8 Weeks Post-Op and HAPPY! Newport Beach, CA

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I though I knew it all at 18. I married my high...

I though I knew it all at 18. I married my high school sweetheart, and had my first child at twenty, I gained 60 lbs. from this pregnancy, but being young, I was able o lose weight, but was left with a jiggly belly. Eight years later, I gave birth to baby number two. Lost the weight, but I noticed my jiggly belly, was now jiggly AND wrinkly! Yuck!

I became very creative about hiding in places to change my clothes without being seen. I would make excuses and avoid pool and beach outings because I was horrifies of the thought of exposing myself. My self esteem...shot... I was in bondage of my own body.

To make matters worse, my husband decided partying was more fun than being a daddy, and left me and the kids. I was devastated. I prayed to God and told him I would be alone for the rest of my life unless he sent the "right one."

I dove into my work, and being the best mom I could be, leaving no "me" time. Friends and family began to notice, and dropped hints for me to get myself out there. How could I? Who would accept me like this? One look at my post pregnancy body, and he would run off into the sunset screaming! ..no way...never... nope... drop the subject!

Fast fwd, my little man anI were on our way to grandpas when he asked"Mommy, are you going to get married?' Half way listening I replied, "Yes," He then asked "What kind of car wilL he drive?" "Uh, a White Mercedes convertible." and that was the end of that conversation.

Fast Fwd. My neighbor and associate went out for a business meeting when she spotted her secret crush. She said "There's your future husband, AND i'M SETTING YOU UP!!" I fought it tooth and nail for weeks, then like a good friend, I relented...RELUCTANTLY!

After several months of phone calls, and "screening" we decided he would come over to the house to pick me up for a date. The sitter was running late, and my two kids were still home! UGHH! We heard a car pull up. Thinking it was the sitter, I had my son peek through the window, when I heard him screaming. I frantically ran over to my son "Mommy, mommy! There's the man your going to marry!" Say what? I peered out the window, and there parked in front of my house, was A WHITE MERCEDES CONVERTIBLE!! I felt all the blood drain from my face!
I've got chills right now, as if it were yesterday... That was almost 12 years ago.

Happy ending! YAAY! He swept me and my kids off our feet, loved me for who I was,in spite of my jacked up tummy... we were engaged 8 mos. later, married after 2 years on the day we met. We found out I was pregnant 5 mos. after our wedding with our first child and four years later with our second child ...and we are still very much in love!!! :) :) :) :)

My husband recently had a vasectomy, so now is the prefect time for my transformation. This site has been tremendously informative and instrumental in nudging me over the "Should I, or should I not" hurdle.

So, here's the low down on my surgery. I'm having a full TT, my doc does not do minis, lipo on the flanks, a breast lift,... I breastfed all four of my babies...and cohesive gel implants, prob. 375cc's.

I'm excited, but a worrier, I'm hopeful for a good result, but realistic, and let me tell ya, anything will be a step up improvement from what I'm dealing with now! Most of all I've got love and support from my family, friends, and this site! God Bless all of you in making the right decisions for you and your families.

Let me preface by saying I do not spell check.....

Let me preface by saying I do not spell check...ever! So when my updates are chock full of errors, you have been warned! With 4 active children, PTA, a high maintenance husband, (he's really GREAT and treats me like his queen...but expects to be treated like a KING back)..friends, family, work, I'm amazed I have time to post on this site! I'm not much of a writer, but it's important for me to do so, I have taken from this site, and want to give back.

So I had my pre-op today!! YaaY! ...and even tough I handed over a check in an amount that would feed a small island, I didn't pass out! So proud of myself! I figured this money is going to make the difference in making me feel good in my own skin again...and that makes me a better mommy, wife, friend, daughter, sister, you get it.

My hubby met my PS for the first time. Can I say he was IMPRESSED! He told me "good choice Mama" so we're both happy, he's getting excited, so that makes this more fun for us both.

