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Im a mother of two, ages 6 & 2 and have the...

Im a mother of two, ages 6 & 2 and have the stomach to prove it. Ive alaays been self conscious about my love handles even before babies, but my skin is now so loose and marked that its so discouraging. Ive been thinking about this surgery since my first born. I ended up having a breast aug (lift and implant) when she was 1.5 yrs and wish i had had this website then! I've really learned so much in preparing for the surgery from here I'm so incredibly grateful that this website exists.

So far I've had my initial consult, with my pre op scheduled for this wed. I'm up and down on emotions, happy nervous scared sad anxious you name the emotion I've had it.

Surgery is scheduled for aug 30th and I'm grateful that we have lined up a nanny for a month during recovery, possibly longer if I need her. I've also rented an electric bed for a month. I wish I had had that last surgery and during both of my c sections. Hoping this will help me with mobility in and out along with getting comfy.

As far as the actual procedure I'm having a breast lift with implant exchange, extended tummy tuck and lipo on flanks.

So happy for this site and to read experiences of others. I'm going into expecting to have aches pains emotion etc. kind of expecting the worste hoping for the best.

All for now my fellow surger-ettes

Before pics

Posting before pics. Scars from previous breast Aug are noticeable but not bad. Currently have smaller implants with more of my natural tissue. Asking my Doc to do high profile, higher up and take out more of my own tissue. I'm not in love with the natural look... so I'm hoping for a higher profile breat that'll look really great in just about anything I wear. I've always had larger love handles... I currently weigh less than I have in my younger years.

Current weight 145 height 5"6'. Currently wear between a 6 and 8 bottom (28/29 denim). Hoping to be a 4/6 and 27 in jeans after all swelling is said and done with. Would also like to be at my ideal weight of 135.

Really trying to cleanse my system before surgery and hoping this will re-set my eating habits. I'm sure someone can relate to having small kids and their diet consisting of kids foods... yea.. not so proud over here...

Any other Stay at homes feeling guilt...

I've been feeling really selfish about this... although there's never a right time to do this (always something coming up) I feel like I'm abandoning my kiddos... even though I'll be at home.
I'm staying 3 nights in a recovery center/spa... so I kind of am abandoning them for real... I figure it will actually be better for all parties if I'm away for the first hard part.

I'm having a hard time explaining to my daughter what exactly I am having done. So far she understands my stomach marks will go away... she's now saying "you're having your surgery so you can wear a belly show bathing suit like me mom." Well yes I am, BUT kind of sucks that she's seeing first hand how I want to change myself... not a very good lesson I am teaching her and I never want her to feel badly about her body image like I do and have struggled with for my whole teen and adult life.... My son is too small to remember any of this, he just cares about his paci and baby Einstein... or whatever toy his sister is playing with so I am not worried about him...

Then my brain starts on the whole what if I don't wake up thing, I'm leaving my kids for something so vain... really about to tear up here... someone tell me they have felt the same way? I felt this way with my cesareans and my precious breast aug and everything turned out fine, plus I am in the hands of a great doctor and I am young... I keep talking myself down, why do I have to be a worry wart.

My poor children wont have their normal mom back for a while... this sucks. keep telling myself its worth it, this stomach really really effects my everyday life. I want to be done picking and pulling at my love handles and stomach... and be happy with what I look like.

So torn....

Updated before pics

With clothes on I look way way better. Only 2.5 weeks! My pre op is tomorrow what questions do I need to ask? I feel like alot have been answered by reading everyone's stories.

No drain method :-)

Well today was my pre-op visit. Got my prescriptions all filled (there are ALOT of meds to take... yikes), purchased compression stockings and got a lot of amazon packages with my recovery supplies today. Day by day I am feeling more "prepared" phew...

I learned today that I wont have any drains in my boobies and only one small drain for my tummy... I am beyond excited ;-) My first breast aug I had FOUR drains!! ahhgg, terrible miserable etc.... Different doctor different time... So anyways my new doctor does the no drain method and from everything I've researched and heard that's the way to go! He said he still likes to put a tiny drain in even though he uses the method that doesn't need to help with whatever minimal swelling occurs.

hubs paid in full today... I joked around with him and said he could find a new woman for a lot less ;-) I guess he really does love me (or really wants a hot wife) Either way I'm getting a new body so I win!! Well.. and he does too after I heal from Frankenstein stage...

Getting more excited, I've finally convinced myself I can no longer worry about the what ifs until the day of the surgery, what's the point now of worrying it hasn't even happened yet.

16 days and counting!!!

More before pics

Definitely want to have before pics to reference


1 week

Well I can officially say I am one week away. Time flies! I've got all of my meds filled, robes and shirts that button down or open in front, heating pads, ice packs, sheet liners, hair clips, compression socks, toilet seat riser, etc etc. have my queen size electric bed being delivered this Wednesday I am so glad I decided to rebt it for the month. Also have my house being deep cleaned so it'll hold up while in out of it and my nanny starts too. Got my carpool situation figured out tha k goodness for good neighbors/friends Seems like I have all of my ducks in a row.. But ofcourse I'm sure there will be things I forgot or didn't know would be useful after my surgery.

