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30 years old | 5'5.5" | 127lbs | 1 kid | 32A to a...

30 years old | 5'5.5" | 127lbs | 1 kid | 32A to a 32D

I have been wanting a breast augmentation since the day I realized my boobs just weren't going to get any bigger (probably around 16). I had my son at a young age (18) so my body was able to bounce back quickly after the pregnancy. My breast grew about one cup size while I was pregnant. Because of the quick growth I did get some stretch marks :( but I did not end up breast feeding (I wanted to breast feed but I had a medical reason not too), so luckily my breast did not experience any sagging afterward and just went back to being their small perky selfs.

After a crazy year, a big promotion and raise at work I decided to treat myself with a breast augmentation! I did about 2 months of research before finally setting up a consultation. I'm all about person recommendations so a girlfriend of mine recommended me to Dr. Ambe in Newport. Not only did I have a great recommendation but he has a great reputation too!

My first consultation was last Thursday. And it went great! I loved everything about Dr Ambe but most importantly how he made me feel so comfortable! And he really represented himself well, he was able to remain professional and get personal at the same time.

My consultation started off with me filling out some paper work. Then I was brought back to meet with one of his doctors to go over the routine things like where the surgery will take place, how he will perform survey, who is on the survey team, what to expect going forward, etc. Then I was taken to the exam room where I took off my shirt and bra, put on the gown and waited for Dr Ambe. He was running a little behind but had the courtesy to pop in really quick to tell me just one more minute! Then he and a nurse came into the room. We started off with a little small talk then got to business. He told me all about his procedure and what to expect and he put a lot of emphasis on size and said in the pre op appointment is where we will spend A LOT of time talking about size. Then he took all my measurements. Before he even saw my breast he started off by saying that "100% of women are asymmetrical" reassuring me before he started because when he would call out one number for the nurse to record for the right side the left side was always a different number! Haha! After the measurements I showed him a quick picture of what I was looking for. And the first thing he said was "this look will be very easy to achieve for you, you want a full but natural look." That was when I knew he was the perfect doctor that understood exactly what I wanted!

After the exam I then went to a different room to talk numbers and payment options with the patient coordinator.

After sleeping on it one more night I called the next day to schedule my surgery! Pre op appointment is set for June 11th and surgery is June 26th! I'm so excited!

Wish Boobs!

Wish boobs! Wanted to post some pictures of what I'm looking for with my breast augmentation and what I'm working with now. My main concern is that they look as natural as possible. I love when they have a slope and hang a little bit (tear drop shape) but still have fullness and a little side boob! I do not want any roundness at the top. I feel can easily achieve that with a push up bra, I don't want it built in.

Questions To Ask Before Your Breast Augmentation

I wanted to share the very detailed list of Questions I came up with in preparation for my breast augmentation. I brought this with me to my first consultation. It definitely helped me not forget anything! Do you have any questions that you felt are good to ask so I can add them to my list??

What is included in the surgical fee? What is not covered?
If I am not satisfied and need a revision surgery, is that included in the initial fee?
Is implant removal included in the initial fee?
What is the warranty for this breast implant, and what fees do I have to pay if it ruptures?
How many additional breast implant-related operations can I expect over my lifetime?

How many breast augmentations do you personally perform each year?
What are the risks associated with my procedure?
How often do you see breast augmentation complications in your practice?
If a complication does occur during or after my surgery, how will it be handled?
If I have an emergency after going home, how can I reach you?
What sort of anesthesia can I expect during my procedure?
Will my regular birth control pills affect the anesthesia?
What happens if I'm not satisfied with how my breasts look after surgery?

Am I good candidate physically and emotionally for breast augmentation?
Do you think saline or silicone breast implants are better for the look I want?
Which implant size, shape (round or teardrop), and texture are right for me?
Which incision locations do you suggest?
Should I go for subpectoral (under the muscle) or prepectoral (over the muscle)?
What breast size do you suggest for my body frame?
Will I lose any sensation in my nipples or breasts?
Do you have before-and-after photos I can look at for each procedure and what results are reasonable for me?
What diet and lifestyle changes will I need to make before breast implant surgery?
I’ve heard of women having extreme anxiety before their procedures. Have you seen this?
I have heard of women becoming nauseas after waking up from surgery, is this common?

What will be expected of me to get the best results?
How long will my recovery be and will I need help?
How long should I take off from work?
Who handles the follow up care and visits? How many post opt visits are needed?
What do you recommend to treat swelling, bruising, and pain?
How long will healing take?
How soon can I get back to my regular exercise routine?
Will I get stretch marks? How can I prevent them?

