Still Not Confident with my Smile :(

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Last year, I had four veneers placed on my front...

Last year, I had four veneers placed on my front teeth. I thought I had chosen a really good "cosmetic" dentist, while everyone else in the office made me feel comfortable and confident. Yet, I really think I was just being VERY weak/forgiving during the entire process and not telling them NO and that I was not going to continue working with them.

It began in September 2012, when I decided to commit to getting veneers two months before my wedding. They began the process by removing the tooth structure and placing the temporaries. We discussed what I wanted, yet what I still don't understand is why they never stressed the need for a wax up? While I could blame myself for this, they are the professionals and should have insisted before absolutely anything else was done. The dentist made me feel as if I was designing the teeth, and at first, that made me feel great, but now, I know that he should have taken control and not put so much input from the customer because overall, HE is the professional. He should have made me feel as if he had the control in using his skills to give me what I had wanted.

After a few weeks, I went back in to have the veneers placed, yet I noticed that they appeared "crooked," especially the line that separates the front two teeth, which makes the entire smile appear "off." They were sent back to the lab.

Without going through every single time I went back to the took 3 or 4 sets of temporaries and 10 MONTHS. There were issues that I continued to notice, yet I felt as if they were making me feel just like "perfectionist" or "picky." By this time, I had already paid for the work, which is how they run their office. Yet, I'm now not sure if payment is expected before or after the work? Did they handle that correctly?

On July 3rd 2013, I had the four veneers FINALLY placed. While the dentist did place them in my mouth before cementing them in, how can ANYONE know if they will be correctly placed or truly fit correctly in the mouth until after it is over?

Right after having them placed, I and my husband noticed that one of the front teeth looked "off," as in, being slightly slanted, yet I though maybe the dentist just needed to "shave" some of the veneer in the corner to make it leveled to the tooth next to it. I hope that makes sense. It didn't help that after the first initial visits, the front desk girl made me feel rushed and as if I was expecting perfection, which was NOT the case at all.

Well, again, I should have backed out from the beginning, when I began to feel as if either the lab or the dentist just couldn't get it right. Also, when I began to feel that they were thinking of me as "picky," is when I should have left. This is a very expensive decision, the customer SHOULD have the right to be picky and receive exactly what they want.

Well, instead of complaining right away, I decided to give it plenty of time to see if I truly was being just "picky," yet I continue to look in the mirror and feel very unhappy with the results. Not only do I noticed that the veneers appear "slanted" and just really "off" in my mouth, yet it is even showing in photos that I have taken over the past few months when I went on vacation with my husband. He has even noticed what I am now self-concious about. The four teeth appear to be slanting towards the is obvious in the photos.

In addition, throbbing from one of front teeth began during the fall. Which I blamed on other things, yet it is now apparent that it is coming from the area that the veneer work was done. They also still feel rough on the backside of the teeth, making me feel as if he really did not finished the job well.

I recently went to another dentist for a cleaning, and I did tell him my concerns about the odd shape and that I really felt they are "crooked." He did agree that the front two are appearing like that due to one of the front veneers being slightly "slanted." He said he could try to fix it, yet wanted me to continue thinking about what I'd like to do.

I desperately want to have them redone, YET I do not want to go back to that office (FYI, they never even called afterwards to check in on how I was doing, how they felt, if I was happy etc). I want a refund. I want to feel REALLY happy with my smile, that is why I did it in the first place. I needed to fix a discolored tooth, so I chose this option and had anticipated that I would be thrilled to smile, which is NOT the case. I already have several health issues, such as Lupus, so being able to fix my smile and have that confidence was going to be huge for me. Well, it just saddens me now to feel like I waited so long, saved up, and was SO excited to feel amazing smiling, just to be really disappointed and let down.

I am trying to figure out what I can do next. Either file a small claims to receive a refund or go further and hire a lawyer. Cosmetic dentistry should look good, when there is proof in photos that teeth were not placed correctly or bulky, I feel that would guarantee a refund.

Thank you for reading all of this. I am sure I left out a few pieces of information by accident, yet I think I stated the main points.

Please let me know your thoughts and opinions. Thank you!!
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