JUVADERM Nightmare!

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I was interested in getting a more refreshed look...

I was interested in getting a more refreshed look but was not looking for a surgical approach. I consulted a plastic surgeon in Newport Beach and Juvederm was recommended to diminish an asymmetrical hollow look under my left eye for $550.00.
After receiving the injection of Juvederm my left eye had the appearance of a bug bite instead of a refreshed look. I went back to the plastic surgeon and she injected another syringe of Juvederm under my left eye for another $550.00. (A product of Allergan)
1 year later I returned to the same physician and reported that I was tired of this lump moving around under my left eye and being asked if an insect had bitten me. The physician injected Vitrase into the area where the Juvederm was placed to dissolve the lump that was put under my eye. I decided to have my eye tissue tightened by a different plastic surgeon to stop wasting time and  considerable expense on this filler.
My left eye literally fell apart in surgery at the injection site of the Juvederm.
The physician that injected me originally did not know why this happened. She did not offer to compensate me for the failed filler experiment and basically washed her hands of any responsibility for this mess.
I had to under go 2 painful skin grafts from behind each ear, painful steroid injections to soften scar tissue, hours and miles of doctors office visits and antibiotics.
Presently my left eye still does not close. It constantly burns and feels irritated. I did file a claim with Allergan and their response was " we checked with the physician that injected you and there was nothing wrong with the product so there is no claim" I have filed a claim with the Dr. that injected me and "they are looking into anything that was done inappropriately" . The indication for Juvederm clearly states mid to deep dermal areas not the thin area under the eye.
Please be forwarned, in my case a disaster happened and the physician and Allergan stuck together and stuck the patient with the cost of the product and the expense to fix the entire mess. It has cost me thousands of dollars and 2 years of my life and eyesight to get my eye back to this point. Allergan is aware that they can wear down any attorney for years to fight this. The patient assistance hotline people at Allergan  are polite, request information and then report that there is no problem with their product.

Dr injected me with juvaderm, looked red and puffy...

Dr injected me with juvaderm, looked red and puffy left eye lid. Dr. Telney Lawton plastic surgeon dissolved it with Hyaluronase resulting in a large open ulcer. 2 years later, 2 skin grafts later, my left eye is still permanently damaged. Allergan and Dr Lawton still advertising , taking money and injecting away. They say they have no idea what happened, do not help the patient and you are on your own! This is Big Business at its worst!

Newport Beach Plastic Surgeon

my left eye is permanently damaged! When things so wrong you are on your own. be prepared to spend big bucks and if things don't work out this Dr will say well you asked me to remove it so I did?

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