Life After Implants:
Will pregnancy and breastfeeding change the shape of my new breasts?
Will I be able to breastfeed after augmentation?
Will the implants make mammograms less accurate in detecting breast cancer?
Will doing self breast exams be harder for me to detect any bumps?
What diet and lifestyle changes will I need to make after breast implant surgery?
Can I still go into Hot Tubs with implants?


Last week I had my Pre-Op Appointment. It went very well! I first had to read sign a large packet that explained ALL (literally ALL) the risk and complications that could occur. I have to admit it somewhat freaked me out with how unpredictable this surgery can be. But luckily I have one of the best doctors with a VERY high success and satisfaction rate, so I know I’m in good hands.

I got a packet of all the do's and don'ts for before and after surgery. And my list of supplies that I will need to get: prescriptions (5 total!) zip front sports bras, and antibacterial soap. I also got comfy pillows, cocoa butter body oil gel to help prevent stretch marks, and some tees, hoodies, and tanks that are larger than I normally wear. (It's hard to shop when you have no idea what size you will be!)

After showing my doctor all my wish boobs and explaining to him in detail that I want that natural slope and fullness at the bottom he said 450cc is what I will need to achieve the look i'm going for. It sounds so big to me so I kinda freaked out! But he explained that I have little breast tissue to begin with and we are going under the muscle which will hide some of the size. My favorite wish boob picture (attached!) was work done by my doctor so he knows what he's doing! She started out as a B (with a lot more breast tissue than me!) and got 425cc's. Which is only less than 2 tablespoons difference, So now I'm feeling better about my 450cc's!

With all my boob research I have a pretty good idea what my breast are going to look like when I'm naked. I wish I could find more pictures of women with size D breast in clothes! I want to see what they will look like when all covered up since this how everyone is going to see me anyway (besides me and my boyfriend! Haha!). Also I have no idea what to wear with big boobs so I need some inspiration!

Rice Sizers!

Played around with some rice Sizers tonight! I'm getting 450cc's so these are the amounts I used to create them! Hopefully this is acurrate because I love the outcome!

What is your experience with rice sizers? Were they pretty accurate or way off to the actual results? Dying to know!

1 cup = 250 cc
1/2 cup = 125 cc
1/4 cup = 75 cc

Tomorrow is the big day!

So tomorrow is my big day! So many emotions are running through me right now, they are hard to pin point and describe! I'm just one bit hot mess!

I'm finding it very hard to concentrate at work! All I can think about is my surgery tomorrow and if I have everything prepared. Good thing I’m going home early!

Bad news – My boyfriend came home from work early last night sick with a cold! NOOOO!!!! Such bad timing! I want to take care of him but I cannot get sick right now! He was also suppose to take me to my surgery and take care of me this weekend, now I think I have to make other arrangements ? He is such a sweetheart and slept in our spare room last night because he does not want me to get sick. I soooo want him to be there with me tomorrow! I hope there is some miracle and he wakes up tomorrow feeling better!

On top of everything I have to do to prepare for my surgery we are also in the middle of buying a house! We close next week! Very exciting but also very stressful! Especially since we are doing some construction first before we move in! So I’m also working on remodeling a kitchen (which is so much harder than I thought it would be! Too many decisions to make!) preparing our current house to rent, and getting my son signed up for all new schools, doctors, summer camps….AHHHH!!!! I cant wait for life to slow down a little!

I’m also having anxiety about the size I’m going with – 450cc’s.

What if that is too big! I like the look of the rice sizers I did, but what if that was not accurate! I know I get another chance to talk to my doctor right before my surgery tomorrow and go over the pictures again, does anyone know if you can change sizes at the last minute? Or is that something the doctor needs to know way in advance?

I need to stop overthinking it! I know my doctors knows what he is doing better than me! He has done thousands of these and this is my first!

Need to do one last shopping trip today – I found this great Article on here that had some good advice!

Today is the big day!

Today is the big day! And I finally feel ready! I'm a little bit of a control freak and everything has to be perfectly prepared!

Last night and this morning I made our bedroom my sanctuary for recovery. It's important to feel at peace, relaxed and prepared while you're recovering to make this as enjoyable as possible!