Now I'm getting excited. I took more before photos especially in a dress I bought for after the surgery. You can really see how wide my love handles are and my lower back. I have the dreaded tire. I keep looking at myself not knowing what to expect results wise and I'm nervous it won't be what I want. But at this point it's gotta look better than what I have right? Anyways ladies all for now. Trying to get sleep and prepare my body for this surgery. Been going every morning to gym and eating super healthy and having my green shakes. Sneaking in some wheat grass too when I'm near a jamba or juice it up. Hoping this will help me with digestion, recovery and overall feeling.

Ttyl! Xo

Weighed myself

I have to share I am super excited today. I weighed myself and I've lost 5 lbs! Without a crazy diet or anything. Just plain old exercise and eating healthy. I think startin wednesday afternoon ill just do smoothies until D day so i dont have crazy food in my stomach. Only 5 more to go to my ideal weight (the weight I'm content with). Although 130 feels and sounds much better. Ill probably loose 3 lbs of skin and fat uhg i cant wait!! My body always wants to stay between 145/150 uhg! My attainable goal this week is to be out of the 40's before my surgery. I don't care if I'm 139.8 I just want to see that 3! 5 more days till a new me. I can't wait!!!!
Oh a question has anybody's doctor asked them to do an enema the morning and night before surgery?

Bikini time. Almost...

Got a bikini today from VS. can't remember the last time I bought a two piece. Unreal that ill be wearing them soon. Anyways wanted to get a pic in before so I can compare. Excited and feel like I'm in a dream. After 6 yrs of waiting for the right timing its finally here! 3 days!


I feel like its Christmas Eve... Wow tomorrow is the day. I've cried alot today, been excited , happy, anxious, fearful, impatient etc etc.

I can truly say I'm totally prepared though so that's good. Can't wait to wake up tomorrow from my surgery and be done with the hardest part!

I got my bed all situated and have everything is need near by. Wish me luck tomorrow need lots of good vibes sent my way!


Feels My hearts beating at the speed of a racehorse I'm so anxious. Hopefully I get a nice little calm down cocktail in the next hour. ;)

I'm Awake.

Woah. I'm a awake and finally coherent enough to type or spek to someone and everyone is asleep!! I wonder if my mom is awake maybe ill cal her. Anyways. Not too much pains just tightness and a little burbing loke everyone has been saying and stinging. I'm at my recovery retreat with xonrepssoon stocking that poof up every so often that's what woke me up. I got transferred here from the surf center and honestly don't remember anything but that I got driven here in a blue car how weird is lthat. The nurse just gave me 2 oxy and she spoon fed me yogurt with it. Wow what a place this is. I am really hungry right now but isk I I should eat and haven't said anything.

Did anyone else have their cetherer still in? I still have one in which is great bc then I and go when I want. They are talking it out in am. Anyways no soreness in my arms like I thought not as much pain and tightness BUT I did just have surgery and they pumped with with everything possible. My surgeon said it took longer than 8 hours geeze I was out! Anyways all for now some of this is probably weritten twice or with Terri le grammar bc I am still a little out of it. Talk to y'all soon.

Feeling good today

Hi all. Just woke up a little bit ago. Wipes my face with a wipe and the nurse put some deodorant on get me. I feel fresher. Would be much nicer to take a shower but this will do. I haven't gotten up to walk yet I actually am excited to get up and walk around to have a little moment. I'm sure once I get up I will want to lay back down. Anyways pain is manageable they have me taking to every 4-6 hours I think. Doctor is coming by to visit to day to see how things are going. Not sure when my first post op visit is. Don't feel any pain in boobs or lipo. Definitely my area of pain is the tummy. But with that being said its not bad bc of the meds. I swallowed some water wrong last night and coughed and boy did that hurt. I am hoping to see my stomach and boobs today when ps comes by. Fingers crossed.

And for those of you who are on the fence about recovering somewhere please consider it! I have a nurse here 24/7 taking care of me I feel so relaxed and good and not stressed because of that may stay until Tuesday instead of Monday bc I love it so much. I am in an ensuite bedroom with tv an electric bed shower etc etc. Only reason if want
To leave is to see my family. All for now hope everyone's feeling good today!

Day 1 pics

Here are come pics. He wasn't able to get all of my stretch marks :/. Oh well BUT I am so happy I was expecting to have anchor scar and he just did underneath. What an amazing surprise.

Breakfast in bed

Yes please. Thank you.

Really ladies look into drying somewhere. Even if its a day.


So I've had alot of visitors today. It's been so nice to just lay back and chat with my girls. But I have to say I am worn out! My nurse says tomorrow I won't be moving around as easily as I am today. Dreading it. Not too much pain still but i am noticing more than earlier today. Overall really happy so far with my results. We will see what the next few days bring since day 2 and 3 are the worst apparently.

Stay somewhere

Seriously ladies if you can stay somewhere do it. U will feel like a princess.

