go.
He said I need to be on a liquid diet the day before!!!!! Recommendation ladies would be greatly appreciated!!
Im having full tummy tuck, lipo to my flanks, and he is placing a pain pump. Anybody have experience with a pain pump! He recently did a tummy tuck for his fiancée and he said the pain pump worked great!
Countdown begins, worry excitement all in one!

Less than two weeks......

So ladies, I'm almost there! I can't believe I've been stalking this site for months now, in preparation of my TT. Just waiting in results from my blood work. Medications will be picked up today, and the wait begins! I am excited to get rid of my extra skin, an awhile I was afraid of the surgery! I am now praying for my recovery! I just want everything to go as smoothly as possibly, does that sound ridiculous! It's going to be tough! I know, but actually I don't know! I am worried about the pain and any complications with wound healing! I ask all you lovely ladies who have been through it and who await there surgery for prayers and good thoughts! Thank you

About a week to go......is this really happening!

I am about a week away from joining the flat side! I know that some of you have given lists of things to get but I just feel overwhelmed! All I've gotten is a tv pillow and a walker! I'm hoping to use the walker to hold me up somewhat for the shower and the toilet! Ha! (I'm sure I won't be laughing then)
As for everything else, I was told by my PS office that I didn't need to but anything and they would provide me with my CG and anything else I'll need! My mom will be in standby to run and get me whatever I need so I guess I'll make a list! Other than being the busiest I've been in the last year, I'm anticipating the time off and life changing experience! I still have the dreaded moments of feeling "what if I don't wake up" but the fear is not great enough to make me cancel my surgery! I am just hoping my blood work comes back A okay! I had a weird experience at the pharmacy though I'm trying not to let it bother me! When I was having the pharmacist tell me about all the meds, when asked about the pain med, one of the technicians or whatever, gave me the dirtiest look, I don't know why! I'm wired so I was hoping it didn't mean anything! It wasn't a "don't do it" kinda look. It was a "I gave you the wrong med" kinda look! I think I may be hallucinating at this point, lol! But I'm now afraid to even take the meds she have me! This must be the stress right ladies!!
Anyhow, I'm attaching a few more pics! I've unfortunately gained 5 pounds and it shows, but I am really hoping to be one of those who losses the weight after! Never ending story I tell ya! At least I'll have a flat tummy, right?!?

Yikes!!!!! I'm almost there!

I am so excited! Today was my last day working until December! I am so lucky that I have so much support from my manager and coworkers! I am just one to have had a cosmetic procedure done! Two have had gastric bypass and then a body lift, and others have had lipo! It's really helpful to get all the positive vibes leaving today! They all are so excited for me! With that being said!
I am numb!!! Ugh!!!

Nervous, excited, I don't know how to feel! I feel like I wanna cry, but I can't even force myself to do that! I will probably cry when I leave the house early that morning! 4 am wake up call! I have to say goodbye to my kids when they are sleeping!
I pray everything goes well and I get to come home and recover with my kiddos right next to me!
My kids lost there dad a few years ago and I know they are anxious about something happening to me! But I know how much I want this and how much better I'll feel!
To all other TTers going into surgery this week! May your surgeries go well, good luck, well wishes, and thank you all for the support I've received from this site in the last few months!

As a therapist, I can't tell you how important the support of others is! Sites like these help others know they are not alone in there process! Much love to all of you!!
Here's to a new me! I wanna feel beautiful!!

Oh, and here is my new overnight bag! Hospital said, "pack and overnight bag" I said, "good excuse for some retail therapy"!!!

Day before!!!

Liquid diet mall day!! Ugh!

Made it!!!!

I am on the flat side ladies! I can't believe it! I have little to know pain. More anxiety will all these beeping noises!