I attached some pictures of what I did. Here it is all explained:

Our bedroom has everything I will need for the next few days:
A picture of my boyfriend and I when we went to London
My favorite picture of my son
Beautiful hydrangeas my boyfriend bought for me (I'm so lucky!)
A large stack of new magazines (thanks to my BF!)
My iPad
My phone
A dual charger with extra long cords
Hair ties
Hair clips
Bobby pins
A scented candle
A stock of water bottles
Some books
All my medication
Tissue with lotion
Baby wipes
Cocoa butter lotion
A neck pillow (the kind you take on planes)
A wedge pillow (so comfortable and perfect for helping me stay on my back! It's adjustable to or when I want to sit up even higher to watch tv)
TV remote and Roku remote (Netflix marathon time! Any good shows out there??)
A trash can with scented trash bags

I also have my bag all packed for today and my post op tomorrow:
4 sports bras of all kinds - VS w/ underwire, VS w/o underwire, and two wireless from Walmart all slightly different sizes
My glasses case (can't wear my contacts)
My wallet
My folder with all the information I have collected from my doctor over the past couple months
My wish pics to go over with my doctor one last time
Small Trash bags! (In case I get sick on the car ride home)
My Nausea meds
My pain killers meds
And my muscle relaxant meds
Not sure if I'll need any of them right away but bring them just in case!

Some other things I did to prepare:
All fresh sheets and towels!
My BF got a Maid to come today while we are gone to clean the whole house! Whew! Glad I don't have to worry about that! (Told you I'm lucky!)
I have the windows open and the fan going I our bed room so it's all nice fresh and cool for when we get home
I set up an oscillating fan downstairs for when I want to get out of our room for a bit and sit down stairs (suppose to be hot this weekend)
Fresh blankets in the family room
My work computer all set up and plugged in so I can work on Monday from home.

And a fully stocked fridge and pantry!
Peaches (to help with going to the bathroom)
Pudding (for my sweet tooth chocolate fix)
Apple sauce
Spring salad mix
Saltine crackers
Coconut water
Green tea
Green juices
Bendy Straws

I'm definitely feeling prepared now!
I'm sure there will be something else I will want but that's what the boyfriend is here for! :)

My son is staying with my parents tonight and depending on how I'm feeling he will come home tomorrow. Thank goodness for amazing grandparents that my son loves to spend time with! Life saver! Even though he's 11, it's nice to not have to worry about him while I'm recovering. God has truly blessed me with a great support system! Don't know what I would do with them all!

Wish my luck girls! And thank you for all you support! I will keep you all updated!


It's finally done!

Surgery is all done! At home in bed with a movie on to fall asleep to. Feeling a lot of pressure/weight on my chest, a little pain but I just ate some crackers, jello, applesauce and water so I got to take my pain meds.
I'll update more with pics later!

Day 1!

Now that I'm feeling a little more with it I can finally tell you all about my experience!

I was so nervous while waiting to be called back - thank goodness for the Xanax! My boyfriend did a great job at keeping me calm and supporting me. Then they called back to get prepped. I changed into my surgical gown, cap, compression socks (to help prevent blood clots) and booties! A very sexy look for me - haha!

Then I went and layer on my recovery bed and the super sweet nurse began by takin my blood pressure and hooking me up to an IV and my meds. My boyfriend was allowed to come in and wait with me until the doctor arrived. Then the doctor and I went over all my size details again. We decided on 450cc Mentor MemoryGel smooth round Moderate plus profile. He then marked me all up for my surgery. He was so sweet and professional and hugged me and reassured me that everything was going to be great! He even said "I'm going say goodbye right now because you probably won't remember when you wake up!" Lol. Then the anesthesiologist came in talked to me for a little bit and gave me my anesthesia. Then they wheeled me into the surgery room and had me transfer to the surgical bed. Once I was on the bed I WAS OUT! I don't remember anything!

The next thing I remember is opening my eyes and feeling like I had a ton of bricks on my chest and it was hard to breath. The nurse started talking to me and said that everything went great! She said I was a great surgical patient and everything went so smooth that the doctor was able to finish 30 minutes early! As I was coming to my whole body was shaking which caused my chest to hurt, I could get myself to calm down, so I told the nurse and she said that happens sometimes bs gave me some Demerol to help - it helped instantly! I finally looked down but all I could see we're the bandage wraps! But I could definitely tell I had boobies!!!

The nurse helped me get dressed and get in the wheel chair and wheeled me out to the car. On our drive home (which was only 15 minutes) I started to feel nauseous, thank goodness I brought an extra trash bag in the car, but luckily I didn't end up needing it.

When I got home I went straight to bed. I couldn't believe how hard it was just to crawl into bed! You don't realize how much you use your pectoral muscles until you can't! Once I was set up and all comfy my boyfriend made me some soup and crackers and jello, I needed some food in my stomach before I could take my pain meds and my Valium (muscle relaxer) my boyfriend was really good about making me get up and walk around the house to help prevent blood clots and keep my blood flowing. But if I stayed up too long I would get very dizzy and light headed, I felt like passing out! So he would quickly rush me back to bed to lay down. This only happened about 3 times.

