My Breast Implant Removal story, with love for every woman out there.

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I wanted to begin my blog journey, as a way to...

I wanted to begin my blog journey, as a way to show sisterhood to all women out there. My upcoming first entry will be about me and how I ended up with breast implants. I will then follow with the ordeal of years of me wanting them out, and then I will tell you about my appointment today with the doctor that I have chosen to care for my body. I will also upload photos of before, during and after, once the procedure is done.

This is entry one, I have just returned from my doctor appointment, I am emotionally exhausted, so in my next entry on Monday November 16th, I will begin telling you all about me, plus will add photos. I just wanted to start this blog, so I can be ready to go on Monday.

Blessings to anyone reading this.

My story with breast implants and photos of now, before explant

Hello beautiful ladies,
So I finally got to take current images and here is my story. I am super organized, so I will title each portion, to help you all.

Type of implant/technique: Saline, under muscle
How long have I had them: 20 years +
Before implants I had Small B cups

(I have to be vague about specific things that may identify me, I am a public person and can't take a chance, I hope it is OK)

I was born with a medical condition, when the doctors went to do some internal corrective surgery at 16, the doctor (a Male doctor) suggested I had implants put in while under anesthesia, according to him, I would look better and more feminine. I had no issues with my humble 34B breasts, nor did I ever think about putting implants in before that, but at sixteen, I had no way to protect myself, no proper self-esteem, and the people around me didn't protect me either. So, it was decided and when I woke up from my medical procedure I also woke up looking like someone I did not recognize nor someone I created, a busty woman on a tiny and delicate frame.

Over the years, I have asked many doctors to remove my implants, unfortunately all of them were males, and they told me I looked beautiful, and that I would end up disfigured, so I got scared and kept going without taking action. Doctors know what is best, right? NO, they do not always know.

By chance, three weeks + ago I saw someone I know having hers removed, this made me wonder why, if she is a model, would she risk being "deformed" as my previous doctors said I would. One thing lead to another, and I fond this site, where I could see many examples of explantation... I discovered it is possible to do this procedure and look just fine. It took me one week flat to begin looking for the right doctor... and my only condition was that it had to be a female.

The one doctor I felt would be a great candidate for my surgery was Doctor Lavinia Chong, in Newport beach. It was a mix of seeing some of her work, a particular review that touched me, and the fact she is a female.

I had an appointment with Dr Chong last Saturday, Nov 14, 2015 and she was all I had hoped for and more. She treated me in such caring and wonderful way, that I felt completely in good hands. For years, every time I tried to correct the wrong that was done to me, I kept a brave face, but with Dr. Chong, I felt she understood and also was disappointed that I have been mishandled and ill advised by doctors in the past. I have booked my explantation appointment for November 24th, 2015.

I am now preparing mentally and spiritually for my surgery, but I know, no matter what, I am in good hands and whatever happens to me is exactly what is meant to happen.

Upon examination, Dr. Chong determined that my breasts are in excellent position, so I will not require a lift. She also determined that I have enough of my own fat, to forecast a really good result, it is a matter of what my body decides to do as it heals... everyone is different.

I will be operated under local anesthesia and I will be allowed to play whatever calming music I desire, while the procedure is taking place.

I will keep you all beautiful ladies informed on my preparations, but hope this blog entry and photos will help you.

With love,

The post surgery bra I purchased

Ladies, after days and days of research and going to stores, I found the perfect post surgery bra for me. It is called "Anita Women's Dynamix Star Maximum Support Sport Bra", I purchased it in 34B. It cost me $60.00 on Amazon.

1) It has breathable mesh fabric
2) Cups have strong mesh, but molded well for compression
3) The straps hook on the front (top of cup) they have three different adjustments
4) Shoulder straps are padded and designed to be positioned away from the neck
5) I can pull it up by stepping in to it and pulling up to my rib cage

The hook and eye on the back, but I can step in to it and then my husband will fasten the back for me. It is nothing, compared to the gorgeous shape the cups provide.

Every other bra I found had the uni-boob look, which can be OK for non-important exercise, but is not good if you are recovering from explantation and want to teach your new, natural breast to form to a natural up-north shape.

Hope this helps someone out there.

Love and light,

Heading to hospital now.

I am now about to leave to the hospital, haven't been able to sleep for days, but I am not cancelling my surgery. The day is finally here, all I try to remember is that when the sun sets tonight, I will have my body back, it will be what it will be. I am afraid, but facing my fears head on, like the fighter I have always been. Thank you to all women that have said a prayer for me, and especially to those that have taken a moment to say a kind word to a perfect stranger.

I will post breasts updates for you beautiful ladies as soon as I am able to.

Blessings to all,

Day 1Post Explant plus tips. With love for all ladies considering getting their body back

Hello beautiful souls!

Well, it is day 1 after surgery. Today I will tell you briefly about yesterday and also add some tips, that really helped me, in preparation to surgery.