Post opportunity day 2

Well! I'm sleeping off and on! I've looked at my results just once while the doctor checked me out last night and this morning and it seems to look good! My belly button seems high but I'm sure that's normal! I have had little to no pain with the pain pump so if they offer it, take it! Btw, my doctor just told me he included if and I basically but my trust in his hands! I've heard other surgeons charge extra for this but he did not! As for my experience thus far! I must say it's better than I expected! I've only taken one pain pill and I think I need them more to sleep and take my anxiety away more than anything! It's difficult not to be anxious about pulling out a stitch or something crazy like that! I his want to heal as best as possible! I saw once side of bruising, which looks bad but again, I don't feel anything! As for my muscles feeling tight, don't feel that either! I'm eating at least three meals a day, very small amount! I got up and went to the bathroom 9 times at the hospital cause of the IV. But at home I've only gone a few times! It's much harder to keep fluids in at home! I do feel a little gas but no bowel moment yet! I've taken one colase and will take more tomorrow till I do! I appear to have little swelling and have one drain, draining very little! My dr has given me his cell phone so that he can be contacted anytime! He is going in tomorrow on a Sunday to give me my shot for blood thinning to prevent blood clots and also to give me down more solution in my pain pump to last me a few more days. I will see him Wednesday too and probably have all tubes taken out! He is getting married first, then meeting me, then off to his honeymoon! Now that's dedication! He has to have the best bed side manner Ive ever experienced! I mean, he has done surgery for my mom several of times, and he was my moms doctors surgeon too! He has 39 years of experience and it shows! I also received impeccable bed side manner from all the nurses at Hoagie hospital too! I will continue to update when I have a pic of my tummy! Happy healing!!!

Feeling loopy

So This is the forth day post op! I am feeling kinda weird today! I really hate pain meds cause they make me feel weird and numb everywhere, but I wanna be able to function so I can get up enough! I know I am probably okay with not having a bliss clot but I'm anxious about it and that's really bugging me! I finally went to the bathroom yesterday but it was oh so violent! Peri Collace really works but it was not a pleasant feeling yet I knew I needed to go! So, my only advice is don't eat prunes, drink prune juice and take a peri Collace!
I just have the bundle in and even though it's uncomfortable and he told me I could move it around, I don't want to mess with my belly too much! Also, my stomach is very numb! I can't feel anything and that's a weird sensation, or rather, weird there is a lack of sensation. How are all my other TTers doing?

Post op day six!

Hello ladies! I am still feeling little to no pain! Got my pain pump and tubes out today! Didn't feel a thing! Got a peak and my tummy looks pretty good! Looks like he gave me exactly what I asked for. Was told to take a shower but haven't yet! I'll do it tomorrow! The only thing bugging me is the weird feeling of no sensation or feeling in my tummy by my belly button! Feels like I have a fake stomach on!! Can anyone relate, lol!
I am now just taking half a Vicodin and this helps to calm my nerves and let me sleep!
My period was a nice surprise....not!!
I'm feeling flat ladies but also scared to take my binder off all the way. Feels like it's the only thing supporting me!
I'll try and snap a pic tomorrow after shower time!
Hope everyone is healing well!
This will all be worth it right?!


By the way! For any of you in the inland empire, California and surrounding areas. I have a nurse I highly recommend! She has been coming over for a few hours a day to give me my blood thinner shot and help me out a bit! It's so worth the extra money! My mom couldn't just not stomach giving me a shot everyday!


Ladies! My stomach is feeling hard especially around my incision!!! Normal?!?

New pics ladies!

One week recovery!!!!
Doing pretty well! Feeling more and more like myself! I'm a little swollen but not too much! Very hard and numb though! This is normal I'm sure!

16 days post op

Tracking my progress! I can see some shuttle differences!
I went in yesterday for my two week follow up and got my stitches taken out! She left one in where it appeared I had a little fluid, but other than that, all looks good and I was told to take it easy! I did not get the okay to drive yet, which is fine with me! It's so important that I don't overdo it so I recovery as best as possible! Pain level remains low with little discomfort! It really does get better everyday! I am still however taking a half Vicodin a few times a day and to help me sleep! Since I'm still sleeping sitting up, it helps me to be more comfortable! So far, I am very happy and grateful with my experience thus far! I am looking forward to seeing what the end result is and trying to be patient! Hope all my fellow tummy Tucker's are healing well!
Also, for those wondering what to buy! I found my list was small and I didn't need as much as other have suggested!
I used:
--Walker (for approximately the first three days)
I did not need to use it to aid assistance for the toilet or the shower! I was able to hold myself up just fine when it came time to take a shower as I was five days post op before getting the okay to shower.
--wipes, flushable and regular
--pads for extra drainage
--cough drops, they do help
--help with my kids for the first week
--nurse to administer shots
--night gown or shirt that buttons in the front
--sports bra
--spanx (several sizes, and larger than normal for comfort, to wear under the wrap the dr gives you)
--water bottles
--peri collapse
--prunes or prune juice
--paper towels for after washing hands to decrease any bacteria from a hand towel
--antibacterial soap
That's about all I can think of as of now!

19 days PO

.....and I finally tried on one of my favorite dresses. Always had to suck in and I couldn't eat of fear of the bulge! It was sure fun seeing that flat belly!!!