Ive got orders for blood work and a mammo, over 40 thing, it stinks this isn't included, so I made an appt. w my primary doc to see if get this all done... I'm due for a physical anyway. I also selected and paid for my compression garment. That sucker goes ll the way down to my ankles! Thank goodness were past August. The girls in the office made me laugh. They suggested I pick the black garment because it's sexy and cat suit ish' . I can throw on some kitty ears and take the kids trick or treat. Yeah, a crotchless catsuit, I'll just stay home and pass out the candy thank you very much!

I am at peace more than ever with the decision to have this makeover. I'm realizing that there is a time and a season for everything.

Oct 03, Tuesday: Mammo CHECK Oct 04, Wednesday:...

Oct 03, Tuesday: Mammo CHECK
Oct 04, Wednesday: EKG, PAP, Physical CHECK
0ct 05, Thursday: Complete blood panel CHECK

All testing thus far,have been fairly painless. Mammo was not so bad, my first one. I'm praying all of my results are normal so I can proceed on the 14th.

I've got my electric hospital bed all set up in my downstairs guest suite complete with cozy blankets and body pillows, Books, Magazines, dvd's, meds, shower chair, bath supplies... I'm looking forward to taking this time to be pampered like a queen...I work so hard sun up to sun down, it will be difficult to receive.

Spoke to my primary physician regarding my pain management plan. My prescriptions are, Hydocodone, Flexiril, and Xanax. I'm satisfied with this post-op pain plan, I may or may not need all of this, but having the option to take these meds as needed has given me peace of mind. One less thing to dwell on.

Flu shot.... CHECK The imaging center...

Flu shot.... CHECK

The imaging center contacted me today regarding my mammo results. They saw something and want a second magnified view. My surgery is scheduled for the 14th, I was told the first available appt. isn't until the 20th. After I explained my situation she was able to fit me in on the 11th.

I freaked out a little after the call w the imaging center so I called my PS. She explained with first time mammos the incident of call back is high due to no record of previous mammos on file for comparison. I feel this is cutting too close!

I will not fear over situations I have no control over.

Hi ladies, well, what a month. I have been on one...

Hi ladies, well, what a month. I have been on one emotional roller coaster. Through all this I have further experienced the extent of my husband and dear friends love and devotion to me.

Back to the mammo drama. I went to my appt. on the 11th, confident and expecting to receive a good report and then sent off to my merry little way, unfortunately that was not the case.
The tech brought me back and took several uncomfortable images then sent me back to the waiting room. She really had to apply lots of pressure on my breast in between the paddles for this magnified view. It was way more painful than my first mammo screening. After several mins. the tech returned to inform me that another set of images were needed. Again, i endured more squeezing and awkward positioning. I was sent back to the waiting room , then more images three more times. The final stent in the waiting room I became a little anxious. Just then, my tech poked in to tell me the Doc would like to consult with me. The doc explained to me that there were some areas of concern described as micro calcifications and breast density. She recommended I do not wait, but have the areas biopsied... Stereotopic core biopsy to be exact. I left the center, calm cool and collected, proceeded to my car where i totally and completely lost it. At that moment my PS office staff called me for results of the second mammo. I could barely relay the info. Within a min my PS personally called me on my cell and in her calm, soothing voice she assured me that I am healthy, I will get through this, she would be with me for the duration, she would work with me, and I Will receive a favorable end result. This was her gut feeling. She is AMAZING!!!!!!!!
I then pulled myself up by the bootstraps and began my quest to conquer this thing head on. I called to make an appt. to have this procedure. They had no openings until the 20th.

My next call was to my primary care doc. Now that is another story. He refused to write my referral STAT, which means I would have to wait until the 20th to have the procedure, rather than have it done immediately. He felt this was no urgent matter. Tell that to my husband, four kids, parents, family and friends. I have been a mess of emotions. Not only having to deal with the impending MM surgery, but now my health is at question, and I'm completely ticked off at my primary doc for not helping me out in my time of need. 10 yrs. with this guy, and I've never asked for anything other than an annual check-up, and he could not hook me up. I may be changing docs next month...