Awake and watching sex in the city.

I have watched this movie twice and id watch it on rerun if I could! It's so nice to be relaxed. Definitely feel more tightness right now in my tummy. just took 2 oxy and my antibiotic with some crackers so ill be out again in a bit. I can move my arms pretty easily and get up to go to the bathroom. Walking around as much as I can when I get up to go pee. My throat hurts so bad from the intubation tube. Woah! I've been taking throat losanges. Anyways for those of you considering this surgery it is NO JOKE. BUT with that said I don't have any retreat what so ever. Starting to have itchy skin yikes! All of this is normal so expect these things. Best wishes to all my fellow surgery patients. It's all worth it!!

Binder off

Have my binder off for a little so she can wash it. Feels weird and I'm super swollen. Definitely feel more tightness and pain today than yesterday. Ofcourse I'm looking at everything and am thinking oh my gosh is this how I will look forever? Doesnt look fabulous right now in my opinion. But obviously swelling and being hunched over is not revealing how I will really look. Here's some pics side by side before and after so far

Dreaded day 3

Well the myth has been proven for day 3 for me. Definitely feeling my tummy way more now. Super hunched over still and really really tight. Still have a drain in. PS will take it out Wednesday. I was originally supposed to go home tomorrow but am staying till later this week. I would be a wreck at home. They won't let me take a shower until drains out. I've been walking around pretty well and every hour during the day. Been drinking tons of water which is helping I think. In sure I'm really swollen. My scar is very far extended to my backside. Posting pic now of my extended tummy tuck.

Lots of gas pains too, let it out girls don't keep it in.

Anyways so far day 3 (a few hours into it) I'm in much more pain than day 1 and 2. Just took 2 Percocet. For those who are off of meds so soon or already tapering down thAts awesome for you but for me ill stick to my drugs for now :). Happy healing everyone.

Day 5.

Here I am day 5. Still hunched over my skin is itchy but trying not to scratch. Still have my binder on And compression socks. I'm getting up ok and do a few laps from room to bathroom but then my lower Back starts to bother me.

Have my post op appt tomorrow I should get my drain out then come back and they will help me shower and get my hair clean. I go home on Thursday. I'd rather day here for 2 weeks lol. Anyways it sounds like alot of you are doing better than me with mobility. I get up and walk around when I go to bathroom but I'm much more hunched over than some other pics I've seen. A little discouraged but that's ok.

Haven't seen my tummy since day 1 so it'll be interesting to see tomorrow. I woke up and thought wow my boobs don't look that big. Hopefully I will like the size once I start standing up straighter. I also have a 1 inch thick foam wrapped around inside my binder so its making me look like a big balloon. Maybe ill feel better tomorrow when I have it off.

When can I start standing straight??? Drives me nuts. Uhg!

Anyways all for now hope everyone's healing nicely.

I am so sad

So idk if I'm just super sensitive today but she just took my binder off to clean my belly button and I am not happy. I am super super hunched over still and swollen I feel like nothing was taken away. I am probably bigger right now than I was. I am crying while typing this. I see my doctor tomorrow so I'm going to ask him what's going on. My nurse days that she's never had one of his patients bummed when thu first see themselves. I am so sad I went through all of this anxiety for a month and prepping and sacrificing time from my family not to mention the money and I don't like what I see at all I really hope in a week I look a little better bc right now I'm dying. So sad pitty party for me.

Omg crying for nothing

I can't even express how happy I am. At PS office today and I stood up straight and WOW what a difference standing straight makes. I can't believe this is my stomach. I was so bummed last night for no reason at all. He says I'm still very very swollen so ill only get smaller. I started crying in his office and thanked him. He really is a miracle worker. I feel 1,000 times better today than yesterday. Can't believe this. I am past the hard part it only gets better from here!

Drain came out today too. Hurt for a second and then it was done. Ill take a shower later. Sad I only have one more night here :/. I've become quick friends with the nurse we are going to get together after this. Anyways it really gets better girls. Expect one or two days of down in the dumps and then the next you'll be on cloud 9!

Before and after 5days


Wow I feel awesome BUT tired!! I just took a shower it was easier than I thought. Sat on a shower chair and had a handheld shower head. Just ordered those two things on amazon so they'll be there when I get home. Shower plus going to doc today has taken the energy out of me. Definitely pooped today but I feel good. The bad days are behind me. Just playing the patience game now. Going home tomorrow morning it'll be so nice to see my kids but ill miss it here. All for now nap time!


