Couldn't be happier with my mommy makeover! -Newport Beach, CA

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For starters I completely recommend Dr. Sajjadian!...

For starters I completely recommend Dr. Sajjadian! He is an amazing doctor! His work is incredible and he is very comforting and patient!

I met with Dr. Sajjadian a couple months ago for a consultation about wanting a better body. I had 3 babies and recently lost almost 100 lbs within the last year. He was so comforting and from the moment I walked into his office and met with him, I knew he was going to be my doctor! He answered every question my husband and I had and took his time to explain every detail thoroughly. There was no awkwardness at all which surprised us.

On May 7th I had my pre-op appointment, again he was very nice and he assured me I was going to look great! We had decided on the implant size (590 UHP silicone), I stayed in contact with the office all the way up until the day of my surgery! They would call and check on me and answer any questions I had.

My husband and I went down to Newport beach the day before so we could spend some time together and do a little whale watching! It's a very beautiful area!

The day of my surgery... I woke up early! (Well I really didn't sleep much because I was so excited!) We arrived at the surgery center at 830. My appointment was at 9, but we just decided to go a little early. I walked in and the lady at the front desk was so nice! She checked me in and the next thing I know I was going back to get in surgery attire. The staff was awesome! Very welcoming and listened to any concerns I had. They put my IV in and Dr. Sajjadian came in to mark me up and talk to me. I can't even describe how relaxing and amazing he was! Even after c-sections for all 3 of my children, I had never felt that calm about having surgery! He was very thorough and answered all my questions! He made sure I had extra blankets and was extra comfortable before they wheeled me in the surgery room (which by the way had an amazing view and was very relaxing!) Next thing I know I was waking up! The surgery had taken a little longer than expected because there was a lot of damage in my abdomen. (He had to remove 3 hernias) But you could tell he had taken his time! I woke up and felt a little tired.

While I was waking up Dr. Sajjadian went out and personally talked to my husband. I had given him permission and signed the paperwork for my husband to get all my discharge information. My husband said he was awesome and very patient with his questions also! I think it is awesome that he took his time and made sure my husband was kept up on what was going on! He made him feel very comfortable!

Surprisingly the day of my surgery I didn't have much pain! I thought I was going to be in a ton of pain, but I felt really good! I had more of a pressure feeling than anything. I will say a recliner is the best thing you can have after surgery! If you are traveling to have surgery with Dr. Sajjadian, I would recommend staying at the Days Inn Costa Mesa on the ground floor because they have recliners in most of the rooms and you wont have to move far to get in the room. Plus the rooms are very spacious!

Day 2 post op: There's a little pain today, but really not bad! I still can't believe how good I feel after a tummy tuck, breast augmentation, lipo of the flanks and 3 hernias removed! I had an appointment with Dr. Sajjadian this morning and he said everything looks great! He was so nice and made sure to see us today because we were heading 3 hours back home! I can't wait to see the final results of my surgery. My husband got to see today and from the smile on his face I could tell he was happy with it already! ; ) He said I was going to be very happy!

As far as recovering on day 2 today, I am drinking a lot of water and eating low sodium, high protein foods. I had a little nausea yesterday, but haven't had any today. My husband has been so helpful! He's basically been my own personal nurse!

I have my next follow up appointment May 28th! I can't wait! Happy healing everyone!

Day 3 post op!

I have been getting up a little more today, but still pretty tired from the medication. I've been trying to eat a little more. My husband made me chicken noodle soup low sodium. I'm feeling really good today though! A little pressure still, but I don't feel any pain! I am still amazed at how easy this process has been! I can't wait to see how it looks in a couple weeks! I already am loving it!

Day 4 post op!

I'm feeling a lot better today! Eating more and no nausea! The swelling is going down also! I will try to get some before pictures put up!

A little about me!

I am 23 years old. I was 145lbs before surgery. I wanted this mommy makeover because I breastfed 3 babies back to back, I also gained 100 pounds with the pregnancies and lost it all so I had a lot of extra sagging skin. My boobs used to be a c, but after I lost the weight they hardly fit in an A cup. I'm 5' 9" and I wanted to be at least a D. We went with 590 cc silicone uhp implants. I am loving how they look already! I can't wait to see what they look like in a couple weeks! The healing process has been way easier than I expected! I'd say it's definitely worth it already! I will keep updating this!!

Just got back from my 1 week post op visit!

I got a good look at my new tummy and boobs today and all I can say is WOW! I am already in LOVE with my new body! I know it's only been a week, but it looks awesome already! Dr. Sajjadian says I am healing well and looking great! I'm feeling good, but my back hurts a little from hunching over, but he says I can start slowly standing up instead of hunching over on Saturday! I'm still in amazement at how well this recovery has went. I have another check up in a week. Hopefully I will get my drains out then! I will upload before pictures and a week post op picture later. Happy healing everyone!

My before and 1 week post op pictures!

I will add more before after I get them off the computer! Here are some progress pictures!


9 days post op mommy makeover!

Finally working on standing up straight today! No pain, but you can definitely feel a pull. Hard to describe the feeling. My back feels so much better though! My drains are a pain! They are annoying. Really hope I can get them out on Wednesday at my appointment! I feel good! Just taking it day by day. Ready to get back to the gym, but I know I have a while before that happens!!! : ( by the way I am loving the way my cleavage looks when I stand straight! (Well as straight as I can for now) ; ) Happy healing everyone!

Tummy tuck picture 9 days post op!

What I needed the first week after my mommy makeover!