As for how I'm feeling! Well I'm in some ways I'm feeling better but my body keeps telling me "too much". Thought I'd take my son to his doctor appointment and then to walmart, and then back home! Seeing the disaster my house is work me being out of order for a little over two weeks is displeasing to say least! I started making beds, and organizing when I ran out of breath! I think my back hurts the most and I feel a lot of muscle soreness! Just took a pain med so I should be feeling better soon, hehe! All and all, I'm so glad I did this and looking forward to my transformation in the months to come! Also glad I took four weeks so that i have more time to recovery and just experience this process!!!

Almost three weeks PO

...and I'm feeling pretty good! I woke up today and realized I can stand more straight so I'm making progress! I really felt I'd never walk straight again! I have noticed gnat I'm nauseated throughout the day, and seem to have a little tension headache too! Maybe from sleeping straight up! I'm not sure! Updating a few pics. I don't feel much has changed! Still swollen a bit! It's still hard and numb but that's also getting better little my little! I do hope my belly goes down more! Unless I just have to lose some weight now, which I planned on doing anyhow!

Swell he????????

Ok ladies! I know understand what your all talking about! Thought I was doing well with the lack of swelling but I guess not! Can anyone give me some insight to exactly why we swell! I just don't understand what the cause is and how we can decrease the amount we swell during the day! It's very uncomfortable! Also, I feel like everything's eat upsets my stomach! I can't even enjoy food right now! ;(

On a positive note, I have felt a big difference at the end if three weeks! I was able to drive again which makes me feel good, and more back to normal! I spent all day yesterday shopping for the holidays which was fun! My back hurts less but at times really bad during the day with increased activity! I am almost standing straight and wearing flats, even though I'm missing my heals!
So overall, I am doing well, scar is still covered but is going to heal nicely I can tell! I some gathering of the skin at the end of my incision but I'm told that should flatten out!

For others not yet to experience this, it is a process and we won't be sporting our favorite little black dress comfortable for some time! I have one more week of vacation and then back to work I go! I'm nervous about my first day back, having ten clients back to back! But I'm looking forward to returning the my regular scheduled program ;-) I feel like the less time I have to think about recovery, the quicker the time will go!
Hope everyone is healing well, and for those still awaiting their surgery day, are finding each other's journey's useful! I know I have!

25 days pre-op

Some pre and post TT photos!

Almost 4 weeks pre-op

Hello ladies! Hope all is well with everyone and your healing well, or becoming mentally and physically prepared for your own surgeries!

I don't have much to update other than to tell you all that the last few days I have felt amazing! I am able to go about my normal day with little discomfort! I'm not all the way standing straight but I'm almost there! I take a little more time and have to be more patient! It has taught me to slow down instead of rush like I always have! I think I may adapt this new way of living! I feel like I enjoy life that much more without the stress of rushing throught it!

This process has no doubt taught me so much about myself and I feel incredible lucky that I am on the flat side and my journey has been good, and that in general, I have so much to be grateful for! Sometimes I feel that this is so surreal! I still can't believe I did it, but I am SO happy I did!

I continue to wear spanx and my binder at night, and during the day I am wearing a compression tank top! This has been a life saver! I feel normal and ready to tackle my day! So much more comfortable than some of the other spanx, and I'm not even quite sure why we need such tight uncomfortable compressions anyway!

My appetite is still less! Not sure if this is physical or psychological but I'm okay with that, hehe! Hoping it aids in me losing the weight I was unable to before the surgery!

P.S. Reading through previous updates, I must apologize for all the typos! I didn't proof read before updating, and I rely way too much on auto correct!

Few more pics!

Tomorrow I'll be one month! I can't believe this time last month I was scared and nervous about saying goodbye to my kids and going in for surgery! I feel very grateful for where I am in the recovery process! I am not 100 percent but I'm doing good! I just become restless by the end of the day and I can't wait to get into my bed with all my pillows! I go back to work Monday and looking forward to it! Happy healing ladies!!

Five weeks post op!

Ok, these pics really put everything into perspective cause I'm not gonna lie! I have been feeling pessimistic about my results! Frustrated with the swelling, all day, everyday! Why can't we just feel the way we do when we wake up, geesh! Is that too much to ask for everything we've been through emotionally and physically!