Sleeping that first night was pretty difficult, I had pillows all around me to keep my on my back and my neck pillow was a life saver and allowed me to relax my head without getting and kinks in my neck!

In the middle of the night I woke up to go to the restroom and I was in SO MUCH PAIN! All the meds had worn off by that time, so my boyfriend quickly sprung to action and helped me to the restroom and got more pain meds in me. He then set his alarm to wake us up for the next round so I wouldn't have to go through that again! Stay on top of those meds ladies!!!

This morning we went to my post op appointment to get all my wraps off! It felt so good to have them off, I didn't realize they were so tight! The dr checked me out and said that I looked good! It was exciting to see them for the first time. He warned me that right now they are very oblong and sitting high, but they will drop with time. My doctor recommended that I wear my VS sports bra with underwire during the day, and my wireless bra for sleeping at night. So far the underwire hasn't bothered me at all and is giving me great support! I can take my first shower today, a little worried about how that is going to go but looking forward to being clean! I'm keeping ice on my chest and sides of my breast and my back just started hurting today so I have a heating pad to help with that, it feels good!

More pictures to come later!

The Real Deal

Ice is my new best friend. I want it all the time! I like having it on the top of my chest and the sides of my boobs (I actually have side boobs now! Lol)

A heating pad on my back helps relax my whole body. I'm going to stop taking the Valium every six hours and just take it when I need it now. I tried to stop the pain killers but that was definitely a big mistake! Tylenol did nothing for me! So still in too much pain to get off of the Oxy. Going to continue through the the day - hopefully tomorrow I can start Tylenol instead!

Not going to lie - this morning was the hardest morning yet. I was in a lot of pain and super emotional. It all just hit me at once. I hate being so helpless, I've always been a very independent women and never liked anyone doing me favors or helping me with anything. So I started to feel like a huge inconvince this morning. Especially since my boyfriend had to wake up every 4 hours last night with me to make sure I got me meds - poor guy is so tired today :( so I just started feeling so guilty, I did this to myself, I shouldn't be allowed to feel sad i shouldn't be allowed to complain. I talked to my mom for a long time on the phone and she really helped reassure me that I am 100% allowed to feel and say anything I want! I just went through surgery and whether it was elective or not I'm still in pain and recovering!

I finally have a little more mobility in my arms which just happened in the last couple of hours! Very exciting!

I posted some pictures of day 2 post op! I apologize they are not the best, selfies are hard when you can't use your arms to their full extent! The redness on the top is just from the ice pack I had on (which went right back on after the picture!) they are definitely still swollen and sitting high and look oblong, but I can tell they will be amazing once they settle and heal! I bruise really easily so I thought for sure I would have bruises, but to my surprise there is no bruising!

Feeling discouraged :(

Today has been rough. I thought for sure by now I would be feeling a lot better by now but I'm still very much recovering. My breast still hurt, Tylenol will do the trick most of the time but not today, I had to switch back to the pain killer. I think I might have over did it yesterday since I was feeling so good. Starting to feel like this breast pain and tightness back pain and uncomfortableness is going to last forever :( I just want to feel like my normal self again....

Love my boobs!

Finally today everything changed! I am feeling so much better! I actually got dressed (kinda! Yoga pants and a tank top) and did my hair and makeup! Pain is definitely subsiding! And tightness is not as bad today! Things are good all around!!! The swelling is defintiley going down but they are still sitting very high. Can't wait for them to drop! They are starting to look fuller at the bottom too! I have my 1 week post op appointment tomorrow morning. I will let you all know how it goes!

Busy busy!

So sorry I have been MIA! So busy with EVERYTHING! Moving this weekend! Yippee!!

So here is a quick update:
The first week was the worst week! I stayed home from work and just slept all week, it was the only way to get through all the pain and tighteness. I couldn't believe how tight everything felt! I used Palmers lotion with Vitamin E everyday to help prevent stretch marks, so far so good! After the first week I started to feel like my normal self again - aka I could do things on my own! Went back to work and now I'm back in a good groove! At my 2 week appointment my doctor told me I can start wearing only underwire bras now! Yay! I have another follow up this Friday, 4 weeks post.

My boobs are looking and feeling better everyday! Finally starting to drop and round out! See pics!

I still wake up feeling a little bit tight and soar but once I start moving around I feel better!
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