I keep getting asked what everyone needed after their mommy makeover. So I figured I would write out a list of what I used and that way everyone had an idea! Everyone is different and everyone heals different! This is just to give you an idea of what I used and whatnot! : )

-I bought 2 long zip up the front pj's. They were a life saver! Easy to put on and I didn't have to worry about pulling up pants!
-Magazines. I love Cosmopolitan Magazine... so the months before my surgery I bought them and didn't read them until during recovery.
-Naked protein drinks. I wanted to make sure I got my protein in and they are healthy. I didn't have an appetite after surgery.
-Crackers. Great for nausea. I bought whole grain ones.
-Safety pins. I got these to help hold my drains, but mine had clips so I had no use for them.
-Gauze and tape. I use the tape to tape my drains to the side so they weren't pulling as much.
-Tank Tops. My skin was sensitive from the binder, so I wear a tank top under it and it doesn't itch anymore.
-Antibiotic ointment. I bought this just in case.
-Rubber gloves. Not completely necessary, but my husband milks and empties my drains so he wanted to be extra careful!
-Antibacterial soap and hand sanitizer. LOTS! We bought a hand one for each sink in the house, extra for the shower, little ones for my purse, one beside the bed, etc...
-Recliner. I could not and still can't get comfortable in bed 10 days post op!
-Baby wipes. This will be your shower for a little while. I used them for all sorts of stuff! They come in handy!
-Ice packs.
-Wisps. So much easier for brushing your teeth!
-Straws. It was easier for me to drink out of straws then tilt things up! I bought one of those plastic cups with the straws.
-Pillows! Lots of pillows!
-Stool softener. I didn't need it, but almost everyone does!

I also bought hydrogen peroxide, rubbing alcohol, tums, q-tips, sleeping pills and heating pad. But I didn't need any of it!

I also bought vitamin E lotion and oil. I am just not able to use them yet!

-Don't forget to take lots of before pictures the night or morning before!
-Also, if you have netflix go ahead and set up a list just for you. I wasn't a big fan of watching T.V. until a couple days after. I mostly slept!
-If you are planning on sleeping in a recliner I would get a travel pillow! Much more comfortable.
-I also used a boppy pillow left over from breastfeeding around my stomach for the drive home from the hospital.
-If you have to cough or sneeze hold a boppy pillow or regular pillow to your stomach to help with some of the pressure!
- I made sure to deep clean the house and organize the week before! I made sure to lysol everything!
-The night before I relaxed at the beach with my husband and it really helped calm me! Try to find something relaxing to do the night before!
-Do your research! the more you know before, the better your recovery will go!!!

If I think of anything else I will add it!

2 weeks post op!

I saw Dr. Sajjadian yesterday and finally got my drains out! That was the most strange feeling ever! The one side that was bothering me stung for a second, but the other side was fine. I can't describe the feeling of them coming out. Not painful but strange! He took my steristrips off and re-taped everything! Everything is healing great! I'm missing the gym and asked him about exercise, but he said rest for 2 days since the drains just came out then I can do light walking! Tried a swimsuit for the first time since my mommy makeover and I am loving the way I look!!! I think I may be a bit obsessed with my new boobs! ; ) I'm starting my multivitamin now also! Now just resting until I can start exercising! These 4 walls are getting boring! ; )

Updated photo!

From a couple days ago! 2 and a half weeks post op!

Picture didn't load!

3 weeks post op mommy makeover!

Finally hit 3 weeks post op!
I finally can take showers since I got my drains out!!! Woohoo! I feel so much better! I'm still drinking the protein drinks and taking my vitamins.
I am walking nightly. My husband and I go for a short light walk every night.
I still have swelling on my lower tummy from the tummy tuck.
My boobs have dropped a little. I am able to wear sports bras or no bra.
I can sleep on my side finally!!!
The incision is looking really good! It's starting to flatten out.
I can stand up straight, but the lower part still is still a little tight.
I've been trying on different outfits and love how I look! I still have to wear the binder, but I still love how it looks!
My next appointment is next week! I can't wait to see how it looks when all the swelling goes down and I'm fully healed!!! Happy healing everyone!

Saw the doctor yesterday!

He said everything is looking great! The one boob you can't even see the scar and I'm pretty sure the other side will be the same way! It's all looking great! I'm so happy with it! I also stopped by Victoria's Secret to get measured. I am a 34 DD. I am so happy with that size! I was barely an A before! They may go down to a D but I am so happy and love my new body! I can finally lay flat also. I've been walking a little over 4 miles a day, taking my vitamins and continue to drink those naked protein drinks or Jamba Juice. I will update my pictures tomorrow when I hit 4 weeks! Happy healing everyone! : )

4 weeks post op mommy makeover pictures!

I forgot to post these on Thursday! Don't mind the red marks from my binder! I an still wearing it. I was a little swollen in the picture from walking.

Almost hit 6 weeks post op mommy makeover!

I am able to sleep more comfortable now, but I'm a belly sleeper so I'm still not able to do that. : ( I've continued to drink naked protein drinks and take my vitamins. I am also able to run now! I did a light Zumba class also! ( I modified a ton!) I can run over a mile and I feel great! I've been taking my time slowly getting back to routine, even though I'm no where near where I was! But it feels so good to get back into a routine! My boobs are softer and dropped into place and I love them still! My stomach swelling has gone down quite a bit also! I'm still wearing my binder, but I hate it! I wear compression tank tops to give my skin a break every now and then because it is super sensitive. Feeling great though and I love my new look! I am standing straight, but my stomach is still a little tight, so I can't stretch back or pull on it too much. I will try to get some new pictures posted soon! : )
Orange County Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Sajjadian is an amazing doctor! I could not have asked for a better one! I felt comfortable and very relaxed from the very first consultation to now! He listened to me and made sure to answer all my questions. I didn't feel rushed at all and he took his time with me. His work is amazing! I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to get plastic surgery done!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
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