19 Year Old Male Gynecomastia Surgery. Newport Beach, CA

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I have had gynecomastia, or enlarged male breasts,...

I have had gynecomastia, or enlarged male breasts, since I was around 4-5 years old. (See first picture) This year, being my first in college, I finally decided to fix this very frustrating issue, which was seemingly progressing for the worst throughout the years. (See second picture) After countless attempts at fixing or at least concealing my gynecomastia through various medications, extreme diets meant to aid in the reduction of tissue, vigorous workout regimens, huge t-shirts to hide the issue, etc, I decided it was time I went under the knife. So I went to my general practitioner, who identified the problem, and eventually got me a consultation with a surgeon. This surgeon was not good news. He told me I don't have enlarged male breasts, even after a mamogram, which I brought in to show him confirmed the condition, to which his answer was, "I don't need to see the mamogram." So to sum it up, this surgeon told me:
1. I don't have gyno, just an average amount of tissue
2. He has more breast tissue than I do
3. Insurance will laugh at me if I try to get it covered.

This made me confused and angry, given that the facts were right in front of him and he was denying it. It almost seemed like he did not want to perform the surgery, given how adamant he was about his statements. I then asked him to prove he had more tissue than me, since he was so sure, to which he smiled and said that is ridiculous. At this point I got up, thanked him for his time, and exited.

Fast forward a few more weeks, and I got another consultation with a different surgeon, Dr. Michael Sundine. Well, actually, there was no room for an appointment with him, but he offered up his lunch break to give me a consultation, stating that he knew how important this condition was to those who had it, and that he'd like to help me out as fast as he can. After only a few moments with him, I knew he was much more experienced in the field, and made it obvious that he actually cared about the issue, and wanted to help. He asked me question after question about everything that he needed to know in order to provide the best possible solution. I was then asked to show him some pictures of how my condition has progressed over the years. The unfortunate issue about this condition is that insurance is fairly hesitant to cover it, being that most people are in it for the cosmetic enhancements of looking better, to which they will not provide you coverage. Dr. Sundine asked me what exactly was bugging me in regards to this issue, to which I answered with the psychological and physical obstacles I was dealing with. I was then advised by him to get a blood test. One, to confirm that I am indeed in perfect health, and two, so that he can send it to my insurance to show that there is no underlying issue that caused/is causing the gynecomastia to form. He informed me that he will try his best, and shouldn't have much of a problem getting insurance to cover it. Turns out, he was right, and I did not have to pay a dime, as opposed to the thousands of dollars it would have costed otherwise, and for that I will never be able to thank him enough. A few days later, I get a call back, and we scheduled the surgery for 3 weeks after that date.

Now for surgery day. I had to be there at 7, and the procedure was done at 8:15 or so. Upon arrival I filled out some paperwork, got called back, slipped into my gown, spoke to a few nurses as well as Dr. Sundine, then the anesthesiologist arrived. He put the IV in me, and I was out.
I awoke in the original bed that I was carted in on, with a lot of pressure on my chest. I couldn't see it though because i had a wrap on, meant to reduce the swelling. I then spoke to him as well as a few nurses some more about the standard procedures of what I need to do, as well as a little more paperwork, and I was on my way.

As soon as the anesthesia wore off when I got home I experienced a good amount of pain. I figured that was normal, so I took the prescription painkiller medications I was given, and attempted to go to sleep. After an hour of no sleep because of the pain, I tried to sit up a bit and noticed a small amount of blood on the couch, from one of my pecs. I then proceeded to call Dr. Sundine, and he said come to my office immediately. I arrived, and upon analysis, he informed me that I had hematomas (blood clots) on both breasts, and that it was crucial i go back in for another surgery immediately. He said for me to follow him, and we went asap to the nearest surgery center. Luckily I still hadn't eaten, as I had to be fasted before the surgery. After the paperwork and such, I went into the operating room. To explain the procedure a bit, Dr. Sundine opened me back up, drained the breasts of the excess blood and fluids, patched me up, and that was that. I left with two little bottles hanging from my sides connected via a tube to my breasts collecting the excess fluids that were going to be leaking out for the next few days.

For the next two months, I went into Dr. Sundines office for weekly checkups. It was so easy to stay in constant communication with him and schedule appointments, given that his receptionist, Toni, was so friendly and organized, as well as very knowledgable on his procedures and dealings, which was nice for reassurance and ease of mind. Each time I went in she had a huge smile and was always so on top of the scheduling. Dr. Sundine would check on the breasts, rewrap me with fresh gauze, offer fresh suggestions for ways to aide/speed up the healing process, and send me on my way.

That brings us to today, approximately 2 months after the surgery. As of this moment, I've never been so self-confident and happy in my life. Once the swelling went down, it was like I was a brand new person, and no one, including myself, can believe it. I cannot thank Dr. Sundine enough for the life changing procedure he performed on me, and can not get over how well of a job he did, especially after reading up on how difficult this surgery is to perform. I currently am back to working out and training like nothing has changed at all, and recently worked out my chest for the first time since before the procedure, after which I experienced no pain, or swelling, meaning I am all healed and good to go. Dr. Sundine changed my life, and I cannot recommend him enough to anyone looking to improve their quality of life.
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