I was very tense on the way to the hospital, but my husband played some beautiful music and I began to relax. I arrived to the hospital and almost right away I was taken in for preparations. Doctor Chong gave me a pill to relax me during surgery, and then they took photos while the pill began working. I had surgery with local anesthesia, I feel lucky to have been able to, because it makes the mental state of mind less groggy. Everything went well, the doctor talked to me throughout the procedure, and the nurses where just lovely. At one point we were all laughing with the silly things coming out of my mind, I realize my happiness of getting my body back, was stronger than my apprehensions.

Doctor Chong took the implants out from the under-bust fold, using the same incision that was used when they put them in, but smaller. She kept the capsules in and I required no drains. The whole thing took about 1 1/2 hours, and after they wrapped me up, I was able to see my silhouette in their mirror, I finally recognized myself again. I began crying of happiness, and even though I was beginning to feel pain, due to the meds wearing off, nothing mattered, just me being me again.. I had been re-born. Doctor Chong is an amazing human being, I absolutely love her and recommend her to anyone who needs someone with skills but also with a heart.

Doctor Chong reminded me to drink 8oz of water every two hours for at least the first two days, to help keep my skin hydrated. That eve, I had a lovely celebratory dinner at home with my husband, and then I went to sleep, wedged between pillows on each side of me to prevent me from rolling on my sides.

This morning I feel INCREDIBLE! I have very minor pain so I only took half of the pain medicine prescribed, another thing is, my suspicion that the implants were the culprit of my body's auto-immune problems may be true, because this morning I woke up feeling uplifted, refreshed, it is hard to explain, but imagine not sleeping well for many years, always feeling weirdly tired when you woke up, no matter how long you slept, and then suddenly one morning waking up feeling as if you slept for a week... that is me, today.

I attached a photo of me this morning, with bandages. They come off in one more day, I will update then :) The bandages by my waist are my own thing, I feel they help me with keeping a good posture during this critical recovery time.

The main tip I have for you all, is Coconut oil. It has been my family beauty secret for decades, and I have applied it to my breasts and worked miracles. So this tip is no only for "in preparation for explant". Coconut oil has enzymes, free radicals defense support and nutrition that your skin eats up! It helps with dryness, flakiness, softness and elasticity. I use it on face and body, when going to the beach, I coat my hair and put it on a high bun and the coconut oil protects it from salt or chlorine, until I shower. You just need to learn how much to use and give your body 15 minutes to absorb, then pat excess with a moist towel.

I have been gently using scrubbing gloves on by breast and massaging them for 20 seconds each during shower, then, while still damp, rubbed unscented coconut oil on my hands and applied to my breast in a gentle, circular motion. I did this for two weeks prior to surgery, the way my breast tissue felt, I can't even describe, it is like baby skin. My doctor noticed it too, she said my skin felt hydrated and very soft, so she thinks it has really good chance to bounce back well. When using coconut oil in the morning, before getting dress, you should know that if you want to leave a generous film on your skin to be absorbed, you need to sacrifice a couple bras, because otherwise the oil may stain your clothes. I selected a black and skin tone bra, and I wore them interchangeably depending on clothes, right after applying a generous coating of coconut oil, so even though they got a bit stained, my clothes did not.

Coconut oil I use us called NOW and it comes in a glass pot, when it is cold, it becomes white and solid, but a few strokes with your fingers and it liquefies. The company removes the smell and it is about US$4.50 to $7.00, depending on where you buy it. I buy mine online.

Sending love to you reading this.

Day 4 Post Explant Review + Special Note

Hello loves!
Here is another update for you. Hopefully it will help, especially for the ones very scared and frightened by this process.

In one sentence, I AM FEELING FABULOUS! I can't believe it is only day four and I am now with almost no pain and able to wear the support bra alone. Now, remember, I had explantation only, I did not require a lift nor fluid tubes.

I am sleeping well, no longer taking prescription meds and for slight discomfort taking only Tylenol. (haven't needed it all day today). You can see my front, side and from above views. I went from a 34 D back to my 34B, which is what I originally had at 16 before I was emotionally hijacked by a surgeon and pressured in to having implants (read my original post with the story, if you haven't)

I am keeping the compression Anita bra on 24/7 now, I shower in pieces, my lower body and underarms, then quickly rinse my breasts with soapy water then gently moisturize with my coconut oil and quickly put my bra back on. This is a critical time for my breasts to bounce back, so this is my strategy to minimize trauma and help them.

I will post bra-less photos once I have passed the two weeks mark, when I will feel more comfortable staying without compression (without a bra) for a while while taking the photos.

A couple of days ago I had a phone conversation with a lovely lady in here regarding her own upcoming explantation. After she email me privately, I realized she really needed extra TLC and Info, so I ended up giving her my number and we spoke on the phone. The one thing for all of you considering this (or already booked for it) is that the worst part is the fear of the unknown, but if you do your research and have a kind doctor, you will be OK. This lovely lady also mentioned how doctors kept pushing her to replace her implants for smaller ones instead of taking them out as she wanted, or judged her for wanting local anesthesia (in her case it was an option, not possible for all cases) if you have a doctor telling you these kinds of things, run as fast as you can, that person is not out for your best interest, some doctors have an ego the size of Texas, but that does not make them better than you nor does it give them the right to push you around in such vulnerable state of mind. If you want the poison bags out, you want them out, period! It is your decision, it is your body, and if something in you spirit tells you that doctor is not nice, you are probably right. If the universe gave little birds intuition to fly away from danger, how much more blessings do you think you have? Follow your instincts, they will never let you down. My doctor is an angel, I hugged her and kissed after my surgery, she is so kind.