I do see some areas on my hips that are either swelling or fat! Either way, I'm looking forward to putting in some effort to improve my final results, and to continue the lifelong battle with fat! Blah, blah! I sound excited don't I, lol

Alright, on a good note! I finally see some differences in my body with clothes on! Here I have compared myself before and after, same outfit, other than the is shirt is a green version of the pink shirt, haha, and the same jeans. Without any CG and in the mornin! Not sure if you can tell but the pants are bigger, fit differently, and the shirt fits differently too, actually having to tuck it in to look good! So, my body is changing, yea!!!

Oh and looking at my pics, some of you may wonder why I didn't get a breast reduction! I am now a 36f. I don't think I was ready or prepared to do both and they don't sag too much, I attribute that to relgiously wearing a bra to bed everyday! I suppose I'll need to do that at some time! For now, my tummy tuck has been an exciting journey!! Nothing ventured, nothing gained ladies!

Healing wise, first week back to work went well! Clients were happy to see me back and most showed up!! I sit all day so even after a light meal I was uncomfortable sitting down! Next week it's dresses for me! I think my period is coming and so I feel more bloated and swollen than last week! Also, my appetite is back, bah humbug, so even though I'm famished and eating my ass off, I regret it after the feeling I'm going to pop!!

Real self....I'm gonna be real!!

Ok ladies! I've had a really horrible last few days in my journey and I feel discouraged! I am really trying to be patient, but yesterday I had a meltdown! I know I can share that here since I know you ladies will understand! I appreciate it!!!! So, Here it goes.....

Yesterday I woke up in a bad mood! Blame it on hormones, sleep deprivation, stress from life and being back to work, and not feeling 100 percent! Whatever it is, I feel discouraged about my results! I will be 6 weeks on Friday! My clothes still fit tight, I don't feel different than I did before! I'm still uncomfortable in my clothes, naked.....and I feel like I have a phantom stomach! Like it's still there! Weirdest feeling ever I tell ya......But, it kinda is!
While my hanging skin is gone, the skin under my incision, my lady lumps, that's what it is now, is hanging! I can wiggle the skin and it still lays on my thighs when I sit! In underwear I still seem to have a lumpy and I thought that's what this would fix! (Told you, I'm a negative nancy today) I realize he can't fix everything but all I could think was, oh shit, I forgot to tell him I didn't want my vajajay to hang! I want it pulled up and pretty like pre baby!! I honestly didn't realize it did till after this surgery! Ugh! I wanted to wear a bikini but not if that skin is hanging there! I realize I still need to lose weight and that working out when I'm able to is a must but I honestly don't like working out! Gotta start running marathons or something fun! Hiking, swimming, anything but the boring gym!!

So....to end my rant, I was also feeling blah cause I went on a date yesterday and felt so self conscience like I did before! I know this is not a quick fix! It can't help how we feel from the inside, just because we change one thing! Beware: you will see other things wrong you with after! I'm working through this right now! I am a work in progress, physically, mentally, and emotionally.
To be continued......

P.S. Oh the date went well! We've been actually talking for two months but with my surgery (which of course I didn't tell him) we haven't been able to meet! It was an awesome time, but I still felt the way I did before! I really hope to gain my confidence back! He did say how hot and sexy I was and how attracted he was to me, which is all good!! What happens when I have to show it all, lol! Anyway, TMI, I know! Thinking ahead, yup!!!!

Off to bed now! Took half a Vicodin! Cramps are horrible and I have a few left! Might as well use them!

Oh I forgot......

Anyone notice extra flabby skin at the end of their incision! I'm afraid it won't flatten out and it's extra skin! It's not hard or swollen, it's squishy!! Dog ear?!

Keeping it real again!

This has just been a difficult week in my process! Because I am back to work and back t my normal routine, I think I jus felt like I should be all done recovering and I'm not! I saw my doctor and talked about the skin under my incision! He said it may be fat and he could lipo it for me, however, dur to having a lot of stretch marks, and poor elasticity. It may always be a bit more loose than everything else. In addition I am not filly healed! I know I look better and I know my surgeon did a great job. I've just been wrestling with myself that I can't expect perfection!

My incision is healing nicely. Still some areas that seem a bit open but I can tell I'm still swollen some bit! While looking today I did notice a weird hard bump in my belly button. Anyone have this? Any ideas what it is? I'm really hoping it fluid or something and goes away! I did not see till today! I am posting a pic of this unsightly thing, lol

I think what I'm learning mostly through this is self acceptance! This is one emotional process ladies!!