Oct 20th I had my core biopsy, I'll spare you the gory details. It was very painful. The suspicious area was under my breast and very close to my chest wall, so I had to lay on this table, my body straight out and bowed for 1 1/2 hours. She took four core samples. I almost passed out. No meds. This procedure is barbaric and torturous, and not to offer pain meds post procedure is abuse. Really, I'm no wimpy chick, and four days later, I'm still swollen, black and blue in pain. My husband checked out the incision site tonight, and found she had made four separate incisions, instead of the one.
I returned home that eve and broke into my post-op meds. I REALLY needed them. She had drilled deep FOUR TIMES! I stayed in bed for 24 hrs. No heavy lifting or exercise for one week.

So the center called me this afternoon with my biopsy results. The report read "Benign breast tissue" No cancer...Thank GOD! I cried tears of joy when I was read the results. I texted my PS with the news. She was choked up herself!

So what is next??!! She is a busy lady...a good thing!! so her next available date is November 8th, so that is my new date! YAY! I suppose my surgery was not meant to be on Oct 14th, but Nov 8th is!! I really started to second guess my decision to have this MM, but as it turns out this dark time has drawn me closer to those I love, increased my faith, and deepened my commitment for those that came through for me. I am truly BLESSED!
Go figure! Hugs to all!

I'm going in, both feet, ridiculously excited...

I'm going in, both feet, ridiculously excited not at all nervous. Everything is in place. The extra time allowed me to get everything I wanted DONE, and then some, inc my very first Brazillian wax. Bowel cleanse is miserable, I Hate it. Im nauseated, with a gurgling tummy, though it keeps my mind elsewhere I'm still unhappy I have gone all day w no food, simply clear liquids, then tommorow no water. Surgery check in at 9:30, for a 11:00 start time.
Preparing like a mad woman has enabled to to chill in my bed w my honey knowing I have done my best for my family and relieve some guilt.. Meals cooked and frozen, lists everywhere, kids clothes organized by outfits for daddy to grab and go, laundry al done, clean house.. It'll last a day w out mamma maintaining the kingdom. My husband set me up for two days in a Recovery Retreat. No worries.. That's what I'm talking about! Four babies this body has given me, and now tomorrow at this time a part of me will no longer be with me. Bittersweet. Eye on the prize, I'm going to be smokin in my jeans once again. Good night All!

Hi ladies.almost 24 hours. Post op. I'm...

Hi ladies.almost 24 hours. Post op. I'm feeling decent. I have no pain pump, but my tummy is numb so I'm really not feeling pain other than the tightness in my abs due muscle repair and tightness on my chest from the lift and implants. First 24 hrs. I was very naseated. Pre op I was on a clear liquid diet, then Post op ensure drinks with meds. The melting pill really helped. This morning I had yogurt and oatmeal, and a soup and sandwich. I feel much better with some food in my tummy. Hard to eat and breath w this compression garment. My PS called hubby to tell him I'm looking gorgeous and we will be very happy with my new bod. He is like a little boy at Christmas ready to rip open his presents! Chillax daddy!!
My PS was able to get my incision low. She is excited to show me at my post op tomorrow. I LOVE my PS. From the moment I met her, I knew there was something special about her. She is beautiful, talented, kind. Just being around her makes me happy! We have really bonded. It makes a difference when you feel totally comfortable with your PS.
I hope I'm making sense. Can't wait to post pics for y'all! XO

Day #5 There is nothing sweeter than waking up...

Day #5
There is nothing sweeter than waking up to my brown eyed 3 yr. old girl gazing sweetly into my eyes, expressing her love to me...medicine money cannot buy.
Helped me tremendously, because last night I went physco on my hubby. We had a disagreement on med times, he failed to log 2 entries, all hell broke loose. we are best friends, and rarely ever have knock down drag outs..i I told him to get the f*#% out of my room, and proceeded to awkwardly care for my self, dropping supplied all over, hunched, hair all matted, I took one look at myself and decided NO MORE MEDS FOR ME! My adult daughter cleaned me up, calmed me down, and all is fine now.. Thank God! I'm taking Tylenol, and xanax at bedtime. My hubby apologized for challenging his invalid. He is the greatest!!Post
op 2 tomorrow..this surgery has challenged me in so many ways. Hoping the worst is behind me.