Also, if you are able to do the surgery with local anesthesia, I recommend you do it, your emotional recovery will be faster and you will feel empowered by your inner strength being reinforced. Well, at least this is just my opinion.

Stay strong my ladies, and remember, you are a magnificent being manifested in to a human body, cherish yourself and do whatever you can to restore harmony to your beautiful being.

With love to all,

Local anesthesia versus complete anesthesia

Hello loves,
I have received a lot of emails with questions regarding my local anesthesia, enough emails that I am thinking I should write something quickly about it. I learned a lot from my conversations with doctors, and much more with my operating physician, so I feel confident in my guidance.

No, this is determined by your doctor, however, if you are only having explantation without capsule removal it is possible to do local. They are other variables where you can do local, but talk to your doctor about it. When there are many surgical steps (e.g. lift ) complete anesthesia is necessary.

1) With local, you recover mentally much faster than with complete, I was alert and functional 1 hour after surgery. People that are sensitive to anesthesia (or even if they are not) will be like zombies for the rest of the day, in worst cases nausea, etc... can occur.

2) Less expensive by far! I can imagine that some doctors would push for full anesthesia due to monetary reasons, but if your case is straight up, you can definitely ask for local, especially if in a tight budget. The doctor would have to give you a very specific reason why local is not possible, if not, run like the wind.

3) You get to speak to the doctor as they do their work (you don't see anything, they place a little curtain between your face and the rest of your body) this empowers you and helps you own the experience, resulting in spiritual growth.

If I missed anything regarding local anesthesia (or if you have a question I may answer) let me know here via comment.

Good luck sisters!

Two weeks post implant removal update, my second to last blog entry.

Hello Sisters!

As promised, I am now back with a two week post surgery update (well, two weeks and two days, to be exact). As before, I am doing this to help sisters out there considering this procedure. I hope with all my previous posts, I have been able to help you be a little less scared and a little more informed. I have heard from some lovely ladies here on real-self, that have actually chosen my doctor, Lavinia K. Chong, to do their surgery, I am so happy because I know they are in the best possible hands! If you go see my doctor, please tell her "Jessie the grateful" sends her love and give her a BIG LOUD Kiss on the cheek from me! Don't worry, she knows exactly who I am :-)

Amazing! I have zero pain, the stitches have dissolved and the hair-line incision's crust fell off already. I don't feel as if I had surgery at all!

I am beyond happy! Even though technically I am still healing, I already love how my breasts look. They are symmetrical, soft and overall, all completely me! My husband is loving the way I look too, which is a bonus (But he can't touch them, until I am past my four weeks mark)
Also, before explantation, I was a big D Cup, I was expecting to be a Small B Cup after surgery, but was surprised to see that I am actually a C cup! (small C, but wow, I still can't believe it!)

I can now wear a wireless, soft bra during the day and have changed to a NEW compression bra at night, I found one from Wacoal, called "Wacoal underwire sports bra" that has a great "U" underwire and molded cups, so it holds my girls in completely and in a beautiful shape. It is about US$65.00 (less if you don't care about the color) I sleep with it to protect my girls during my sleep, until I pass my one month mark (after I will use it to run). The only thing I do is add a couple cotton balls right at the underwire area, to protect my incisions; I also wear it on the loosest back hook, so it is not tight around my body.
I also continue using my coconut oil on my breasts (applied with a soft, clean, cosmetic brush -not with my hands- to prevent pulling the skin still healing) and still only sleep on my back or semi-side, I know the first month is critical in healing, I don't want to crush my "Chicas", they have been through enough!

I added two photos for you all, one full front and one sideways, for your reference. Also a photo of the Wacoal bra I mentioned (the girl in the photo is not me, it is from their site)

Hope all this helps you all, beautiful sisters.


We must all cherish one another, watch over one another, help one another. Together, as sisters, nothing can ever be too difficult to overcome.
- Jessie the Grateful


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My last blog post

Hello everyone,

I hope that in my blog entries, some of you have found some answers to your questions regarding explantation. I feel I covered everything I know between my original posts and answering your questions within my blogs. I got my happy ending and I could not be more grateful to my doctor and all the women that shared their stories as I was on my quest to get my body back.

If you are reading this and considering getting implants, I hope you think about it really well before moving forward. Here is a link to an article about all the women around the states seeking removal, you may find this of interest and educational:

Aside from all that you will learn from the article I linked above, many, many women that I have spoken with are exhibiting severe auto-immune problems that begun post breast augmentation, I have had those problems myself and since the removal I have experienced a return to optimal health. Please think about this, take it to heart, don't hurt your beautiful body by getting implants.

As I sign off, I just want to wish everyone all the best, and if you are seeking explantation, I want to tell you, the fear of it ,is probably bigger than the reality. Don't let fear stop you from getting your health and your body back.

Orange County Plastic Surgeon

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