Ok ladies.....6 1/2 weeks post op

....and I'm feeling much better today. This has been a good week compared to last week! While I'm still wrestling with a few things, overall I'm happy with my results! I think
1. I haven't given myself enough time to recovery! Things will still change and I have to be PATIENT!
2. I'm alive and doing well and aside from my belly button bump and extra skin, I'm still swollen and both these things can be discussed with my doctor at a later date or will get better over time!
I have to remember I'm only 6 1/2 weeks! My final result may not be seen for awhile!!
Mostly I felt when I saw the pic of me this morning that I look pretty awesome!

Just wanted to update for all you ladies who are following me, who've been there and those who will be eventually sharing the journey with me.

7 1/2 weeks.....

Happy holidays to all my real self ladies going through the process of pre or post tummy tucks! I'm happy to say that I'm feeling better! Finally losing some weight by eating right! I really feel like it's getting better everyday! I still have this feeling of a phantom belly, lol. At the bottom but my top belly feels amazing! I really do feel like I'm getting even more looks my way if you know what I mean! I think it's because my natural DDD boobs stand out that much more, haha! (See pic attached)

As for my healing! Looks like my scar is completely closed finally! I am still wearing tape everyday! I have not yet started any scar treatment and I'm not sure I'll need to! It seems to be a very faint line that will lighten with time! My next post op follow up January 23rd and we can discuss it then.
As for my bump in my belly and extra skin below! I feel much better about it, but I will discuss with doctor! As he said before, it could be some fat and he will lipo it, but I can't see myself doing anything else but we will see! I'll keep you updated as to if I decide to do that or not! As the the bump in my belly. It seems to be flattened out but still thinking it needs a little snip snip. Again, I'll talk to him next month!

I'm completely standing straight and do not get tired anymore! I am basically back to normal and getting used to the new old me! What an emotional journey this is! Do I say that every time I update, lol. Because it's true!

Happy new year...81/2 weeks post op

...and happy new me! Guess what ladies! I'm 8 1/2 weeks now and slept on my belly for the first time last night! Making progress!

I must say, I've been feeling pretty amazing these days! I really do feel like a new improved me and it's only just begun! This surgery is not a quick fix. We have to continue to transform our bodies! I still wear the tape all day and change it about twice a week! I see my surgeon at the end of the month and will discuss any concerns I have! But I seem to be healing pretty well. Still worried about the bump in my belly button but I don't think he can do anything about it just yet anyway! The only thing I can say about recovery at this point is my stomach still feels very tight, like I'm wearing tape on it, but I can stand upright for the most part! Now stretching, not so much! I feel like everything is still healing and don't wanna rip anything.

Very happy I did this for me and happy to buy some new clothes soon to show off this new tummy ;-) it's so fun to put on any dress and it looks good! Who would have thought!

11 weeks

.....I missed a Week of updating but here I am, a week away from the three month mark! My stomach seems to be softening up so that feels good. Also, I am really getting used to the feel of my new belly! It no longer feels like I've attached a fake belly onto my body! I see my PS next week and I am going to talk about the bump that has still not gone away and what seems to be extra skin under my incision and on the sides! As for my incision. I love it. I know that's a strange thing to say about a line from hip to hip but it really doesn't bother me at all! It has however become more redish in the last few weeks but I know this is part of the healin process. I'm very happy with my results! I do still have some hardness and swelling on the lower part and left side of my incision that I hope goes down soon!

Question for all my tummy Tucker's?!? While standing of course I'm flat, but bending over I still have excess skin. It isn't completely flat! Just wondering if anyone has the same thing? When I sit or lay I also seem to have excess skin at the end of my incisions. I know I didn't want a long scar but would this have been better if I did ask him to extend it longer? Just wondering.

Hope everyone is doing well. While we anticipate for what feels like forever our surgery, the time after surely goes by more quickly!

16 weeks post op..

Hello to my real self ladies. I haven't updated for quite some time. Not much has changed. I've actually gained a few pounds since surgery much to my dismay. Still loving my results. I still have the bump in my belly button which my surgeon will remove if it has not gone down on its own by April. My scar looks great and I still have some extra skin and fat but I will have to tackle that on my own. I can't stress enough to you ladies that this isn't a quick fix. Yes my belly is flat now , and yes my extra skin is gone, but if you don't eat right and exercise, the fat will come back. I have not been diligent in my efforts and this I know. Overall, this is still the best decision I've made for myself. It still at times feels unreal that I did this, survived and now I get to enjoy my new body. I feel a new sled confidence I didn't have before and for this, I'm grateful! I just have to work on maximizing my results is all.
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