Ok ladies sounds like everyone's PS is having them use something in addition to stool softs. Mine only said to use SS. Maybe ill try some MOM. Went to bathroom but had alot (i mean ALOT) of trouble. Sucks I'm usually so regular. Anyways maybe it'll get better now. Fingers crossed.
Watching true blood from season one. Yayye so fun. Thank goodness for Netflix. Happy healing gals


Been sleeping kinda shitty so I am caving in tonight and cracking open my ambien bottle. I haven't wanted to take it this whole time but I really do need a full nights rest. I'm going to just take half so I have a little extra help but not too much. I hate taking pills :/. I've never taken a sleep aid (Tylenol pm sure) but nothing like this. Wish me luck. Sweet dreams gals

Am I in labor

Woah! Just had a cramp that would laugh at one of my labor contractions. Geeze! Is this normal? It really really hurt. Maybe im just feeling more bc im almost of pain meds (1/2 every 10 hours or so). Ambien was weird BUT nice. I felt SO relaxed. Woke up twice to go potty and was sorta out of it.

I'm in pain but not too much except for the godzilla cramp i just had. I'm contemplating not taking a pain pill. Maybe later if it gets worse today

Ordering a compression garnet today. My doc suggest barely there ? Anyone have suggestions for compression garment?


I just showered and shaved. I feel like a new woman. Felt like I just ran a marathon I am pooped! I got a shower chair and shower head hose. Or whatever you call it. Definitely worth the money ($50 total on amazon it's a no brainer) . No way I could have stood up the whole time. I've been putting triple antibacterial on my belly button and covering with gauze twice daily (per Ps instructions) I think it's healing nicely.

Still having trouble with in the BM dept. I have gone but not pleasantly. I feel like I will lose a pound when I really go. I ate two fiber one bars today. I hate that crap but it is what it is. Hoping it will help. I've been taking two stool softners every morning since surgery. Obviously they are doing jack shit. No pun intended ;). Going to load up on my fruit veggies and my green shake. Can't wait to be regular again. Sorry if this is tmi but hoping this helps others in their journey.

Tried my bathing suit on after shower. Already see a major difference even with swelling. My breast don't look much different but they are. Probably because it was a push up before anyways. There's alot more volume from the implant on top now.

Swelling in my flanks and stomach still. Which is to be expected. Feeling pretty good. Down to half a pain pill at night. May try without tonight. Mostly took it to just have a more comfortable sleep but if I am laying down I don't feel anything now. It's when I'm sitting and go to standing that hurts the most.

Playing the waiting game is hard. I want to be back to normal. Hoping a few more weeks will do the trick.

All for now. Happy healing.

Still praying to the BM gods.

Still having alot of trouble. And now I have the H word! Yes hemroids. I am so sad and embarrassed. I really feel for people who suffer from constipation in their daily lives. I seriously feel like I have rocks inside of me. Emailed doctor office to see if he can prescribe me something that'll actually work. Sappository, stool softener, fiber one, tons of water, apples non stop and multiple fruits and veggies. Something's gotta give! Gonna eat a bunch of cherries and drink prune juice today.

At least I can say that I'm officially off pain meds! No pain pill yesterday or today and I've been doing alot more! I guess you can't have everything. I feel really good. Standing straighter and walking and going from sitting to standing is alot easier. I even wore regular clothes today. Yaye me!

My garments are coming tomorrow in mail. I got two barley there shorts which are high waited compression shorts. Suggested by my PS.

Down side my son has a fever. We took him to urgent care and he has ear infection in both ears. At least we have antibiotic now and its not something contagious. That's the last thing I need is the whole family getting sick.

All in all everything gets better day by day except for my BMs. Keep your fibers crossed for me!


Holy mother of pain

Don't over do it

Ok so I admit I did WAY too much today. Started out at urgent care then I haven't had a nap and I'm all up and about all day. Then took a shower straightened my hair and then I've been tidying my house for the cleaning ladies tomorrow. Wtf is wrong with me. I was feeling so good and now I am sore! So words of advice from personal experience take it easy! It's frustrating bc my husband thinks cleaning ladies can clean up everything and I'm sure most of you would agree that's not the case. It needs to be a blank canvas for them to really get clean no clutter etc out. Anyways it's really hard to sit here and have stuff everywhere out of place that normally wouldn't be. I really like my house a certain way it's very hard not to do anything. Ok I'm tired and I'm going to bed soon.

My mom was here for the weekend and she just left. In my marriage I am the sahm and my husband is the provider. Very rarely do our jobs collide. So he's not used o soon baths etc and he's super busy with work so we are arguing a bit over that as well. Anyways nanny comes back tomorrow. Another week ahead hopefully an easier one than last. I think I've been rambling and jumped around a million times. Happy healing to all

Midnight snack

Ok i just had my nighttime snack of MOM, prune juice and an apple. If I don't go tomorrow I'm going to scream. This is hell!!

Ok I went

KIND of. It wasn't fun at all but now my stomach feels much better. Hopefully all of the rocks are out now and smooth sailing is ahead. Still going to eat like an 80 yr old

As I said yesterday I did way too much. Today I'm feeling it in my stomach muscles. Hopefully I can relax today nits hard when my baby is sick and just wants mommy. He's being really fussy and definatrly giving me a does of major 2 yr old drama. I feel so bad for him poor guy. Hope he feels better tomorrow too after two days of meds.

Still keeping up on my arnica and bromaline. When did everyone stop am taking that? I've had next to no bruising so this definitely works.

