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I never really had a big problem with my nose...

I never really had a big problem with my nose until recently. I feel that my nose has a very round tip and I hate my bump that I have. I also dislike the width of my bridge. I started contemplating having my nose fixed after I had my breast augmentation January of 2013. I realized that surgery wasn't that bad and that I could actually go through surgery again. So, I started to look online for plastic surgeons with experience with rhinoplasty. I looked through a lot of surgeons around the Los Angeles area and I narrowed it down to a few. I then scheduled two consultations with two surgeons first with Dr. Michael Elam and then with Dr. Grigoryants. After meeting with Dr. Elam I knew he was the doctor that was going to do my surgery. He was very informative and his staff was very nice. Dr. Elam showed me how my outcome will look and I can't wait to get this procedure done. I have my pre op appointment on December 30th I can't wait!

Getting closer

I am a couple of weeks away from surgery and I'm very excited. I can't help but to look over my computer generated outcome. Every time I see the expected outcome I get really excited and want the day to be closer.

Generated images

Meds and lab work (check)

I went in today for my pre op and I hope everything comes back good with my lab work. The pre op just went over all the things I have to do before surgery, I got my blood work done and I also got my medication. Basically, I can't eat anything with salt a week prior and also after surgery to help with the swelling. I also can't bathe for about week so they suggest getting cleansing wipes ( I am not looking forward to this, but hey whatever helps with the healing process). They also suggested eating papayas to help with bruising. I got some paperwork to help me remember things I need to do the week before surgery. Today was a very informative day. I getting more excited and nervous as my surgery date approaches. I wish time could go by faster so I didn't have to wait.

One more week till my big day

I am getting very excited as my surgery date approaches. However, I have taken into consideration all the comments made about really thinking it over and not going through with surgery. I have thought about all the things that can go wrong but I am hoping for the best. This is something that I have always wanted to do for myself and I am glad that I finally going to get my nose done. Anyway, changing the subject, this week I have to start my salt free diet. I went grocery shopping over the weekend and I am surprised over the foods that contain salt, I practically can't eat anything. I also went shopping for items that I thought I might need. My list included:
Lip balm
Cleansing wipes
Salt free crackers
These are the items that I thought I might need. :-/
Let me know if there is anything else that might help me through my surgery week!

Almost time!

So I have been on a no salt diet, and let me tell you it is hard. Almost everything and I mean everything has salt. I have lost 6 pounds within this week because of the salt free diet. I have also been feeling kinda weak but it will be worth it. I just hope I don't have a lot of swelling after surgery. This has just turned into a waiting game from now on, I can't believe I'm getting my procedure done in about 3 days. This seems so unreal. I haven't gotten nervous yet but I am getting a bit anxious waiting for Monday. I have bought everything I need for my recovery and tomorrow I am going to get my house nice and clean and ready for my week at home. I am also going to pack for my two day stay in newport! I am going to try and update my profile right before and after surgery.... Well see how that goes. :-)

Finally did it!

So I had my procedure done this morning. I'm so glad I got it over with. Last night I couldn't sleep, I was having second thoughts about my surgery so much so that I even had a nightmare. I dreamt that I had overslept and missed my surgery appointment! I was just really worried and nervous all last night and this morning leading up to my surgery. When I got to the surgery center they just had me change into a gown and hooked my up to an IV, before I knew it I was out. The last thing I remember was waking up. When I woke up I wasn't in much pain nor was I nauseous, my mouth was just really dry. When it came time for the nurses to put my clothing back on they had to sit me up and that's when I felt like my nose was gushing out blood. It wasn't painful but just kind of uncomfortable. I'm staying in a hotel just until tomorrow because they are going to take out my packing. Overall it hasn't been too bad. Halls are my best friends right now, they help so much with the dry mouth. I have started to see some bruising develop but not too bad yet. We'll see how it goes tomorrow.

Second day.

I went in today to get my packing removed and it much easier than I thought. I was really scared for the packing removal because I thought it was going to be painful but it really wasn't at all. The only thing that scared me was the blood that came out when Dr.Elam removed the packing but other than that it wasn't too bad. My bruising is a little bit more noticeable today and I have developed some swelling. I don't know if anybody else developed this but my eyes especially my right eye is itching. It really bugs me but I think it has to do with the swelling, well at least I hope so. Anyway, from reading all the posts here on real self the third day seems to be the worse. We'll see how I wake up tomorrow.

I want my cast removed.

I am so curious to see my new nose. I'm very excited and nervous at the same time. My bruising is starting to reside and my swelling has gone down significantly. I am now stating to itch under my cast and experience pressure. I am getting a bit anxious because I want to scratch my itch but my cast won't allow it. It is becoming kind of annoying but I know I have to deal with it. I don't get my cast removed until Monday so I still have about 4 more days. I just have to wait it out but I am curious to see my new nose. Right now from what I could see it is looking smaller around my tip... So that's a good sign. Patience is key from what I read.... It is easier said than done now that I am going through it. I am just happy it wasn't as bad as I thought my recovery was going to be.

The cast is off!!

So I went in today to remove my cast and it wasn't that bad. At first when Dr.Elam started taking off the cast it was kind of uncomfortable, my nose felt sore and bruised a little as he removed it. I was very excited and scared at the same time. When he took off the cast I wanted to see it right away but he had to clean it first, I have to admit it made me anxious. Once he handed my the mirror I couldn't believe my eyes. I fell in love with my nose! I could not stop looking at it in the mirror and thanking dr. Elam for his work. I still can't stop looking at it. I know it still needs time for some swelling to go down but so far I can't complain. I just need my bruise to go away now. I also just need to be very careful because my nose was broken and it obviously needs time to get better. I was instructed to gently apply pressure each morning on the sides of my nose, this kinda makes me nervous I don't want to mess anything up or move anything in the wrong way. Has anyone else had to apply pressure on the sides of the bridge? So far I am very pleased with my decision. Dr.Elam and his team are amazing and I am so thankful.

After pics

Back to work

Two weeks tomorrow

Three weeks tomorrow

My nose is changing each day. Some days my tip is really small and other days I wake up with a rounder tip. It is really a process and patience is key. I know that I still have a while to go till I see my final results. I am now able to breath through both of my nostrils regularly. Thank goodness my deviated septum was taken care of. I am now able to see my scar starting to form from my open septorhinoplasty, hopefully it's less noticeable as time professes.

It's been a while

It's been about one month and two weeks since my surgery and thing are going good. My nose keeps changing. The bad thing is the swelling. Last week my nose was so swollen that it looked bigger than before my surgery. I'm just trying to be patient. One of my nostrils seems bigger than the other but I just hope it has to do with swelling. Only time will tell... In the mean while I have provided new pictures to show my progress. Let me know what you think...

7 month update

This procedure has really been tough. The swelling is uncontrollable at first. Some days I would wake up and my nose would be as big if not bigger than before my surgery. At times I did question if I had done the right thing, but honestly I love my decision. I'm so glad I went through with my septorhinoplasty. I love my profile and how little my nose looks. This was the nose I wanted all along! For anyone trying to decide to go through rhinoplasty, I say go for it! Just be really careful about who you choose to work on your face and be patient with the results.

Over a year and still happy

It's been about a year and a half since my surgery and my nose looks great! There are days when the tip is gets swollen and my nose tip is still sensitive at times. But I am overall happy with my results. I do notice that when my nose is a bit swollen my left nostril looks a bit bigger than my right.

A year and a half post op

Orange County Facial Plastic Surgeon

He has a lot of experience and he is really honest and wants his patients to look and feel their best.

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