61 and Finally Getting the Body of my Dreams

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Mommy makeover. Extended tummy tuck with lipo to...

Mommy makeover. Extended tummy tuck with lipo to flanks, mid-back & bra fat, upper back with Bbl And breast lift with saline implants 210-240. Raise nipples 4cm and gapping to breast, lipo pre-axils and upper bleph. Prior surgeries: breast reduction 20 yrs ago, stomach and back lipo 10 yrs ago. Upper Bleph 12 yrs ago. No stranger to surgery and always had a great results and quick healing. I'm in great health, no meds, don't smoke and have been sober for 2 yrs. walk 2 to 3 miles 5 days a week and eat fairly healthful.

I chose Dr Cruise from this sight (real self) from his pictures and reviews. There definitely is no shortage of great plastic surgeons in this area. This is the "OC"! I just went to two other ps's and Picked Dr.Cruise. Liked him and Tasha, his coordinator, picked my date and made my deposit the same day.

Hopefully I will be back to work in 2 weeks, if not I can at least work from home. Husband is retired, and does everything anyway, so he has the time to help and has already been through this with me before.

Thanks everyone for all the info and comments. Hoping that everyone's recovery is quick and relatively painless.

Will post after surgery,

Day after surgery

5 drains. My dog is wondering what happened. Surgery went really well. 6.5 hours. Only had to take 1 pain pill ar 3 am. Went to my post op this morning And everything looks amazing. Most of my bruising is on the front. I've been taking arnica everyday 3 weeks before the Surgery. I go back on Friday hopefully to take at least a couple of the drains out????? Will post pictures then. Had a nurse from the Drs off to spend the night. Highly recommend, as she positioned me in bed, showed us how to correctly do the drains, etc. Tried our recliner, but it didn't work for the BBL. Using a hobby pillow. My biggest issue was getting sleep. I took 2 Norcos and didn't sleep all night. And today i only slept for an hour. My mind is working overtime. I don't know how you moms do this with small children!

2nd day

Day two was really hard. My drains had to be changed every hour. Had a hard time keeping food down. Had like major pain in my upper abdomen. Felt like major heartburn.. Another night of not sleeping and unable to get comfortable. Today, I'm feeling better. Was able to keep down some egg whites. I think the worst of that part is over. BFf is coming over today to help me shower. Can't wait.

3rd day

Well here are the picks from the day before my shower. Still not feeling really well, but it's mostly heartburn. Otherwise pain has been minimal. I'm really hoping my butt stays this way, but their are no guarantees, and right now my husband says He's drawing the line with butt implants. ????. Today is Sunday day 5, go back to the dr's tomorrow, hopefully to get all the drains out. I'll keep updating.

Have a great night everyone!

10 days post op

So,here are my 10 days post op. Feeling great, energy coming back. It was relatively painless, except fit that darn heartburn and backache from walking Hun he'd over. Able to get in and out of bed without help. In a compression garment from the Dr's office.. Trying my hardest to stay off my butt, so I don't loose a lot of the fat cells. Pretty happy with my results so far. I will post more picks next week. Go back to work on Monday.

1st day back to work

Work went well today. Made it a point to walk outside around the building every hour or so.. Ordered a extension for my desk, so that I could work standing up more during the day. Probably should have done that years ago. So do not want to loose my new butt! All in all, feeling really great. Everyone commented on how great I look, that's not why I got it done, but is nice to hear anyway. My next appt is on the 30th, so I'll post more then. Good luck everyone on their upcoming surgeries and those that are recovering, it gets better everyday. Best decision I've ever made, besides marrying my husband????


So happy with my new body!!! So is my husband.
Newport Beach Plastic Surgeon

Pretty straight forward. Really liked Tasha his coordinator. I would put the cost in, but I think that everyone's surgery is so unique, that it's hard to compare price.

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