Thank you BM gods!

So I am happy to report I finally went without pain, rocks, Vaseline or gloves. Seriously ladies this is TMI I know but I hope this sheds light to anyone prepping for their surgery. A few tips and things I wish I had done differently.

-take only the amount of pain pills you NEED. I think my recovery place had me on the highest does I'm sure I could have had less
-from day one drink prune juice
-stay away from yogurt cheeses etc that could make it worse. Again recovery place had me having yogurt with every pill!
-eat lots of fiber!! Even before surgery. I tried this but I guess it wasn't enough.
-don't stress. I probably was worried about this happening the most so it was likely due to a combo of stress pills anesthetics and lack of fiber.

I feel 1,000 times better woohoo!

12 day post pics and update

So im feeling better day my day. The only pain i really have is Where the lipo was. As mentioned before ive been off pain pills for quite a few days and I'm not taking Tylenol either. Im not bruisin really at all im sure due to the arnica which is great. When i touch the lipo locations it feels like im healing from a Bar fight or something but its not bad. The doc office told me to start massaging the areas at my last PO visit so the fluid they shoot in you (to seperate the skin and fat) wouldnt become hard. They said if you do this early it will be easier for the fluid to get out of your system faster, which translates to me that ill look better that much faster. So i have been masaging the lipo areas every other time i use the restroom so i remember. He said not to massage tummy yet we will talk about that at the next visit.

Im standing straighter today and woke up with much less swelling. Likely bc ive been relaxing like im in hawaii for the past 3 days. It feels really good to relax and actually heal. Usually i would try to conquer the world while healing which happened with my last two cesereans but after spending so much $$, time and uncomfortablness (yep just made that up) to look good the last thing i want to do is ruin all the work. I still am certain I have more swelling that needs to go down in flanks and tummy. Trying to be patient.

Im wearing compression shorts now but also the binder on top. It just feels better and i really think its been helping with the swelling. I ordered a medium compression but i could probably do a small so thats a nive surprise :). Ill probably order a small once i loose a little more fluid/swelling.

Here's some new updated pics front back and side as well as with compression and binders on. If the compression wasn't so tight I wouldn't be hanging over. Already seeing a much improved shape from pre surgery.

Before and after 12 day PO

Gym withdrawals

So I'm getting to the point where I just want to go workout and get my muscles back. I swear 2 weeks and arms turn to flab and my butt sags. Crazy. Hoping PS will clear me to do light workouts at my PO visit Wednesday. Getting a little restless! Haven't driven a car for two weeks its odd!

On another note I definitely have more energy everyday. Sure I need to lean on the counter or chair etc when I've stood for too long BUT I have my energy probably 60% back. Definitely sweeping more today than yesterday due to being on my feet alot yesterday and today. Hopefully tomorrow I can just sit and do nothing and make up for the past few days. Still taking arnica. Need to keep up on my bromaline I haven't been taking it. Maybe another reason I'm swelling. But the arnica is really working. I have had no bruising still. I think I'll take it for a while longer.

Now I'm rambling. Anyways at almost 2 weeks post op the recovery has flown by. When you're in the first few days in the moment you think you'll never feel better and what the hell did you do but I promise it goes by fast!

Time flies but not fast enough

So I'm kinda in a limbo stage now. Nothing to report really as far as progress. I feel like 2 weeks has flown by BUT I am becoming impatient with a few things. I'm still swelling quite a bit I put side by side pics of 1 week versus two and there isn't much of a didference. I also am starting to worry about one side of my stomach. It seems like I wasn't pulled tight enough when I sit down it kind of bunches over my incision so I'm hoping that that's just swelling and it'll go down but once sweeping goes down will the skin be even looser? It's a visually a tremendous did fence from my befores but just not enough yet I know you're supposed to wait 6 months to really assess that is so far away!

I'm also relaxing and I'm expecting that I should be healing quicker so I have time to pick myself apart. If really like to start standing straight. Definitely can't yet. It's really annoying. In the pics ill post you can really tell how straight I'm standing before. I look like I shrunk 3 inches.

I know all it takes is patience but its starting to wear thin. How long can someone be patient for without complaining ya know? I'm only at week two I should be happy. It's just me and my critical self hanging out all day. Boohoo

Maria E faja.

Holy crap. If Maria E fajas aren't humbling idk what is. I ordered a medium knowing they run small but WOW. I need to order an XL if the medium is this tight. I can't even buckle the bottom on the largest clasp setting. Well he goes my depression into a spiraling tornado. Can't even fit into a medium! Uhg. I need other suggestions for compression garments. I've tried barely there which is a really great name for them bc it literally feels like its barely there and doing nothing. Thinking of trying spanx next? Luckily I got Maria faja from amazon so I can return. They are not cheap!

Any other suggested compressions that worked for you ladies would be great. Thx!

