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The reviews here on are nothing like...

The reviews here on are nothing like what I experienced with Dr. Brennan. I will start by saying do not go to Dr. Brennan for any procedures. I have waited over two years to write this review, partly because it is very painful to talk about the experience I had with him, and also because I have been living with a face I don't recognize for over two years and I couldn't find the words to express how I feel about what happened. I also waited a two years to see if there possibly would be any changes from my rhinoplasty because it does take time to heal. I am healed, nothing has changed and now its time to talk about my experience.

I went to Dr. Brennan at the suggestion of a friend that had also had procedures from him (not rhinoplasty) and I was pleased with his work. I went for the consult and felt comfortable with him, I told him I wanted liposuction under my chin. I also asked about my nose, I had a small bump on the bridge and a deviated septum that two other doctors had told me could be corrected to improve my breathing. He told me that he could remove the bump on my nose and fix my septum, he also recommended a chin implant. "I had never thought about a chin implant, I told him" I wasn't even going in for my chin... he showed me a morphed photo, and it looked good, not too much and I figured it would help enhance my jaw line. So I waited a few weeks and thought about it all and I scheduled my surgery. I was skeptical about the implant, but Dr. Brennan does this everyday so I trusted his judgement.

Going into to surgery we again went over my rhinoplasty, I said right before anesthesia that I wanted my same nose, just remove the bump and correct the septum, he said he would not have to break my nose and it will be great. After surgery I had tubes running out of both nostrils to a drain and I was very concerned. My nose also seemed like it had been broken (and it had) I went home and got some rest, and went back the next morning to have the drains removed and start healing... there was a cast over the nose for 7 days, so you can't really tell how it is going to look until they remove it. I stayed home and rested, went in for my cast removal and boy was I shocked. I knew right away that something was not right, my nose sloped down then up, like a ski slope jump and my nostrils had been cut and moved closer together! This part alone had drastically changed the look of my nose and had made it appear much smaller for my face. I said to Dr. Brennan, "This is going to get better right?" and he said what? and I said the tip of my nose is pointing up and it looks like a slope on my nose now? He said it was swollen (which it was) and would improve... but that didn't change the fact that my "new" nose looked completely different than what we had talked about and also different from the morphed photos I had been shown. (This was supposed to be a simple improvement, not a drastic change!) I didn't go in for a full rhinoplasty.
The lipo procedure under my neck turned out good but the implant, seemed a little large for my face. (I also said to myself, you are swollen, give it time)
A few months go by and things are starting to settle but my chin still looks big and the tip of my nose has not dropped at all and I still have a ski slope. I call the office and talk to them about my concerns. I email photos, I then make the decision to go in and see the Dr. They tell me right away how great I look and that I'm still swollen. More months go by and I visit Dr. Brennan a few more times, still going in just so they can tell me the same answers and seem not really concerned about what I think. I talk it over with my partner and start to talk about removing the implant because my smile had changed quite a bit (found out from another Doctor that it was because of the placement and size). I called to get an appointment with Dr. Brennan to talk about removing it. He looked at me and said "I speak at conferences all over the US, and if I showed them your before and after pictures, they would give me a standing ovation." What? I was a good looking guy before the surgery, I was going in for a minor tune up and a slight bump to be removed from my nose, not a whole new face! I was furious inside and hurt. I wanted the implant removed. He did not want to do it, and he had me sign a waiver that he had advised against it. At that point I lost it on his staff, I had been quite nice up to this point, but this was my face we were talking about!!!! I started crying and told them I was going to have my nose redone as well, that he had ruined it. They were all shocked, what else could they say?

The morning of the removal of the implant, he did not talk to me, walked into the operating room and he was very snappy with his staff. Even the nurses at the surgery center could not believe his behavior. He removed the implant, stitched me up and walked out, without a word. How unprofessional, I was hurt and it made me doubt his work on my nose even more, made me more depressed and hurt that he would treat me this way after a year of coming to him for his advice on when my face was going to look normal again. He kept telling me that I looked great.
I haven't gone back, but I have visited three of the best surgeons in Los Angeles for rhinoplasty revision, spent $1500 in consult fees and have finally decided to have revision rhinoplasty in the next few months. The cost of the revision is nearly $18,000 dollars. All three surgeons agreed that my nose was too feminine and too small for my face, that the bridge is not built up enough and that a major improvement will result in a new surgery.

This process has caused problems in my relationship, with my self esteem, not wanting to take photos with people or of myself and has basically put a strain on 2 years of my life. It has also cost me a lot of money and time and aggravation. Think twice before you use Dr. Brennan. He is unprofessional and seems to think his work is amazing, even though I looked great before my surgery. He was never willing to admit anything was wrong and that my nose was too small for my face and the implant was ultimately unnecessary and really an add on to surgery cost! I am much happier without the implant and my profile looks so much better.

Please, feel free to reach out to me for photos of the before and after. I will send them to you privately. I was a 35 year old handsome man, and i look like someone I don't recognize, I am always giving myself second, and third glances in the mirror, I am looking forward to revision but feel like this all could have been avoided if Dr. Brennan had done what he said he was going to do. Shame on him and his staff. I hope this review helps in your decision to look for another doctor.
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