Tuesday, 1 week post-op Highs and lows I feel...

Tuesday, 1 week post-op
Highs and lows
I feel better in the morning after some rest,
Like my 3 yr. old, Cranky by the evening,
Looking fwd to week two.

Week 2 Who flipped that switch??? I'm...

Week 2
Who flipped that switch??? I'm feeling a world of difference!
Thanks for the advice don2worrybhappy. Your experience and encouragement has gotten me over the hump. I am experiencing swelling, but no more pain. The pain meds were causing me migraines, and insomnia, not a good combo for healing. Tylenol alone works just fine when needed.

My PS does not want me showering as long as I have drains, so hubby sponge bathed me and daughter washed my hair... magical. I'm relieved that I've entered week 2...

Today I'm Post-Op 1 week 2 days. I am still...

Today I'm Post-Op 1 week 2 days. I am still very swollen. My PS has me in an Xsmall compression garment. I've never been that size in my life, always a med in everything, so needless to say I can barely breath, esp after a meal. I trust her, she def knows what she's doing.
I don't know which is worse, the CG or the drains.

I am feeling more confident and stronger w each day.
My vote is still neutral because I have not seen all the goods yet. Still taped and gauzed, sponge bathing and washing my hair in the sink. I don't want to look at myself much yet...I'm the type that if I see gore , I automatically think I should be in pain. PS will not allow me to shower w drains. Right now my priority is to get the drains removed for a long shower..aaahhhh!

Hi All. I am 3 weeks, 1 day post-op, my last...

Hi All. I am 3 weeks, 1 day post-op, my last update was 2 weeks ago. I posted on how swollen I was. Well, turns out I had a big juicy hematoma...a collection of blood... nestled in my belly. Once the normal TT swelling subsided, I noticed a hard, potato shaped bulge on my left hip above my incision. PS told me about RICE. Rest, ice, compression, and elevation, no elevation for TT, lying flat is key. Hematoma is caused by post operative bleeding, usually by over doing it too soon. I took all precautions beforehand, and I'm in great health. I'm the unlucky 3-4% This whole journey has been challenging, I even had my beautiful Pearl White Cadillac Escalade with 22's stolen from Las Vegas Paris Hotel parking garage, I'll be happy to toast 2011 away, Hasta la vista!!

My family, and health, they are my treasures, I envy my previous overburdened lifestyle of a wife, and mom of four. Oh, I forgot to mention, THREE WEEKS STILL WITH DRAIN. This is the worst part of my recovery, everything is a chore with this umbilical cord, and since the hematoma is liquifying and draining I'm on bed rest until the drain is removed.
The first time in 24 yrs.I did not cook Thanksgiving dinner for 20+, OR shop Black Friday.
We ordered a turkey dinner, my immediate family, and I cyber shopped BF, all in a hospital gown! I had to take a Xanax to get me through that one! So I'm hoping my body
absorbs the hematoma, and I can get back to business. On a good note, I tried on an old pair of jeans, I thought they wouldn't fit from 3 weeks of lying around and eating, they were big on me, and no muffin top. I gotta say, I shed some tears, I can't remember a time when I didn't have to worry about the tummy, and my belly button is perfectly cute, according to hub. I'll hafta post that one soon.Then I tried on a top, one I wore years ago in my early courting days w my hub, I could not believe it was me in the mirror. As of today I officially changed my vote to a resounding WORTH IT! Most def worth it!!!!!