The faja fit

After getting pissed that I couldn't fit and seeing everyone's comments I was determined it get it on. Well. It did fit. BUT it really felt like I was going to hurt my incision the whole time I was clasping it. A tip... Clasp the two bottom hooks before putting in on. That's alot easier. I'm thinking this type of garment is for 4 weeks plus after surgery. This can't possibly be safe for a fresh wound of 2 weeks this tight. Still going to return it bc its much too high up for my torso. I had to fold it down at the top. Also I feel like its just squeezing my love handles in and not doing anything for my stomach. Happy for those of you who this is working for. Faja is not for me. See pics.

2.5 week update

Today was a really good day. I can say I'm almost standing straight which feels awesome. I did alot today, woke up esrly to get kiddo ready for school, went to visit a neighbor who had surgery, walked up and down my street with my toddler and went to the salon to get my hair washed. I have a ton of hair so I just decided to go get it washed and blown out as a treat. I feel alot better and it didn't tire me out. Its a 2 hours process for me normally to wash dry and straighten. Yesterday I got a mani pedi. After the faja incident I decided I needed to get out of my funk and do something for myself.

Tomorrow I go for my 2 week PO visit. I'm still swelling but I'm nervous that my love handles won't go down from where they are at. Going to talk to him tomorrow about it. Can't worry about it till then. He's the expert. Anyways that's pretty much my update. Waiting for my spanx to arrive. Until then I'm wear my binder again. Hopefully I can find a good compression I like.

All for now ladies. Happy healing.

PO visit

Went to PO visit today. He took the steri strips off and trimmer some of the dissolvable sutures that were out a little. Said I'm looking good. I told him I'm feeling bummed about the swelling he said it takes time and that I'm definitely still swelling and not to worry it'll go away and ill be so happy and tiny. So that's good. My scar looks really thin and flat. Happy about that. Kind of weird not to have the steri strips on anymore. He recommended I start using silicone gel for the scars. I asked him about the strips (most everyone on here seems to use them). He said he stopped using them a few years ago and finds better results with the gel. Supposed to use a thin layer twice daily. Wasn't cheap but I'm sure it'll work. And if it doesn't I'm happy with how my scar looks at the moment so it can only get better from here. He said I can switch to comfortable bras but still not underwire. Ill probably just still use the post surgical one bc I do t see the point in buying a bra with no underwire temporarily when underwire is all I like to wear.

Regarding shape wear he said its time to let go of the binder. He wants me to wear something more conforming. So here's hoping my spanx (which should arrive soon) will do the trick. I mentioned the faja he had never heard of them before which was surprising to me. Maybe its more a Florida thing? Idk. Anyways he said find something that's comfortable. Not too tight but still tight enough. So my quest continues for the perfect CG.

Anyways all for now. Pic attached day 5 vs day 19. Flatter in tummy but my love handles are a bit bigger (stupid swelling) ! Happy healing.

3 weeks today

Well it's been 3 weeks today and let me tell you. The third week is definitely the turn around point. I feel so good and have alot of my energy back. I don't have any pain and I'm almost standing up as straight as I was before. Those are the good parts. As far as swelling it hasn't gone down in my love handles but its gone down from a profile view of my stomach. Happy about that just can't wait for my handles to go away. It's really annoying and I feel just as wide as I was before. Hard to not get discouraged! Pretty bummed I still have the love handle crease on my mid back I really hope it'll go away after swelling goes but I have a feeling it won't. I don't think he did lipo that far up on my flanks. Booooo! :(

Scars are healing nicely Im using the gel stuff now. Is anyone using anything to clean their belly button? I've been using alcohol wipes but JW what other methods there are. Doc said I don't need to use anti bacterial ointment on it any longer.

My spanx have still not arrived in the mail so I'm still using old faithful (the binder they sent me home in originally) can't wait to graduate from it.

Anyone in the 1 week range keep your head up! It really does get better day by day. You will be amazed how fast the time goes!

Bra fitting

So I went to Nordstrom for a bra fitting. Ummm I walked away purchasing a 32FF. What the heck?! Before surgery I was 34D BUT in Victoria secret.

I think the FF bra must run small there's no way I'm that size. But hey if the bra fits, wear it.

Anyways on an update note I am feeling AWESOME. I literally have 99% of the energy back. Granted I can't run or do strenuous activities but I've been on the go since Friday and have been good. I only notice a little bit of swelling at night.

I got some spanx that seem to be ok. I definitely this the faja is a perfect for for contouring. I may reconsider ordering another one. Maybe the one that doesn't have the shorts just the bodice so that I can have it lower from my tatas. One of my previous posts said it was way too high up on my abdomen since I am short waisted. Anyways ill prob return the spanx and go back to a faja only the kind that is a girdle type without shorts. Continuing my quest for the perfect compression. By the time I find one ill be past the point of needing one lol.

Two updated before and after pics. Feeling flatter and flatter in tummy everyday. I can't wait to get back in the gym and work the rest of my body. Gotta catch up with these flat abs!! All for now. Happy healing!

Week 4

So its been 4 weeks. I saw alot of improvement in week 3. Week 4 on the other hand has been much slower. I'm totally back to normal and standing straight but the swelling doesn't seen to be getting better. Although this past week Ive done WAY too much so I think that has alot to do with it. I need to take it easy.

