Post baby breast augmentation (no lift) with lipo- Newport Beach, CA

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To start, my name is Rebekah, I am 32 yrs. old and...

To start, my name is Rebekah, I am 32 yrs. old and live in San Diego, CA. Recently I had two babies back to back. I have a 22 month old little girl and a 4 month old baby boy. Growing up I was always one to maintain a heallthy lifestyle and keep my body in shape. I never really worried about my metabolism slowing down, getting older and definitely not streching out from having children! Well, I have been completely slapped in the face with all of those things this year to say the least and to top off the changes in my body, my breasts have lost most of the tissue that make them look nice and keep any shape whatsoever! With that being said I have decided to get a breast aug with a possible lift and maybe some lipo in those post baby problem areas.

I talked to many of my girlfriends that have had an Augmentation and researched lots of Surgeons online! Out of all of the hundreds of breasts I went through haha, I decided to put my trust into Dr. Mark Anton out of Newport Beach, CA. He had by far the best work I have seen out of all the Doctors I researched in Southern California.

I completed my Pre-op appointment on May 9th with Tammy. She was very helpful answering all the questions that I had. She also helped me determine that I did not need a full lift with the size that I was looking to go which is somewhere around the 550 cc range. She recommended a mini lift that they could do for no extra charge! It is a small cresent moon incision that they make above the nipple. I was very relieved that I didn't need the full lift as I wasn't looking forward to the scares that could possibly be left. Before I left, I did mention to her that I was thinking about getting smart lipo on my problem areas that I had obtained with my two pregnancies and she thought it would be a good idea to talk to the Doctor prior to my surgery about some body contouring. From what I have heard and from what she mentioned when you do lipo on certain areas you have the potential of running into those problems areas moving from one place to another. Since I really don't know much about the procedure I decided to book a consultation with the Doctor before my June 4th surgery date. The appointment is scheduled for May 29th! Looking forward to getting more info!

Pre-procedure photos to come!

Uploading Before Pics :)

Here are the before pictures. As an update, I have decided to move forward with the augmentation and mini lift. I have a consultation with Dr. Anton next week to see if I qualify for lipo AND depending on the price I will make the final decision to move forward or not with lipo before the June 4th Surgery Date!!

Post baby breast augmentation (no lift) with lipo $12,083.75

Well, just 5 more days until my surgery! I had my lipo consultation with Dr. Anton Yesterday. We decided to move forward with lipo on inner thighs, stomach, flanks, upper back and the little chubby part right by the arm pit :). Also, we decided not to do the lift since I was getting 550-600 cc. The doctor and Tammy (his nurse) said that it wasn't neccessary because my nipples were in a good place and also because I was getting a bigger implant, so thats good news! Total cost brought me back up to what it would have been for the augmentation with a full lift, so I am satisfied! I just ordered my garment, so I should have it in the next day or two. I will post back after my surgery. Definitely getting nervous since I have never had anything done like this before. I am a little worried about the recovery time, since I have two little ones. Thank God I have help though. Praying everything goes well!

1 week post op pictures

Sorry it took me a few weeks to update. The first few days were very painful to get through. I will hit week two tomorrow and I feel ok, still tender and bruised in some areas, but feeling much better.

Here are some pictures at 1 week post op.
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