Hello y'all! 2 mos. have passed quickly. I'm...

hello y'all! 2 mos. have passed quickly. I'm HAPPILY back to modified workouts!!!!! My body is still healing from the hematoma. I have a "puckery" bulge above my incision because of this. My scars are redder lately, healing beautifully. I'm using silicone sheeting as per my Docs. request. Muscle plication still tight and sore. Swelling is still a huge problem for me. Healing for me is timely... I'm no 20 yr. old! 40+ and proud of it!
I am beyond happy with my results, hematoma. scar and all, I would do it all over to feel the way I feel in my new bod. I'm so confident. EVERYTHING I try on looks decent. I've always hated shopping because I was so limited to certain styles. My husband and friends can't get over the changes my body has gone through. I still have a ways to go as my breasts are still riding high, my lipo areas remain sore, and swelling and hematoma are causing my incision to be higher than it should. I'm still in the early healing phase, so I think I look ok so far???
The first two weeks of my journey I was in shocking pain, and regretted my decision for surgery. Patience, rest and HELP, LOTS OF HELP is key. I'm a do-it-myselfer control freak, so this was hard for me to accept help.
This site has been instrumental for my survival! Blessings of health and healing to all!

A Year and a Half Later, Laser Lipo Revision, and Facial Fat Transfer.

At 8 weeks I was happy that I had a beautiful rack, my stretch marks were gone, and my stomach appeared FLATTER. honestly I had higher expectations.
What I thought was residual swelling was actually FAT.
Unbeknown to me, only about an inch of fat is removed w a TT. Some Dr's will lipo the area, others won't due to wound healing.

After over a year of working out, clean eating and frustration, I decided to visit my PS for an evaluation. She told me it was simply fat, as she pinched more than an inch on my bare tummy. All the dieting and exercising won't change this, only another surgery This is the fear that I had since 12 weeks post op, I felt that I had somehow failed,and this kept me away from my PS. I also had a hematoma resulting from my TT that caused a small ugly bulge of scar tissue which kept me from enjoying certain clothing, inc. my swim suit. She also advised that I do a fat transfer to my cheeks, marionette lines, lips and nasolabial lines... My dieting efforts to reduce body fat, along with mother time had caused my once rounder face to appear gaunt.

I bit the line, and my PS reeled me in May 17 for the out patient procedure. 2 hrs. later they wheeled me into the recovery room where I caught a glimspe of myself in a reflection and all I could say to the nurse was OMG, I look like Big Ang's twin!
I was really doped up from the general anesthesia, having a great time w the nurses.

Day one was painful, nothing like my first surgery. Today I'm at day seven sans Big Ang lips, I do love her, facial swelling way down, thanks to Arnica 1 week before and after, I even did a slow paced workout today on my at home elliptical.

I dont blame my PS, she is awesome, just some of us have more fluff than others. Truly I'm an apple body by nature, so there's no way I can expect to be an hourglass with one surgery. I'm happy it turned out this way, as my PS was really able to go to town by sculpting some mean curves. The bummer for me is that I'm back in my veronique compression garment, glad I saved it at $250 a pop. I just ordered the stage 2 veronique w/o legs, I'm in Cali, and things are heating up.
I'll post some before and after pics soon, best wishes to all

Fat Transfer 2 weeks post-op

Correction, I did not have fat transfer to marionette lines because I don't have marionette lines. The swelling in my lips as well as all of my facial swelling is way down, my lips look completely natural, soft and plump. I hope they stay this way. Brusing slowly fading, energy up, and I'm back to allllmost full scale workouts.
I Received my leg-less Veronique stage 2 compression garment today, and I'm totally loving the fit and freedom, I think I'll have a rum and coke to celebrate my 2 week milestone!

2 Weeks Post Lipo After Full TT

Just a quick check-in, here are my 2 weeks post op photos. What a difference!
I also wanted to share a fabulous money post op saving tip. I paid $140 for my stage two compression garment. Although I like the quality, the garment tends to ride up.
My fashionista friend was astonished that I'd pay that kind of money, and said she finds these garments at discount retail stores for $10. I thought no way could something that inexpensive provide enough support as well as a medical grade garment.
She purchased 3 garments for me for $30!! I've retired my $140 garment, Exclusively wearing only the $10 non-riding garments, loving them and doing less laundry.

Fat transfer results at 2 weeks.

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