Still haven't found a compression garment I like. Honestly this is so fucked up I'm just going to continue using my old binder. My lulu lemon pants are the only thing that seems to provide enough pressure just not in the right spots. The spanx are just ridiculous. I never wore them before so maybe some of you are used to them but they f ing suck and to get them on and off to go pee is not something I'm about to do. Plus you can't wear these things with anything. It's annoying I will try one more thing before I give up. I'm just really annoyed about this CG dillema can you tell? Lol

Anyways a few updates pics. Don't see much difference but I feel better so that's a plus. All for now.

Week 4 vs week 3

Before vs 4 week

Last nught with my bed. Few more pics

Well I have to say goodbye to my electric bed tomorrow. I must say this has convinced me that my next mattress purchase will be one on an electric platform. It's pretty comfy and convenient even without recovering from surgery. Out of all my recovery supplies/items I have to say this has been my number one that's helped make recovery easier. If you are considering a recliner or electric bed use my experience and just do it. I've been through 3 other surgeries without an electric bed and each time I wished I had gotten one. You won't regret it!

This weekend I had a few alcoholic beverages so I am puffier and more swollen. I really cannot wait to get back into my regular gym/eating routine. A few more weeks. I think I can start walking now though right? Anyone else started waking yet?

Here's a few more update pics. I still think I could have gone a little bigger in the tatas ( I like big boobs) but I like the shape of them so that's good. Happy with my tummy just waiting for the damn swelling to go down in my flanks. Over it! Patience patience patience.all for now. Xox

Bathing suit time

Went to pick up some bathing suits today and was so happy to be able to buy bikinis. I haven't had one in over 10 yrs. even before pregnancy I wasn't in great shape so I never wore a bathing suit. Anyways I am pleased with my results this far. ALTHOUGH as you'll see in an up close pic my stretch marks are still there and my scar is riding up a bit. But I'm looking into fractional laser therapy to help blend the stretch marks. Had anyone heard of this or know someone whos done it? also once im spray tanned maybe ill like it more. I can always put waterproof makeup on the scar later on if its an issue. If i make sure the bottoms stay over it its fine. Better to have tighter skin than not so I am happy.

More pics

Still can't believe this is my new body.

Teardropping already

Ahhh! I'm freaking out. It looks like my breasts are tear dropping and bottoming out already at 6 weeks. Im worried its just going to rt worse over time. Uhg. I'm really bummed since this is NOT the style I wanted. My surgeon used the highest profile implants possible so what gives??? I wanted them to be like the pic in posting with me pushing one up. This is pretty discouraging seeing as the down time I went through to get here. Anyone else's opinion on this would be great. I wanted them to look semi fake, I was done with the natural look. Is this just my anatomy and I have to get over it? Do I need a bigger implant? Had anyone ever heard of reconstructing muscle underneath to put implants higher? More extensive than a lift I'd assume? Going to PO visit Wednesday ill be bringing up this concern.

Finally... And in a funk

Well like I said... I finally found the perfect compression. Ofcourse nearly 6 weeks later lol. Go figure I found it at target for 18 bucks by tight assets. Tight enough where it needs to be especially where I've been lacking around my upper tummy/ribcage. Recently I haven't been wearing much of any compression during day or night. Idk why I just am over it. I go to my doc tomorrow for checkup he will probably scold me. I don't think the CG is really doing much but whatever.

I'm totally in a funk right now. I feel nearly back to normal but looks wise nothing really has changed. I feel frumpy and out of shape and I feel like my boobs r not much larger than what I started with and are rapidly dropping farther than id like. As goes the vicious cycle I've been eating junk too. I feel puffy and bloated. So that's not helping anything. I want to get back in the gym so badly. That was my saving grace. Every morning a workout starts my day off right. Anyways that's all for now. Ill post pictures when I'm not out of my funk and update after post op.

6 weeks.

FEELING really great and basically back to normal. Just things that take more abs to do (getting up from laying down, twisting or obviously an work) are still not things I want to be doing. Also sneezing still hurts but not as much as before. Went to gym today I'm so happy to go back now. Treadmill and elliptical for 25 min and then light upper body and toosh.

Found the perfect bras at Victoria secret and an amazing sports bra. 32DDD is what fits me. I think I'll return the other bras I got at Nordstrom. These bras are much cuter and push up a ton which I'm thrilled about bc I'm not so happy with my tatas on their own. They look exactly how i wanted in a bra :)

Nothing else to report really. Usin silicone gel twice daily biocornem or whatever its called. Idk if its working or not but I'm still using it. My scars feel much better moisturizer than dry. All for now

Bikini in public!

Wow. Today I wore a bikini in public and didn't feel self conscious for the first time EVER in my life. Even pre baby. This surgery has transformed me so much I can't believe it. I'm even more motivated now to loose that last 10lbs and tone up the rest of my body.

I have to say the lipo on my flanks has made a huge difference in my lower back area too. Damn I'm so happy.

Ladies it's totally all worth it!!!! Pic of me in my bathing suit today :).

Before vs 6 weeks

A big piece of advice for those starting their journey... YOU HAVE to take pictures. Take before pictures whether you want to or not! And take pics every week post op. SUPER important. It's hard to see a difference week over week when you look at yourself day by day but when you look back at week two PO vs week 6 holy moly. This has helped me tremedously on days when i feel likemy swelling is bad or im just a little down. Looking back makes you really see hpw dar youve come. Document this girls! this is a once in a lifetime journey!

Updating pics from before vs 6 weeks. My swelling looks way better than previous weeks if you take a look back in my photo history. Time flies!

It's been a while

Hi all! It's been a while since I posted an update. I can happily say I am (and have been for a while) 100% back to normal! My energy, body, muscles, ability to do normal thingS etc are all back to pre surgery. I am super happy that I did this. What a huge transformation not only on the outside but on the inside. I have WAY better self esteem and don't feel as self conscious anymore. This surgery has motivated me to get in the best shape of my life. It's been so nice to be able to work out again. I rarely notice any swelling anymore in the later afternoon and evening.

My scar is healing nicely. Just had a PO visit with my surgeon. He said around 2/3 month mark the scar is the worst and then it gets better. He's supreme happy with how I've healed and said I'll be so pleased with how it fades if it looks like it does now.

Anyways for those of you considering this procedure and if you've really researched the heck out of it I say go for it!!! It seems like you'll never get back to normal and life is passing you by while your recovering but once your past the hump your quality of life is so much better!! I can actually fit into jeans without a muffin top now, I can wear a bikini, I don't have to worry about tugging on my pants to stay up and cover my love handles (gone!!!) I can actually wear lingerie around the house for my husband (once kids r in bed lol) I'm ok being intimate with the lights on (always in the dark before hiding my body). There are so any other things that are better now bc of these procedures. I am so thrilled and highly recommend it! A few updates pics attached.

If you're just starting this journey please know it DOES get better, the pain goes away, and you'll look back and say why didn't i do this sooner!

Happy healing ;)

It's been a LONG time!

Wow my RS friends I've missed you! It really seems like my surgery was so long ago. I'm almost at my 4.5 month mark I think. I've been doing everything easily, sit ups, jogging (barely but I hate it anyways) elliptical, weights, playing with my kids, lifting christmas trees up and down from rafters. You name it I can do it. WITH the exception of getting out of bed too fast, I'm still nervouse I'm going to rip my scar open (ouch). Parts of my scar are healing nicely on TT but there is one spot that seems to be larger than others and it doesn't hurt but it's tender or something idk.

Still bummed about my stretch marks but again nothing can be done so atleast I have a flat stomach. Self conscious about them when I have a bikini on. I think it's more my issue a lot of my friends say they wouldn't have noticed unless I pointed them out. Hoping eventually there's some miraculous cure for them, when that happens I'm buying stock in that company.

Anyways I feel really great. Uploading some progress pics and one of me in a bikini on new yrs day :).

For those of you just starting to heal it gets so much better and you will be so happy! Hang in there, REST, take some fiber and Take your meds!!! All the inconvenience and up and down emotions Will all be worth it!!

Happy healing my friends!!

PO today

Ok wow it's been forever. Went to dr for PO visit today. Everything looks great. I feel awesome. I don't even feel like I've had surgery. I'm currently 17 lbs lighter than the day before surgery day woohoo! I've been working out really hard and portion controlling. Loosing it very slowly. Have about 5-10 more lbs to go.

He shot my scars under my breasts in a few places with some cortisol or something like that to flatten them out. The scars have raised a tiny bit in places seing irritated or something other than that I am truly beyond satisfied. I'm currently between a 2 and 4 in jeans/pants et. Which I thought would never happen. If you're almost to your surgery date or you've just had it done be patient and embrace the journey. You will be so happy with the results (assuming you have a good surgeon who knows what they're doing and all goes well). Anyways here's some updated pics from today. Very happy I feel great!

WOW its been a LONG time!

Hi there! Well its been almost 8 months since my last update!! Wow the time flies. My advice to any MM newbies is to be patient and know that the healing will happen and the swelling goes down! I really hated all the updates that told me to be patient when i was in the thick of the recovery period, but really, I promise it gets better ladies!! Here's a few recent pics of me, I am so thrilled with my results and am so beyond happy I went through the whole process!! I'm really back to normal life, of course still tight (always going to be) when I do any type of abdominal stretch or reach high up, but that tightness is worth how I feel I look! I am exercising easily, fitting into clothes I never thought I would and living a much happier healthier life with a better body image. Don't get me wrong, I have "fat" days when I feel like wearing some sweats and calling it a day, but every woman has that no matter what size, shape, age or personality. If you're in the so-cal area, I highly recommend seeing Dr. Grover... he was the best choice for me and I have no doubt that having a consult with him would be worth your while!!
Orange County Plastic Surgeon

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